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Last Time

"Neville I believe the twins will do you a hell of a lot of good and help you get your confidence,"

"You really think I should go for it?" Neville asked.

"I think you should give them a chance. You fancy them right?" Harry asked him with a small smile.

"They are good looking, and funny," Neville smiled shyly.

"Then yes, I definitely think that you should give them a go. So, come tomorrow? Because seriously if I do not have someone else there I have a horrible feeling I am going to come back with a twitch or something!"

"Alright, alright I'll come," Neville groaned. Harry beamed as he hugged him tightly.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. You won't regret it, and you being there will distract the twins from teasing Lucius too much or trying to prank him or Draco," Harry grinned.

"This is going to be inventive at least," Neville rolled his eyes patting the top of Harry's head.

Chapter nine

"Harry! Harry! Harrison James Potter! You convinced me to do this; you are going to help me pick what to wear!" Neville shouted grabbed Harry's robes and shaking him slightly.

"Neville is bloody scary when he's getting ready for a sort of date," Seamus muttered to Dean who nodded looking between the giant pile of clothes on Neville's bed and where Neville was almost hyperventilating, Harry now rubbing his back comfortingly.

"Don't you think you should say something?" Dean asked Ron where he was sitting with his back to the room.

"I'm not getting involved with my brothers' love life," Ron said sharply fighting with his tie.

"What about your friend's?" Harry huffed throwing his pillow at Ron's head.

"When they're tied together, sorry it's out of my hands," Ron said turning slightly as he was rubbing his head. Catching the look Neville was giving him he hurriedly assured him. "I've got nothing against you and the twins getting together, I just really don't want to think about it….urgh look they really like you, you could show up wearing your pyjamas and they would think you look great," Ron said quickly looking incredibly uncomfortable as he did so.

"You would look great in this shirt Neville, and these robes go perfectly with it," Harry said from where he had dug through the pile of clothing. "They go, right Dean?" Harry turned towards the only guy in their dorm that could really put outfits together.

"Yeah they actually go pretty well. I think Lucius is rubbing off on you," Dean smirked as he dug through the pile and pulled out a pair of neat black trousers and handed them over to Neville.

"Now, deep breaths, calm down a little, go have a hot shower and change," Seamus patted him on the back.

"It's going to be just fine," Harry squeezed Neville's hand before pushing him towards the bathroom. They all let out a breath of relief when they heard the shower going on, Harry running his fingers through his already wild hair.

"Are you ok?" Dean chuckled patting Harry's back before sprawling on his bed next to him.

"I'm fine, I just hope he doesn't work himself up any more," Harry sighed.

"We'll all be on our best behaviour don't worry and we all support you and Lucius, nothing bad is going to happen at supper," Ron reassured him still fiddling with his tie.

"Oh for Merlin's sake will you sit still," Seamus huffed shoving Ron back into a sitting position and undoing the mess Ron had made of his tie before wrapping it back around his neck and tying it properly. Harry had to hide his grin as he saw the flush creeping over Ron's face and ears, Seamus's own pale cheeks were flushed as well as he leant close to Ron so he could tie his tie properly. Harry and Dean shared an amused glance before Harry stood and made his way to his own wardrobe.

"So how are things going with you and Lucius?" Dean asked rolling onto his stomach to see Harry. "Oo look at that smile! Things are going that well?"

"Yes actually they are. Despite the fact that Molly and Arthur are still extremely unhappy about it, and Sirius is being…uncomfortable in his letters and keeps questioning everything and anything about Lucius and me and Lucius…everything is perfect," Harry sighed.

"Aw that's so sweet!" Seamus cooed having finished tying Ron's tie. "Seriously though, we're glad you're happy,"

"Thanks guys, it means a lot. Now I just have to worry about Sirius and Lucius getting together," Harry winced.

"At least you aren't worried about today anymore," Ron chuckled.

"You were right, plus it's just the others, they'll follow Bill's lead and Bill accepted Lucius. Besides I'm more worried about Neville running from the restaurant than anything else," Harry said quietly as they heard the shower turning off.

"He'll be fine once he's actually there," Seamus shook his head as he sat on his own bed.

"I hope so, they could be really good together," Harry sighed tugging out a robe and showing it to Dean who shook his head. Grumbling under his breath he turned back into his wardrobe and started rummaging.

"My shirt got water on it! I can't wear it, now the whole thing is a mess!" Neville ranted storming out the bathroom. The others stared at him a little bemused, he had his trousers on but not buttoned or zipped and he was waving the shirt around. Cautiously Harry took the shirt off him and cast a quick light drying charm on the small wet patch before handing it to Neville who just stood blinking at it.

"Maybe a calming draught might be a good idea," Dean murmured quietly.

"I think he's about to have a nervous breakdown," Seamus nodded slowly.

"I have calming draught," Harry nodded rummaging through his trunk before pulling out a vial and handing it to Neville. The others let out a breath when he knocked back the vial gratefully watching as he relaxed a little. Harry took the shirt from him and helped him into it and buttoned it. "Now deep breaths, calm down, it's going to be fine, and I am totally not fastening your trousers," Harry grinned managing to get a snort of laughter from Neville.

