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Time Masters Apprentice: Chapter 30 – The Battle part 1

(Third Person POV)

"'Gear' to 'Geek'. Is everything in position?" Danny asked. His finger releasing the button on the side of his Fenton Phones as his transmission finished, waiting eagerly for an answer.

There was a moment of silence till static sparked through the ear phone and Tucker's voice replied back. "Roger that, Gear. Everyone just finished getting into position. Plan is now a Go."

Danny nodded sharply, pressing the button again. "Alright." He then pressed a second button, sending his words out to everyone on the line to hear. "Alright everyone, this is Gear. Remember the plan. At each given coordinate there is a small portable Portal set and active. Your jobs are to lead your assigned Target to that given area and then jump through the portal. Remember: you've only got one shot at the portal. Once you go through, it will close. We have thirty minutes for everyone to complete that mission. Everyone understood?"

Danny paused and released both buttons, waiting for the response. Slowly, but surely, his teams responded and he counts them all off. Once everyone was accounted for, he pressed both buttons once more.

"Alright. Geek, give us a one minute countdown to launch. Gear, out." Danny said dropping his hand again, his other fist tightening on the large wooden staff he currently held in his hands.

He stopped and crawled up the tree he was currently hiding under, making his way to the tallest branch as he listened to Tucker give a countdown from 60. Once he reached the top, Tucker was already at thirty seconds, he scanned and spotted his target at a small distance, causing his core to tighten with anxiety.

There were four teams in total, not counting himself. He was a one man team for this mission. Each team had at the least five members to them, and each assigned to their own Ancient to distract and lure. Each team leader was a person —or a ghost— he knew he could trust to make sure that nothing went wrong on their end.

Vlad, Sam, Skulker, and Dora.

Vlad was paired with Dani and Valarie, knowing that the two hybrids and human ghost hunter should be able to handle distracting and guiding their targets with little to no problems. Sam had Frostbite with a hand full of his yetis as the sky assault while the ground forces consisted of his parents and sister.

Skulker's team's sky assault group consisted of Technus, The Lunch Lady, Ember and —believe it or not— the Box Ghost and the ground forces consisted of Dash, Kwan, and a few members from the football team.

Dora had her Archer and Knight, along with Fright Knight and his Nightmare horse for the sky while the ground soldiers were Paulina, Star, and few people from the Casper High Baseball and Basketball team that agreed to tag along.

Danny had to admit, it was an extreme ragtag team of people, but it was the best he had to work with. The left over ghosts and humans remained at the HQ —his house— to be prepared to jump in if anyone needed assistance. Tucker had the majority of the geeks from school helping him run and monitor all the equipment and electronics involved in their mission, mostly the headsets and to make sure that all the portable portals were functioning properly and would drop them all in his basement when everyone jumped through them.


Danny focused back on the countdown, locking back on his target that hadn't even move much farther off, leaving a burning trail where it had previously been at.


Danny crouched down lower on the branch, tensing his muscles ready to launch, knowing that dozens of his friends and teammates were doing the very same thing miles all around.

"Three… two… ONE! GO!" Tucker's voice cried over the ear phones.

Danny shot off into the air, his cloak snapping in the wind as he swallowed his nerves and fear —charging straight for his Target.

The Lead Ancient.

He held on tight to the Staff that Clockwork had given him in one hand and charged his other hand with a powerful ecto-blast, ready to be fired. Soon, the Lead Ancient was in sight and, as Danny made out the figure's features, he had to prevent his eyes from popping out of his skull and roll away… or in this situation, drop a long way onto the ground below.

It was massive. Solid black scales covered its entire body and huge leathery black wings like those of a bat were tucked securely to its side. A long muscular neck that led up to an angular head, filled with razor sharp teeth he could already make out.

A dragon.

A dragon that was easily five times the size of Dora or Aragon in their dragon forms. A sharp pair of horns —at least the size of its skull—curled up out of its head and pointed back.

The beast either hadn't noticed Danny approaching it, or didn't find the Time Apprentice enough of a threat to worry about his presence.

Danny narrowed his eyes and slowed down, pulling his charged fist and punching forward, sending the blast rocketing the last bit of distance —at least a dozen football fields, preferring to stay out of its potential range of bodily attacks— before slamming into the back of its head, right between the wicked horns.

