The Guardian


Annalise and Sul'ss worked hard together to make the colony complex over into a permanent nest. Major Tanner was of immeasurable help, especially when Weyland-Yutani began to ask questions. They were less than pleased when they found out their mission had been turned into something other than what they'd anticipated. But Tanner had friends in high places in the military, and was able to provide some protection for Annalise's new 'children'. The former human outpost was now listed off-limits to unauthorized personnel.

Annalise's pregnancy seemed perfectly normal, except for the time gestation lasted, which was much less than a human pregnancy. She had begun to show within a few weeks, and was now about to give birth a few months later.

Major Tanner had advised her to return to Earth for full medical attention, but she had refused, sure that her child would be snatched away the moment it was born. She would manage here alone, with her new-found protectors and caregivers. As their Queen, she could not have had better care from the attendant xenomorph females. The males continued repairing damage to the complex. Tanner had brought electricians and engineers to make sure everything was functioning. In the back of his mind, he wondered why Earth authorities were being so cooperative, but why question it. Until he found proof of some deception, he would accept the assistance in Annalise's behalf.

When her pains began, Annalise sought out a private corner with Sul'ss as her guard against any intrusion. With the old Mother, it was his duty to stand outside the entrance to the egg chamber with his brothers to protect the Queen when she laid her eggs. His relationship with Annalise was very different. She wanted him with her, ordering him to stay. She also requested two of the female xenomorphs to assist her if needed. They proudly waited with her, eager to serve their new Queen, even if none knew how the birth would proceed.

Annalise wasn't sure what was going to happen, whether she would give birth to a human, a xenomorph, or some odd hybrid. Fear added the possibility of her giving birth to one of those eggs, a smaller version, of course. Annalise endured the pains with trepidation, wondering what her child would look like. For all she knew, it would end up a mass of flesh and organs that wouldn't survive once born.

When her water broke, she squatted and began to bear down, straining through the pain, while the females hissed softly, watching. Sul'ss purred as he crouched near her head, trying to help calm her. He worried he would lose his mate to death. This troubled him more than the thought of the nest losing their new Queen.

Annalise, her senses sharpened by the pain, felt the infant move down the core of her body. She sensed it leaving her as fluids gushed from between her legs. Finally, she heard the soft hisses of a newborn xenomorph.

The females sent her thoughts of pleasure and anticipation, while Sul'ss caressed his mate gently. He looked at the small, black elongated ball that lay on the ground. It began to unfurl its limbs, the small tail extending itself as if it were stretching. When he handed the tiny creature to Annalise, she smiled as it raised its small head toward her, and hissed. Sul'ss sniffed at his newborn. It is male, a new warrior to protect the nest.

Annalise laughed as she sat back, already feeling better. "It's a boy," she said, but wondering if she would ever have human children. She couldn't wish it for the nest, but she could for herself, the desire for normal children intruding on her joy at her first successful birth.


A few years had passed, followed by many more births. The nest grew, with most of Sul'ss' and Annalise's offspring looking much like their father. The small xenomorphs grew quickly, and learned things just as fast. When Major Tanner would make one of his many visits, they would gather round him as he brought them treats of fresh meat.

"That's the human in them, Annalise," he observed. "If not, I would most likely have been killed my first visit. Except for their appearance, they act like children, and learn things like human kids do." He laughed as one clambered over his shoulders, pulling at the sleeve of his jacket with its tiny inner jaws. Tanner handed the female xenomorph a piece of meat. "Still, as cute as they are at this age, they grow awfully fast."

Annalise agreed. "Those born earlier are as big as Sul'ss now." Looking around at the busy atmosphere of their home, she asked, "Seriously though, Richard, what's to become of us? One day, I can see us being shipped back to Earth. I don't even want to imagine what they'll do to us. I won't permit my people to be put on display, treated like slaves, or worse, studied by scientists." A shiver went through her, imagining a vision of one of her children sliced open, lying on an exam table.

"I won't let that happen. I give you my word." Tanner clasped her shoulder. But he, too, was worried what their future would hold. "I have to go, Annalise. I'll be back soon." The pair gave each other a parting hug.

Annalise watched out the viewing window as the major's ship departed. She was missing Sul'ss, who had gone out to bring back the fresh meat of one of the cows the military was still sending. She hated watching the poor beasts being slaughtered, but only because seeing it made her realize that Sul'ss and the others were still killers, capable of acts her former people found unacceptable. She feared one day, the other colonies would insist the creatures living alongside them be moved or destroyed.

Sul'ss was back, that Annalise sensed. She went in search of him, feeling the need to be with him.

Sul'ss felt desire move through him as he sensed his mate approaching. It had been too long for him without Annalise. Her scent reached him from here, an obvious sign that she was feeling desire for him as well. As he lowered his head to her in respect of her position, she placed her hands on either side of his tooth-filled mouth, and nuzzled him, letting him taste her with his inner jaws. He returned her touches with a deep purring, his talons lightly scratching her soft flesh. The patches of hardened flesh were as sensitive as her human skin, and he knew she liked being caressed in this manner.

