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Well, it's that time of year again—the weekend before a new season of Bones begins! In honor of tradition (if you do something two years in a row, that counts as tradition, right?), I have another 24 hour marathon planned for today. This one is a little different in that all of the posts will be in this single thread.

It's a look at snippets of the B&B life at all hours of the day. No, no…this isn't some Jack Bauer '24' type of day where Booth makes Brennan come every hour for one entire day (um, can you even imagine? Wait, strike that…of course we can imagine it. We're smut writers/readers. It's what we do.), rather…it's just B&B at different times in their relationship (as of Hole in the Heart, Season Six), and sorted by hour.

A few notes before I begin:

1. I have to say that I absolutely would not have been able to get this done without the help of Bones bestie and smut writing partner in 'crime', SleeplessInAtlanta. She's the best! Basically, if you come across any part and think "Oh, that's hot!", she probably wrote it. Anything that sucks was all me (twss).

2. Also, some other people gave me some great 'hour' prompt suggestions on Twitter. I'll be giving credit where it's due when applicable, because this site doesn't allow for dual authorship on stories. It also doesn't allow me to schedule posts to go live at planned times during the day, which means my alarm will be going off in hourly increments for me to post. Ugh! Haha, I'm over it.

3. A word of warning (Sorry…on to the smut soon, I promise!). I just had a small surgery yesterday (Saturday) morning. Good news is I'm mostly bedridden for all of today (Sunday-thus optimal posting time), but I'm also on some painkillers that make me feel very...goooood, if you catch my drift. If my spelling is terrible, or if I miss something like that or grammar-wise, let me know in the comments, and I'll fix it. If for some reason, I miss an exact hour or something because I'm sleeping, I promise I'll catch up.

4. I'm generally happy with the storyline on Bones at the end of season six (this is neither really the time nor place to get into it all), except when it comes to B&B smut. I like that B&B are having a baby, but I wouldn't have minded them having a year of some serious pre-baby sexy times, right? Having said that, I find it annoying that all of a sudden, this baby (whom again, I'm not mad about its existence in 'real' show world!) seems to have to fit into every fic. Screw that! So, sometimes I mention it, and sometimes not. Sometimes it's just B&B sex, and I don't get into huge details on what their baby is doing or who is watching it, etc, etc, etc!

And okay, okay…one more note: inevitably, whenever I do these marathons, someone always thinks that I am writing all of them as the 'day' goes along. I wish! No, these are the result of days/weeks of writing and saving up (and Sleepless's editing!) . Okay, enough from me!

I hope you enjoy this series!


"I want you inside me."

Those were five of Booth's favorite words. When said together, by her, they always…always… brought a delicious shiver up and down his spine and shot sensation right through his entire body. But they usually came when he was already naked and primed to bury himself deep inside his sexy partner. Sometimes she'd be over him…her hot and wet core just brushing over the quivering head of his cock. Sometimes he'd be over her, her taste on his tongue and her fingers tangling in his hair as she yanked him up. "I want you inside me," she'd demand on a gasp before sinking down onto him or spreading her legs wide for his first thrust.

But now…now they weren't naked. Now they were dancing, completely dressed—him in a tux, and her in some gorgeous red dress he'd been itching to peel away all night. "Bones," he groaned, incapable of not pulling her just a fraction closer.

Hodgins and Angela's party was loud and boisterous and as the clock hands moved closer and closer to midnight, the revelers grew louder and more rambunctious. Existing couples paired off, singles drank liquid courage and prepared to ring in the new year.

And Bones wanted him. Inside her. Damn if he didn't want that too.

"I want to come exactly at midnight," she continued, murmuring in his ear as she gently stroked the back of his neck. "I want it, Booth. I never have before, …that I know of," she clarified, and he had to smile.

"Jeez, Bones," he rasped out, giving a tiny automatic thrust between her legs. "You could have mentioned that a couple of hours ago. No way in hell we get home before midnight."

She didn't answer him, but just smiled at him in expectation. Booth groaned, knowing there was also no way in hell he wasn't going to do exactly what she wanted. But the question was—how? How would he make it work?

He spotted a dark hallway and tightened one arm around her waist. "Come on…let's go."

