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Chapter 29-Back Up

Third Person POV

Danny flew across the sky at speeds that nearly broke the sound barrier, racing to get back to his house. Tears of anger blurred his vision as the cold wind hit his face, disappointed in himself for failing in the most simple of tasks: to keep the Ancients from getting free.

Just minutes ago, the Five Evil Ancients that had been sealed beneath Amity Park for over a millennia, had broken free from their prison. That was the one task he had been given to handle: to prevent this from happening… And he failed at it. Now he had to find out how to fight these impossibly strong —nearly invincible— creatures that helped to create the Ghost Zone millennia ago.

The teen spotted his house from above and, surprisingly, he also noticed that Vlad was standing there, in the front yard, with a serious expression on his blue face. His red eyes narrowed at the teen that was now descending towards him.

"Vlad! I-" Danny went to start, but was stopped by Vlad's raised hand as he touched down. His apology was left unfinished by the silent command.

"There is no need to apologize, Daniel. This situation was nearly unpreventable without the proper equipment or help. We lacked in both. But now we have a new task at hand." He told the teen with a pointed look.

Danny's eyes hardened beneath his hood.

"Stopping them. Before they destroy the world. Both the Human's Realm and the Ghost Zone."

Vlad nodded, his eyes roaming towards the distance where the rising smoke was visible.

"Yes, but before we do that, I think the next best thing would be to evacuate the town, bring them to a safe location."

Danny blinked slowly and nodded. "Good idea. To help prevent any innocent by standers from getting caught up in anything we might cook up. But where are we going to hide them?"

Vlad glanced over at Danny's house. "Perhaps …in your house?"

Danny scowled. "Dude…my house is nowhere big enough for everyone in Amity Park. There's nearly 500 plus people in this town."

Vlad shrugged. "Then put a shield over your house, that way some of them can be outside."

Danny shook his head. "Still not enough room. Come on, Vlad. You're the smart guy here, being a multi-billion dollar businessman and all. Maybe your mansion here in Amity? Surely that's large enough."

Vlad hesitated before he sighed and nodded his head. "I suppose you're right. My mansion is plenty big enough and your house can serve as shelter for whatever leftovers we happen to find. It could even be our base of operations."

Danny nodded. "Sounds like a plan. Now let's see if we can get to work on it. How are we going to round everyone up?"

Vlad smirk in that evil way of his. "Why, Daniel. Surely you must know that a villain always has a way to gather hostages. I think you're putting me down."

Danny stared at the older ghost in confusion until he saw hundreds of shadow clones appear behind the man. Danny felt an unwilling smile curl his lips. "I guess you're right. Just try not to scare them too badly. I'll go down stairs and start working on the plan. Let me know when you have everyone gathered at your place. That way I can debrief them on what's happening."

Vlad chuckled and knocked Danny's hood off his head to ruffle the boy's black and white hair. Danny gave an indignant shout and swatted the man's hand away before trying to gain some sort of order in his locks once more.

Danny scowled at the man. "Vlad, I'm not a little kid anymore. There's no reason to treat me like one. Just get moving."

Vlad stared at the ghost teen for a long second before sighing. "You've been forced to grow up too soon, Daniel. You're only 16 years old, and that is still a child, no matter what you may think."

Danny huffed and turned away.

"Whatever. Let's just hurry up and get moving. I should have something planned before you get me." Vlad nodded and vanished in a hot pink whirl as his clones took off in all directions across town. Danny turned and ran inside-

-where he was tackled by Danielle, Sam, and Tucker; the force of the three combined managed to knock him down to the floor, almost as soon as he had walked through the doorway.

Groaning he lifted his head and stared at them in shock, before glaring at the two humans. "You're still not gone yet?"

They both winced and quickly released the ghost teen and looked at him sadly. Tucker opened his mouth to explain.

"Dude, Danny, we're sorry- we had- OW! I…I mean, 'I had' no idea that your whole identity was a secret from the ghosts." The techno geek said, looking sadly at the floor beneath his feet.

Danny scowled at them for a long moment before pushing himself up to his feet, bringing Danielle up with him. When she finally let go, she gave him a small smile. "They really are sorry, Danny. I had been talking to them before you showed up."

