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Chatper One: Death of a Hero

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Danny Phantom was soaring through the air on the lookout for any ghost that may be attacking his town. Patrol normally ended up with at least 4 ghosts in the Thermos that was attached to his hip. But tonight there seemed to be no sign of any spectral disturbances at all. It was both unnerving and welcoming at the same time to the young half ghost teen hero.

Danny flew by the clock tower to see that it was 9:34pm and that meant he still had 26 minutes before he had to head home for his ten O'clock curfew. He might as well wrap things up for tonight. He was lucky to have no Ghost fights for one night. The only time that ever happened was during the Christmas Truce. He normally used that free day to rest and get himself prepared for the next day where a majority of the ghost will be making up for the lost time.

Danny slowly came to a stop in mid air, letting his pure white hair come to a rest on his head. His white locks were a complete mess. Air-blown to where it looked like a rats' nest.

"Uhgg. I need some hair gel or something." The young hybrid thought as he reached up with his white gloved hands and combed his fingers through it, trying to get some order back into the strands.

When he finally got his hair back to a semi decent look, he began flying again, heading back to his home, deciding to declare this night as 'Ghost Free'.

Danny flew through the cool air of an October night closing his eyes and relaxing as the breeze licked at his face and blew back through his hair, messing it up once more. But he didn't really care right now. He was wallowing in the pleasure of a Battle free night and he no longer had to make an excuse to his parents for why he was late and where all those scrapes and bruises came from.

Tonight was simply perfect.

Danny didn't notice the two figures on the ground, watching him through a pair of binoculars. The smaller figure was dressed in a teal blue hazmat suit that that fit her obviously female body, while her partner was larger and was dressed in a bright orange jump suit. The female glanced at her male counterpart, behind her red goggles her eyes narrowed.

"Hand me the Ecto-pistol, Jack." She said quietly, as to not alert the Ghost Boy who was flying over them not even 30 feet away.

The man, Jack, took a small pistol sized gun with green designs on the side from his belt and handed it to the woman.

"Here ya go Mad's. Be sure not to miss him." Jack said quietly with enthusiasm.

Mad's or 'Maddie' nodded, a small evil grin growing across her face.

"Of course not." She reached into a small pouch on her belt that was filled with bullets for the ecto-pistol. She meant to pull out an anti-ghost bullet that was glowing green, but she ended up grabbing a plain old bullet instead. She loaded up the ecto-pistol, sliding the bullet into the chamber before snapping it shut.

"This ecto-pistol, if it manages to hit Its 'Core', will destroy the ghost instantly," Maddie murmured to herself as she steadied the gun at the young ghost that was starting to fly away. "Alright...on three..." She took a deep breath, keeping the gun trained on the Ghost chest area.

"One..." She narrowed her eyes.

"Two..." Her finger tightened on the trigger.

"Three." She pulled the trigger and listened to the loud crack of the gun as it fired. Danny turned around at supernatural speeds at the sound of the discharge...

Only that was his most fatal mistake.

Danny suddenly had the feeling as if he had been punched in the chest really hard. Like the way it felt when he fought with Vlad and ended up getting nailed in the chest. He gasped in shock just before pain blossomed right through his body, starting at his chest before spreading through his veins like boiling hot lava.

He opened his mouth to scream in agony, but nothing came out.

Danny weakly raised up his hands to his chest where the pain was originating from and looked down, his mouth still gaping in his mixture of shock and pain.

There was a tear in his hazmat suit that was right in the dead center of his chest. His ecto-blood started to rapidly pour out of hole, forming a large green stain all across his chest and black and white hazmat suit.

Suddenly it was very hard to breath. Danny tried to take in breaths of air, but his lungs were not expanding properly. The lack of oxygen in his body, started to make his vision grow fuzzy very quickly. He felt his hands limply fall to his sides with the lack of energy. His body became very heavy and he faintly felt himself start falling from the sky.

He felt familiar warm blue rings appear and pass across his body, shifting him back to his human form as he plummeted to the street below.

Only he never reached the ground.

Starting at his chest he felt disorientated and almost...lighter. The pain slowly started to fade away as his body began to break down into small particles. He felt his eyes slide close as panic settled into his mind, but that too slowly faded into a peaceful feeling as the pain dissipated. Just like his body.

He was dying. There was no doubt on that.

He always wondered what would happen to a half ghost when they died; he just was never expected to find out so soon.

All of this managed to run through his head in a matter of seconds just before his body disappeared completely and he knew nothing more.

Jack and Maddie watched with satisfaction as the Ghost Boy was shot in the chest, grins appearing on their faces.

But their smiles slowly vanished when the ghost boy began dropping to the ground. They were baffled when blue rings appeared around his waist in mid air and traveled across his broken body. Their expressions turned to horror when the ghost boy turned into someone familiar to them.

Black hair, blue eyes, white and red T-shirt, faded blue jeans, and red and white converse shoes.

Their son, Daniel Lynn Fenton, was now in the place that the ghost boy once was, and was dropping to the ground fast. But —before their son could hit the ground— his body broke down and evaporated, before vanishing a mere feet from the street to which he was descending. When the body was completely gone they turned to each other with shocked and horrified expressions.

They quickly ran home as fast as they could, not believing that the ghost boy was really their son. When they busted through their house door they bolted up to their Danny's room in search for him. When they saw that his room was empty, they began to panic even more. They ran down to their lab as fast as they could to try and find something to locate their boy.

Maddie stopped when she realized something. She remembered how all of their Ghost Hunting equipment started to act up and targeted on their son, Danny. Was that the reason why they would do that? Because he was a ghost?

Maddie felt tears come to her eyes when she realized that she had been hunting her own child. How could she have not noticed the changes? The clumsiness, coming home late, all the injuries he kept coming home with, and his sudden new interest in their ghost weapons. Well maybe not so much as she noticed how he kept avoiding them a more than he use too.

Maddie turned her head and looked at the lab table right next to her. She saw the Fenton Boo-merang laying there. A sudden idea came to her. She ran over to the Ghost Tracking device and turned it on.

"Find my Son!" she yelled, remembering how the Boo-merang kept on keying into Danny almost a year ago. She sent it flying and watched as it took one lap around the lab before heading right back to her. She ducked to avoid getting hit and dropped to her knees. It was then that the truth finally sank in her mind hard.

Her son was gone. Dead.

She buried her face in her hand and sobbed. She felt big warm hands place themselves on her shoulder and pull her into a warm body. Jack, her husband and once Danny's father. She turned her face into his shoulder and cried, feeling her husband's own form trembling slightly form his own grief.

What were they going to tell Jazz? Or Danny's friends for that matter? Did they even know he was a ghost?

The couple sat in the lab for day's mourning over the death of their son, not even responding to Jazz's or Danny's friends coxing to tell them what was wrong. They were too ashamed to tell them what they had done.

So they decided to keep it a secret between themselves. Never to tell anyone what truly happened.