A/N Happy Halloween my lil goblins and witches and pumpkins! So, for Halloween, I decided I wanted my treat to be James being totally, utterly terrified out of his mind and the boys coming to his rescue. It was going to be Logan, or Carlos, but then I thought, why not the unlikely one, the one who is the biggest and strongest out of all of them? *Laughs evilly while tapping my fingers together at my evil plan* neeheeheehee! Let's do this thing! Enjoy, pumpkins!

I own nothing but the bullies. Rated T only cause of the "F" bomb. Enjoy!

"You cannot be serious," Logan said, staring with his mouth hung agape at his unbelievable friend's "costume".

"Um, this is the face of a serious James," the tall brunette boy said, staring at himself admirably in the mirror. Whatever Logan said about it, he absolutely loved his costume.

"Whatever, let's just go, we are going to be late and I want to get this over with," Logan mumbled. It was Halloween night, and the boys were headed to a party at some creepy, old cemetery. Logan was the only teen in the entire Palmwoods who was less than excited about it.

"I'm ready!" Carlos said, hopping into the room jovially. Logan groaned. The boy looked ridiculous. He was all orange, and fat, with black makeup lining his smile and black triangles drawn onto his eyebrows. The boy was a pumpkin!

"Carlos, why?" Logan asked. Carlos giggled and patted his huge, round pumpkin costume.

"I like pumpkins!" Carlos said. The Latino was probably the only 17 year old boy who could get away with being dressed like that, because in all honesty, he looked adorable. "Hey James, where is your costume?"

"This is my costume," James said in a "duh" voice.

"James is being James for Halloween," Logan said. "Now can we please just go? Kendall!"

"Coming!" Kendall called. He bounded out of his bedroom, dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt as usual, but this time his clothes were oversized and stuffed with hay, and he wore a straw hat, and his mother had done his make-up to look like he was a dead, zombie scarecrow. He even held a fake plastic pitchfork with fake blood on the metal tips. 'I am so going to win the costume contest!"

James squeaked. "Not against my face you won't!"

Kendall decided to ignore that and turned to Logan, who was dressed up as a doctor, of course, but for the first time in his life, Kendall's mom had finally convinced the shorter boy to let her do his make-up, so this year he was a particularly evil looking doctor. "Lookin' good, Evil-Doctor-Logie!"

Logan laughed. "Not so bad yourself, Scarecrow-Kendall from hell. Now can we please go so I can wash this nasty junk off of my skin?"

"Not before I take pictures!" Mrs. Knight said, running into the room with her camera. They were temporarily blinded by flashing lights followed by motherly coos of "Awes" and they were finally on their way to the party.

"I don't get why anyone would want to have a party at a cemetery!" Logan said behind the wheel of the BTRMobile. He was getting increasingly nervous. What kind of things happened at cemeteries? He wasn't sure, but it couldn't be good. Dancing on gravesites was just asking for your butt to be haunted. Not that he believed in that sort of thing. But why risk it?

"Logie, Logie, Logie! It's just a Halloween party," James said. "You dance, you drink some punch-but just the orange kind! Don't drink the red kind! Never, ever drink the red kind." James shuddered for a moment before continuing. "We get our costumes judged, I win the 100 bucks, and we all go home happy little monsters."

"But don't you think it's kind of, I don't know, scary to be in a cemetery at 11 0' clock at night on Halloween?" Logan asked.

"Pffbt!" James said. "It's not scary. Nothing scares James Diamond, remember?" It was true. James could not remember a time he had been scared on Halloween. Haunted houses never even phased him, and he laughed at chainsaw-wielders in the corn mazes. Every year, the boys would try to prank him to scare him out of his mind but every attempt failed. James always either wound up laughing or scaring the other boys instead.

Logan didn't say anything, just swallowed and concentrated on his driving. James noticed he was looking a bit pale underneath his make-up and patted his knee. He hated seeing Logan scared, even if the smaller boy was a total wimp.

