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Last Time

"Harry is mines! And I will prove it to you!" Ginny shrieked loud enough for it to echo around the entrance hall, though it was the furious growls that reverberated around them all that made the crowd wince, along with the suddenly boiling temperatures as Lucius tugged Harry behind him protectively, Charlie quickly at his his side with Draco behind him.

"Ms Weasley did I just hear you threaten to steal a veela's mate? My my my, now I believe just saying those words you run the risk of imprisonment, if you show any intention of actually following through with them Lucius has every right to seriously maim you, and should you attempt it, its life imprisonment. Not that I believe anything your stalkerish, obsessive mind could come up with could actually get through Mr Potter's thick skull, or his devotion to Professor Malfoy. However for the insinuation you will be serving two months detention when you return to Hogwarts, and I will be reporting this matter to the correct authorities, including the veela council, Ms Granger for your persistent and repetitive support of Ms Weasley even when all the indications were clear that Mr Potter was Professor Malfoy's mate and quite happy with the fact you will be serving a months detention and have your prefects badge stripped if I have anything to do with the matter. Now the carriage have arrived so I suggest all of you move!" Severus's silky drawl had everyone hanging off his words before jumping at his command.

"Nice one Professor!" Seamus shouted giving Severus the thumbs up as he, Dean, Pansy and Blaise made their way out with the crowd, the others nodding in agreement.

"You know, not that I haven't appreciated the power of your rants and tellings off before when they are aimed at us, because trust me, I have! But when its directed at someone else you can really appreciate how much piss your pants scary you are without ever raising your voice," Ron said thoughtfully once he joined them in the middle of the nearly empty hall, Hermione and Ginny staggering out looking completely at a loss.

Harry waited until the last student had left the hall before he dodged out from around Lucius and wrapped his arms tightly around Severus's middle hugging the stunned man tightly.

"Thank you," Harry murmured.

"Erm, yes, well, erm," Severus stammered as he settled his arms around Harry in an unsure hug back.

"Wow, uncle Sev stunned to silence, who would have thought it!" Draco laughed.

"I'll be taking my mate back Severus," Lucius cleared his throat tugging Harry against him before he smiled warmly at his friend. "Thank you,"

"You're welcome," Severus said uncomfortably making Harry take pity on him.

"Our portkey will be about ready to take off, everyone get ready," He instructed.

"Yes sir," Charlie saluted playfully as they formed a circle, Lucius finding the simple glass phoenix statue Albus had given them. Everyone place a finger on it and waited the few minutes before the jerk behind their naval appeared and they were whisked off to Malfoy manor and Yule with their newly extended family.

Chapter twelve

Harry gasped as Lucius's lips moved down his throat, licking and nipping tenderly at the sensitive flesh, his lips burning a trail down Harry's pale skin. The younger man arched into his blonde lover when teeth dug lightly into the skin over his collar bone, sucking the skin into his mouth and suckling the flesh, raising the blood and forming a love bite.

Hands, warm, large, strong hands stroked up his legs from his ankle to his thigh, gently urging Harry to straighten his leg out from where it was bent and clinging to Lucius's hips. Harry groaned arching further into Lucius as his lover pressed his thumb into the crease between Harry's thigh and groin as he brushed his nose along Harry's neck before nipping along his jaw.

He wrapped his arms around Lucius, his fingers digging into the bare skin of Lucius's back with his fingers as he groaned embarrassingly loudly when Lucius's teeth sunk a little deeper and sharper into Harry's neck as his firm body pressed down against his own, pushing him between the mattress and the delicious warm friction that his mate's body provided.

"Harry," Lucius whispered almost pained before he joined their lips together.

Harry smiled into the kiss, pressing back as he wrapped his arms around Lucius's neck, his blonde's arms wrapping gently around his waist and tugged him.

"Harry I know that we are being accepting of this but can you please not stop now before Sirius passes out," Remus's much too amused voice broke them apart and Harry blinked at the sight of his dogfathers, Remus smirking while Sirius looked as though he was going to either pass out, curse Lucius or drag Harry away.

"Sorry Siri,"

"Stop sounding so amused Pup," Sirius rolled his eyes, but when he looked back up at them Harry was glad to only be able to see a little of the anger and dislike when he looked at him and Lucius.

"Are your rooms acceptable?" Lucius asked politely, sliding to stand behind Harry, though he kept his arm around Harry's waist.