Harry smiled when he saw Draco and Lucius waiting for them at the front doors, ignoring Ron's snickering as he brightened and sped up so he could wrap his arms around Lucius and kiss him. He hadn't seen Lucius since this morning and he had missed him, he wasn't sure he was ever going to get used to being away from Lucius's side and not miss his mate. He wasn't sure if it was always having a part of Lucius with him, feeling him in his chest, that made him aware of the distance between them, or if it was just that they were mates.

Lucius smiled slightly into the kiss as he tightened his arms around Harry's waist and tugged him against his body as he got to taste Harry again. Every time they kissed it felt better and better and he wanted Harry more with every single touch of their lips, and his veela purred in delight every time he saw Harry never mind when they were together. When they pulled apart Harry grinned and tugged Draco into a tight hug.

"Harry…what are you doing?" Draco asked slowly pulling back to look at Harry strangely. Blushing darkly Harry rubbed the back of his neck looking completely sheepish as he avoided looking at anyone.

"I erm…well…" Harry stammered.

"Harry?" Lucius asked confused.

"This is the longest that I've had to go without at least checking in with you or seeing you, and even though I could feel you I…" Harry paused before sighing and blurting out. "I had to make sure you weren't hurt and everything was alright,"

"But…you shouldn't still be this worried, it's been long enough now with no problems, shouldn't the protectiveness be calming down now?" Draco asked Lucius curiously but his hand crept into Harry's as Harry could see a faint glow starting.

"It's highly unusual for the protective levels to carry on this high for this long, but it's not unheard of, it normally means that there is a stronger bond forming, it could be because of the manner in which you first felt the bond, or it could be the history you had. It's different for everyone, Harry could just have very strong protective instincts," Lucius explained.

"More like stronger mothering instincts. OW!" Ron yelped laughing as he rubbed his thigh to try and get rid of the pain from the stinging hex Harry had thrown at him.

"Come on, we had better get going," Lucius chuckled wrapping his arm around Harry's shoulder and leading the way outside, Draco following considering Harry still had a firm grip on his hand.

"What's wrong with Longbottom? He looks like he's about to throw up," Draco asked quietly leaning closer to Harry so they wouldn't be overheard.

"He's nervous about seeing the twins again," Harry explained.

"So which Weasley's are going to be there?" Draco asked snuggling closer to Harry's side.

"Bill and Fleur obviously, Charlie is the second oldest and a dragon handler, Percy is the third oldest and he works in the Ministry in the Minister's office, Fred and George are obviously the twins they own their own joke shop now," Harry said ignoring the slight pained noise that came from Neville at the mention of the twins.

"It's going to be interesting meeting them, I have only ever met the twins and Percy that once in the bookshop, and before the other day I had never met Bill," Lucius rambled a little making Harry chuckle and nudge him gently with his hip as they stopped just outside of the gates.

"Everyone know the location?" Harry asked as Ron and Neville stopped as well.

"Outside the twins shop where we're meeting the others and then we'll walk down to the restaurant. Don't start panicking," Ron rolled his eyes.

"I'm not panicking," Harry huffed defensively before popping out, not before he saw the disbelieving looks being shot at him.

By the time Lucius, Draco, Ron and Neville aparated outside the twins shop Harry was stuck in the middle of a twin sandwich, the pair of them hugging him tightly, ruffling his hair while running careful eyes over him to make sure that he was alright.

"Well well our little brother you have managed to cause…"

"Quite the stir, and we were allowed front row, porncorn seats to…"

"The family revelation that you were mated to a Malfoy and quite happy with the…"

"Relationship, we haven't laughed so hard in years, the looks on their faces were highly…"

"Amusing. So thank you little brother. Only you would…"

"Manage to find such an unusual relationship," Fred and George snickered.

"Glad I could provide amusement," Harry said dryly getting laughter from the twins.

"You always provide amusement Harry," Fred chuckled.

"Why do you think we just follow along with whatever you say?" George nodded.

"It's always likely to be interesting either way," they chorused.

"Twits," Harry snorted managing to wriggle out of their grip only to be tugged into a bear hug by Charlie.

"Can't say they're not right Harry. Only you would manage to find such an unusual pairing," Charlie grinned putting Harry back onto his feet and laughing when he was being hugged firmly, if not a little stiffly by Percy.

"Congratulations Harry, being a Veela's mate is something most people can only dream of. You deserve this chance to be loved so completely," Percy said softly into Harry's ear before letting him go. Percy's light blue eyes were honest and warm as Harry smiled happily back at him, quickly pulling Percy into another hug before letting him go as Bill tugged him away and into his own hug.

"Eet ees good to see you again 'arry," Fleur smiled from Bill's side. She looked completely shocked when Harry pulled her into a warm hug, slowly closing her own arms around him to hug back.

"It's good to see you as well. And congratulations face to face," Harry smiled as he pulled back. The shocked look finally faded from Fleur's face replaced with her own bright smile.

"Merci 'arry. You 'av changed so much since ze tournament," She laughed.

"Two years will make the difference with puberty. It looks like engagement is suiting you," Harry said honestly, Fleur was looking more beautiful than two years ago. Just as Fleur was opening her mouth to respond they were interrupted by a deep rumbling growl quickly followed by a rougher but no less threatening one. Turning quickly Harry was moving before he could think about it.

