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Chapter 28:

Blaine arrived at the Hummel-Hudson house less than forty minutes later after his phone conversation with Kurt.

Sure he'd had to talk his way out of a speeding ticket, and he might have to crash at his mother's or Josh's house because there was no way he'd make it back to Dalton by curfew, but he didn't really care.

Kurt was more important.

Kurt had kept the conversation short: that he was going to have to testify, and that he was scared, and could Blaine please come over because he was so scared and he needed his boyfriend, and his dad, Carole and Finn weren't helping.

He sighed and knocked lightly on the door.

Finn answered.

"Hey man." he said wearily.

Blaine didn't smile.

"Hey Finn. Where's Kurt?" he said.

Finn stepped back so Blaine could enter the house.

"Kitchen." he replied. "With Burt and my mom." he paused. "He wanted to go up to his room, but his dad doesn't think that it'd help him."

Blaine thanked him and then hurried into the other room. Kurt was seated across from his father, staring moodily at a cup of what Blaine thought might be coffee. Carole was sitting next to him.

"Er...Kurt?" he said.

Kurt's head jerked up and he was out of his chair in a flash, throwing his arms around the Warbler's neck. He saw both Burt and Carole's reactions and his smile faded a little; Kurt was still having trouble with physical contact with everyone except with him.

"Woah. Hey, I've got you." he said soothingly. "I've got you, sshh. Do you want to go up to your room?"

Kurt nodded, pressing his cheek against Blaine's shoulder.

"Yes...yes please, I can't stay down here, they won't listen -"

"Sssh." Blaine pulled back, but didn't dare touch the countertenor's face. "It's okay." he looked at his boyfriend's father. "Would that be alright?"

Burt just nodded. He didn't bother to add the usual 'Door open' comment. He and Blaine, and especially Kurt, knew they weren't going to do anything.

Kurt dropped his arms from Blaine's neck and instead grabbed his hand, pulling him upstairs.

Once in Kurt's room, the brunette curled up on his bed, and gestured for Blaine to sit down.

"Kurt, what's wrong?" he asked as he crawled onto the bed and situated himself so he was sitting crosslegged, facing the other boy. "Please, talk to me."

Kurt looked at his hands, which were busy clutching his comforter so tightly his knuckles had turned white.

"I can't do it, Blaine." he whispered. "I can't sit there in that box and talk about what he did to me...not with him right there."

Blaine kept silent. He couldn't interrupt his boyfriend, not when he was this broken up about what had happened and was going to happen to him.

When it didn't appear that Kurt was going to speak anytime soon, Blaine edged forward, stopping only when Kurt started to scramble backward, fear in his eyes.

"Nobody is going to let him hurt you." he said as calmly as he could manage. "I won't let him hurt you. It'll be alright. He'll be convicted when this is all over, and we can move on."

Kurt looked at him, curious.

"How do you know?" he asked in a small voice. "Because that might not happen - he could be acquitted -"

Blaine shook his head.

"No." he said firmly. "They can't acquit. There's too much evidence against him." he paused. "Are you planning to talk about this with Dr. George?"

Kurt snorted.

"Yeah. Right, like I would ever dream of discussing this with her." He rolled onto his side so he could grab a couple magazines. "Do you want to read one of these with me or -?"

"Don't change the subject, Kurt." Blaine's voice was soft, and his grip was firm as he grabbed the magazines from Kurt and set them aside. "I'm worried about you. I don't know what else to do."

Kurt let out a small gasp.

"You're going to break up with me?" he asked brokenly.

Blaine's jaw dropped.

"No!" he cried. "Kurt, no, I couldn't - I wouldn't do that to you. I'm so crazy about you. Nothing's changed about how I feel, I promise you that."

Kurt stared at him incredulously, as if he thought Blaine was playing with him...lying to keep him calm.

"Are you going to be alright if I move a little closer?" asked the sophomore gently.

Kurt hesitated, then nodded. Blaine scooted forward on the mattress until their knees were only a few inches apart. He took Kurt's hand in his own and brought it to his lips.

It was a miracle that Kurt didn't flinch or yank his hand away. In fact he smiled a little, and Blaine's heart leapt.

"Blaine?" said Kurt softly.


"Do you remember what you said about your brother's family?" he asked. Blaine nodded. "Was that invitation still open?"

The dark haired boy squeezed his hand lightly.

"Yes. I told you, they didn't want to push. Why?"

Kurt's smile was a little uncertain.

"I-If it's alright with them...could we go over this weekend?"