It hardly even flinched, but it did let out a growl that practically vibrated the air. His head turned slightly allowing one slid blood red eye to zero in on Danny. Its reptilian slit of a pupil narrowing upon seeing him.

"I wondered when you were going to come out of hiding, Time Apprentice." The Ancient spoke calmly with a deep voice, his lips curling up into a monstrous smirk revealing rows of teeth that were as long as Danny was tall.

Danny smirked back. "What makes you think I was hiding?" he called out with weak bravado.

The dragon gave out a chuckle and fully turned to face him, the ground shaking with each step as it moved into position. "If you weren't hiding, then what were you doing?" he asked with mock curiosity. "My Brothers and Sisters have spread out over the lands, no doubt turning every place they step into rubble."

Danny scowled and allowed his eyes to scan the horizon, spotting a few black dots spread out way off in the distance, several —perhaps dozens— of miles away. Man, I hope this plan works. Danny though, before looking once more at the Ancient in front of him. "Be that as it may…I will still put a stop to you…all of you." The teen swore with complete seriousness, dual colored eyes glowing with determination.

The dragon pulled its lips back farther in a wide smile as it opened its jaw to let out a roaring laugh, eyes squinting closed in mirth. "You certainly do have a pair on you, don't you boy?" He rasped out before recomposing himself. "But, for all that bravado you are displaying, it is useless. You might have had a chance to stop us while we were still inside of our prison, but all that hope vanished once we broke free." He informed the teen, the long tail sweeping the ground behind him, knocking over trees as it moved without problem. "But…" it trailed off, grin still in place.

Danny raised eyebrow as the creature continued on.

"If you truly think you have the chance to beat me…then by all means…. try." Its eyes squinted in humor. "This may make for an interesting show."

Danny sneered and charged up another green blast, stronger than the last one, before firing it at the Ancient. He followed quickly behind the glowing blast, hoping to hide behind it till the last second.

It seemed the strategy worked —at least for a few seconds— because when the blast connected with its cheek, the dragon raised an eyebrow in confusion at Danny before lowering its head a little and rearing it back up quickly, it's nose connecting with Danny's stomach and thrusting him into the sky above with a surprised cry of pain. As he fought to right himself once more, Danny saw the Ancient looking up at him with amusement.

The boy scowled and lifted the staff in his hand to place it in his mouth, biting down on the wood to hold it still so he could use his other hand. He aimed both of his hands, palms down, at the dragon below and charged another ball of energy, letting it grow to the size of a large beach ball before firing a long beam instead of a simple blast. He cut it off after a few seconds and grabbed the staff once more, and using his hands and feet to fire off rapid disks of energy. He stopped to watch the result. I need to get him to chase me… he thought desperately. If I can piss him off enough…

The attacks didn't even make it to him before a leathery appendage shot out and blocked them, letting them bounce off harmlessly.

Danny's eyes widened. It used its wing as a shield! He then narrowed his eyes at the smirking dragon below. Time to kick things up a notch. The apprentice steadied himself in the air before inhaling deeply, gathering ecto energy in his vocal cords before unleashing his most devastating attack: his Ghostly Wail.

He let the attack drag on for as long as he could handle, noticing with a hint of pride that the Ancient had been taken by surprise, his own legs buckling under the force, unable to defend himself properly as a dust cloud was kicked up, shielding the enemy from view.

Danny then cut the attack, feeling the slight draining from his core. He grimaced, and watched as the dust and debris slowly cleared, just for a scorching stream of purple fire to rip through the cloud, clearing it instantly, and heading straight for him. Danny gasped and dove quickly out of the way, just in time to be spared from turning to a burnt crisp. Yet, much to his irritation, a corner of his cloak took part of the hit, burning slightly. He clenched his teeth at the sight, he had grown fond of that cloak over the years.

The Ancient leader was now snarling from the ground, showing that Danny had finally managed to get under the creature's scales.

Danny placed his free hand casually on his hips and leaned forward slightly, smiling tauntingly down at the larger reptile. "You know something? I haven't even learned your name yet. You already know mine, Timegear —or formally known as Danny Fenton— AKA Danny Phantom." A small pause before he tilted his head. "So…you gonna share?"