Draco was standing wide eyed and stunned behind Charlie who was protectively crouching down slightly in front of him; Draco's wrist in his hand, Lucius was squaring off against him, looking furious as he glared at Charlie. Both of them were growling, though Charlie's was a little weak considering it wasn't a noise he was used to making. Harry's mind quickly put two and two together and came up with a resounding four as he moved to stand between the two dominants, his eyes flashing dangerously as he looked from one to the other.

"If either of you blow one hair wrong on my kits head because you are letting your testosterone driven instincts make you want to compare whose is bigger I will be hexing both of them off!" Harry warned lowly, his anger climbing higher when he felt the fear from his Draco ball and could see him shivering.

Fred and George quickly grabbed Neville and tugged him back into the wards surrounding their shop while furiously casting every privacy, secrecy, silencing and notice-me-not charms they could around their group. Fleur, Bill and Percy quickly followed their example and stepped back, Ron edging wildly around the foursome and hurrying into the safety of the wards when he heard the first threatening crack of Harry's magic.

"Ron, I need you to go back and get Snape here, now, tell him Draco's found his mate, Lucius seemed alright with his presence after Draco had been attacked," Harry said softly. Ron gave a sharp nod, stepping enough out of the shop's wards again to apparate.

"We need to keep and distance from zem," Fleur said quietly to the others getting slightly shaky nods of understanding.

"Charlie, you make one move I will make you regret it, Draco is staying right here!" Harry warned firmly, staring at Charlie until he found a flicker of understanding and calm before turning his back on the two and making his way to Lucius who was still growling furiously.

Not knowing what else to do to calm Lucius down Harry went with instinct, brushing his lips slowly and gently along his face, lovingly kissing everywhere he could reach while Lucius remained still and unmoving, gently brushing his fingers along the side of Lucius's face Harry moved his lips to his ear.

"Lucius, love, it's alright, its fine, Lucius you need to think clearly, Charlie is Draco's mate, he's his mate, he's not a threat, it's alright, it's fine, he's not going to hurt him. Feel it in your chest? The new bond forming, that's Draco's mate, its Charlie," Harry murmured soothingly repeating it over and over. Finally, eventually, he felt the slight give in Lucius as his growling quietened. "That's it," Harry encouraged.

"Potter," Snape and Ron appeared, both breathless and panting, Ron a little more so clearly having Ron to get here as quickly as possible.

"We need to get them off the street as quickly as possible. Charlie is Draco's mate, from what I can guess Charlie saw Draco and felt it, grabbing him because he was too close to the others. This spooked Lucius," Harry explained in the same soft voice as he carried on stroking the side of Lucius's face, feeling that it relaxed him.

"Our flat, we'll open all the doors, down this alley a little and you come to the front door," Fred said quietly before leading the others down the alley to open the way into the flat.

"Lucius, it's not safe for a newly mated couple to be in the open like this, anyone could see, we need to get them somewhere safe, your son and son-in-law need to be safe Lucius," Severus said sharply but with a warm friendliness in his tone that didn't upset Lucius. Lucius's pure silver eyes flickered even further and his growling stopped completely. Shooting the potions master a beyond grateful glance Harry turned to Charlie and Draco where Charlie was still growling slightly and Draco seemed too overwhelmed and confused to do anything.

"Charlie, Lucius isn't a threat, you scared him by grabbing at Draco like that, he's protecting his son. But you are both scaring him, you need to calm down, now," Harry said sharply. He watched as Charlie blinked twice before shifting from his crouched position to look at Draco who was indeed shivering still.

"I'm….sorry," Charlie said slowly with a frown as though he was coming out of a fog of thoughts.

"Please don't be angry," Draco whimpered making Harry have to ruthlessly stomp down the urge to snatch Draco away which would just cause another repeat of the scene. The attack was still too fresh in Draco's eyes from him to cope with all the anger and being grabbed at.

"I'm…I'm not angry…I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you…I'm sorry," Charlie stepped closer to Draco, turning fully to him and letting go of his wrist. He made a slightly noise as Draco's body impacted with his own and wrapped tightly around him, but he was too busy wrapping Draco tightly in his arms to notice.

"His mate would be a Weasley," Lucius sighed lightly from behind Harry making him spin to see his own mate looking fully coherent again.

"You're mated to Potter, you have no room to grumble," Severus snorted, there was no venom in his tone or the normal anger that came with him saying the name Potter.

"True, I would hate to be outdone by my son for most unlikely mate," Lucius nodded amicably wrapping his arms around Harry's waist.

"Although Draco has managed to come pretty close," Severus snorted.

"At least he's not married…he's not married right?" Lucius asked Harry worriedly, taking his eyes off the newly mated couple.

"He's not even seeing anyone, he hasn't for as long as I have known him," Harry assured him. "So how exactly do we lure them upstairs and off the street?" he asked looking at the two.

"You're the best one to do that," Severus said after a moment's thought, Lucius nodding in agreement.

"Wonderful, if I lose a hand be ready to reattach it," he grumbled before making his way over to the two of them. Charlie eyed him suspiciously as he got closer making him roll his eyes. "Cut that out right now Charlie Weasley I'm no threat to my kit and you know it. We need to get up to the twins flat before people start realising there is a chunk of Diagon missing and covered with spells," Harry motioned to the late night shoppers who were being guided away from the area with all the spells the twins had put up.