Annalise was feeling as horny as she knew her mate to be. Since her transformation, she often found herself in the midst of pure animal lust. She knew that if she and Sul'ss mated now, she would become pregnant.

Drawing Sul'ss along behind her, she led him to what had been designed as her private quarters. No one entered here unless given explicit permission. Annalise sent her thoughts to her mate, running her hands over his body. She nuzzled into the soft spot of his neck as his head rubbed over her shoulders. In the corner of the room, a pool collected water that dripped from the moisture collectors in the generator room. Annalise liked having the water there for her use, so she had the collection pool built. She pulled Sul'ss to the warm water, and as they stood beneath the artificial waterfall, Annalise rubbed her body against her mate's.

Sul'ss felt his own body respond to his mate, his erection now exposed and wanting. Whenever Annalise moved against it, the pleasure drew a harsh hiss from him. Then she did something she had only recently begun to do. Her hand clasped his organ, stroking it in a way he had been caught off guard the first time she had done it.

The warm water splashed over them both, running in rivelets down their bodies. Annalise brushed the water-soaked hair from her face, while Sul'ss nuzzled her neck with his snout. He took in her scent, even through the water that fell upon them.

Feeling his demanding erection pressing against her, Annalise parted her legs, and turning her back to her mate, bent over slightly to give him easy access to her body. She wanted to feel him within her, moving gently at first, then more hungrily, until he stilled himself to spill his seed into her. No matter how many times they mated, the pleasure was always fulfilling for both. Two entirely different species were as one in this simple and universal act of reproduction.

Annalise pushed back against Sul'ss' thrusting, moaning loudly as she rubbed her clitoris, wanting to feel an orgasm move through her. She wanted to draw his seed into her when he came, knowing she was fertile. She cried out as she felt him nip her neck with his inner jaws, drawing and tasting her blood. His large hands held her fast against him, until he ceased thrusting. His semen gushed from his organ, filling Annalise to overflowing, the liquid dripping down her legs as she brought herself to orgasm. She heard Sul'ss panting in her ear as she gave a final few gentle thrusts against him.

The pair lay upon the floor, letting the latent pleasure fill them through and through, and recede slowly. Annalise nuzzled against the hard body of her mate, one hand lying on her belly. This mating would produce something special. How she knew this escaped her, but it was knowledge she accepted as truth. All she had to do was wait.

A few months later, her child was ready to be born. Again, her attendants gathered around their Queen. Sul'ss waited at her side. After an hour or so of pushing as hard as she could, Annalise sighed in relief when she saw a beautiful baby boy lying between her legs. She reached down to pick him up, cooing at him softly. He seemed perfectly human, except that when he opened his eyes, she saw they were black as night. There was no color to his irises. "It's a boy," she told Sul'ss, smiling. "Odd, how he looks like me." She played with the baby's small hands as she spoke low. "I wonder if you'll become more like daddy as you grow up." There was no way for Annalise to know what any of her children would look like. Her many children had been xenomorph throughout. Now she had a son who appeared human.

Feeling a sudden sharp pain in her gut, Annalise handed the baby over to one of her attendants, and pushed as her body demanded. It wasn't possible, was it? Was she having twins? She cried out as yet another child was expelled. This one was different from her son. As it unfurled its body, she could see that it looked like a xenomorph physically, but was lighter in color. The hands were more human-like, with no talons tipping the tiny, perfectly formed human fingers or feet. There was no sign of a tail, not even the nub of one.

Sul'ss picked up the small squiggling xenomorph, sniffing it. You have a female as well, h'sta-ess.

Twins, thought Annalise. And they're so different from one another.

Her attendants bent over her, hissing softly as they reached out to touch the tiny female. They, too, noted the differences in the Queen's new children. They would take the female xenomorph to the nursery, but leave the human-looking male with the Mother. She would know how to care for this one that was like herself.

Annalise took her newborn son, and pressed him against her breast. His mouth latched onto her hungrily as he suckled from her. She was glad that part of her anatomical features still worked. She would be able to feed her child. She wondered if he would grow as fast the others before him.


Major Tanner had stopped by for one of his ever-frequent visits. "How are things here, Annalise?" he asked, hugging her.

"New additions to the nest," she replied proudly, taking the major to see her new offspring. The female xenomorph was already walking, running rather, having a faster maturation period than her brother.

"She looks different than the others," Tanner noted. "Is she otherwise, like the others?"

"So far, Cres'sa seems like her older siblings," Annalise replied, picking up her son. "And this is Jonathan, named after my father."

Tanner was amazed to see a very normal looking boy in Annalise's arms. "Human, huh? Twins, then."

"Yes, he was born first. His sister followed." She allowed Tanner to take the boy, and as he held him in his arms, the baby opened his eyes. "Oh, Jesus Christ! His eyes..."

"Yes, they're not exactly human."