"They are lovely, thank you Lucius, they are perfect really," Remus smiled politely.

"Harry told me the type of things you liked, I just had the rooms matched to what he told me," Lucius shook his head.

"Wait, you had the room decorated for us specifically?!" Sirius choked even as Harry blinked at Lucius confused as well.

"Well, Harry has mentioned that he will be happy coming to live here once we are mated, you will need to have somewhere of your own for when you stay with us," Lucius said as though it was obvious. Harry hid his smile against Lucius's shoulder as he pushed his happiness through their connection to his mate.

"Stay…you want us here more than holidays?" Remus asked shocked.

"Of course, you are Harry's family, you are welcome here whenever you like, for however long you like. It is not like we will be tripping over each other," Lucius said amused making Harry snort.

He and Lucius had an entire floor to themselves, their rooms consisting of a massive bedroom, a living room, a bathroom that was about the size of the prefects bathroom and a wrap around balcony that ran outside most of their rooms. Lucius had a study at the end of their rooms, and he had the shell of one set up for Harry to style how he wanted with what he wanted.

Draco and Charlie were on the floor above them, their own rooms allowing them some privacy while still being in the manor, which was how it would stay hopefully, Charlie and Draco both seemed more than happy with the idea of staying in the manor, which made Harry's anxious and over protective side more than happy. On the floor below them Lucius had had rooms set up for everyone else. Sirius and Remus, Ron, Fred, George, Percy, Bill and Fleur, Blaise, Arthur and Severus.

Lucius had led Harry around the manor when they had arrived, Draco doing the same with Charlie, leaving Severus to show everyone else around. Both the Veela were eager to show their home to their mates, though on Lucius's side it was another step closer to the mating if Harry approved of the manor. The preening look at the expression of awe on Harry's face would amuse Harry for years whenever he would look back on it. He had absolutely loved the gardens of the manor, they were simply breath taking, and he reckoned even managed to beat Hogwarts grounds – not that he would ever admit that to Albus.

He was shocked by how warm the manor was. He knew Lucius and Draco, he knew that they weren't the image that they presented, he knew that the cold exterior wasn't who they really were. And he had seen Lucius's rooms, he knew the style he preferred. But for some reason he hadn't been able to get the image of a cold, stark, imposing manor out of his mind.

While the manor was definitely grand and impressive, it was also warm and a home. Lucius had decided to have a certain few rooms used frequently, and these were personal and lived in, they held items that made the place feel like home, even if the rooms were about the size of the Dursley's entire downstairs and then some. At least they wouldn't be crushed for space with the sheer number of them that were going to be staying there over the holidays.

"Thank you Lucius," Remus responded, looking a little stunned, but less so than Sirius who was once again looking at Lucius assessingly.

"To be honest it is nice to have so many people here, this place feels more alive than it has done in a long time," Lucius smiled, the voices of some of the Weasleys, Draco and Blaise coming from the dining room to their left where Harry and Lucius had been headed before Lucius snagged Harry for one last kiss before they faced the hoard.

"The Black House, even when it was full of people didn't have any warmth or life to it most of the time," Sirius said, making Remus and Harry look at him a little shocked. Sirius very rarely spoke about actually growing up in the Black house. He spoke about how much his mother and father disliked him, he spoke a little about his strained relationship with Regulas, he spoke about being disowned. But he never spoke about actually growing up with the situation.

"My Grandfather and Father would hold balls and parties here, the manor would have people filling the ball room, but it may as well have been empty," Lucius nodded in understanding. At that moment Harry's stomach decided to grumble making him smile sheepishly at the three men when they turned to him amused.

"Come on, lets get some breakfast before the Weasleys demolish it all, those boys have appetites like nothing I have ever seen, Percy is a bean pole and can still pack away more than me," Sirius said a little gruffly clearly unsure what to do with himself after a willing bonding moment with Lucius.

"Hey we heard that!" Arthur shouted indignantly from inside the room. Remus and Harry glanced at each other as they followed their partners inside the dinning room, both their expression showing shock and happiness that Sirius seemed to be honestly willing to try and try hard to get along with and understand Lucius, at least a little.