"He's not going to try and separate us?" Charlie asked nervously glancing to where Lucius and Severus were standing, as normal managing to look intimidating without even trying.

"Well aside from needing a crow bar to do so, no, you just startled him," Harry snickered.

"Alright," Charlie tucked Draco against his side, who didn't seem inclined to let go of his robes any time soon and made his way down the alley, Lucius hurrying to follow leaving Severus and Harry bringing up the rear.

"Thank you for coming so quick professor, I wasn't sure I would be able to handle them both," Harry said awkwardly.

"It's alright Potter, you did the right thing," Severus said, frowning a little in thought as they started making their way up two flights of stairs to the twins flat. "I need to…apologise for my behaviour," Severus suddenly said reaching out his hand to slow Harry's progress up the stairs and to give them some time.

"I do understand sir," Harry said softly, seeing the raised eyebrow he explained. "I don't know your past or circumstances around it, but I know enough to know that if you have any blood family out there you don't see them. Lucius and Draco are your family from what they have told me and you are theirs, much the same way the Weasleys are for me. They may not be family of my blood, but they are family of my heart and I would walk through hell and back to make sure none of them ever got hurt,"

"It's why you accepted your bond with Draco so easily and powerfully, you are used to seeing passed the familial bonds of blood to take family of the heart as you say," Severus said in understanding.

"Exactly, Draco may not be mines by blood, but it does not make him any less mines, even taking in the incredibly weird age difference," Harry chuckled pausing on the top of the stairs.

"I was worried; you were accepting everything, Lucius, so easily. I've watched him be torn apart by not knowing about his mate, he was so sure you had died or he had been rejected. I was afraid what would happen if you were to suddenly change your mind," Severus sighed rubbing the bridge of his nose. "But that's not going to happen is it?"

"No, it's not. All my life…all I have wanted is a family and to be loved, just for who I am, not for being the chosen one or the boy who lived, not for being Harry Potter - James and Lily's son, not for being the surviving Potter heir and the named Black one. It seemed so unlikely to happen, but I would have given every coin I have in Gringotts to be able to have it. And then Lucius…he's offering me all that and more, and he's acting as though I am giving him a gift," Harry shook his head before starting when Severus placed his hand on his shoulder.

"You are both giving each other a gift that neither expected," Severus said understandingly before straightening himself apparently having reached his extent of sharing. "Shall we go make sure they aren't squaring off against each other again?"

"Probably a good idea," Harry nodded with a sigh. Walking in they didn't find them squaring off, but they were exchanging cautious glances, Draco still wrapped firmly around Charlie and vice versa. The other Weasleys and Fleur and Neville were watching with slightly bemusement from various places around the flat.

"Mum is going to have a heart attack, first Harry now Charlie," Bill snickered.

"Three out of her sons managing to snag veelas, we're setting some sort of record here right?" Ron snorted flopping onto the twin's sofa.

"Well we know one son who won't be paired off with a veela if he gets his head out his arse," Harry replied calmly making his way over to Lucius when he saw his mate twitching as he stared at him.

"Shut up Harry!" Ron groaned.

"What's this? Does little ronniekins have a crush?" Fred and George cooed delightedly, Harry noting they were sitting on the sofa with Neville blushingly firmly between them.

"He and Seamus fancy the pants off each other but won't say anything about it," Neville answered getting twin smirks from the redheads either side of him.

"Seamus huh?"

"The little blonde Irish one?" They smirked dangerously.

"That's the one," Harry nodded wrapping his arms around Lucius's waist and snuggling into his side feeling Lucius's arms quickly band around him.

"You two are traitors!" Ron whimpered as Fred, George and Bill started teasing him. Harry's attention however was firmly on Lucius, he could feel the unease and worry in his mate and it was seriously concerning him. As he understood finding a mate was a good thing, especially so soon after Draco coming into his inheritance. Gently he tugged Lucius to the bathroom, meeting the twin's eyes and getting nods of understanding. Locking the door he quickly silenced it before turning to Lucius.

"Lucius you're worrying me, what's wrong?" Harry asked concerned stepping back into Lucius's chest, though he hadn't been let go of.

"I'm sorry it's just a mixture of things," Lucius sighed.

"Then tell me, that's what I'm here for, you don't have to do things on your own anymore," Harry gently chided him.

"Well for one I was hoping that Draco wouldn't find his mate until we had sealed our bonding, having two unsealed bonds in a family is an almost unheard of thing I don't know how dangerous it will be, but its making me and my veela instincts nervous. Also I had a fright today, seeing Draco grabbed like that and then you weren't near me while there was another dominant acting so threatening, but I couldn't grab you and protect you like I wanted to because I knew logically you were the only thing keeping it from blowing up," Lucius admitted hugging Harry tighter.

Pressing soft kisses to Lucius's face in an echo of earlier Harry made his way to his lips this time and started kissing him languidly, just enjoying the connection and taste of Lucius and allowing it to calm both of them down. After several minutes Harry finally pulled back just enough to be able to talk.

"I don't know what having two unsealed bonds will do. But I do know that Charlie is an amazing guy and he's going to do everything in his power to love, protect and make sure that our kit is happy, he's someone I would pick for Draco. And on the plus of all this, I think Sna…Severus has accepted us," Harry smiled brushing his fingers along Lucius's cheek in the way that seemed to sooth him.