"For finally managing to land a good hit on me, weak as it was, I'll share my name with you." It said through bared fangs. "I am called Draco."

Danny raised an eyebrow. "Like the constellation?" he couldn't help but ask curiously, having kept his interest in space intact even after death.

The dragon chuckled, even though he was still clearly irritated. "Yes. Many millennia ago, when all of the Ancients created the worlds, the human's named many of their constellations after us. The Constellation 'Draco', was named in my Honor, like the rest of my comrades. "

Danny blinked slowly. "Wow…dude, you're older than dirt. Mind if I call you old man instead?" the teen jabbed, smirking.

The dragon, Draco, snarled before stretching out his wings slowly. "You are a very insubordinate creature. One I am starting to grow very tired of." The huge wings were now fully spread, and Danny had to admit, they were impressive. The wing span was perhaps the length of two- maybe three- football fields. "And a fly must be swat before it turns more infuriating. As much fun as it was exchanging pleasantries with you, Time Apprentice, it is time we parted ways." He then gave a mighty flap, and leap into the air, maw opened wide as he charged at the teen. "I'll end this quickly!"

Danny waved as he turned away. "Catch me if you can, OLD MAN!" then the apprentice took off as high and fast as he could, hearing the roar of Draco from below as he gave chase. The plan is now in motion. He thought. I hope the others are doing okay.


Once the countdown had finished, Vlad and his other two team mates were off like a rocket towards their own target. And if someone had told Vlad a week ago that he would be working alongside of the two people he knew hated his guts almost as much as he hated theirs, he would have shipped them off to the nearest loony bin he could locate with the tightest security available.

But yet, here he was, with both, Valerie Grey, the young girl he had deceived two years ago into doing his dirty work till she had figured out just who he was and what he had been doing, along with Danielle, the clone that he had attempted to destroy-twice!

"Hey, Vlad? That's our target right there, right?" Dani asked, flying right up alongside of him, easily within arm's reach, as if their past had never happened.

Vlad looked at where the teen was pointing, and noticed that they were indeed upon their chosen Ancient. "Yes, it is." He then turned to Valarie, who was keeping her distance from the man, flying on her hover board a good dozen yards away. "Alright Valerie! Circle to its other side and we'll surround it! Then attack. Grab its attention!" he called over the rushing wind.

Valerie's covered head turned slightly towards him, giving the slightest nod before using a foot to tap another gear on her board, moving into high gear and making a wide circle around their Ancient.

Vlad studied the creature before them and noticed that it had the form of a black bird —from the way it's beak was shaped— a Raven or a Crow was its primary form. Vlad studied it in more detail noticing that the feathers were slightly formed out of shadowy energy, but that glossy feathers appeared every now and then when the wisp of the shadows moved.

They must still be trying to fully recover their true forms. Vlad thought. In that prison they were mostly composed of their own energy, unable to take a true form being in such a confining space. Any creature that large would have had no other choice.

The elder halfa took in the size of the bird, and it must have stood at least a football field length high. The talons on its feet were easily longer than him. He made a mental note to stay away from those.

Beady red eyes locked on him instantly and he could see the makeshift feathers ruffle and the eyes squint in amusement.

"Ah, the Halfa had decided to pay me a visit, eh?" Its raspy voice cawed. "Foolish. But I shall give you points for bravery."

So it hadn't noticed my other companions. Vlad thought as he slowed to a stop, still a good distance away. Either that or he doesn't care about them. The man thought warily. "True, but I am more than confident that this will bring about your demise, not mine."

The creature chuckled, and fully turned to face the man. Even though the bird was grounded, it still towered over Vlad like an ominous cloud. "A little overconfident, eh? What was your name again, Halfa? My leader told it to me once, but I tend to forget things that are insignificant."

Vlad gave the Ancient a false polite smile. "Vlad Plasmius. And yours?"

The bird hummed shortly before answering. "Corvus – The Raven Ancient."

Vlad smirked. "Pleasure. Now that the pleasantries have been completed, let's get down to business. My allies and I are on a very tight schedule."

The raven, Corvus, gave a small pause and tilted its head away slightly, scanning around. But it gave a loud squawk when a bright green and red blast slammed into its back simultaneously. It opened its wings slightly to keep its balance as it wheeled around and glared at the human and ghost girl that had appeared behind him.