"Look, if it's too scary, we'll get out of there," James assured him sweetly, all previous cockiness in his voice replaced by concern. "Just give it a chance and stick by me, you'll be fine."

Logan nodded and gave James a small smile, feeling a little bit better by his friend's considerate words.

"This is so creepy," Carlos whispered, waddling behind his friends as they walked up from the street and into the graveyard. It was hard to walk in his pumpkin costume. It was very dark and kind of foggy out. The air was chilly and the moon was almost full. The wind blew in sharp gusts, making the bare, dead tree's shake and rattle as if they were skeletons, and he could see the dark shapes of tombstones up ahead.

"Why are you whispering?" Kendall asked.

"Because, I don't want to wake up the dead," Carlos said. Kendall chortled.

"Dude, we are going to be dancing on dead people's graves all night. If that doesn't wake them up, I don't know what would," Kendall said. Logan groaned and froze in place. His legs had failed him. They refused to move any closer to the cemetery. He blushed at how big of a baby he was being, but he couldn't help it, he was scared of dead things.

"Kendall! Look what you did!" James said with a sigh. "Logan, there's nothing to be scared of, it's a Halloween party." James tried to move Logan, but the small boy wouldn't budge.

"Carlos, work your magic," Kendall said, gesturing to Logan. Carlos backed up a bit and rammed his huge, round body into Logan's back. Logan yelped in surprise and was sent flying forward and onto his hands and knees in the grass. The boys laughed and James hauled him to his feet and dusted him off.

"Carlos, you're dead," Logan said, even though they all knew it was an empty threat. "Look, you guys just go ahead and I'll wait in the-eep!" Logan cried, feeling his feet lift off of the ground. James and Kendall were on either side of the young genius, carrying him from under his shoulders to the graveyard, where he was placed gently on the ground. Carlos and Kendall immediately scattered, scoping the gravesite for their friends and cute girls to hit on. Logan sighed. He wasn't exactly a party type to begin with. He felt completely out of place. Even though James insisted he didn't mind, Logan felt like a lost and friendless puppy dog following the taller boy around all night.

"Cheer up Loges!" James said, handing his friend a cup of orange punch.

"Sorry James, this just isn't much fun for me," Logan said apologetically. He was tired and cold and spooked by all the tombstones surrounding him.

James was about to say something, but the tall boy was roughly shoved aside by some older teens. They looked like they could even be in their early 20's and they were drinking the red punch that James had warned his friends against.

"Hey fag, look out where you're going," one of the guys said with a smirk. "You're so fucking ugly." Logan's heart sped up when he saw the look of hurt cross James' soft features, but James quickly turned it into a mocking grin and turned to the guy.

"Yeah? Well your mom didn't seem to think I was so ugly last night," James said. Logan opened his mouth in shock, holding back a laugh. The dude just glared at James.

"You better watch your back tonight, Diamond," the mean kid warned, then trailed away with his buddies behind him.

"James, who were they?" Logan asked. He had never seen those mean guys before in his life, but James seemed to be somewhat acquainted with them.

"Enh, just some guys who have been giving me a hard time 'cause I beat them out for a modeling ad in the newspaper. That kind of stuff just comes with the territory when you're the face."

"Oh," Logan said. He was kind of surprised that James was being bullied and didn't tell any of them. "Does Kendall know about them?"

"Nah, I'm a big boy, I don't need to go crying to anybody every time someone makes fun of my immaculate hair."

Logan rolled his eyes. "Well, just as long as you're alright."

"It's fine, Evil-Doctor-Logie. Now, what was I going to say? Oh yeah! I know something that can cheer you up, dude. Look who's over there dancing by herself, just waiting for a hot, crooked doctor to keep her company." James took Logan by the shoulders and steered him in the direction of where Camille was literally dancing by herself quite wildly on a tombstone. All the guys surrounding her were watching her with their mouths open, but were too intimidated to approach her directly. "Are you just going to go let those guys stare at her like that?"