"What? Really?" Lucius perked up looking hopeful.

"Yup, we just talked….I kind for feel like I was just given the Slytherin version of a family blessing," Harry scrunched his nose slightly before smiling when Lucius gave a deep chuckle and kissed him firmly but much too shortly. "Now come on, you have a son-in-law to greet properly," Harry smiled weakly linking his fingers through Lucius's and leading him back out into the living room.

What they found confused them a little, Ron, Fred, George and Bill were in hysterics, tears actually streaming down Ron's face, Percy and Neville were snickering, Fleur was giggling behind her hand, Severus's lips were twitched upwards and his eyes actually looked amused. Charlie was looking completely stunned and Draco…well Draco was still snuggled firmly into Charlie who was still holding onto him tightly despite his apparent catatonic state.

"What's so funny?" Harry asked frowning when the laughter increased.

"Billius just pointed out that you are in fact going to be Charles's father in law," Severus informed them smoothly.

"Aw, come on Professor, don't call me Billius, I always feel like I'm in major trouble when you do…and like I should start revising," Bill groaned pulling himself together.

"I was only your teacher for two years," Severus snorted crossing his arms.

"You make an impact, and it was sixth and seventh year, I swear I've not had so much information pounded into my head in a short amount of time," Bill grumbled.

"You all just went into shock because you thought I would be a push over because of my age. And your education was sadly lacking in a lot of areas. I would think you would be thankful now, potions are a large part of the qualifications for curse breaking is it not?" Severus raised his eye brow at Bill who winced.

"Yes sir," he nodded miserably.

"How old were you when you started teaching?" Harry asked curiously leading Lucius further into the room who seemed under no inclination to let him out of his arms, but he was keep his eyes locked on Draco and Charlie.

"I was nineteen," Severus answered turning towards them as he ran a worried eye over Lucius before seemingly deciding he was ok and turning to Harry when he exclaimed.

"Nineteen! But…I thought Masteries take three years?"

"They do, I was admitted to Hogwarts a year early as I was displaying unusually high amounts of accidental magic. I was sixteen when I graduated,"

"That's amazing!" Harry gawped. Severus opened his mouth to snap, Harry had seen it enough to know he was preparing to snap, only to snap his mouth shut as his eyes returned to Lucius again. Confused, about what he had done to be snapped at and why he had suddenly stopped, Harry looked up to see Lucius giving Severus a look that seemed to say a thousand things but Harry couldn't read it, looking back Severus was frowning slightly.

"He truly meant it Severus," Lucius said after a moment. Frowning Harry carried on looking between them.

"Of course I meant it, it is amazing to graduate Hogwarts and have a Mastery a whole year earlier, I can't imagine getting ready to sit my NEWT's now. Why wouldn't I mean it?" He asked confused.

"Severus's age was something that your father and godfather most liked to pick at Severus about. They made a few…uncouth insinuations…as to how Severus was managing to pass at the top of the year when he was a year younger," Lucius explained quietly into Harry's ear so none of the others would hear. Harry frowned and looked at Severus, two high spots of red had appeared on his pale cheeks, shame Harry would guess and he was beginning to look like he was putting all his shields up again. He quickly put up a silencing charm between himself, Lucius, Draco, Charlie and Severus and the others before meeting Severus's eyes.

"We have never gotten on, and you've been a right bastard to me over the years, but that hasn't meant I haven't respected you for all the things you have achieved, sacrificed and managed to do. You more than anyone else deserve respect and admiration for the efforts you made in both of the wars, we probably wouldn't be standing here if you hadn't. You're a great man, and one of the people I respect most," Harry said softly. Lucius was squeezing him tightly around the middle, his ball humming with a mixture of pride, happiness, sorrow and relief.

"Potter…" Severus started and then stopped, his face was open for once and showing a mixture of shock, disbelief and embarrassment.

"You don't have to say anything, I just wanted to let you know, I reckon a lot of people take for granted to sacrifices you have made in your life, and no one, not even Albus, tells you that everything you have done is pretty amazing. Oh, and maybe you could call me Harry? Potter doesn't seem to have a great history for us, and I would like for us to try and get along," Harry added with a cheeky grin.

"Harry," Severus said nodding his head, his voice saying everything.

"Thank you," Lucius murmured into Harry's ear still squeezing him tightly.

"Don't you have something to say to weird pairing number two?" Harry said pointedly getting an amused snort from Severus. "Hey don't scoff, you could make a fortune from the pevensive memories, you got to witness both weird pairings!" Harry snickered.

"That is very true, I know a few reporters who would cut off arms and limbs for this insight," Severus said thoughtfully.

"Oh Merlin Harry don't encourage him!" Lucius groaned.

"Think you could manage to get Skeeter to detach some limbs? Slowly?" Harry asked hopefully. "What?" he said defensively when three incredulous eyes turned onto him, Charlie was snickering into Draco's shoulder.

"I don't think they were expecting the Golden Boy to be so blood thirstily vindictive," Charlie supplied helpfully.

