Jaz Hennings really didn't think her vast knowledge of useless things would be off any use in , she did even think that a situation would arise that she would need to kick serious undead here they where,up shit creek without a paddle and a hole the size of texas in the boat.

The day started out normally enough;get up at 5:30 am,take a shower,drink black tea,get dress and go to highschool for another painful day of mindnumbing boredom.

But as the sun waned in the evening,around 5:30, Jaz noted a distinct chilly atmosphere in the air as she dressed for the afterschool dance club she was dance club was not a free for all party,let's-get-wasted club,it was more structured and it was a place were hope-to-be-professional dancers could get together and do what they loved to do,dance.

Jaz,clad in her red leotard and black jazz pants,stretched at the bar humming along with her ipod which was strapped to her arm,ignoring the ballet snobs as they stared in disapproval of the fairly new dancer in the couldn't kick her out or even tell her to change her clothes so instead they alienated in turn pretended that they didn't exist.

Jaz was just finishing her triple pirouette when a scream pierced through her music and nearly made her eardrums ripped out her skullcandies and faced the commotion happening behind of the ballet snobs was craddling her bleeding in a moment of pure pleasure smirked but when she started to blubber about moving corpses and 'a sicko biting people' Jaz lost her self rightous immediatly ran over to the crying girl and wrenched her bleeding arm from her frensied panic was not helping the situation.

"Hey let go!Your gonna hurt her sophmore!"A senior snapped between her tears.

"If you don't want your friend to die from shock or blood loss I suggest you shut the fuck up and let me help Conny,Jenna."Jaz, the normally quiet black girl that always either had a book or an ipod in her hands, shouted silencing the shocked senior.

"Good, now hand me something to staunch her bleeding, tights would bring me some get that first aid kit."They all just stared at the fifteen year old girl.

"Now!"Jaz yelled at them,dark brown eyes glittering with anger.

They rushed around the room and swiftly brought her the then methodically cleansed the gash,smeared a ton of neosporine and wrapped it with gauze and tights, all the while urging the wounded girl to drink the Conny was calmed down she told Jaz exactly what happened.

"I was talking to Erik Felk, you know the hot guy from the swim team?When out of now where this-this thing ran up and bit him!And once Erik fell other things like it came out and started to eat him alive!Oh my God!OMG!OMG!OMG!They ate hiiiiimmmmm!They ate screamed for me to help, but I-I-I this other guy,he looked really familar, came out and tried to grab me and bite me!He had fangs!OMG!He had fangs!He said that he will have his revenge and make us squeal like pigs when he raped us.I managed to get away but I cut myself on the barb wire outside.I don't wanna die!I don't!I don't deserve this!I don't wanna diiieee!"She started to scream.


Conny held her stinging cheek and looked in fright at the unasuming black girl,that looked like one of the beautiful greek models that Conny looked up to, that slapped her.

"Get a hold of yourself!You are a proud beautiful bitch and you know it!Show some backbone and quit crying, it's getting you nowhere."Jaz snapped.

Conny nodded screaming could be heard loudly through the walls and inhuman moaning stirred fear in the air.

"What are we gonna do?"Jenna asked, the tortured screaming being temporarily ignored but was a constant noise in the background.

"Why are you asking me?I'm just a sophmore,you guys are seniors and juniors."Jaz replied back to her aloof persona.

"Be-because you know things we don't."Jaz inclined her head slightly,taking her revenge for their haughty behavior towards her where she could.

"And you are smart."Jaz rolled her eyes at the rephrased yet repetitive statement Michelle made.

"You a leader?"Lizzy asked clearly confused.

Jaz sighed and nodded which caused the girls to smile and clap happily.

"First, Conny tell me what this fanged guy looked like."Jaz suddenly took on a serious, cold,calculative demeanor that made the girls somewhat unnerved.

"Well he had huge bug eyes and a pudgy face."

"Great you narrowed it down to half of the school population."Jaz said sarcasticly.