Logan shrugged. "Camille and I are long over, dude. If guys want to stare at her, they can, I personally can't do a thing about it no matter how badly I want to slap them for-"

"Loges! Go talk to her!" James said, pushing the skinny boy forward. Logan huffed and looked back at James, who watched him with encouraging eyes.

"Fine," Logan mumbled. He walked over to his ex-girlfriend, stood up on tip-toe, and tapped her shyly on the shoulder.

"Logan, hey!" Camille said, eyes lighting up when she saw her old flame. "You look pretty evil tonight, are you a demon doctor or something?"

"Uh, yeah, basically," Logan said. He hated how he always felt so shy around her. It was easy to kiss her but so hard to talk to her.

"Let me guess, Carlos' idea?"

"Of course." Logan cleared his throat and gave her a sweet smile. "You look really good Camille."

"Awe, thanks Logan," Camille said. She was wearing a green and white Eskimo costume. It was a very cute innocent costume, except the skirt was a little short, showing off her bare, long legs. Logan had to try his hardest not to stare at them.

"So, you having a good time?" Camille asked, breaking Logan from his admiring glances.

"Um, yeah, well no, not really," Logan said with a chuckle. "Dead people aren't really my thing, so you know."

Camille laughed. "You are the cutest. Come on, let's dance, it will take your mind off of the whole 'stomping-on-graves' thing."

Logan shrugged, stomach fluttering. He could feel his cheeks heating up. Why did he blush so easily? "Sure, why not?" He said, and Camille pulled him up on top of the large tombstone with amazing strength. It was kind of hot, he thought.

Logan forced the awkwardness of dancing with his ex-girlfriend on top of a grave with a huge angel of sorrow on top of it out of his mind and tried to enjoy himself. He and Camille made small talk, and he let his eyes roam around the cemetery for a minute. There were dozens of kids there, and he could see Carlos goofing off with a couple of his friends and Kendall flirting with some girl in a devil costume. Logan smirked at that. He couldn't see James at first, but he finally found him surrounded by the same group of 4 or 5 mean guys. He looked on in worry. He had a bad feeling about those guys messing with his friend, even though James had said it was fine.

"What's wrong, Logan?" Camille asked, following his gaze.

"Those guys, they keep messing with James," Logan said. "I don't like it."

Camille smiled. "You're so protective, Logan. Is James ok?"

"He said he is but I don't know. I mean, he can handle himself but he's outnumbered and James is kind of sensitive."

"Well, he looks like he's laughing right now," Camille said, squinting to see her friend. "He seems fine."

"Yeah, I'm sure it will be ok," Logan said nervously, than turned his attention back to Camille. He didn't want to be one of those annoying worry warts tonight. James was probably just making a joke back to their snide comments and would turn away and go find a cute girl to hit on. It would be fine.


James grinned, following behind his new group of friends. Sure, they had been treating him sort of meanly the past couple of weeks, but they apologized for it and they seemed pretty cool. Now, they were going to go show him something really cool. Well, they said it was really cool, but James had no idea what "it" was.

"Guys, where are we going?" James asked. They were getting a little far away from the party. The voices and music were sounding a little faint and the people were just dark shapes now. He wanted to get back to the party.

The oldest of the group, Cayden, smirked at his friend to the left of him. He knew James would be easy to prank.

"Just a little further James," Cayden said. James wanted to ask if they could turn back, but he didn't want to seem like a baby to them. To be honest though, he was actually feeling a little scared. They were now to a part of the cemetery that had been abandoned for decades. Everything was overgrown and neglected. The further they went, the more morbid the headstones looked.

The older kids lead the young teenager to a big stone structure, with a creepy looking door and no windows. It was gray and crumbling with age and a statue of a praying angel on her knees was on the roof.

"What is this place?" James asked warily. It looked kind of spooky, and he had an odd feeling of doom in the pit of his stomach just from looking at the cadaverous little building.

"It's an old mausoleum, check it out," one of the guys said, going up to the heavy door and pushing it open with all his might. Stone scraped against stone and it opened wide enough for a single body to go through. One by one, they squeezed through the tight entrance. James was the last one standing outside, looking around uncertainly.