"Oh that was vindictive, I have this really nice fantasy about capturing her while she's in her animagus form and pulling her legs off one by one…for some reason I wasn't allowed to keep the jar when we were holding her captive…though she did agree pretty quickly to our terms when we finally allowed her out," Harry shrugged grinning at the stunned looks he was receiving, Charlie was back to snickering again.

"I may need to re-evaluate even more," Severus muttered to himself.

"Mr Malfoy, look I know that you aren't happy about me being Draco's mate but…" Charlie paused at Lucius's snort.

"Horrifyingly I am disturbingly grateful that you are Draco's mate. Because we are half veela it is more likely that we were to have human mates, I was concerned that his mate would be someone who would take advantage of the situation and Draco's veela heritage. While mates cannot truly hurt each other, personalities do affect the bond, Draco could have ended up with a mate that used him as little more than a trophy, and the bonded has even more freedom in the bond than the Veela. As it is the fact you are a Weasley and Harry assures me, a good man, does put my mind at ease," Lucius sighed.

"Basically welcome to the family…son," Harry smirked.

"That's just creepy Harry, you're my little brother," Charlie groaned. "But I don't understand…earlier,"

"Do you feel that protectiveness in your chest for Draco?" Lucius asked, at Charlie's nod he carried on. "Imagine him being snatched away from you and hurt…that surge that you feel, that's been running through my instincts since the attack you have no doubt heard about. Even though I acknowledged you were his mate on some level, the fact you grabbed him and my unsteady instincts made me react before I could logically think it through," Lucius explained. Indeed Charlie had given a loud growl at the mention of the attack and was holding Draco tightly to him.

"Oh…huh, is that Charlie?" Harry frowned down at his chest feeling a new, unfamiliar ball of emotion sparking with fear and slight panic as well as overwhelming protectiveness.

"Yes, parental veela and their mates are able to feel the emotions of their child's bonded quicker to ensure that the mate isn't killed off in the need for contact by overprotective parents," Severus answered smoothly.

"Huh, it's a good idea," Harry nodded.

"You can feel my emotions?" Charlie asked stunned.

"I can feel yours, Draco's and Lucius's," Harry nodded.

"Do not worry, its only immediate family that you are able to sense, and your mind automatically starts recognising who the emotion is coming from. You can search a specific person out to know how they are feeling, push an emotion down the bond to a certain person, or you will feel when they are experiencing a particularly strong emotion," Lucius explained.

"That sounds alright," Charlie said slowly.

"It isn't when some people forget to block their lusty emotions," Draco piped up shooting a smirk at Lucius and Harry who started blushing.

"To be fair, Harry is new at it, so it's up to Lucius to block," Severus said making all four of them look at them wide eyed.

"Traitor," Lucius huffed.

"He said nice things about me," Severus smirked shrugging.

"Oh so my mate strokes your ego and suddenly your on his side," Lucius huffed.

"I am a snake speaker," Harry grinned.

"Oh…I forgot about that!" Draco said excitedly hurrying over to Harry to grab his hands, Charlie following comically behind without losing his grip on Draco's waist. "Will you translate what one of them is saying to me sometime?"

"Of course," Harry smiled tugging Draco into a tight hug. "Congratulations by the way," he added softly stroking his fingers through Draco's hair. He felt the warm glow of Draco's happiness in his chest.

"Not that the sight of the four of you making a chain isn't amusing, but I think the others would like to know what is going on," Severus said sounding amused. Looking up they realised the rest of the group were on the other side of the silencing barrier watching avidly and clearly trying to figure out what was going on.

"Oops," Harry smiled sheepishly after waving it down.

"We're going with everything's alright and everything has been accepted," Percy said looking between them all.

"Everything is fine," Lucius nodded giving them a smile which instead of relaxing them as intended made them all stare, even Ron and Neville who were slightly used to it now.

"You do realise that Yule just became a lot bigger," Harry said to Lucius looking up at him.

"I knew mating with you was going to mean something like this," Lucius sighed leaving the Weasleys and Neville and Fleur to look at him unsurely, Harry however could feel the teasing in his emotions and snorted elbowing him in the stomach.

"Yeah, you, Severus and Draco can't be anti-social for the holidays anymore,"

"How, pray, am I getting dragged into this?" Severus lost his smug look to frown at Harry.

"We're playing nice now, and you are Lucius's family, so you will be spending Yule and holidays with us," Harry said firmly.

"And if I do not wish to?" Severus choked.

"I'll stun you and drag you there myself, and I'll dress you in holiday themed clothes before waking you," Harry grinned.

"I believe I shall come voluntarily," Severus said dryly.

"Sounds like the best plan," Lucius nodded.

"Looks like our reservations are useless guys, that's an hour, they only hold the table for thirty minutes," Bill sighed suddenly seeing the time.

"I'm hungry though!" Ron groaned.

"You're always hungry," Bill, Harry, Charlie, Neville, Fred, George and Percy chorused getting laughs from the others in the room and a pout from Ron.

"What do you guys have in?" Harry asked the twins looking towards the kitchen.

"Enough for you to make your Spaghetti carbonara!" George said quickly, the other Weasleys nodding just as quickly at the suggestion.

"Carbonara it is," Harry chuckled before frowning. "Erm…"

"What's wrong?" Lucius asked.

