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Chapter 1- Playground

"Very, very good. But can you handle this?" I challenged, cart wheeling easily across the room to the small iron case I had come for. This is much too easy… I must be getting better.

Kid Flash tried to get through the fire Jinx had set upon the old, worn-down barn. The hay was burning fast, and KF was surrounded by it. He ran as fast as he could through the small opening and over to Jinx, taking the box from her easily.

"Yeah, I think I can beautiful," he says, wiggling his eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms, "That's mine! The owner doesn't even know he lost it! " My horns slowly fall into ponytails due to me not using enough hairspray. My forehead has a bead of sweat from the humidity of the room.

KF just shakes his head, holding the small iron box in his oversized hand, "It isn't yours, Jinx. That's still stealing. And you were doing so well…"

I screamed in frustration, my eyes glowing a dark shade of pink as I sent five consecutive hexes toward him as powerful as I could create in a short time.

He dodged the first four easily, but the fifth caught him by surprise, knocking him to the ground, the iron box sliding into the flames.

"Now look what you did!" I screamed as I ran toward the flames, my eyes searching quickly for the box. I would not lose again!

"J-Jinx!" Kid Flash yelled from the other side of the room, the flames blocking him from view. I hadn't realized until now that I was trapped in the corner. "Where are you? Are you hurt?" his voice sounded urgent and panicked. I'd never heard that kind of concern before…

I shake my head furiously, "You can't help me! I can get out of this by myself!" I screamed. I was not going to be the damsel in distress. I would rather burn to death.

"Jinx, the barn is going to come down!" he yelled, pieces of the ceiling falling. I knew it was a matter of time, but I just couldn't give him the satisfaction of getting the box away from me and saving me. It was bad enough that I let him go in the presence of Madame Rouge.

"I don't care! I'll get out by myself!" I screamed, seeing the box through the flames. I saw a window a few feet away, and knew that was my chance. I flipped over the flames and landed right in front of it. I sent a hex through the glass, easily breaking it. I then climbed onto it, seeing the box right over the first row of flames.

Another part of the ceiling fell down, and I didn't hear Kid Flash anymore. The wuss must have run away. I shake my head. My hero.

I push off the window, finding momentum in a single front flip. I land gracefully a few feet away from the box. I know it's going to be hot, but I have to get it after everything I've gone through. I pick it up, the iron burning my hands. I hold back a scream and throw it through the window, following it soon after.

When I get through the window, I search frantically for the box. It is nowhere in sight… maybe I threw it farther than I thought?

I hear a loud noise, and as I turn around, the entire building collapses on itself. I sigh as I look around for it, but only see a small white paper in the grass. I walk toward it, seeing a red rose attached to the note. It reads:

Sorry I had to take the box from you. I'll see you soon.


I hex the pieces until they are nothing but ash, screaming loudly from the pain. I then turn to the rose. Just as I'm about to turn it to ash also, I remember who it's from. The annoyingly loud, smiley, joking, annoying speedster. I don't know why, but I just can't hex it no matter how hard I try to resist.

I hear faint sirens in the distance, and I know it's time to go. I run through the small field, my platform boots hitting the ground with a loud thud.

When I get to the city, my hands are blistered and I can't even think about hexing anything or anyone. I just hold the rose in my hand, careful not to touch the thorns. I make my way through the streets, thinking about how ridiculous I must look right now.

When I get to about a mile away from the hideout, I see a flash of yellow and red in front of me. Knowing that I had just been inside a burning building, I disregard it as a hallucination and continue on.

"I told you I'd see you soon," he says, leaning against a lamp post casually with his trademark smile. As if he hadn't just been in a barn fire and stolen my box. He then looks to the rose in my hand, "I see you kept the rose… you must like me."

I scoff at him, showing him my hands, "I would've hexed it into ash, but the burns make it slightly difficult. But I promise as soon as they heal I will destroy it."

He sighs, taking a few steps closer, "Listen… Jinx… I offered to help you." He reaches for my hand, and for some god forsaken reason, I let him. "Oh God Jinx… it looks awful. You have to go to a doctor!"

