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Last time...

With that, I begin to search the room for clues; anything that might lead us to the perpetrator... because goddammit, I want my iron box!

...Did I just think 'us?'

Marry Me?

"I know I messed up with the whole safe thing, but is this really necessary?" Kid Flash asks me, and I have to constrain myself from strangling him right there and then.

"Yes it's 'necessary!' If it wasn't, why would I be wasting my time?" I throw back, dragging him through the alleyway. Why exactly am I dragging Kid Flash, a hero, to an underground villains hideout? Oh yeah, because apparently my stupid mind had to add an 'us' to every plan I could think of.

"Maybe you just wanted to spend some extra time with me," he replies, his cocky smile lighting up instantly. Oh god, why are my cheeks reddening? Work with me here, body!

"As if!" I shrug him off, taking off a bit in front of him. And yes, I know that he is probably only letting me go ahead of him so he can check me out. And of course I'm not enjoying every minute of it.

"You keep telling yourself that, Jinxie. I know you want me."

I stop suddenly, and even he has a hard time not running into me. Apparently my assumption was right concerning the whole 'checking me out' thing. I look in every direction before pulling the loose brick out from the old wall that looks ready to collapse at any moment and bring the apartment complex with it. I hold it out behind me without looking, expecting KF to hold it for me. However, when the weight of the brick is still heavy in my hand, I turn around, "Kid, it would be a lot easier..." I begin, but my eyebrow raises when I see him preoccupied with a black cat accross the way.

"What are you doing?" I demand, crossing my arms.

As soon as he hears my voice, he turns quickly, picks up the cat, and replies sheepishly, "I saw Lucky and just had to play with her. C'mon Jinx, look at this face!" he exclaims, the cat's yellow eyes finding my pink ones before hissing, squirming out of Kid Flash's arms, and high-tailing it out of there as if a dog was chasing it.

I chuckle, "Its name is Lucky?" I ask as it turns the corner, KF's mouth agape as he stares after her.

"W-what happened?" he asks, looking back at me with a frown. At my question, he nods, "That's what it said on its collar."

"Animals, cats especially, have never liked me. Yeah, I know, with the whole cat eyes thing you'd think I was a cat lady, but nope." I shrug before handing him the brick when he gets close enough and turning to the wall. I shove my hand inside the opening, searching for the ring I had Gizmo make after he stole the concept from Stone, er... Cyborg. When I finally find it, I smile widely, turning back to KF, "Found it!"

He furrows what can be seen of his eyebrows as he observes the ring, but the confused expression soon turns into a coy smile, "Are you asking me to marry you, Jinxie? I have to admit, it's kinda unexpected, what with the 24/7 arguing and all..."

"I'm not asking you to marry me, moron. And trust me, I'd not be the one asking," I reply, rolling my eyes before exchanging the brick for the ring and setting it back in its place.

"Oh... then what's up with the mysterious ring hidden in the random brick wall?" he asks, rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand as he awkwardly holds the ring with his other.

"It's a device that cloaks your real identity with a false one. Since the person who stole the iron box may know your 'secret' identity, it will help if he or she is actually inside when we go in. Also, I can't exactly bring a hero in with me and expect everyone to not automatically attack you," I explain, taking the ring in one hand and his ring finger in the other before putting it on him and activating it.

"I'm impressed... did that Gizmo kid invent this?" he asks, inspecting his now tan skin.

"As if he actually had the mental capacity to think of something on his own. It was that Cyborg guy's idea," I answer, rolling my eyes.

"How'd he get it from Cyborg? I highly doubt they exchange mechanic ideas over coffee."

"Cyborg, um, he kinda infiltrated HIVE Academy a while back," I admit, chewing on my bottom lip nervously. Before he has a chance to comment, I point at his mask, "You might want to take off the mask. The red and yellow spandex is a dead giveaway. Besides, villains rarely actually try to hide their identity with a mask."

He stares at me for a moment, eye to eye, before nodding and doing as told. He then stuffs the mask into his back pocket and motions for me to lead him. I roll my eyes before pointing out, "You may want to know what you actually look like before we go in to the hideout."

"Right... that might help," he replies before grabbing my hand and walking as quickly as I could across the street to the drugstore. Before he could pull me inside, I get out of his grip and lean toward his ear, "I can't exactly walk in there and expect them to not report me to someone."

"Oh yeah. I'll just be a minute then."

Five minutes later, he walks outside, a frown appearing on the false identity's unmasked face when he can't find me. I sigh as I jump down from my perch, walk up behind him, lace our arms together, and begin walking.

"So what do you think?" I ask, forcing myself to look forward.

"To be honest, I'm kinda wondering why you hid this ring in a random brick wall really far away from your hideout," he answers as I steer us into an alleyway.

"I needed something in case I was on the run from the Titans or the cops," I cover up smoothly, feeling slightly guilty for lying to him.

"Oh. Okay," he allows, running a hand through his ashy brown hair as we continue.

"Here it is," I announce, coming up to the right manhole. I lean over, attemping to pull up the slightly heavy cover. Before I know it, Kid Flash has grabbed the other end and has already jumped down.

"Just jump, I'll catch you," he orders, and I can see his slightly more buff false identity holding his arms out presumably in his 'catching' motion.

"Drop me and I'll kick your ass," I announce before jumping down the manhole. If he drops me, I'm going to have a bad back come tomorrow. I close my eyes, preparing for the impact, but am pleasantly surprised when he actually manages to catch me before setting me back on my feet and adjusting the manhole so it looks like no one ever messed with it.

"Haven't we already been over this? You love my ass," he replies, and to my luck, or unluck, who is there to witness our exchange other than Kitten, the daughter of Killer Moth. Someone kill me now.

"Ohmigawd! Jinxie! No one told me you had a boyfriend! He's totally cute! Almost as cute as Robbi-poo! What's his name?" she squeaks, bouncing from foot to foot as KF looks between us. Suddenly understanding what she said, his arm wraps around my waist, and I have to fight the goddamned blush fighting to force its way onto my cheeks.

"Um... Kitten, this is..." I think for a moment before a spurt of genious, "Breakneck. Breakneck, this is Kitten.

KF gives me a look before holding his free hand out to Kitten, "Nice to meet you, Kitten."

She takes it excitedly before squealing and exclaiming, "It's so great to meet you, Breakie-poo!"

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