"I thought I had sensed another presence or two arrive with you, but when I didn't spot them by your side, I had thought my skills had gotten a bit rusty over the years. Seems like I was wrong." He seemed to smile. "Now things will be interesting. I do need to stretch my wings properly." he turned back to Vlad, opening its wings wider, nearly blocking out the sun. "What'da say, Vlad Plasmius? Wanna be my warm up exercise?" it cackled. "You and your friends might be just what I need."

Vlad smirked. "Do you even need to ask?" he then put both of his gloved hands together and fire a high powered pink plasma blast at the Ancient before shooting higher into the sky, luring it in.

Valarie fired another red blast at the bird's head after he shook off Vlad's blast, a Green blast from Dani following right behind that one, before they shot after Vlad in a 'V' formation.

Vlad smirked when he heard the woosh of wings being pumped behind him as the Ancient gave chase.

Our part of the mission is now in motion. He then frowned with worry. I hope you know what you're doing, Daniel.


Sam was crouched on Frostbites shoulder when they launched towards their target. Sam had caught a good peek at it from the cliff side and could tell her Ancient was in the form of a HUGE black feline that towered over the forest as it pounced through the tree's a mile away from their location, destroying them and kicking up a lot of dust and dirt. She was slightly amused by the playful behavior that the creature was showing, but figured that after being trapped in a small prison that he —or she— had been in, it was probably trying to enjoy its newfound freedom.

But not for much longer. She thought smugly. She glanced at the other ghosts around them. Amorpho was flying a few yards away in the shape of a Golden Eagle with glowing red eyes. Youngblood was lagging behind slightly for not being as fast as the other ghost in the group. But Frostbite's soldiers —five of them— were spanned out around them on their ice sleds, three of them carrying the rest of the Fenton's, much like what Frostbite was using.

"Alright!" She called out over the wind, loud enough for everyone to hear her. "When I give the command, I want you to fire your strongest blast at it! You know the plan. Get its attention and then lead it to the given location!"

Everyone nodded and focused back on the feline, bounding through the forest ahead, it's back to them.

Once they were close enough to land a good hit without being spotted, she threw her hand forward, a wrist ray pointed at its exposed back. Everyone mimicked her as she waited just a few more seconds before giving a shout. "NOW!"

All at once, different colored energy beams shot off, knocking into the cat like creature, making it stumble from shock. It whipped around fast as lightning, fangs bared and a rumbling growl. "You dare interrupt my freedom!" it called, the voice sounding feminine, so Sam decided to dub it as a 'her'.

Sam tapped Frostbite shoulder to signal him to slow down by a tree. She jumped off him and onto one of the thick branches, the humans of her group doing the same, even though Mr. Fenton had to cling to the tree as it bowed under his weight. "That's Right!" Sam yelled, wrist Ray still aimed at its face. "We're here to stop you!" She announced with a scowl, trying to taunt it into wanting to give chase. Maddie and Jazz each raised a Fenton bazooka onto their shoulders, while Jack still struggled to keep the tree from breaking under him.

The creature scowled with narrowed eyes at the human girl on the tree branch, tail lashing with agitation. "A human? Not even a snack." She then glanced at the other ghosts that were now spread out around her. "But there are a good handful of you." She raised an eyebrow in mild shock. "Humans AND ghosts…working together. That is a surprise." She then gave a purr. "But still not enough to stop me. Tell me, how do you plan on interrupting my fun?"

Frostbite spoke up this time. "The Great One trusted us to do our part to get rid of you! We shall do so, Foul Ancient!" the snow yeti leader said.

The cat purred louder with amusement. "I don't think so. I wanna play. So I guess I'll break you, new toys first, then move on to find more!" she gave off a small chuckle before crouching and giving a mighty leap. Sam jumped her way down the tree as the ghosts of her group open fired upon them. She hit the ground and looked around her to see Jazz sliding down the trunk like she was scared to let go while Maddie landed gracefully on her feet.

"You all good?" Sam asked quickly.

Mrs. Fenton nodded seriously. "Were fine, dear….Where's Jack?"

That question was then punctuated with a loud crack above and a girlish scream as the large man came crashing through the branch's landing with a 'thump' on the ground. "I'm good!" he wheezed, pushing himself up.