"You aren't scared, are you?" Cayden asked with a taunting grin. James raised his eyebrows. No way was he going to be a wimp when these guys finally accepted him to hang with them.

"Psht, no," James said. He turned sideways and slipped into the building and immediately started coughing. The air was thick with dust. One of the guys lit a candelabra and the room was cast with an eerie orange glow. James bit his lip nervously, his nose burning from the stuffy air. He stayed close to the door. This wasn't a place he wanted to be. There were cobwebs draped in every corner and even a coffin against the back wall.

"I bet this place hasn't seen anyone alive in 20 years," one of the kids said, running his hand along the cold wood of the old, rotting coffin.

"What are these?" James asked, pointing to some plaques on the wall. Each plaque had a square cut out underneath them. He tried one of the small doors, but the cast-iron handle was locked.

"This is a mausoleum, dude. There are corpses inside of those doors," Frank said. He laughed when James let go of the handle with a start and wiped his hand on his jeans.

"Well, heh heh, I have had a ton of fun but the guys are waiting for me back at the party so…" James pointed his thumb towards the door and turned around, but Cayden grabbed him by the shoulder, squeezing tighter than necessary.

"Come on now, James. We're having our own little party in here, and it's just getting started."

James gulped. Something wasn't right. Who would think this was a fun place to hang out? He was pretty sure it was illegal to even be in here. He wanted to leave, but the group of guys watched his every move with a threatening look on their faces, and he didn't want to piss them off. He wouldn't stand a chance against all 5 of them. When James made no move to leave, Cayden patted his shoulder.

"Good choice, buddy. We're gonna play a little game tonight, fitting for Halloween, I think," Cayden said, a devious grin on his pointed features. James felt a chill run through his back, shoulder trembling under Cayden's beefy hand. He looked at the older boy questionably, and he was pulled over to the dark wood coffin. The top half was open, and James peered in, relieved to find it was empty. Torn red velvet lined the inside of the macabre box.

"Get in," Cayden said simply.

"What?" James asked incredulously. Was he really just told to get inside of a coffin? No way! He was going to leave. He was getting the creeps really badly, and he just wanted to get his friends and go home now. But 2 of the guys shoved their hands on James chest roughly. The pretty boy stumbled backwards against the coffin.

"Guys, just let me go now, my friends are waiting for me!" James said. Panic bubbled up in his stomach. This was not a good idea. He was stupid, stupid! Why did he agree to go back here with them? He should not have trusted this shady group of boys.

"Come on, just get in. We have all dared each other to lay in this exact same coffin," Cayden lied. "It's how you get initiated into our group."

"No thanks, I would rather not. Let me go," James said. He was trying to sound calm, but his entire body was shaking now, as was his voice. He tried to move forward, but 5 pairs of hands held him back. His struggles were futile. He was going into that coffin whether he wanted to or not.

"All you have to do is lay in there for 5 minutes, and if you do you get to stay in our group. It is that simple," Cayden said.

James sighed angrily. He figured he better do what they wanted or this could end badly. He was really not looking forward to getting his face bashed in by a group of college bullies.

"Fine, I'll do it. But 5 minutes, that is it!" James said. He took a deep breath and hoisted himself into the coffin. The wood creaked and groaned as if it was haunted. James closed his eyes and gripped the edges of the coffin with white knuckles.

"Ok, lie down," Cayden said softly, tugging on James' shoulder so that the younger boy would lay back. James did as he was told. He felt his hair hit the mangy velvet, and then the back of his head. It smelled weird inside of their, like rot and dirt. Like death. Oh jeez, he wanted out of there so bad.

Someone was tugging at his fingers that were still hanging onto the wood so tightly he could feel splinters enter his skin.

'Let go, James," Frank said.