"Charlie, Draco you're in the kitchen with us," Harry instructed taking Draco's hand and so effectively leading the other three men over to the kitchen bit.

"Standing over there wouldn't have been in sight enough?" Draco asked amused as he shuffled along, Charlie still attached to his waist, Lucius to Harry's.

"No, I may have managed to control myself because I trust Charlie but I got a fright as well, I need you close," Harry shook his head.

"Harry's super protective of Draco, Merlin help us when they actually have a baby," Ron said loudly from the living room.

"I heard that Ronald Weasley, I'm going to tell your mother that you think my carbonara is the best thing you have ever tasted!" Harry shouted through as he left Draco and Charlie on one side of the kitchen counters and led Lucius by the arms around his waist to the other side.

"You wouldn't!" Ron squeaked.

"Oh I would," Harry smirked evilly. "You're staying as well right Severus?" He asked looking up as the dark man who was standing unsurely. He made sure the phrase it carefully so he knew he wanted him to stay.

"This evening is proving fairly amusing so far, and I believe I am intrigued to taste something that can apparently beat Molly Weasleys cooking," Severus nodded, relaxing when Harry smiled brightly at him.

"Prepare to be amazed," Harry snickered before setting to work. It was a little awkward as Lucius wasn't letting him go, and he kept shooting looks up to make sure Draco was still there, but luckily he had his magic to speed up the slower processes of the cooking and soon had the sauce on the hob in an expanded pan and the spaghetti in another huge pan.

"You cooked for this lot a lot?" Lucius asked softly.

"A few times, the twins flat has turned into a little bit of an escape when the others are trying to escape Mrs Weasley, I spent quite a bit of time here over the summer, and this lot are hopeless at trying to cook for themselves. Potions they can do, toast they cremate," Harry shook his head as he stirred the sauce.

"Hey I can do a little cooking," Charlie protested.

"Alright, you can, the rest of you are hopeless," Harry conceded.

"That smells really good," Bill sighed happily from where he was sitting.

"Best way into a Weasley males heart, his stomach," Harry grinned winking at Draco.

"I'll have to remember that," Draco grinned snuggling in closer to Charlie's side. Harry smiled as he watched them, Charlie had an amusing look of awe, shock and rapidly growing affection. As he stirred the sauce in a constant figure eight motion he mused at everything that had happened, it seemed like it had been months or years since Lucius had told him that they were mates, everything just felt so natural and easy with Lucius, they fit together so perfectly that it didn't feel like only a couple of weeks. But he knew what Charlie was feeling right now, that growing feeling of completion, a growing sense of belonging to another completely and them belonging to you. Total awe and amazement that he was the one that had been blessed with this amazing chance.

"You're thinking too hard," Lucius murmured in his ear brushing his lips over it once he he had finished speaking.

"Just thinking," Harry shook his head with a chuckle.

"Good or bad?" Lucius asked sounding a little concerned.

"Definitely good," Harry assured him turning to brush a kiss over Lucius's cheek. "Now give the spaghetti a stir for me,"

"Lucius are you doing menial chores?" Severus's drawl from where he had been being grilled by the twins about some potion they were making for a product but kept exploding on them had Harry and Draco laughing and Lucius spinning around with a glare.

"Harry asked me to!" He and Draco really did have similar pouts.

"I have to have a battle with you to try and get you to stir one of my potions, Harry asks and you just do it?" Severus raised his eyebrows.

"I have leverage over him, and puppy dog eyes," Harry chuckled pulling the spoon from the spaghetti and putting the lid back on it.

"Harry does have killer puppy dog eyes," Charlie nodded. "He even managed to get mum to stop yelling once,"

"We are already aware of his crocodile tears," Draco said, clearly still amused with that.

"Crocodile tears?" Percy asked.

"Ron, Bill set the table. At the meeting Sirius was about to give in but not quite about me and Lucius, so I added a little incentive to get him to give in quicker," Harry shrugged as he drained the spaghetti.

"Impressive," Severus said slightly shocked while the Weasleys started laughing.

"Sirius doesn't like it when I cry, it's a killer for him. I only pull it out the bag for the big things or he would click on. I'm fairly sure Remus knows what I am doing, but as I haven't used it for anything major or that he wouldn't agree with yet he's not told Sirius," Harry mused as he poured the pan of sauce into the spaghetti and cast the charm for them to mix together thoroughly as he carried it over to the table. Luckily the twins had bought a naturally expanding table that just fitting the corner of their flat it was in when extended considering how many Weasleys there were. Now it was stretched out almost fully, extra chairs were conjured and everyone managed to squeeze into place.

"No etiquette here I'm afraid, we were brought up with five brothers and an adoptive one, you serve yourself when you can grab the pan and pass as quickly as possible," Percy said to Lucius, Severus, Draco and Neville.

"I 'av gotten used to eet," Fleur laughed from further down the table.

"Just make sure you grab the pan before Ron," Harry added as he slipped into his seat between Lucius and Draco, the two large jugs he had been levitating settling onto the table along with 10 bottles of beer and a bottle of wine. Mismatched glasses were in front of everyone, and the four none Weasleys, Potter or Delecour watched slightly stunned as mayhem seemed to explode around them with the pan being passed back and forth faster than a quaffel at a quidditch match between Slytherin and Gryffindor, bottles of beer were flying through the air left, right, forwards and back, the wine bottle was floated back and forth, loud chatter and laughter erupted and yet everyone seemed to know who was speaking to them and what was being said.