Harry leant down to lick a path over the faintly trembling muscles of Lucius's chest, tracing the tip of his tongue over Lucius's nipple and smiling happily when he received a loud groan and his mate arching up into his mouth. The feel of Lucius's powerful body underneath his own, those muscles that his robes did no justice at all, the feel of his own thighs straddling over Lucius's hips, his fingers stroking over Lucius's flat stomach, all of it was heady and drugging, the magic that was starting to swirl around them, the increasing presence in the room only increasing the moment between them.

Whenever Harry got to see Lucius like this, his strong and powerful body naked and laid out he found it so hard to believe that this was all for him, all his and always would be. Especially after tonight. Lucius was a burning hot presence, against his body, in his mind and in his heart their bond was humming and dancing with the anticipation and longing. Harry had been nervous for most of the day, knowing that he was going to be telling Lucius that he wanted this. But now that he was here, now that they were here, all he could feel was want and need.

Lucius's hands weren't still and they weren't idle, they were stroking over his thighs and bum, his fingers tickling over the skin there before they swept up his back, the soothing stroke, the sweep of his fingers along Harry's back, the gentle pressure urging Harry on, encouraging him to carry on with his ministrations. Harry swept his fingers down Lucius's sides, following the line of Lucius's collar bone, his tongue lapping out to taste Lucius's skin, to taste the sweat there/ Another nip seemed to be too much for Lucius and he sat up, wrapping his arms around Harry's waist slamming their lips together firmly, devouring Harry and making the younger squirm against him as pleasure hummed higher through him. He slipped his fingers into Lucius's hair and tugged sharply making his mate growl against his lips before kissing him harder, his hand sliding down Harry's arm to grip the wrist of the hand that wasn't in his hair, pulling his arm above his head as he slammed Harry down onto the bed.

Harry laughed as Lucius used the grip around his wrist to tug him back, nipping playfully at Harry's ear, he turned in Lucius's arms leaning up to kiss him before he tugged away with a grin before anyone else could protest. When he turned Draco was grinning and Charlie was looking amused. Everyone else rolled their eyes amused and carried on.

Harry had to laugh again as he took in the tinsel that he had managed to wrap around Lucius's neck. His older mate looked at him with exasperated fondness, making no move Harry was happy to see to remove the tinsel. They were all in the main living room decorating the Christmas tree. Everyone had finally arrived, they were all gathered around decorating the tree together. When Lucius had found out that Harry had never been allowed to decorate anything for Christmas as a family, when he had admitted that the Dursleys had never allowed him to help the, but he had had to watch while they did it together, Lucius had made sure to arrange for them to all do this together.

And he finally had his family together, all of them were here, standing around the ridiculously tall Christmas tree – of course, Lucius couldn't do things by halves – decorating it with a mish mash of different decorations that they had all brought. Arthur had managed to take some of the things from when the Weasley boys were children, some things that he had apparently kept away from his own childhood. Sirius had dug out the ornaments that he, James and Remus had made to decorate the Christmas tree they smuggled into their dorm room every Christmas from when they were thirteen and had refused to leave Remus alone in Hogwarts over the holidays – any mention of Wormtail was avoided – he had also pulled some of the older and more traditional Christmas decorations from the Black family that went back a good few generations. Remus had brought decorations that he had bought and used over the last fourteen odd years. Blaise had been smirking when he had brought in practically two boxes full of decorations, telling them with glee that they were the Zabini family decorations, which he had stripped from the trees in the manor before coming over. Lucius had even dug out some of the older decorations from the Malfoy family, finding some of his mother and father's own personal ones which he had stored carefully away.

"Your father, you never really say much about him, well you never say much about your mother, but even less about your father. Was he her mate?" Harry asked softly as he carefully lifted a glass dove, enchanted with a golden glow from the inside of the beautiful ornament. They were a little away from the others allowing them a little privacy.

"He was, sadly for both their sakes," Lucius said sadly.

"Why?" Harry frowned.

"My Grandfather took blood pureism to a whole different extreme, where even the most proud purebloods see no problem with a Veela mating, the idea that one of his line could turn out submissive, as Draco is, was horrifying to him, and he made their lives living hell. He was the one that made me join the Death Eaters…my mother and father died when I was eighteen, they could protect me from him any more," Lucius was staring absently at box of decorations.

"I'm sorry," Harry touched his hand to Lucius's face, cupping his cheek.

"I'm just glad the bastard was gone before Draco was a toddler," Lucius sighed placing his hand over Harry's.