Danny looked down at her before sighing and turning away. "Whatever. I don't have time for this right now. I need to plan my next assault on the Ancients." He said, walking away with a snap of his cloak, heading towards his basement. He could faintly hear the small group following him, but paid them no heed as he moved back to his desk that was still covered with papers; he looked through them for anything that might be useful.

He kept glancing up every few minutes though, to look at the staff that was propped up against the wall a few feet away. Clockwork had given it to him to use, but he didn't explain how. Was he supposed to use it to fight the ancients?

Oh great, Danny deadpanned, charge into battle with an atomic bomb on a stick.

The boy paused for an instance before looking back at the staff fully, giving it his complete attention as he lowered the papers back into the desk.

"Danny, look, maybe we could help you with this?" Sam asked softly

The ghost's head whipped around to face her, his expression now blank. "As a matter a fact, you can help me." They both looked hopeful. "Go to my parents and see if they can make a shield big enough to cover all of Amity Park, and tell them to make it a strong one too, the strongest they can manage."

Sam and Tucker stared at him for a second. "Danny, if those Ancients really are loose, I don't think a simple ghost shield —no matter how strong it is— will be able to keep them out." Tucker said with an uneasy expression.

Danny sighed. "I understand that, but just do as I asked, please. I know what I'm doing."

Sam and Tucker nodded slowly and turned to leave, leaving Dani behind. As Tucker headed up the stairs, Sam paused and turned back and run towards Danny, throwing her arms around him in a tight hug. The other teen was frozen momentarily before giving in and wrapping his arms back around her. Sam never just gave out hugs, so there had to be a good reason for this one.

"I'm so sorry, Danny." She whispered in his ear.

Danny shook his head. "There's nothing to be sorry about. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, just not the way we like it." He told her, pulling away. "Now go get me that ghost shield before Tucker gets suspicious." He could already feel Dani's smug smile on his back. He knew she was going to be bad enough as it was with this bit of ammunition.

Sam gave him a grin and slugged him playfully in the shoulder. "Alright, Ghost Boy. We'll be back." Then she turned and ran back up the stairs to join their other friend.

Danny was still pissed off at them, but because of the plan he had just come up with, there was no point in holding a grudge at the moment. Not towards them.

The ghost boy sighed tiredly as he turned once more to look at the staff. He walked over to it and reached out to touch the smooth wood with his fingertips, running them softly over its surface. He was forced to stop when his ghost sense went off, mere seconds before Vlad showed up in his basement.

"Alright, I gathered everyone; except for your parents…they had placed a ghost shield around their house which kept my clone from going in."

Danny nodded. "That's fine. I sent Sam and Tucker to them to get me something anyways."

Vlad nodded. "Alright. Well, everyone is waiting." He said, and then turned to Danielle. "Stay here." He ordered before grabbing the teen by his upper arm and teleporting away.

Danny stumbled as soon as he hit solid ground when the pink in his vision cleared. He shot the man a glower before straightening. "I could have teleported on my own, you know."

Vlad smirked. "Yes, but this way we got right were you needed to be." He then waved his hand towards a tall curtain where he could now hear lots of people talking on the other side. "I informed them that someone wanted to speak with them about the crisis at hand. I think they're expecting the Mayor, not the Time Apprentice." He said smugly, causing Danny to roll his eyes.

"Okay." He then pulled his hood up over his head to cover his face in shadows. He then took a deep breath as nerves started acting up. He walked past the curtain and onto the little makeshift stage that was Vlad's front steps. He looked around and saw that his huge front yard was pack filled with the civilians of Amity Park. He couldn't even see the lawn anywhere.

Once he had walked on stage, and everyone started noticing him, the whole crowd went silent. Danny stood at the top of the marble steps and moved to the microphone on a stand that Vlad must had had set up for him before everyone showed up along with the curtain. The fruitloop loved his dramatics. He tapped the mic to make sure that it was on. When he heard the loud thumping from the speakers around the field, he spoke clearly.

"Hello, citizens of Amity Park. I'm sorry for the inconveniences of having you all brought here, but it was of upmost importance."

"Who the hell are you?! And where is our Mayor!?" a nameless face in the mass yelled.

Danny shook his head. "I'm sure if you look around, you'll find that your Mayor is one of you in the crowd." He then went silent as every face shifted and turned, looking for the man he spoke of, to see if it was true. They finally spotted the overweight Mayor towards the middle of the crowd, who had been trying the whole time to make his way to the front.