Harry snagged the pan from Fred who had finished filling his and slightly bemused Neville's plate, and quickly filled his own, Lucius's, Draco's, Charlie's and Severus's before having it snatched from his hands by Percy. He poured wine for Lucius and Severus and pumpkin juice for himself and Draco passing Charlie a beer considering he seemed to be having a little trouble looking away from Draco.

"Perfect as normal Harry," Percy sighed after swallowing his mouthful.

"Thanks Perce," Harry grinned across the table. "How's things going at work?"

"Well I am still fighting to have Umbridge thrown out of the minister's office and the Ministry completely, but Fudge is his normal idiotic self and considering the woman worships at his feet he's not going to get rid of a free ego stroke. However popularity for Amelia Bones has risen dramatically. The early vote after the events at the Ministry is happening in December, Madame Bones is heads on favourites and she has been talking to me quite a lot about the problems and faults in the Minister's personal office," Percy said between eating.

"That's great Perce, it sounds like she's planning on keeping you around if she gets in," Harry said relieved.

"Yes it does, obviously she cannot outright say it, but she has fairly hinted it. And she remembers me real name," Percy said dryly getting chuckles. "I believe you have recently changed your support to Madame Bones Lord Malfoy?" Percy turned to Lucius who suddenly looked much more comfortable and at ease.

"Lucius please, and yes I have, now I no longer have to worry about how I appear I don't have to support that incompetent idiot. Bones is a much better choice, plus she's the one that any remained Death Eaters will be scared of. She'll clean up the ministry more effectively than any of the other candidates," Lucius nodded.

And like that everyone settled back chatting backwards and forwards, Percy was happily talking to Lucius, Draco and Severus about politics when the twins weren't snatching Severus's attention about potions for the their products, when they weren't busy on a clear charm offensive with Neville. Harry sat listening contently as the two aspects of his family seemed to meld together, joining in the various conversations and just enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. Lucius's hand was either in his own, resting on the back of his chair or on his thigh even when they weren't talking in the same conversation, he could feel Charlie's ball rapidly forming in his chest, and every time he looked at Draco and Charlie he could see the happiness on his kit's face and his adoptive brother's.

"Ok, we're going to actually have to go out next time, even if Harry's cooking is the best," Bill laughed as they stood outside the twins flat, all of them getting ready to head back. They ignored the wide eyed, incredulous looks that were being shot at them by the dinners and stragglers in the Alley for their mixed company and the fact that Harry and Charlie were both wrapped around their own Malfoy.

"This was an extremely pleasant evening," Lucius said honestly shaking Fred's hand.

"It's great seeing you guys again," Harry grinned hugging Bill and then Fleur who smiled brightly and hugged him back just as tightly.

"Zank you 'Arry," She said softly in his ear.

"You're family now," He shook his head giving her an extra squeeze before opening his arms for Percy.

"Wait…what about…where are you…we…." Draco suddenly stammered looking fearfully at Charlie as it suddenly occurred to him that it hadn't been discussed what they would do.

"I'm coming back to Hogwarts with you, at the very least we need to get to know each other properly, and you have another year and a half of school to finish. It will be fine my Dragon," Charlie reassured him.

"Draco's room is empty in my quarters, you are welcome there until everything is decided and sorted. Harry and Draco have started spending more time there anyway," Lucius offered.

"Woo moving in with the older lover already Harry, you are getting to be a big bo…OW!" George winced rubbing his arm. "Merlin for such a slim guy you pack a punch," he pouted.

"That's doesn't work on me anymore," Harry shook his head.

"That would be great thank you Mr…Lucius, I didn't fancy tracking down Dumbledore and having to go through everything tonight while he twinkles at me and makes some veiled comments about the fact that the animosity between our houses is definitely over with this," Charlie rolled his eyes with a lazy grin, ignoring George who was now trying to get sympathy from an amused but unsympathetic Neville.

"Come on then, we should get going," Harry sighed looking at the time. They had all made their way to the living room and found somewhere to sit, chatting and laughing for a couple of hours after supper so it was nearing midnight already.

"Ok, well we'll see you all soon, no doubt another meeting about a third veela pairing," Bill grinned wrapping his arm around Fleur before they aparated out.

"Neville, we were wondering whether we could escort you to a proper restaurant,"

"Next weekend, just the three of us this time?" Fred and George asked hopefully as the shy boy stepped away from them. Neville looked at Harry nervously who smiled back encouragingly.

"I…" he watched the twins expressions fall clearly expecting another rejection, steeling himself with the Gryffindor courage most people doubted he possessed he nodded his head. "I'd love to, send an owl with when and where?"

"We…yes…of course, yes," Fred and George beamed as they leant in and kissed a cheek each before allowing the blushing boy to hurry over to where the Hogwarts bound group were waiting.

"Brilliant, nearly all my brothers are pairing off and I'm still single," Ron said mournfully.

"Maybe if you would just give in and shag Seamus through the mattress the way you both want you wouldn't spend the night as cold and alone," Harry grinned before apparating himself and Lucius out to Ron's horrified yell of "HARRY!"

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