"He was really,I mean really,tall and baby fingers."A identity was forming in Jaz's head.

"Any defining facial characteristics?"

"Um...oh!Oh,oh,oh he had a butt chin!"The girl's laughed madly at that.

"Josh disapeared three weeks ago."Jaz snapped coldly at the giggling girl's.

"?Us and the football and swim team played around with him a bit."Lizzy laughed again.

"Played?You mean bullied Eliza."Jaz said her tone so cold it could have given an ice cube frostbite.

"Don't call me that you ain't my mom,whore."Lizzy bitched and flipped Jaz the bird.

Lizzy was down on the ground moaning, holding her very bleeding face before she could blink.

"That's your name isn't it Eliza?This I bet was what you meant by playing now look at what you and your cruelty has and your fuckin crew have caused the screaming you hear because you got a taste of all thought you could get away with it but guess what?Karma came back in the form of a homisidal bully victim and a horde of cannibals."Lizzy stood wide eyed at the young woman in front of her and broke into tears.

"Why did you have to be such a bitch about it?"Michelle went to coddle her best friend.

"Because that girl needed a reality 't misunderstand me,I dont' fuckin care if you hate me afterward or not but you will listen to me if you want to live."Jaz said and picked up the baseball bat that was used in the school play,Babe, three weeks ago.

"Why do you know so much huh?Can you see the future bitch?"Lizzy snapped holding her swallon nose.

"I don't suppose you know the rumor about me?"

"What that you are a crazy psycho bitch or that you are a prostitute?"Michelle sneered, the lights suddenly shorted out causing the girls to gasp.

"Well, the latter is I was kidnapped, nearly beaten to death, raped repeatedly and dropped back on campus in fith naturally I've studied all I could about the darker side of things to protect myself or rather numb myself in such events like this."Jaz explained softly slightly shaking when she remembered the abuse.

Jaz then hunted around for the emergency flashlights and phone, ignoring the suddenly quiet shamefaced found the glow in the dark flashlights and emergency phone in the teacher's desk and tried the phone but found that it was plugged into the wall, therefore rendered useless if there was no school staff.

The dancers looked at her stupified as she tossed them their flashlights.

"I-I-I-"Lizzy stuttered.

"A person can only grow as much as their horizons let them."Jaz said wistfully and twirled the bat,unbeknowenst to her looking like a serene amazon warrior.

The girls froze when the heard a crash and moaning from behind them. A zombie wrenched itself away from the now broken back door and ran at the stunned girls mouth gaping and rotted face staring lifelessly.

"Erik!"Conny screamed as the zombie once known as Erik stumbled near her, shining her flashlight on the half eaten face.


'Erik's' head flew off spraying the batter and Conny with blood. The body fell to the floor still.

"Ohmygod!"Conny screamed looking up at Jaz who flicked her bloody hair away from her face casually as if she didn't just behead a zombie with a bat.

"Get weapons.I don't care what it is,just get something with range and blunt force."Jaz instructed and kicked at the legs of a chair until she was able to wrench it off and gave it to Conny.

Once the girls had their makeshift weapons they listened intently to their youthful leader Jaz as she told the plan to escape.

Alucard approached the highschool campus with after being stuck in America for a week with nothing to do he got to kill could be heard and ghoul moans frowned, there was only one freak to deal with yet so many this was revenge or the American government waited until the last second to tell his master Integra about the situation.

"What a waste of moonlight."

Jaz panted and waited until the undead cheerleader zombies went past the surviving students hiding spot to emerge and scan the area.

"Let's sounds."Jaz whispered and led the survivors that went from five to twenty to the outragously huge football field, that just beyond it hid the student parking lot.

The made it half way before the floodlights suddenly kicked on,causing Jaz and the others blindness for a few heard a cackly teenaged laugh and whipped around to face it bat ready to strike.

"Now Jaz I thought we were friends?"Josh Whitz cackled.