"W-why?" James asked, refusing to open his eyes or move his fingers. He was trying to picture himself on a cool, sandy beach, teaching hot girls how to surf. He could almost feel the salty water splash his face as he visualized the young, pretty girl fall off her surfboard in the shallow water with a cute giggle. A seagull squawked overhead and a small wave crashed several feet away from them. Sand seeped into his toes and-

"Ahhhh!" James cried out in pain. There was a loud creak of wood followed by something incredibly heavy landing on his knuckles. Throbbing pain shot through his hand and his grip loosened automatically. He brought his hand to his chest and cradled it gently.

"G-guys? What the hell, guys!" James screamed. It was suddenly so dark, and the air was somehow even stuffier than before. He heard a click above him, and faint laughter taunted him.

They had closed the lid on him. It wasn't on accident either, James knew it. It was their plan all along. It was some kind of sick prank. Any glimmer of hope that he would just have to stay in there for 5 minutes vanished quickly when he heard their immature chuckling fade away with each step they took, away from the mausoleum and back to the party where their actions would go unnoticed.

James panicked. Breaths came in short, tight gasps as he pounded on the walls and lid of the coffin, screaming so loudly he swore he felt something pop in his throat. Any rational way of thinking was completely gone, replaced by a haze of pure terror. James wasn't stupid, he knew that any oxygen would start depleting soon, even quicker if he kept hyperventilating like he was, but his brain wouldn't allow him the chance to calm down. The darkness was eating him, the tight confines of the box was making him nauseous. Nobody knew he was in here. He was alone, left to die amongst the bodies of the already long-dead.

Hot tears poured out of James' hazel orbs as he started sobbing loudly. He used all of his strength to break the lid off but it was locked tightly in place. He was trapped.


Logan hadn't seen in James for nearly an hour. At first, he didn't think much of it, thinking that the pretty boy had such found a girl to make out with behind a tombstone, however unromantic that may be. He just spent the time dancing with Camille and enjoying the food and her company, but it was now getting late, the party was almost over, and James was still nowhere to be found.

"Kendall, have you seen James?" Logan asked. His blonde friend shook his head, tucking his newly won 100 dollar bill into his pocket.

"No, I haven't seen him all night," Kendall said. "He missed the costume contest. Any idea where he went?"

"Wait, he missed the costume contest?" Logan asked, alarm bells going off inside his stomach. James was looking forward to the contest for nearly a week, why would he miss it?

"Carlos, come here!" Logan yelled, waving at the bright orange, life-size pumpkin. Carlos nodded his head and approached his 2 friends.

"Hey guys! Where's James? I'm ready to go home now," Carlos said.

"We don't know, we haven't seen him all night," Kendall said worriedly. "Where did you guys last see him?"

"The last time I saw him was… Oh no," Logan said, voice trailing off. Anxiety gnawed at his gut. "He was talking to these guys, these bullies. They've been teasing James for the past couple of weeks. They were pretty mean, Kendall."

"Shit," Kendall said under his breath. "Follow me, guys." Kendall asked any remaining guests at the party if they had seen James. A handful said no, but finally they asked a guy who said he'd seen him.

'Yeah, he went off back that way with Cayden and his buddies," the dude said, pointing over to a desolate part of the cemetery.

"Thanks," Kendall said distractedly. He knew Cayden and his friends were bad news, having heard a couple stories about them through the grapevines. They liked to pick on teenagers, even though most of them were at least 20 years old. It was obnoxious.

"Is James ok?" Carlos asked, confused. The older boy's worried demeanors were starting to rub off on him and he had no idea what was going on.

"Don't know yet," Kendall mumbled. "James! Where are you?"

"James, answer us buddy!" Logan called.

"Guys, it's scary over here," Carlos said, nearly tripping on a giant, scraggly root coming out of a huge dead oak tree. All the statues seemed to turn from uplifting to eerie and even menacing, and it was too dark and quiet. "Can we please go back now?"

"We gotta find James, buddy," Logan said, than yelled out said boy's name. They proceeded to call for James for the next 30 minutes. They called him, they texted him, but there was no answer.

"God guys, what could've happened to him?" Logan asked, nearly in tears. Carlos wrapped an arm around him for comfort.