She followed easily, and Booth blindly led them to a storage closet. He didn't flick on the lights, he barely locked the door. Hell, he didn't want to know anything more about this room than he had to. Instead, he fisted the satiny and scratchy material of her dress and hiked it up to her waist with one hand. Brennan arched her neck back and groaned, and Booth leaned in and kissed her frantically. "Bones…shhh! People will hear you!"

She didn't reply but just yanked his jacket open and went for the buckle on his pants. It loosened easily under her nimble fingers, and then she was shoving down his pants and briefs before fisting him in one cool stroke.

"Damn, Bones!" he nearly shouted, and she captured his mouth with hers.

"Shhh," she taunted and bit his bottom lip playfully. "People will hear you, Booth."

He growled and easily slid aside the flimsy strip of her panties before taking her arms and looping them around his neck. Then he wrapped one of her legs around his waist while he used two fingers to rub her intimately. She was already dripping wet, and this time, a creamy wet. Wet and soft and so fucking hot. "Bones, you want me inside you?" he asked the question he knew was rhetorical. He stroked himself with his other hand, nice and tight, getting himself hard enough to explode within seconds of being buried inside her. He replaced his fingers on her folds with the head of his cock, rubbing along her slit and nudging her clit with thick strokes.

"Yes…yes, yes…Booth, yes!" she rotated her hips in circles, and he recognized her rhythm. She was very close and her fingernails were scraping along his shirt collar. Outside the room, they heard rustles of crowds, and there was a jiggle to the door handle. Booth figured it was some other horny couple trying to find a private place, and once again, he could not believe they were on the inside of that door. But Brennan grabbed his neck and crushed her mouth to his in a desperate kiss, and he obliged, kissing her back as he lined himself up to her entrance. Slowly, so slowly, he entered her, reveling in the way her head fell back against the door with a soft thunk.

"Bones," he slid out and back in, groaning at the way her entrance fairly sucked him inside. "I'm gonna make you come right at midnight. Just like you want it."

"Yes," she nodded, and in the dark room, he could still see the pale column of her neck. Could see the way her lips were parted and her eyes closed in ecstasy. Slow pulls out of her and quicker thrusts inside of her. One after the other after the other, too slow to bring her to orgasm, but fast enough to keep her right on the edge. He pressed his hand to her bare thigh under her dress and when he heard the crowd begin to count down from ten, he brushed his thumb against her clit.

"Ten," a brush…

"Nine!" a swirl of the pad of his thumb…

"Eight!" a deeper thrust…

"Seven" a 'fuck yes' from her lips…

"Six"… "Bones, this is so damn good."…

"Five!" another brush. "I usually, oh yes, have good ideas"…

"Four" a quick thrust and then another…

"Three"… "Come on, baby…come for me,"…

"Two"… "Yes, Booth. Yes, Yes, Yes!"…

"Happy New Year!" rang throughout the entire house, covering up the sweet cry of release that escaped Brennan's lips as she came hard around Booth. He groaned just as loud and buried his face in her neck, pumping wildly inside of her until he exploded, coming in hot, pleasurable waves.

"Bones, Bones, Bones, Bones," he panted, kissing her warm and slightly damp neck. She turned her head and met his lips, and he tasted her small smile. He couldn't help but smile in return, and then they both chuckled as he removed her leg from around his waist and helped her fix her underwear. She nuzzled her cheek to his chest as she helped him fix his briefs and pants and then surprised him by wrapping her arms around his waist and kissing his throat. She hugged him sometimes, but usually in the privacy of her apartment, and not usually after hot sex.

"Bones?" he asked, hoping she wasn't upset about anything. When she looked up at him with clear, impossibly gorgeous eyes, he felt a shift in his body. It was the same shift he'd been feeling since the day he met her, and he knew he'd feel the same way the rest of his life.

"Thank you, Booth," she sighed and kissed his chin. "I've always wanted to do that, but never had the opportunity…" When he stiffened a bit, she soothed him with a kiss to his lips. "Nor a man I really actually wanted to test it out with. Now I know it's possible."

Booth was still a little tense. "It's possible with us, you mean." He didn't need her going and trying her new found knowledge out on anyone else, ever.

"Of course, I mean us…who else would I mean?" she replied, and he was reminded again that they were both in this forever.

"Nobody, Bones…" he murmured and opened the closet door. "Nobody else but us."


See you in an hour!