"Start tidying up in there, supper will only be another fifteen minutes!" Harry bellowed down the hallway as he carried a bowl of vegtables through to the dinning room, the room was beautifully decorated for christmas, four tall trees stood in the four corners of the room shinning and sparkling with the lights and ornaments. The table itself was looking beautiful, the long red runner has been embroidered with gold by Arthur, the table centres had been put together by George, Fred and Neville, Neville it seemed could whip the prankster to putting their creative talents to pretty things, and made sure that there was no surprises in them, he assured harry that he had checked them before they had left to be sure.

Harry placed the bowl down onto the table and checked to make sure that the table was still looking ok. Out the coner of his eye he watched Draco hurrying in carrying one of the bowls of potatoes, but he paused and snagged his brother off of his toy broom before Harry could catch him and he quickly redirected him. When he turned to place his bowl on the table he flushed slightly when he caught Harry's raised eyebrow.

"He got carried away," Draco grinned sheepishly.

"You're a good brother," Harry kissed Draco's cheek. "Sirius Orion Black!" He shouted as left the dining room. Sirius came hurrying around the corner looking sheepish.

"Yes Harry?"

"If you do not catch Orion and round up the rabble you're not getting desert," Harry said sweetly.

"What! That's not fair!" Sirius pouted.

"You gave him the toy broomstick," Harry grinned bouncing back into the kitchen.

"Harry! The gravy!" Lucius looked concerned as he stared frantically at the gravy. It always amazed harry how this man could be so skilled at potion making, and panick so much when cooking.

"It's ok, just add a little more water," Harry said after checking the gravy, He laughed when Lucius caught him around the waist and pulled him back to kiss him sweetly on the lips before he could hurry off to the turkey.

"Love you,"

"I love you too," Harry smiled.

"Arthur! Amelia!" Harry grinned hurrying over to hug Arthur and then Amelia. "Come on in, merry Christmas,"

"Merry Christmas Harry, it smells amazing as normal!" Arthur beamed.

"Grandpa!" The little redhead raced down the hallway and threw himself at Arthur, big blue silver eyes bright as Arthur lifted him and spun him around.

"Thank you for inviting me," Amelia smiled, a little uncertainly at Harry.

"You are more than welcome Amelia, it is good to see Arthur happy. I just apologise now for the madness," Harry laughed.

"I have been told some stories, honestly I am looking forward to it, it makes a difference to quiet Yules going from family to family," Amelia smiled.

"Well this will be something like you have never seen before," Lucius chuckled holding his hand out to Amelia as he reached them.

"Ah, this is Celeste correct?" Amelia asked looking to the beautiful little dark haired girl perched on Lucius' hip.

"Correct, our youngest," Harry ran his fingers through Celeste's dark hair getting big blue eyes focussed on him and a gummy one toothed smile. "Now, supper!"

He led the way into the dinning room, which now held the table groaning underneath the weight of all the food onto it.

"Harry you out do yourself every year!" Remus groaned looking at the feast in front of them. He filtered in with Bianca and Phoenix clinging to him, Sirius followed after with Orion and Elara, he pressed a kiss to Harry's forehead before hurrying over to the table.

"Looks so good!" The rabble rolled through, Neville, Fred, George, Percy, Audrey and their daughter Lucy, Bill and Fleur with their kids Victoire, Dominique and Louis, Albus, Severus, Draco, Charlie, and their other son Hadrian, Seamus, Ron and their daughter Lillian and Blaise.

Harry chuckled at the look on Amelia's face before he hurried to take his seat and start the process of everyone serving themselves, the normal madness errupting as plates and bowls were passed around, people grabbed for things and checked if everyone had had what they wanted.

And then everyone settled into a happy chatter as they talked about how things were going int their lives, discussing what they had gotten for Yule and what their plans were for New Year. Harry smiled happily and sank into Lucius' side as he looked around. Every year this got bigger and bigger, the others were starting to have kids, their kids and grandkids were getting older and more to handle. But it was worth it, to have everyone together like this, to see them all smiling and laughing together. His family.