Danny cleared his throat to grab everyone's attentions once more. "Now as I was saying, I apologize for having you all brought here, but your town is about to become a war zone that I do not wish you all to be caught up in." the teen told them.

"Why? What's going on!?" another voice, feminine this time, called.

"Just about an hour ago, Five Evil Ancients of the Ghost Zone broke free from their prison and will no doubt be making Amity Park their first stop in destroying the world. I had you all brought here with the help of a…friend of mine, so no one will be in the way when I go to try and stop them."

"Who are you?"

Danny smiled softly. "I am Timegear. I am a high ranking ghost in the Ghost Zone, tasked with the responsibility of stopping the Ancients." He told them.

A man in the front row asked the next question. "What is your rank then? Is it like a military ranking structure?"

Danny looked down at him. "No, we are not ranked like the military. Merely based on power and position. I am ranked with the position of Time Apprentice. I am the Apprentice of the Master of Time."

Everyone was silent. Danny quickly used the break in questions to continue. "Like I said, I am sorry about this, but I must ask of all of you to please stay here until you are given the all clear to return to your homes. I'll try to keep them away from the main town and everyone's homes, but I can't make any promises! So please bear with me!" he called. He then heard a high whistling sound and turned, ducking on reflex, just in time to see a metal boomerang sail over his head.

Everyone in the crowd gasped and cried in surprise at the assault towards this 'Time Apprentice'. They watched as the object turned and made its trek back towards the hooded teen, but breathed a sigh of relief when he caught it before it connected with his head.

Danny looked down at the object in his hands before he looked up, and smiled when he saw that it was the Specter Speeder descending towards them. When it got closer, he frowned when he noticed not only Sam and Tucker in the seats, but his parents and sister as well. He straightened up and glanced around nervously.

When the Specter Speeder finally landed, Sam and Tucker darted out first with a happy shout towards the ghost teen. "Hey, we got them! And we told them what you needed!"

Danny smiled at his friends, and family that was now getting out of the vehicle as well, all watching Danny cautiously. The teen stared at them for a second before nodding at Sam and Tucker. "Thanks guys. I can discuss everything with them inside when I'm finished." He said, nodding towards the crowd.

The duo glanced at the crowd before turning to get the Fenton's to go inside.

Someone up front spoke right then. "Wait, you know them?" Danny looked down to see that is was Dash Baxter.

Danny let his lips curl and pulled his hood back just enough so he could see his face. "Of course I do." Making the football jocks eyes widen as he pulled the hood back up fully. "But there is no point to that right now. I need to focus on trying to fight these Ancients," he then spoke into the microphone once more. "So please, everyone, stay here inside of the ghost shield that Mr. Masters has around his mansion. I need to go and talk with the Fenton's about the battle plan." Without another word he turned and walked behind the curtain once again, avoiding anyone from asking another question.

He bypassed Vlad, who was now in human form, and nodded at him once before heading inside where his family was waiting, Vlad following close behind.

Inside, his parents and sisters were sitting on a couch in complete silence. He cleared his throat to get their attention, causing them to snapped their heads up at him, eyes wide and faces pale. Danny hesitated a second before moving closer and reached up to pull his hood down. When they saw his face, his mom let out a choking sob and covered her mouth with a hand.

Danny sighed softly and rubbed the back of his head. "I…I guess Sam and Tucker told you, didn't the— Umph!" Danny gasped out when he was tackled by his parents in a crushing hug, feeling salty wet tears drop onto his uniform. He felt a small hand, his mothers, combing through his hair as his father wrapped his larger arms around them.

"Oh, Danny! My baby boy!" his mother sobbed into his hair, holding him tightly to her, thank goodness he didn't need to breathe. "I'm so sorry!"

Danny peeked over her head to see Vlad looking anywhere but at them, his eyes distant. Danny sighed and wrapped his arms around her, embracing her back. "It's fine…mom. It's not your fault."

She snuffled and pulled back, her light violet eyes blood shot. "Oh, but it is! Even after the Disasteroid and Phantom – you –proved you were a good guy, we still hunted after your ghost half! We had no idea it was you either! After all the signs, we still let our hatred against ghosts to blind us!" she yanked Danny back into her, holding him tighter than before. "And we…we shot you. I can never forgive myself!"