Jazz sighed and rolled her eyes as he pulled out a Fenton hover scooter from her back, and kick started it. "Come on. Frostbite and the others can't hold it off forever."

Sam nodded in agreement and pulled hers off her back, detaching the sling that had been hung there, watching Maddie take hers and helping Jack with his quickly. It took a few extra seconds, but once everyone was set, Sam revved her up and shot off through the maze of trees, hearing her friend's family following behind her.

When they broke through a clearing, Sam let out a loud piercing whistle that got the rest of the teams attention, signaling they were clear and could now start the luring process.

Like a kitten to a lazer pointer, the feline faithfully chased after them, it's furry, shadowy face was filled with glee at the new 'game' it was playing.

Sam thought that everything was going to go according to plan, but when she heard shout of "SAM! LOOK OUT!" from a panicked Jazz, Sam gasped and looked up to see that a large shadow had passed overhead and saw that the Ancient had leap over them and slammed into the ground, causing what felt like a massive earthquake to rattle the surrounding area.

Sam let out a gasp as the feline bared her fangs as the humans. "Now, even if running away like this might be fun for me, it would be more fun if you were to fight me like you said you would. Who is the leader of this group?" she asked curiously.

Sam glared up at her. "I am!"

The Ancient zeroed in on her. "And what's your name, little human? I would at least like to know who was leading this pitiful assault against me."

Sam paused, debating whether she should offer her name before responding. "I'll share mine if you share yours. It's only polite." The teen scowled, trying to bide some time to come up with a new plan.

The creature pulled her lips back in a wicked smile as she looked down at the humans, well aware of the ghosts that were now surrounding her in a battle formation. "Very well, I'll play by your game…for now. I am Felis. The Feline Ancient."

"And I am Sam Manson, the one that's going to lead you to your destruction!" the gothic teen yelled, before firing off another blast from her wrist ray.

Felis smirked with a purr and reached with a front forepaw and batted the blast away like a ball of yarn. "Cocky for a little human. Enough talk, let's play!" She then whipped around in a circle, using her tail to smack all the ghosts that were in the air away like flies. Then the feline turned back and leaped straight for Sam and her companions on the ground.

Sam quickly revved her engine and shot off, Jazz, Maddie, and Jack all doing the same to escape. They quickly proceeded into trying to lead Felis to Ground Zero, while trying to avoid taking too much damage.


"Target is dead ahead. Prepare to open fire on command." The mechanical ghostly hunter ordered to his comrades. The humans of his group were down on the ground, managing to keep pace with the ghost that were above them as they weaved through the trees on their own Fenton hover scooters. He had to hand it to the Fenton's: they knew how to make quick and effective equipment. They managed to make a dozen or so of those Hover scooters in one night with the help from some of the tech geeks from the former halfa's school.

After checking to make sure everyone was in position, he activated the missile launcher in his shoulders and took aim. They grew closer and could see a black sleek- scaly neck rise up out of the trees and into the air above.

"Fire!" he shouted, launching the rockets. The humans that were on the ground, took ecto-grenades the Fentons supplied them with and- using their football skills- threw them as far and hard at the ancient as they could. The explosives were followed quickly by muliti-colored plasma blasts, both from above and below. He had to admit, he thought the humans would hinder his hunting, but when he saw just how good those shots were, he was pleased to have them on his team.

The blasts all connected onto the side of the sleek head. The ancient let out a hiss and whipped around, flicking a forked tongue as red reptilian eyes narrowed down on them. "Who are you?" it wheezed out, its lean body curling around in a defensive circle. The snake-like spirit of old drew its huge head back and looked ready to strike.

Skulker stopped and signaled his companions to do the same. "I am Skulker. The Ghost Zone's greatest hunter!" he then gave a wide toothy grin. "And you are my newest prey."

The snake huffed, puffing out air as its tongue flickered. "I am not ' prey'. I am Serpens. You are prey. I have not eaten in a long time. I think you all will hold me over till I can find something better." He muttered as it opened its mouth with a hiss, showing off massive fangs that were easily longer than Skulker was tall. When it moved to lung with his mouth still open wide, Skulker launched a few rockets at it, dodging out of the way. When the missiles exploded, Serpens hissed in pain and anger, curled tighter around itself before narrowing its eyes on the team leader.