Blaine returned his smile and rubbed his hand soothingly.

"I'll talk to them. I'm going to ask if I can crash there tonight anyway."

"Thank you."

Burt looked over at Carole.

"I don't know how much more of this I can take," he said softly. "He's only been home a few days or so, and Blaine's the only one he'll really let touch him -"

"Besides you," she pointed out, "He has let you hug him."

Burt shrugged and moved to put what was leftover from dinner into a couple tupperware containers.

"It doesn't matter," he glanced toward the living room, where Finn had a game blaring on the TV. "He's not going to ever be the same, Carole...and I don't know what else to do to help him."

Blaine came downstairs after an hour, to find Burt and Finn on the couch. Carole was reading in a nearby chair. The two men were emersed in some game. He was too tired to even ask who was playing, or even what sport.

Burt glanced at him when he moved to grab his coat.

"Kurt okay?" he asked uncertainly.

Finn tore his eyes from the TV and looked at his step-brother's boyfriend the moment he heard his name. Carole didn't look up from her book, but he didn't miss how her eyes flicked to him and back to her book.

"He fell asleep trying to explain to me that my out of school wardrobe needs to be, and I quote, 'burned to ash and then buried a long with last season's rejected ensembles'."

Finn snorted and Burt rolled his eyes. Carole smothered a giggle behind one hand.

"You heading back to Dalton?" he said.

Blaine shook his head.

"No. I'm about to call my brother and let him know I'm coming over. It's a twenty minute drive but I can make it." he yawned.

Burt exchanged a look with Carole.

"Don't even think about it, you can crash here tonight."

Blaine nearly dropped his car keys.

"What?" he said.

Burt shrugged.

"I'm not letting you drive this late." he said. "You can sleep in the guest bedroom." he looked over at Finn. "Grab him a pair of your sweats and a t-shirt please."

Finn was out of the room in a flash.

Blaine looked over at Burt and Carole, feeling guilty.

"You - I don't want to impose -"

"It's nothing." said Burt, watching as he removed his coat once more and hung it up.

Finn came back and passed a bundle of clothing into the shorter boy's arms.

"Thank you." he said softly, before kicking off his shoes and heading for the stairs. "Thank you so much, Mr. Hummel."

Burt smiled.

"You're welcome."

Karofsky couldn't sleep.

The bed in his cell wasn't really comfy, and he kept wondering what would happen when he met with his attorney in the morning.

The trial would start in a couple of days, and he needed to know that this person could get him out of going to prison.

He rolled over, and remembered how annoyed he'd been when someone had ratted him out for the cell phone that had been smuggled into the jail.

So now he was facing harrassment charges in addition to what he was already having to contend with.

That was just great.

Although a plus to the trial starting would mean he would get to see Kurt.

That made him excited.

Very excited.

When Kurt woke up the next morning, he felt a little better. He was heading to the bathroom to take a shower when he noticed that the door of the guest bedroom was closed.

That was weird. The door was normally left open unless they had a guest. He pressed a hand to the door and pushed it open.

The bed was made up, yes, but someone had definitely been sleeping in it. Also, a pair of Finn's sweats, and a McKinley Titans t-shirt lay folded at the foot of the mattress.


Kurt yelped and wheeled around, heart pounding. It was Finn.

"You scared the hell out of me!" he cried, waiting for his heart to stop pounding.

Finn shrugged, smiling apologetically.

"Sorry bro. Blaine's downstairs eating breakfast. You should probably shower."

Kurt frowned.


"Yeah, your dad didn't want him to drive back to Dalton so late." Finn turned to go into his room. "He said he'd wait to see you before he drove back."

Kurt just shrugged sleepily and headed to the bathroom. Maybe once he'd had coffee he could fully appreciate the fact that his boyfriend was here.

Thirty minutes later (he half hoped Blaine had left by now, he didn't want him to be late), he came downstairs and, to his disappointment, saw Blaine parked in front of the television.

"Blaine?" he said tentatively.

The Warbler looked up, and grinned.

"Morning," he greeted.

Kurt smiled and sat down next to him.

"You should have left by now." he observed quietly.

Blaine shook his head.

"You're more important than Dalton." he shrugged. "I'll just miss first and second period anyway."

Kurt opened his mouth to argue, but Blaine held up a hand to stop him.

"I just wanted to see you before I left, okay?" he said gently.

Kurt smiled weakly at him.

They spent a few more minutes in silence, before he finally convinced Blaine to leave to get back to Dalton, and then he and Finn left for McKinley.

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