Danny groaned. "Mooom!" he said giving a childish whine. "It's fine! It not like you were supposed to know! I hid it from you! From everyone! It's not your fault!" he told her with a serious tone.

"Danny, it doesn't matter." His father, Jack, said, squeezing the both of them. "We never listened to you when you tried telling us that not all ghost were evil. If we had then…maybe this wouldn't be the situation right now." He told them, his own eyes blood shot.

Danny sighed and shook his head. "That happened for a reason. Clockwork said that even if it hadn't been you guys that did it —I would have been killed no matter what. So please, stop with the guilty trips. I'm not mad at you…at least…not anymore." Danny admitted softly.

Slowly but surely, his parents let him go to stare at him. Danny shook his head.

"Not now, please. We have a major battle to plan out." He moved to turn, but was soon enveloped in his sisters arms, having not even notice her sneaking up from behind. Danny grinned and hugged her back, feeling her body tremble with silent tears.

"Little brother…" she whispered.

"I missed you too, Jazz, but right now I have work to do first." He told her, pulling away. She gave him a watery smile but nodded.

His parents sighed reluctantly but nodded as well. Danny then smiled at them gratefully. "Alright, what I need you to do, is to make a ghost shield —the strongest possible— large enough to cover all of Amity Park."

They gave him a small smile and nodded, "We might not have worked with ghost equipment for about two years, but we do still know how to make them. We might need a few hands though to help set it up." His dad said thoughtfully.

Danny hesitated for a second before answering. "If you want, see if you can grab a few dozen volunteers from the crowd. Some that may be good with mechanical stuff or engineers." They nodded in understanding. Danny pulled out a map from his cloak and spread it out in front of him, creating an ectoplasmic glass table to lay it on, much to his parent's awe. "Alright. This is what you need to have it cover." he said, circling Amity with his finger as his parents looked down on the map. "I'm going to draw out the Ancients over here-" he then pointed to a large crop of nothing but tree's that spread out for ten miles in diameter. "- where I can finish them off- hopefully." He told them.

He paused when there was a loud knock on the front door. Danny glanced up to look at Vlad who was heading cautiously towards the entrance. He cracked it open before listening to the person on the other side. The man's eyes widened slightly before opening the door fully to let them in. Danny lowered the paper in concern.

Only for his jaw to drop, when Dash and the whole football team and many other people from Casper High walked inside. Dash spotted Danny, and quickly moved over to him. "We want to help you." He said, speaking for everyone.

Danny gapped as he looked at all the faces behind him, at least thirty people stood behind him, geeks and A-listers alike. "W-what do you mean?"

Dash crossed his arms. "We want to help you to defeat these 'Ancients'…Dan." The jock repeated.

Danny sat back on his heels, giving the group in front of him a long look. "I…I don't think that's a good idea. It's very dangerous and-"

"And this is our town. If we want to defend it, we should have the right."

Danny stared at their faces for a moment, trying to spot anyone whose resolve may seem to be wavering at least a little. When he found none, he groaned and rubbed his temple before nodding. "Alright, get over here so you can all hear the plan."

They did so. Danny looked at everyone and counted them, finding there was 36 people in total, some people he didn't even know. He nodded to himself. This could work.

"Alright, how many of you are good with building, construction or technology?" just under half the group raised their hands, mostly the geeks and nerds. Better than he expected. "Good, and how many of you are good at firing weapons?" about ten this time, most looked like the type that went out hunting, jocks were the majority. Still good. "The ones that can build, you all will be assisting the Fentons in helping to build and lay out a Ghost Shield around Amity. The hunters, you will be their protection." They nodded. "The rest of you…"He hesitated for a second before he strengthened his resolve. "The rest of you will be coming to my house as backup and to monitor the progress. If someone goes down, you will be there to replace them, which could lead to another fight to the death. Understand?" more nods.

"Danny, what about us?" Sam asked from his side. Danny glanced at her. "I'll need your help the most. Yours, Tucker's, and Jazz's." He then looked up and around, trying to spot someone. He located her in the back, and nodded, pleased that she was in the group. He would need her help too.

He then turned to his parents. "Go ahead. Take your group and get to work. The sooner we have this set up, the better. The longer they're out —the stronger they get."