"I'm scared guys," Carlos confessed with a shiver. He had long ago ditched his huge pumpkin outfit because it was too big to walk in and now only wore an orange turtleneck and jeans.

"Let's just call him one more time," Kendall said. He once again took out his phone and dialed James' number. It rang, once twice-

"Hey do you hear that?" Carlos asked, lifting his head up and perking his ears towards a quiet, familiar sound.

"No, wha-"

"Ssh!" Carlos hissed, walking slowly towards the noise. It sounded so much like "When I Grow Up" by the Pussycat dolls, which was James' ringtone. Carlos quickened his steps and broke out in a full run when he saw a flickering blue light lying in a pile of leaves.

"It's James' phone!" Carlos cried, picking the small device up.

"Oh my God. James!" Logan screamed, and Carlos and Kendall joined, but their desperate cries were unanswered.

"Where is he?" Carlos cried in frustration, kicking a nearby tree. His entire body was shaking in fear and anger, and Kendall and Logan didn't look much better.

"Whoa, did you hear that?" Kendall asked. He had heard a dull thumping noise come from nearby. The 3 boys hushed and once again, the thud could be heard.

"James, we're coming buddy hold on!" Kendall yelled, following the sound. It seemed to be coming from inside a small building right next to where they found his phone. Kendall looked inside of the strange structure. He pulled out his phone to illuminate the darkness. Another thud echoed inside of the small space, making the blonde boy nearly jump out of skin. He prayed it was James. It had to be his best friend.

"Please be you James," Kendall said, entering the building. Logan and Carlos were right behind him, holding onto his shirt tightly. They were both scared out of their minds, and frankly, so was Kendall.

"James! Are you in here?" Kendall yelled, and the room was filled with frantic thumping. Whoever was making that sound was no doubt in a panicked state. The boys inched their way through the dark room, the candles having blown out in the wind long ago. They reached a coffin that was slightly jarred with each thump. Kendall couldn't stifle the sob that escaped his lips, and he tore open the coffin.

He was met with loud, raspy gasping and choking. The thick, dusty air was filled with the horrible sound. Kendall looked down to see James squirming in the tight space, eyes blown wide and dark with sheer terror. It didn't even seem as if James was aware that his friends were there. The poor boy's skin was pale and his lips were tinged blue. Logan's stomach churned with anger and disgust at whoever did this to his innocent young friend.

"He was suffocating in there!" Logan cried out. It dawned on him quickly that if they waited even a couple minutes more to find him, James would not be breathing at all anymore. All 3 boys gathered the terrified boy into their arms and pulled him out of the coffin. They carried him outside and laid him on the cold, solid ground.

"What's happening to him?" Carlos whimpered. James was thrashing and screaming, tears and snot running down his face. He still was not breathing properly, and his screams were hoarse and faded in and out, as if he had been screaming for a very long time. His eyes were unfocused and his skin was cold to the touch.

"We need to get him to the hospital," Logan said immediately. "He's in shock. He's heading into hypothermia. Kendall, can you carry him to the car? We need to hurry."

Kendall quickly swiped a tear away and shoved his arms underneath James back and legs. He cringed in pity when he felt how soaked James' jeans were. He obviously peed his pants in a fit of terror. Whoever did this to James was going to pay. Kendall was raging. Carlos and Logan breathlessly struggled to keep up with him as he all but sprinted to their car. Kendall took the wheel while Logan held James in his lap in the backseat with Carlos.

"James, calm down baby, it's ok," Logan said, trying to cease the boys hyperventilating and snap him back to reality. "I gotcha, bro. It's me, Logan. Carlos and Kendall are here too, you're safe, you are not in the coffin anymore."

James let out a heartbreaking sob and buried his face in Logan's neck, grasping his shoulders tightly. Logan rocked him and sushed him the entire ride, and Kendall carried him into the ER.