"He's fine, he's happy and he has a mate who he thinks we don't know he snuck into his bedroom last night," Harry smiled leaning forwards to kiss Lucius. "And our family is here, for all their…interesting characters," He laughed as they parted, looking to the side to see a cursing Percy and a laughing Sirius being levitated to the top of the tree to hang some ornaments.

"I wouldn't want this any other way," Lucius said seriously getting Harry's attention back onto him. Looking into those amazing silver blue eyes Harry smiled leaning forwards so their foreheads were pressed together.

"Me either,"

Harry gasped as Lucius gently pressed his finger into Harry, slowly and carefully ensuring that Harry would feel no pain at all, ignoring the fact that Harry was squirming happily and eagerly, his hips making gentle rocking motions. Lucius pulled their foreheads apart so that he could look over Harry's face, his eyes scanning over his mate's face checking for any sign of pain, but also because he wanted to memorise every expression his mate made during this moment.

He gently moved his fingers inside of Harry before pulling out and pushing two inside the tight heat of his mate/ Harry gasped slightly and bent his knees at the larger intrusion, even though they had done this a couple of times now it still burnt a little, but in a way that Harry enjoyed, especially the day after, the faint lingering burn reminding him of the time he had had with his mate.

"Lucius…please…" Harry gasped arching his back and pressing down onto the deliciously broad fingers of his mate. Lucius hummed in delight at his mate's pleading, leaning down to brush their lips together once and then again before he pulled back and started moving his fingers, thrusting them into Harry and watching as the pleasure rose through his mate.

Harry gasped and couldn't stop his back from arching slightly as Lucius's fingers only took a few thrusts before they found his prostate and started knocking against it with various speeds and pressures. He was aware of the noises spilling from his lips, probably sounds he would be embarrassed to hear himself making in normal circumstances, and no matter the circumstances made him insanely glad that no one could hear them.

"Ok?" Lucius asked a little breathlessly, his own desires rising to the surface and threatening to break the iron clad control that he prided himself on.

"Perfect, more," Harry pleaded a little.

"So impatient my little mate!" Lucius chuckled.

"Of course I'm impatient," Harry laughed before throwing himself down onto the sofa that held Sirius and Remus, grinning as both let out huffs of breath as he managed to land across both of them. Lucius laughed as he sat down on the love seat opposite them, his mate wriggled a little to get comfortable on his dogfather's laps, resting his head on Sirius's knee with a happy groan when the man started running his fingers through Harry's hair, his expression fond and loving as he looked down on his godson.

"That is supposed to be news to us?" Severus drawled from where he was sitting in front of fire, relaxed looking for the first time Harry had met him reading his book. Harry just grinned at him amused by the teasing jab.

"How is Arthur doing?" Lucius asked.

"He and the boys should be finishing up with the Goblins in the next hour," Remus sighed looking at the clock.

"I know she has her faults, but I can't believe…" Harry shook his head frowning.

"This is going to devastate Arthur further, I think he was just about coming to terms with things as they were," Remus frowned even as his hand absently rested itself on Harry's ankle. "To find out that she did this,"

"That woman deserves to rut in muggle hell for what she has done, to Arthur and those boys," Sirius gritted out.

"Do you think they'll be ok?" Harry asked concerned, the look on the Weasleys faces when Bill had come home from work half a day early, pale and stunned looking.

"They're strong, and they are a strong family. They have us, they will be fine," Remus assured him.

"We will help them with anything they need, any way they decide to do this," Lucius said gaining a smile from his mate.

"On Christmas eve as well," Remus shook his head.

"Is there any word from them yet?" Draco's tired and concerned voice came from the doorway making Harry sit up rapidly enough that his dogfather's grunted in discomfort. Draco had locked himself away in his bedroom when the Weasley family had left and Harry had been seriously worried about him since, the only thing stopping him from ignoring Draco's wishes and blasting open his door were the emotions he could feel from Draco letting him know that while his kit was anxious and upset, he was safe and doing fairly ok.

He remembered the emotions and panic that had gone through him the first time Lucius had left Hogwarts, the panic and feeling of being alone. He was on his feet and across the room before the others could blink and just as Lucius was raising himself to his feet. Tugging Draco into a tight hug and rubbing his back gently as he cooed at his kit, relieved to finally have him in his arms, the anxiety of Charlie having left easing a little from both of them. Draco wrapped his arms slowly around Harry before hugging back just as tightly, burying his face in his effective bearer's shoulder and soaking up the comfort that was practically rolling off of Harry.