They nodded and made to move into action, but Maddie stopped and pulled Danny into a tight hug again, holding him for a few seconds before letting him go with a proud watery smile, leaving to join her husband, who was leading people into the Specter Speeder outside. "Take care of them! They're your responsibility!" Danny called after them, before turning to the rest of the group. "Tucker, take the rest of them to my place and get them set up. I'll be stopping by shortly to grab something."

Tucker gave a mock salute before leaving, with everyone else following. He noticed that Valerie was still standing there. "Good, you stayed behind. I was going to pull you out."

Valerie look angered at his words. "What do you mean by that?" she demanded.

Danny chuckled and threw his hands up calmingly. "Relax, I merely meant that I need your help with something bigger than what everyone else got stuck with." He could see her visibly relax at the words and stare at him calmly.

"Who are you? You claim your name is Timegear, 'Apprentice to the Master of Time' while you are still Dan Time from school." She asked, almost bitterly.

"I'm Danny Fenton." He told her outright. Valerie's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. Danny sighed. "I'm sorry about lying to you Valerie. But I had no choice. When I was killed two years ago, I became a ghost and I was taken under the wing of Clockwork- the Master of Time. I came back to stop this threat. And only that. I will be leaving once this is done." He told her softly.

Valerie watched him sadly before she ran a hand through her hair. "This is a lot to take in. I never would have thought…"she trailed off.

Danny nodded in understanding. "I know. But right now, I need your help, Val. Will you?"

Valarie looked back up and into Danny's blue and green eyes before nodding slowly. "I would have done anything to help Danny Fenton two years ago. I don't see any reason why that would change now. Even if you are a…ghost." She grimaced.

Danny smiled. "We're not all bad. But thank you." he then turned to Sam and Jazz. "Alright, the four of us are heading to my place. That will be our base of operations." He then floated up off the ground and turned to Vlad. "Will you send us help, too? Danielle should still be at my place, so we will still need more hands on deck for this."

Vlad gave him his sly smirk and nodded. "Of course, Daniel. I'll make sure someone is on the route." He said cryptically, but Danny understood. He'll be coming as Plasmius, but will leave a human clone behind to help the people here.

"Thanks. See ya soon." He then grabbed Sam and picked her up as he turned Valerie. "Oh, and there's no need for secrets from us, Red Huntress. We all knew from the very beginning." He told her, using her secret identity so she got the idea.

The girl sighed and clicked her shoes to activate her armor. "Why does that not surprise me." She muttered behind her helmet. "Alright, Jasmine. Hop on, I'll give you a ride." She said, looking at the ginger haired girl. Jazz hesitated, looking wearily at the hover board under the darker teen's feet for a second before climbing on, holding onto Valerie's suit for dear life.

With that, the group flew out one of Vlad's large windows, heading directly for Danny's house. It took ten minutes to fly with their passengers before they finally touched down in his yard. He placed a blushing Sam down on her feet turning as Valerie retracted her board, Jazz standing beside her with a windblown look.

Danny headed inside, and was pleased to find that Tucker had beaten them there with his parents help. It amazed him how they could fit that many people in the Specter Speeder. People must have been sitting on laps or something.

"Everyone, stay up here please, we will be back in a moment." He then turned and ran down the steps to his basement, hearing Valarie, Sam, Jazz, and Tucker following. Once he was down there, he had found Vlad waiting for him with Danielle by his side. He smiled and nodded. "Glad you could make it." The teen joked.

Vlad snorted. "As if I would miss this. So, what's the plan?" Danny opened his mouth to explain, but Vlad cut him off once more. "Oh, and you might want to speak loud enough so everyone can hear."

Danny looked at him confused, before ghosts started appearing around the whole basement. Causing him to yelp in surprise and look around in awe.

Everyone had returned!

Every ghost that had turned their backs and left before, was now standing in his basement once more looking as determined as ever as they all waited for instructions.

"But…but…I don't understand!" Danny stammered, looking around. Even his friends were shocked.

"We understand that you only lied to us because you had to. We are still angered that you did so, but we can put that aside for the sake of our worlds once more." Skulker said, metallic arms crossed with his smug grin on his face. "So, share this plan with us."

Danny stared around once more before giving a huge grin. "You guys just made things so much easier. Alright! Here's what we all need to do…"

End Chapter 29

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