Skulker gave it a smug grin and crossed his arms. "If that was all the Great feared Ancient could be bear, I'm disappointed. I was hoping for more of a fight."

Serpens, reared back in outrage, mouth still smoking slightly and it flicked its forked black tongue. "Such disrespect from a lowly creature. You are what? A level 1 ghost on the scale of power?" he mocked back.

Skulkers eyebrow twitched. "I am a level 5. Box Ghost is the only ghost that is level 1 that I know of. And maybe a few mindless spirits that dwell within the Ghost Zone."

The snake's mouth curled as he chuckle. "Is that so? Well, a level 5 is still way too low on the scale to make even a mark on me."

Skulker grinned. "Mind if I take that challenge? I think my girlfriend would love to have a snake skin purse, maybe even a jacket to go with it." The hunter said, pulled a blade out of his wrist.

Ember strummed a few cords on her guitar with a pick a few yards away with a smile. "That sounds nice. I could wear them for my next concert!"

Serpens, flicked his tongue with a thoughtful humming hiss as he regarded the ghost and humans around him. "There are quite a few of you…Very well, let's start this hunt, shall we?" It then coiled its body to strike and hissed loudly.

Skulker grinned and pointed at the ancient with the blade on his wrist. "Fire!" and with the command, ghosts and humans shot at the serpent with different colored energy rays and ecto-grenades. He then charged and zipped past the ancients head, noticing those bright red eyes follow him. Soon enough, much to Skulker's pleasure, everyone was successfully guiding the dark snake towards the trap that the ghost child had planted.


The blue dressed Princess looked over a rocky cliff towards her own designated target with slitted eyes, trying to ignore the two females by her side.

"Why are we way up here? And how are we going to get to that…that thing way out there?" the blonde asked. Star, she believed her name to be. Dora turned to look at the girls. "We are going to fly." And with that, the princess reached up with a hand to touch the amulet around her neck and allowed her body to transform. Soon enough, a big sky blue dragon sat in her place and looked down at the girls. "You two are the only humans on this group, and…Danny's family didn't have enough scooters for you, so you will be riding on my back."

Star and Paulina exchanged nervous looks before looking back at Dora. "We will?" they asked together.

Dora nodded and lowered her neck down to their level. "Yes. And you won't fall of, so long as you hold on properly. And if you do, I will catch you. Climb on. Danny is about to give the sign any second now."

The two teens then scrambled to climb onto the dragons back, directly in front of the wing joints, just behind the neck. Star sat in front and Paulina behind, clinging onto each other tightly. Dora straightened and shuffled her shoulders slightly to check and make sure the teens were on securely. Satisfied that they won't be sliding off, she turned back to the creature before them. Dora's knights and guards, along with the Fright Knight all stood around her. Dressed and looking prepared for battle like in the medieval ages. Dora narrowed her eyes and puffed smoke out of her nose as she waited.

"NOW!" She yelled and spread her wings and leaped over the edge of the cliff and her guards and knights followed. She heard the Fright Knight kick his bat-winged stallion, Nightmare, into the air as well, and flew alongside her.

The teens both gave a scream of fright at the launch but quieted quickly as the wind sucked away their screams. Dora flapped hard and looked at them out of the corner of her eyes. "Be ready to fire!" she commanded.

Star and Paulina fiddled with their wrist rays that the Fenton's had given them, and powered them on, charging them up with a low whine. Satisfied, Dora looked ahead once more and then turned to the Fright Knight. "I want you to take your group and flank it on the north eastern side." She commanded.

Fright Knight, knowing that the Princess outranked him, nodded and tugged the reins and banked away, his group following behind him.

Dora then glided, giving Fright Knight's team time to get into position before they took off again. As the group got closer, Star and Paulina started to tremble harder in fear at the monster before them. No girl should ever have to face something like this, not without a big strong man or a really large shoe.

Eight long spindly legs and eight glowing red eyes. Every girly girl's worst nightmare.

A Spider.

Dora growled and commanded. "Steady now….ready….FIRE!" She roared and opened her maw to shot large streams of green fire at the target, while the teens took wild shots at the beast, not one actually hitting it. A few green and red blasts came from Dora's team and some hit while others barely missed. The spider stumbled and reached out with its long front legs to try and smack them all aside, only to then be hit from the side as Fright Knights group rejoined from the North East.