"Oh yeah, because I can just walk into a hospital and expect no one to scream, 'Lock her up!'" I roll my eyes at him, "Thanks for the mock concern, but I can take care of myself."

He sighs, "I wish that for just once you'd let me help you." He then lets go of my wrist, and I let it go limp at my side. I open my mouth to say something, but he continues.

"I've told you that you were meant for more than petty robbery. And now you're getting hurt because of something that you could control if you just listened to me!" His smile is gone. It scares me slightly that he isn't joking.

"I don't have a choice! This is me! This is my life! Nothing you say can have any effect on me. I just met you. You have no idea who or what I am." I then run as fast as I can to the hideout. He must have not followed me because he could catch me easily if he wanted to.

I walk in on Gizmo, Billy Numerous, and Mammoth playing some kind of stupid video game. If my hands weren't burned, I would hex the crap out of that thing.

"You fucking idiots! Why didn't you meet me there! I told you to meet me at the barn four hours ago!" I walked over to the first aid room, not even in the mood to hear their excuses.

See-More soon followed me, seeing my hands, "Are you okay?" he asks, his eye full of concern.

"Am I okay? AM I OKAY? I got my ass handed to me by Kid Flash because you weren't able to follow simple instructions! I'm surrounded by fucking idiots!" I grab a rag and clean the ash off my face, throw the rose in the trash, and search for burn cream.

See-More finds it before me, pushing it toward me, "I'm sorry Jinx… but we thought that you told us to stay here instead."

I take the cream and begin to rub it into my hands, stopping as he speaks. I turn around, my eyes a glowing with fury, "When the hell did I tell you that? I told you to leave a half hour after I did!"

"We got a voice communication… we were pretty sure it was you." He looks down, unsure what to say.

I finish rubbing the cream on my hands, shaking my head, "Next time… do a voice identification! Ask me why! Do something other than sit on that fucking couch playing video games!"

Before he could respond, I was already out the door and in the living room. I looked at the group of my teammates, my eyes glowing pink, "Next time, listen to what I tell you!" I then walk to the front door and slam it, wanting to scream with agony due to the pain in my hands.

I walk down the street to the only place I can think of; the old playground. When I get there, I walk over to the only working swing that isn't condemned. I begin to swing back and forth, unsure of what I could or should do next with my idiotic team.

After about an hour of thinking how to torture or kill them, I decide to simply put them through hell in training practice. Content with my decision, I stop the swing and walk over to the apparatus. I climb onto it, looking at the first place that I landed a front flip when I was younger.

I do a double front flip to the slide, careful not to use my hands for anything. I stick the landing gracefully, but then see the speedster in red and yellow spandex. In surprise, I fall straight onto my ass, Kid Flash undeniably loving the scene that just consummated my embarrassment.

"Smooth, and by the way, I love the hair," he says jokingly, reaching down to my arm to help me up. Since I'm already completely passed embarrassed and into humiliated, I let him. "What are you doing here?"

As I get to my feet, I look up into his sparkling blue eyes that shine through the night. When did it get so dark outside? I chew on my cheek, realizing I never fixed my hair. I turn away from him, "I- you wouldn't understand."

He grabs my shoulder and spins me back around, looking deeply into my slit pink eyes, "Why don't you try me?" he asks, a reassuring smile plastered on his face.

I think about it for awhile, but decide that since it's already such a humiliating situation that I can afford some more, "This is the first place I landed a front flip."

His smile grows even wider, "I understand. You want to go forward in your life… become a hero."

My head snaps up, my eyes glowing a pink eerie color, "Why won't you shut up with that? I told you! I'm bad luck… good was never an option for me."

He shakes his head, placing a hand on my shoulder to calm me down, "You have every opportunity in the world. You are your own person, Jinx."

My eyes go back to normal and I look at anything that isn't his eyes, "I just can't."

He shakes his head and gently tilts my chin up so my eyes meet with his. He begins to move closer to me, his lips getting closer and closer when…


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