Lucius stepped up to his mate and Kit, reaching out to stroke his hand over Draco's back, his eyes concerned as he looked at his son, relieved to see that he seemed to be dealing with this fairly well.

"Charlie will need me when he gets back," Draco explained to his Father's unspoken observation.

"Yes he will," Lucius smiled sadly.

"How could that woman do that to her children? How could she steal from her own family, make them have to scrape for money?!" Draco burst out.

"She was more interested in herself, and what she can get out of things than thinking about her children. That's why she is so desperate to come across as the perfect mother and wife, it's not for them, it's for herself," Sirius said softly from where he and Remus were standing by the sofa, Severus at his side.

"What did she spend it on?!" Draco frowned.

"Merlin only knows, it would be interesting to find out," Severus snorted.

"She's….she deserves…I…I don't know!" Draco exploded. Harry pulled him close again for another hug trying to help sooth the anger burning through his kit.

"I know, I know," Harry said. And he really did.

"She took money off of Charlie, she went to him and told him that she and Arthur were struggling but his dad was too proud to ask for help. She took money he was saving for a house!" Lucius had to rest his hand on the nape of Harry's neck as his mate's anger exploded at the information Draco gave them.

"Its going to be ok, they have us now, and we're going to fight for them every inch of this. She's not going to get away with this," Lucius promised.

"Come on, I'm going to make some cookies ready for when they come back, we are not going to let her ruin Yule, not our first family one," Harry took Draco's hand and led him to the kitchen, Lucius following behind concerned.

Lucius gently kissed Harry, running his fingers through his hair as he shifted to position his body against Harry's. Harry moaned shifting against Lucius impatiently, longing to feel his mate inside of him now that they were finally here, at this point, he was more than ready to be bonded to Lucius. There were no doubts in his minds, not a flicker, not a twinge. He wanted this more than anything in his life and he always would.

"Are you sure, there is no go back once this is done," Lucius whispered, the fear in his silver blue letting Harry know that he wasn't completely secure and sure of their relationship as he made out to be. That Harry would seriously work on in their relationship.

"I've never been so sure," Harry said firmly, meeting Lucius's eyes as steadily as he could with the lust and need washing through his body.

"Harry are you…"

"Lucius if you do not start this bonding and have sex with me I will…I will do something incredibly seriously that I will come up with when I have enough blood in my head to actually think something up!" Harry snapped glaring darkly at his mate, only to receive a chuckle back from his blonde mate.

"Ok," Lucius smiled happily, kissing Harry one more time before he shifted, moving to press his heavy erection to Harry's entrance. "I will say the words and then you need to say them back, after the last words of the bonding I'll enter you," Lucius explained.

"Ok," Harry smiled up at his mate, reaching up to cup Lucius's face as he lay there waiting for the words.

"I bind my soul to yours,"

"I bind my soul to yours,"

"I give you my heart,"

"I give you my heart,"

"I offer you my body freely,"

"I offer you my body freely,"

"All that I am,"

"All that I am,"

"I share with you,"

"I share with you,"

"I will follow you through the paths of life,"

"I will follow you through the paths of life,"

"And support you through any hardships,"

"And support you through any hardships,"

"Through the good and the bad,"

"Through the good and the bad,"

"I will always remain faithful to you,"

"I will always remain faithful to you,"

"My other half, my heart, my soul, my mate,"

"My other half, my heart, my soul, my mate," Harry smiled as he felt the swell of their bond, the feel of it practically expanding in his chest. He gasped and arched into Lucius, wrapping his arms tightly around his mate as the slight pain from Lucius pushing into him, the feeling of the snapping of the bond settling permanently and strongly into place, the feeling of being filled with the hard, pulsing length of his mate, his full mate, washed over his body in a heady swelling of exhilaration.

"Oh merlin!" Lucius grunted as he slid all the way into Harry and froze for fear of coming embarrassingly quickly.

"Is that?" Harry gasped trying to catch his breath.

"Our magic," Lucius nodded. "The…the bond is nearly formed, it needs…completion from both of us to seal," Lucius panted, clenching his eyes closed as Harry raked his fingers down his back in pleasure.

"Move, you need to move," Harry partially pleaded, trying to move his own hips.