"What is this? Rebels?" The spider warbled, voice a little weak sounding but feminine.

Dora pulled to a halt and pumped her wings to hover. "We are here to stop you! Sir Danny Phantom and Master Clockwork told us we needed to stop you, so we shall!"

Fright Knight pulled in his Stallion to hover as well. The horse snickered and snorted at the spider. "Nightmare does not like you, and any Knight should listen to his or her horse if they give any warnings." He proclaimed, drawing his sword, the Soul Shredder from its sheath, to point at the spider. "We shall fight you, and bring you down!"

The spider tilted its head. "Hmm? Really? Well, a small batch of rebels are still no match for me." She then turned to look at Dora. "And a Princess as a rebel too. That's not something you see every day."

Dora growled and drew her head high, careful not to dislodge the teens on her back. "We are no rebels. You are a threat, so we will fight to defend our worlds."

"Y-yeah! What she s-said!" Star yelled out with a shaky voice.

The Spider chuckled, snapped her fangs together. "So pathetic. I am Aranea, The spider Ancient. And you are?"

Dora huffled. "I am Princess Dora of the Kingdom of Aragon."

"Fright Knight, former right hand knight to King Pariah."

Dora nodded to the teens on her back. "And these two humans are Star and Paulina. The rest are my knights and guards."

Aranea nodded her head slowly and shuffled her front legs. "Now that introductions are complete, let me spin you into my web!" she moved to leap at them but, on pure reflex, Star screamed and hit the fire button on her wrist ray and shot it right in one of its eight eyes.

The spider screamed in pain and brought one of its legs to its face, as the eyes smoked.

Paulina gasped and hugged Star tightly. "You hit it Star! You hit it!"

Star swallowed before grinning. "Yeah...guess I did."

Paulina, turned to the spider Ancient and stuck her tongue out. "You stupid ugly spider! You got hit by my best friend! Take that!"

Aranea opened her dripping fangs and hissed at the humans with her remaining seven eyes glittering with hate and anger. "I'll make you pay for that!"

"Move!" Dora ordered as everyone split and moved to start the luring process. Dora climbed higher and turned to grin at the girls. "That was either out of pure bravery, or stupidity, but good job. We found a weakness and pissed it off enough so it would follow us without problems." Dora commented.

Star and Paulina shared a smile and looked back at Dora again. "Well, let's piss it off some more. Those seven eyes of hers are just soooo, not glammin'." Paulina said with an uptilt of her nose. Fear now forgotten and replaced with pride.

Dora grinned and nodded. "Then you better hold on tight!" she said, then tucked in her wings and dived straight towards the Ancient with a roar.


"'Geek' to 'Gear', everything is in motion."

Danny reached up with a hand and touched the ear piece, swerving to one side to avoid a jet of purple fire. "Roger that." Danny said and turned to fire a blast at Draco's face, making him snarl. "And…thanks Tuck…for everything." He said softly into the mic as he glanced at the staff he was holding with the sphere at the top. "You and Sam are the best friends anyone could ask for."

The line was silent for a moment before he got a response back. "No problem dude, but why are you-"

"Don't worry about it. Just make sure everything stays as planned…bye." He said and moved to disconnect his Fenton Phone.

"Dude- what are you-! *Click*"

Danny took the piece out of his ear and put it in one of his pockets. "Sorry guys…I'll contact you for the final stage." he murmured sadly and turned to glare at Draco who was now up to level with him, high in the clouds. "Ready to finish this, Draco?" Danny yelled.

Draco roared, and bared his fangs. "Says the little ghost who is doing nothing but running away!"

Danny shrugged. "Just wanted to get a little higher. The view's nice, don't ya think?" he smirked and nodded to the ground a few miles below him.

Draco roared again and shot another burst of fire at Danny and charged him.

Danny turned and charged as well, dual colored eyes ablaze with determination.

End chapter 30

Hey everyone, hoped it was good, and don't worry, the next chapter will contain the biggest fight. The showdown between Danny and Draco.

And yes, I named each Ancient after a constellation in the sky. The only one that is no longer a constellation, is Aranea and Felis, the 'Long legged Spider' and 'Cat' constellation were removed from the charts.