"Were being the key word there."Jaz said and stood defiantly, refusing to show any fear to him, even though her heart was about to burst from her chest.

Josh blinked then threw his head back laughing exposing long fangs.

"I always liked you, fact why don't you become my queen?Join me in our eternal night."Josh bowed and took her hand to kiss it.

"Um,raincheck?I rather like my brain were it is not in lala land with the drugs you are possibly taking."Jaz smiled sarcasticly,her famous biting wit showing itself.

That did not go over well with pale red eyes flashed violently before he sent Jaz crashing into the coughed into her hand and felt the sudden wettness on her .The son ova bitch made her bleed.

Josh sniffed the air and stiffened.

"Your no virgin."

"Really?I didn't know."Jaz stubbornly stood up from the bent bleachers causing her to gasp and clutch her cracked if not broken ribs.

"None the less I think you would be fun to play with.I bet you'd like it rough and kinky huh whore?I certianly do."Josh smiled sadisticly.

"I didn't know you wanted a dominatrix Joshy."Jaz riled him and made subtle go-away movements with her hand.

The group slowly step by step backed away taking full advantage of the offer.

"You bitch!"Josh slapped her making her bust her lip.

She spat out the blood that filled her mouth and smiled spitfully at him.

"That all you got Joshy?A slap?"Jaz sneered.

The next hit took her acrossed the field, to land painfully on her side.

"You will obey me whore."Josh was next to her in a flash savagely pulling her insanely curly hair, renching her neck back.

"Read my .You."She spat in his eye.

Alucard followed the freak to what appeared to be a playing field and watched as the dark skinned spitfire brutally smashed the freak's ego and defiantly stood up to what she was terrorfied of.

"You will obey me whore."Alucard watched no longer amused by the freak's behavior.

The girl who looked like she was around seventeen spat in the freak's face causing him to roar in anger.

"Read my .You."Alucard finally desided to make an appearence as the freak reached down at the clearly injured girl to no doubt rip her throat open.

"Put her down."A deep masculine voice resounded in the air making Jaz shiver.

"Who are you?"Josh pulled the girl up as a shield against the new commer.


Alucard looked at the girl had a lean strong body,and dark intellegent eyes that show awareness in every movement they wild curly hair was naturally black with the half underneath dyed a brilliant straight greek nose highlighted her intellegent eyes which where surrounded by long black lashes.

Alucard pulled out his casul and steadied his aim on them.

"Girl do you want to die?"

"Girl do you want to die?"The giangtic man named Alucard asked Jaz leveling a flaming gaze on her.

"What?"Josh panicked.

"Um, hold that thought."Jaz smiled genuinely at Alucard, which seemed to shock him, and violently smacked her head into Josh's face, breaking his nose, making him loose his grip momentarily.

That was all she needed and she dropped to the floor and rolled towards Alucard out of reach of Josh, ignoring the stabbing pain in her side..Alucard flashed her a wide grin as approval of her actions and she nodded pleased and smiled back.

Josh looked up at the grinning pair and moved to kill then a single bullet pierced his ribcage and ripped into his still poof, he turned to ash.

There was a moment of silence.

"Um, thanks for saving me.I really didn't want to die."A little blood leaked from her mouth.

"Your did a good job, splended many can stand against a freak like that."Alucard's eyes bored into her dark brown eyes.

"Well,apparently not that good if the real deal could pick up on it."Alucard quickly hid his mild suprise and smiled at Jaz.

"Am I caught?"

"Of course,"The girl coughed into her palm clutching her side and looked at her red painted palm with distaste.

"Now,um, can you get me to a hospital.I think I'm bleeding internally."She said smartly before fainting.

He caught her when she passed out, more blood trickling out from her licked it away finding it tasting like virgin blood, even purer actually and much sweeter.

This girl is odd, if not amusing.Alucard thought as he teleported her to the Hellsing emergency wing.