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Title: Unthinkable
Summary: AU. Set post-Born This Way. Blaine thought Kurt was going to be safe when he went back to McKinley. He had no idea that Karofsky would ever do the unthinkable. Slash. Warnings are inside, please read them before proceeding with the first chapter!
Genre: Angst/Romance
Rating: M - see warnings below
Pairings: Klaine, Kurtofsky (one-sided, non-con)
Spoilers: Season 2 up to 2x18 - Born This Way. Disregards Rumours, Prom Queen, Funeral, and New York.

WARNINGS - PLEASE READ: Mentions of rape (I'm not going to get graphic on it, but it is implied), violence, physical and emotional abuse are contained in this story and may be triggering. PLEASE DO NOT READ IF ANY OF THAT BOTHERS YOU.

Author's Note: Yes, I know Karofsky gave Kurt a legitimate apology in Prom Queen. It just works out for this that he's the villain.


Kurt hadn't really spoken during the drive from Lima to Westerville.

Blaine didn't blame him. His boyfriend had had an awful day at McKinley High School, and he'd only been back around a week.

From what Finn had told him over the phone (the jock had called because he didn't know what else to do - the jocks were finding time to torment his step-brother when he wasn't around, and he had nearly reached his breaking point), Kurt had been slushied at least every other class period, thrown in a dumpster at least twice, and shoved into a locker almost every time he passed a jock in the hallway.

His hand tightened its grip on Kurt's shoulder. The brunette's hair had lost its heavily styled look, and his pale face and neck were littered with bruises. Blaine's Dalton blazer was draped over his shoulders, though it did not stop him from shivering violently.

He was infuriated. Where were the Bully-Whips that Kurt had mentioned? The group that Santana and Karofsky had first formed (Kurt had told him it was more Santana's idea than the jock's), was supposed to protect him.

And what about the rest of New Directions? Okay, so Santana had nearly ripped into Azimio for throwing him in the dumpster, but she hadn't stopped it from happening.

It didn't help matters that, as he'd helped Kurt into the parking lot at the school, that he'd had a shouting match with Rachel.

"What more do you want us to do, Blaine? Do you think we like that this is happening to him?"

"If you guys would ignore all your own drama for once and help him out, maybe he wouldn't have to deal with this! Hell, he shouldn't have to deal with this!"

"Maybe he should have just stayed at Dalton then!"

Blaine knew she hadn't meant to say it, but it was too late: Kurt dissolved into tears as the Warbler helped him into his car and made sure his seatbelt was secure.

One look at Rachel's face had told him she wanted to take it back, but he was too angry to care. He kissed Kurt's cheek and shut the passenger door before walking around to get into the driver's seat.

They left less than five minutes later.

He didn't see the truck following them out of the parking lot.

"Kurt?" Blaine put the car in park and cut the engine. "Kurt, we're here."

His boyfriend's eyes drifted away from his lap and up to survey the plain, two-story house.

He didn't seem to care.

Blaine got out of the car and walked around to help Kurt out. The counter-tenor leaned on him heavily as the Warbler led him up the drive toward the front door.

"Where are your parents?" the brief sentence was so soft that Blaine barely heard it.

"Working." he pulled his house key out of his pant pocket and unlocked the door. "Don't worry about them, I'm here by myself a lot during summer break. Not that big of a deal."

The inside of the house was moderately spacious, the walls painted white. Various wall decor dotted the walls, as well as the occasional picture of Blaine by himself or with the rest of the Anderson family.

Blaine led Kurt upstairs and into the bathroom, carefully easing him down onto the side of the bathtub. He winced at seeing the taller boy clutch the blazer tighter against his shaking frame.

"I'm going to get you some clean clothing, okay? I'll be right back, I promise."

Kurt nodded.

Blaine turned and made his way back to his bedroom. After sifting through the clothes in his dresser, he grabbed a slightly oversized Dalton sweatshirt (his mother had hoped he'd hit another growth spurt), and a pair of gray sweats that he'd borrowed from his father over Christmas break but neglected to give back (he doubted his father would mind).

The sound of glass shattering in the bathroom nearly made his heart stop.

He clutched the clothing tightly to his chest as he made his way back toward the other room.

Fear mingled with shock, and anger ripped through him like a wildfire as his boyfriend was dragged out of the bathroom, blood coating one side of his face, mingling with tears.

"Blaine -"

"Shut up, Hummel." snarled another voice.

His heart sped up, pounding furiously against his ribcage. Fear was now more prevalent than anger, because he knew that voice.

He'd heard it once on the steps at McKinley High School.

Oh no...oh please no...

And another time at the Night of Neglect benefit that New Directions had held in order to raise funds for Nationals in New York. The clothing he'd been holding fell to the floor.

It was Dave Karofsky, and he had a gun to Kurt's head.

Blaine and Kurt stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity before Blaine spoke.

"Let him go."

Karofsky laughed.

"Why the hell should I do that, Anderson? He's mine." he spit out.

Blaine shook his head, eyes never leaving Kurt's.

"No he's not," he replied calmly. "Do you think anyone would want to be with you if you hurt them the way you've hurt him? I certainly wouldn't."

"Shut up!" Karofsky's eyes were bulging. He looked ready to kill.

Blaine was scared to death he was actually going to lose it and pull the trigger on Kurt.

His foot edged forward a fraction of an inch.

What happened next happened so fast he barely had time to realize it was indeed occuring.

He heard the gun go off and Kurt's scream of "Blaine!" Blinding, crippling pain errupted in his left shoulder, followed by the feeling of something warm and sticky seeping through his dress shirt.

He hit the floor barely conscious.

Kurt was still screaming as Karofsky dragged him downstairs.

"No! No, please - Blaine, no - Dave, he's not -"

Blaine whimpered softly, hands trembling madly as he tried to locate his wound and stop the bleeding.

"No, please don't, Dave - I love him, I just - No, stop. STOP!"

Then he heard a shrill scream.


Hot tears made their way down his cheeks as he realized the horrible truth: Karofsky was raping Kurt.

Five minutes later, he could hear Kurt sobbing, and then the back door opened and slammed shut. Then he realized something: he couldn't hear Kurt anymore.

Oh God...he took Kurt with him...

The engine of Karofsky's truck roared as he sped off.

Silence reigned.

Then the front door opened and closed twenty minutes later.

The last thing Blaine heard before losing consciousness was a woman screaming.

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