"Help us, please!" Kendall said, feeling James become a dead weight against his chest. The taller boy had fainted from shock and lack of oxygen. The blonde burst into tears and he was surrounded by doctors. James was taken from his arms and they asked him questions a mile a minute. He answered them dully while he watched as they wheeled James away, feeding him oxygen.

"Who would do that to James?" Carlos said in a tiny voice as they waited to hear any word about their lifeless friend. Tears poured down his flushed cheeks and his lip quivered.

"Fucking Cayden!" Kendall growled, punching the wall next to him. Thankfully, there was no one else occupying the waiting room. Carlos jumped, not used to hearing that kind of language and force from his easygoing friend. "I'm gonna kill that kid, I swear to-"

"Kendall, calm down," Logan said sternly.

"He almost killed James, Logan! He probably thought it was some funny joke to frighten the kid out of his mind and suffocate him to death! He's probably laughing right now!" Kendall surged with anger, his body shaking with yet another sob. He buried his face in his hands and felt Logan and Carlos wrap their skinny arms around him. He melted into the embrace, holding onto them until the doctor finally came.

"James Diamond?" The man asked, and the 3 teary-eyed young boys looked up and nodded eagerly.

"Hi, I'm Doctor Hogarth, may I ask where the mother of James Diamond is?"

"She's in Minnesota," Logan said, his voice hiccupping. He wiped his tears away and stood up. "Mrs. Knight is his legal guardian but she's in San Francisco right now for some fall retreat. Is James ok? We're practically his brothers."

"Yes, James is doing ok now boys. He was suffering from shock and a severely low oxygen count but he's stable now. His temperature is back to normal and he is breathing fine on his own. He's awake if you want to see him."

"Yes please," Carlos said, jumping to his feet, and the doctor led the boys down the hall to wear James lay in his bed, clutching the sheets to his chest. He had a frightened look in his hazel eyes, tears falling from his eyes and trailing down his nose and cheeks.

"Oh James," Logan whispered, rushing to his bedside and wrapping his arms around the lithe boy. James started sobbing again, holding onto Logan for dear life.

"Logie, I was so scared!" James admitted, sniveling wildly. His voice was completely cashed from screaming for help and they could barely understand him.

"I know, bro. What happened?" Logan asked.

"They locked me in there, Logan. I thought I was going to die." James looked up to see Kendall and Carlos and spread his arms wider for the other 2 boys to join in on the hug.

"They'll pay for that, James," Kendall said, stroking his brown locks softly. "We were scared too, buddy. We couldn't find you and…" Kendall pulled away so he could get a better look at his friend. James still looked absolutely petrified, but he wasn't quite as pale. He was attached to an IV and Kendall could only guess that Doctor Hogarth was pumping the boy full of some kind of medicine to make him relax.

"You need to get some sleep now, buddy," Logan said, noting how sleepy James' eyes were getting. His hoarse words were starting to slur.

"No, I can't," James said slowly. The thought of sleep scared him for some reason. He just wanted to be in his friends arms, knowing that he wasn't alone and dying in that tiny dark space.

"It's ok, we're right here," Carlos said, running his fingers soothingly over the white bandages on James' fingertips. James had ripped his fingernails off in an attempt to free himself from the coffin. It made Carlos so sick to his stomach. What happened to James was cruel, it was brutal. He could never imagine suffocating slowly in a coffin. It was an unthinkable fate that made his stomach flip.

James nodded, grasping Carlos' hand tightly. He stayed awake until he couldn't any longer, the medication knocking him out cold.

"Think he'll be alright?" Kendall asked, stroking James hair off of his cool forehead. Logan nodded.

"I think so. He'll be scared of the dark for a while if not forever, but he can make it through this. He's got us, after all," Logan said. They stayed with James for the rest of the night, until he woke up from a surprisingly dreamless sleep.

"James, you alright bro?" Kendall asked when he saw James' eyes open up and look around. James nodded, relaxed by his friends presence. He was still scared, but it was manageable. He knew it was over now.

"Yeah, just can you guys do me a favor?" James asked.

"Anything," Kendall said without question.

James groaned. "Can we never celebrate Halloween again?"

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