"Ok?" Lucius asked turning from feeding Celeste.

"Perfect," Harry smiled.

"I was worried you would be feeling, anxious," Lucius admitted softly.

"Hermione and Ginny?" Harry asked.

"Yes, its only a month till they get out, I have been worried it is going to spoil your day," Lucius said.

"It's been on my mind," Harry admitted. "But i am not going to let them take up one more moment of our lives. They nearly took Orion from us, we spent the rest of the six months till he was born worried and focussing on them, they don't get a second longer. Besides ten years of Azkaban and no wands, they can do nothing to us, not with everyone on our side,"

"You're right. We have everything, they can not touch that," Lucius agreed looking around their full table. Albus had Bianca on his knee and was helping their second youngest eat, Sirius had Orion next to him and the boy was chatting his Grandads ear off, Phoenix was keeping Remus busy while Elara and Lillian looked like they were plotting something, again...he wuld have to make sure to keep the twins away from them, they did not need the sofas exploding again...or the toilets trying to eat the guests. hOnestly they were worse than Sirius and remus already.

"They all look happy huh?" Harry smiled holding a forkful of mashed potatoes to Celeste who fell on them with little hums of delight.

"They do, are you?" Lucius asked but he didn't need the answer to the question, he could feel the happy contentment his mate was feeling.

"I couldn't be happier," Harry sighed.

"Mmm it feels like I haven't had any time with you to myself all day," Harry groaned as he wrappe dhis arms around Lucius.

"It has been a mad day as normal," Lucius groaned. He tugged Harry closer and pressed their lips together firmly, Harry's fingers drifted up into his hair, and with a quick move Lucius had them sprawled on the bed with Harry spread out underneath him.

"Happy anniversary," Harry grinned at Lucius as they parted. Lucius looked down on his mate, his husband, the bearer of his children and could not stop the loving smile that escaped him. Ten years had passed since they had made love and bonded, ten and a half years since he had first laid eyes on Harry in Severus' rooms and known a full sense of peace and belonging for the first time in his life. Ten years of love, laughter, of teasing, of family, of happiness and of joy, there had been arguments and bad tempers that had bcome to be expected with their personalities, but they had never once gone to sleep on an argument and they always found a way to talk it through.

As Lucius thrust into his husband's warm and welcoming body he thought about the differences there, he was a little older, his eyes were starting to form laughter lines, and his hair was a little longer as he had barely had time on himself while preparing for the event that had become their yule holidays. He looked a little tired, between getting everything ready and Celeste teething again he hadn't been getting much sleep. But he looked just as beautiful to Lucius, his body was a little softer, his stomach baring stretch marks still from carrying their children. Lucius loved it as he ran his hands over Harry's stomach and chest as they moved together, listening to the soft mewls of pleasure Harry always made when they made love.

Ten years and he still felt like the luckiest man alive when he got to hold Harry close when he got to bury himself inside his body and make love to him. Ten years and he felt as though his happiness grew more and more every day.

"What is that look for?" Harry asked as he lay curled up in Lucius' arms running his fngers over his chest.

"What look?"

"Thoughtful," Harry hummed.

"Just thinking about what has happened in the last ten years, how much we have changed, where we are now, how happy I am," Lucius said softly smiling when Harry looked up at him with joy on hs face.

"I love our life,"

"Me too," Lucius laghed.

"it does feel like a little bit of a milestone this year desn't it, we have been bonded ten years, Orion goes to Hogwarts in September," harrynodded resting his head over Lucius' heart again.

"Would...would you change any of it?" Lucius asked curling his arm tighter around Harry. The raven haired man closed his eyes and remembered the moment Lucius had walked into Severus' rooms and the rightness he had felt being in his presence, something that had not changed.

"Nothing, nothing at all. I love you Lucius," Harry sighed happily in the arms of the man he loved with all his heart.

"I love you too Harry," Lucius smiled, closing his eyes as he held his husband closer.