Lucius let out a small growl before he pulled back and thrust back into Harry in a slow, firm slide, letting Harry feel every bump and inch of his mate's cock inside of him. Harry panted out a groan holding onto Lucius's tighter as the pleasure rocked through him. Lucius repeated the motion, gradually picking up speed as both their need increased.

Harry let out a loud moan when Lucius gripped one of Harry's legs and lifted it up and to the side, hooking his elbow around Harry's knee and allowing him to go even deeper into Harry than before. Harry gasped and slammed his head back into the pillow, groaning out his encouragement to Lucius to carry on.

Lucius smirked and pounded hard into Harry when he let out a particularly loud noise of pleasure when Lucius glanced off of Harry's prostate. Harry was aware of words of encouragement coming from him as Lucius started slamming into Harry at a furious rate. Sweat was slicking both their skin now, their hearts beating in sync as they both rocked closer and closer towards the edge.

The magic was dancing in the air now, wrapped around them tightly, stealing some of the air from the room and flicking and dancing over their skin chaotically. Every now and then Harry would feel the lick and tug of Lucius's magic over his skin, only increasing the pleasure he was feeling. The magic pulsing through their sealing bond got stronger and stronger as well.

"Harry…I'm close," Lucius gritted out, his golden hair sticking to his skin partially, the rest hanging over his shoulder like a curtain.

"Yes…close," Harry nodded frantically, his brain barely functioning as the pleasure and magic mingled together to cloud his brain.

"Now…Oh Merlin," Lucius's breath caught as the swell of magic seemed to explode originating from them and blasting outwards. That and Harry tightening around him as he came between them with a hoarse shout, clinging onto Lucius with everything that he had drove Lucius over the edge. He closed his eyes and grit his teeth as he came deep inside Harry, pushed as far in as he could, marking his mate for the first time, ensuring the tightest seal of their bond as he could.

The two of them clung tightly onto each other, gritting their teeth as the magic that had washed out from them snapped back into them, the bond closing and sealing into place, fully formed, full strength and sealed. Forever.

Harry smiled slightly, fluttering his eyes open and meeting Lucius's where he was lying next to him, his fingers stroking gently up and down Harry's back tenderly, pausing on the base and massaging it to relieve it of the slightly uncomfortable pressure that had formed there after the night before. He shuffled over to where Lucius was lying on his side to press their lips together, the contentment strumming through their bond.

"Morning," Lucius smiled.

"Morning," Harry grinned resting his head on top of Lucius's chest.

"Are you ok?" Lucius asked concerned, keeping up his massage at the base of Harry's back.

"I am perfect. Hmm, what time is it?" Harry murmured nuzzling his nose against Lucius's chest.

"Its after three, you should go back to sleep," Lucius said soothingly.

"You should be asleep as well," Harry smiled.

"I can't…the bond, having it sealed…I'm fine just holding you and watching you sleep," Lucius shook his head.

"That's not creepy at all," Harry laughed before he shifted off Lucius, much to his blonde mate's grumbling. "Hush, I have an early present for you," He said as he dug through his bedside cabinet, biting his lip before he pulled out the wrapped box.

He handed it to Lucius with an anxious look on his face as he sat on his side of the bed and watched as Lucius took the present, sitting fully up himself. He glanced between the present and Harry before he opened the paper wrappings on the present. Inside was a box, which he slowly worked the lid off of. When he saw what was inside his mouth dropped open in shock. Lifting his eyes from the ring sitting in the box to Harry he blinked shocked before smiling widely and happily as he practically pounced on Harry. Pressing him down onto the mattress and scattering kisses over Harry's face.

"I take it that is a yes?" Harry asked wrapping his arms around Lucius's neck.

"That is a definite yes," Lucius snorted as though any other answer was inconceivable. Which it was. He reached into the box and pulled out the Potter bonding ring, the silver and ruby glittering in the faint candle light of the room. Harry stroked his finger over the ruby, taking the ring from Lucius's fingers, he kissed the band before he slipped it onto Lucius's ring finger and then pressed a kiss to the stone.

"I love you," Harry said softly brushing his fingers through Lucius's hair.

"I love you too, so much," Lucius closed his eyes, pressing his nose into Harry's hair and breathed in his mate's scent.

"Forever," Harry promised.

"Forever," Lucius's tone as he said the word told Harry that he knew it was every little bit as precious and perfect as it was between them. And the most truthful thing that either of them had ever said.