Our Happy Familes.

Chapter 1-And so the story begins.

Disclaimer-I DO NOT own Vampire Academy. (Re-reading Frostbite, too! xD)

Basically, Rose, Dimitri, Lissa and Christian are freinds and are still Moroi, Dhampir etc. They're also all 16. Adrian is 18, Abe is well...Abe's age and Janine is, her own age. Enjoy and R&R! (BTW, PoP=Pic on Profile)

Rose POV

I yawned as I woke up, looking over my room as I always did when I woke up. The black, white and red scenery in the room placed a small smile on my face. (Pic on Profile.)

"Ah. 'Bout time you woke up." I turned to see my Abbi Addie, or my big brother Adrian, in the doorframe of the room. "You shouldn't have been yacking with Lissa so much, last night." He rolled his eyed and grinned.

"You shut up." I smiled and threw my pillow at him, his face with mock hurt as it hit his face. I flung my head up and giggled wildly. I glanced at the clock and gasped, jumping up. It was 7:30, and only 30 minutes to get ready to get through TWO different cities. "Shi-oot!" I yelled, running into my bathroom and turning the shower on.

"What's wrong, Rosie?" Addie said, raising his brow as he put the pillow back and stopped me from running into my closet, grabbing my hand.

"I have to meet Dimitri, and the ride's like, 20 minutes! Ugh!" I slipped away and ran into my walk-in closet, grabbing one of my Anne's old 'surf' shirts, my black jean shorts and a pair of my Kardeşi's (Brother's) combat boots. "Addie, can you get the bangles, earrings, and my hairband I sat on the Armoir, on the counter in the bathroom? Also my clothes I just picked out?" (Outfit on Profile)

"Sure my küçük kardeş (Little sister). Is that all?" He nodded and began grabbing the items walking into the bathroom.

"No, that's about it. Addie, en iyi konum! (You're the best, Addie!)" I skipped into the bathroom, closing the door with a grin after pushing him out and grabbing a pair of panties and a bra. I sighed with relief as I stepped under the warm water.

I came out of the bathroom, fully dressed by freaked out. Adrien was fiddling with something but I didn't care "ADDIE! ADDIE! WHERE ARE MY EAR-!" I was interrupted by Addie, getting up and inserting my button candy earrings in my ears. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and smiled.

"Right here, Abla." He said. I grinned aswell and pulled him into a hug. I grabbed my things that I had prepared and pulled him out of my room, closing the door, murmuring "Seni seviyorum, Adrian." I felt him smile as he replyed "Seni seviyorum, Rosie."

I grinned and opened the door, calling to Anne and Baba that I was leaving. "I'm leaving Baba! Anne!" I waited for their reply "Okay, Kizim!" THey both replyed "Be safe!" I laughed as I yelled back "With Dimka? Oh yah!" I ran out, locking the door and called to the guard by the house (PoP) "Hello, Ronnie!" I smiled as he sent the car around.(PoP) "Hi, Lady Hathaway." He kept his Guardian mask on and I knew I put a smile on his face. I climbed in the car and mouthed a Thank You, driving off.


I looked at my watch for the fifth time. It was 8:05. I was starting to think Rose was avoiding me for some odd reason. I stood up and heard a satisfied- and familiar- battle cry and someone leaping onto my back, making me topple forward onto the beach sand. I heard Rose's laugh and laughed along with her, sitting up and turning around, smiling. "Hi, Milaya." I greeted her, kissing the tip of her nose and making her giggle.

"Hi, hon." She smiled, pecking a kiss on my cheek. "What's up?" I asked, wondering what took her a while.

"Addie didn't wake me up, after I told him to." She stuck her tongue out, chewing on a piece of Dentyne. "You?" She asked, nuzzling my neck.

"Nothing really. Christian called me and told me he and Lissa were coming with us to the Pier." I rubbed her leg a bit, as the shade of the palm tree putting us in a little solitary confinement.

"I-" Rose was interrupted by Lissa's familiar scream filling the beach. She was yelling Christian's name. Something was wrong, and Rose was already a couple of feet in front of me too. She ran over to Lissa, wondering what was wrong.

"Liss! What's wrong!" She yelled. "It's Christian! He's been hit by some other car!" Lissa yelled, running over to where Chris's red Sedan (PoP) was spinning out of control, the driver's side smashed to badly for Christian to be walking anytime soon. The car hit a lightpole, in sync with Christian yelling "OW!"

OMG! Someone broke a leg! Hope you don't mind my having Janine and all in the story. It's my first Vampire Academy fan fic, so, yeah! Read and Review. I'll try to update tomorrow, after my Halloween Parteh!

-Kisses, Roza!