Series: Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
Disclaimer: Amano Akira
Pairing: D18
Timeline: Somewhere before/in the TYL Arc
Warning: Possible confusion of idea

By Your Side

Dino widened his eyes in disbelief when he heard what Hibari just said. He searched into those black eyes, but there was no dishonesty. What Hibari told him was the truth, but he still couldn't believe it at all.

Hibari would be gone for an undecided time.

He would enter a machine that would turn him into billions pieces of atoms and kept him in there, so his past self could come to the future but his future self wouldn't interfere with the past. It was an unimaginable situation, either for Dino or Hibari himself.

"It can be a few weeks, or even a few months. If things don't go smoothly, it can take up to a few years. If the worst happens, it can be forever," added Hibari, still with the same serious expression. He didn't lie. He didn't try to make fun of the Italian man. He was just informing him about the truth.

Dino's expression changed. He looked rather depressed then. He caressed Hibari's cheek as he stared deeply into his black eyes. It pained him to think that soon he wouldn't be able to see the eyes of the one he held dear. It was like a part of him was also taken away.

"If things don't go smoothly, I'll be an ugly old man and you'll still be a beautiful young man," said Dino as he smiled, half-joking. He didn't want to grow old without Hibari. Hibari also didn't want Dino to be too old when he came back. Seven years difference was enough to cause him inconvenience here and there. He didn't want the gap to be even wider.

"And if the worst happens, I'll disappear without a trace," said Hibari as he grinned at the older man, teasing him a little. Dino frowned when he heard that, unable to imagine his life without Hibari. After 10 years together, living without the younger man's presence would literally kill him. It was also unimaginable for Hibari, to be gone without a trace, without knowing what would become of him.

"I want to stay by your side," whispered Dino, as he took Hibari's hand and kissed his fingers gently. He clasped his hands on Hibari's, unwilling to let him go. But Hibari pulled away his hand, breaking the older man's heart into pieces. But as he did that, he also broke his own heart. He didn't want to, but he had to.

"The past 'me' will come to this era. I need someone to teach 'me' how I fight now. I need someone who knows 'me' and me the best," said Hibari flatly. He stared deeply into the pair of hazel eyes, seeking for an answer. He was very determined that Dino had no heart to reject his request.

"Why do you always make it harder for us?" asked Dino. Hibari grinned at him. His eyes glimmered in somehow sadistic yet beautiful way. Those eyes were like a hunter's eye, which was toying around with his prey. It was very fierce, but it was very graceful.

"Because there's no fun in safe and steady relationship," he replied lightly, like it was just another joke. Dino could only smiled weakly when he heard that. He had given up since long ago. No matter how hard he tried to make everything run smoothly, the Tenth Vongola's Guardian of Cloud would always destroy that peace.

"You really are a sadist, Kyouya," sighed Dino. Hibari grinned again at the older man. His expression was full of victory and satisfaction.

"And you really are a masochist, Bucking Horse," he replied.