"Not exactly. you think he'll display any of the xenomorph traits as he gets older?"

Annalise honestly didn't know, and admitted such to Tanner, who was already quite taken with the boy. He let the baby wrap his fingers around his own, and cooed liked a contented mother. The major had grown quite protective of the hive of xenomorphs, and of Annalise in particular. Not in a romantic way, of course, but as a close friend who could be trusted completely. He handed the squirming infant to Annalise, who let an attendant take the child for awhile.

"Major, has there been any word on the disposition of this colony? We're quite contented here."

Grasping her shoulders, Tanner reassured the woman-Queen. "The military is happy with the body armor your people have been making for us. It's ten times stronger than what we use now. They have quite a talent there, your xenomorphs. Natural born builders." He turned to walk by her side as they left the nursery. "And the payment is adequate? If you want more, or anything else..."

Annalise nodded with a smile. It had been agreed in the very beginning that the military would provide cattle for the xenomorphs to eat. They liked their meat fresh, and seemed agreeable to the live cattle sent here by the military. "Thank you for negotiating that, Major."

"Oh, by the way, Weyland-Yutani has been making noise again, trying to get the the Presidential committee to listen to them."

Annalise sighed. Would it never end with them? They were determined to get permission to take some of the xenomorphs away for study. With Tanner's help, that had not happened. But how long would he be able to keep calling in markers? "Just remind them that, barring blowing this planet to hell, we would fight to defend ourselves, even if it meant taking the other local colonists as hostages. I don't like violence, Major, but in this instance, I stand firm. If I see one sign that the other colonies are being evacuated, a real war would start."

"I promise that won't happen, Annalise. The military is already benefitting from the alliance. Rest assured, I will take care of things." Impulsively, he pulled Annalise into his arms. "Your concerns are my concerns."

Annalise hugged Tanner back. "Thank you, Richard. I appreciate all that you've done for us."

Letting her go, Tanner cleared his throat, embarrassed by his sudden show of emotion. "Well, then, let's go see how the new armor is looking.

Nineteen Years Later

An older and now retired Tanner arrived at the xenomorph colony. The terra-forming efforts had turned the planet into a beautiful Earth-like world. The human colonies had grown and prospered, while Annalise and her people had also flourished. When Weyland-Yutani had been slammed down in what Tanner had promised was The Last Stand, Annalise relaxed. Now she and her colony of xenomorphs would be left in peace.

When Tanner had entered the Royal chamber, he was greeted by, not only the Queen, but her children. The xenomorphs had come to trust Tanner and welcome him during his oft visits.

But it was Jonathan and Cres'sa he sought out. The boy had not changed in appearance, and still looked human, except for the black eyes he had been born with. He had matured and grown, now possessing greater strength than an average human. His agility included climbing skills unknown by any human being. He could see in low light and pitch dark, probably due to something in those black eyes of his, Tanner had guessed. Cres'sa had grown like her siblings, but had stayed fair, an almost amber in color. She possessed all the attributes of her brothers and sisters, and none of the weaknesses of a human. She was smart though, smarter than her siblings. She was even able to make sounds that were almost English. Annalise took to training her in the language, hoping her daughter would one day be able to speak.

Tanner interrupted her thoguhts. "Annalise, I want to ask you a question. You might not like it, but I want you to consider carefully before you answer. I...I'd like to take Jonathan and Cres'sa back to Earth, just for a visit."

She started to shake her head. "No, Richard, I don't think that would be wise. Jonathan, maybe, but not Cres'sa."

"I'll take good care of them. You know what those kids mean to me. I have a special unit now, a smaller one, that I have access to when I have something to do that's outside the loop. They'll accompany us the entire time."

Annalise sighed as she heard the voice of her mate in her head.

No, h'sta-ess, do not let our children off-world.

Annalise stepped closer to her mate of many years. "Sul'ss, Jonathan is not like the others. It might be good for him to see his mother's home world. And you know Cres'sa would not let him go without her." Brother and sister had been inseparable since birth. Cres'sa, having grown faster, took care of her older brother until he was able to manage on his own. Even then, she was never far away. "It's a twin thing," Annalise had explained to Sul'ss, knowing he wouldn't really understand what she meant. "Please, my mate, let Tanner take them, just for awhile." Although she was Queen, Annalise included Sul'ss in her decision making. She was still human, after all. She didn't want him unhappy with her desire to have the twins see her home world.

"Then it's settled," Tanner enthused. "Tell them to be ready, and in a few days, I'll take them when I leave." Turning to the giant xenomorph, he said, "Sul'ss, it will be ok. I promise." In response, Tanner was given loud hissing, leaving him unsure as to whether it was an affirmation or a warning. He would take it as both.

Four days later, Tanner was aboard his ship, with a strange-eyed human, and a pale colored xenomorph in tow. "You'll love Earth. There's so much I want to show you both."

Jonathan spoke for both himself and his sister, when he answered, "We're sure we will, Uncle Richard."

To be continued?

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