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Last Time...

"Remember when we were trapped in Monsieur Mallah's lair?"

"And you didn't bother to get me out for three weeks?"

"Yeah... that time," he says sheepishly, and I can imagine his cheeks reddening, "well... it was stolen from my appartment when we were there. I didn't want to tell you because, well, I was hoping you forgot about it."

"They did WHAT!?"


For a moment, I don't believe it is real. I just think it's a nightmare; a horrible, horrible nightmare.

"Jinx, they stole it. It's gone," Kid Flash says calmly, the sky having been completely enveloped in a dark, starry pattern. The moon shines dully, only a sliver visible in the sky.

"How could you have been so careless? At least if I had it, it would still be in my care! What were you thinking keeping it in your secret identity's house?" I yell in his general direction, my eyes glowing eerily in the darkness with pink energy, disintigrating the contacts.

"That's all you're mad about? Now they know my secret identity!" he replies, crossing his arms.

I think about this for a moment, attempting to calm down a bit so he doesn't run off without giving me answers, "They could have thought you were keeping it at a civilian's house as a clever ruse," I try to convince him, just wanting to get to the point.

"Y-you're right... they couldn't possibly actually know my secret identity. I'm way too careful for that."

"Okay. Now that we have that out of the way, you're going to take me to your 'apartment'," did I just order what I think I did?

"What?" he asks, dumbfounded, stumbling in the sand.

"You heard me. There could be evidence there that you didn't bother to look into. Your family of Flash's aren't exactly known for their brains," I reply, a tinge of anger still twisted around every word I speak.

He stares at me for a long time, the glow in my own helping him to find them. I somewhat wish I could see what's going on inside that brain of his... even though he's not exactly known for what comes out.

"O-kay," he drags out the word, and I can hear him moving around, "but I'm going to carry you there."

"So much for trusting me," I murmur.

"It's not that I don't trust you... it's just that I hate walking at normal speed," he then adds for effect, "You don't want people to see you and think of you as Kid Flash's crony, do you?" he asks, and if it were light enough, I know I'd be able to see a satisfied smirk on his face.

"Nice save there, spandex boy. Just pick me up and lets get going," I huff, and he picks me up bridal-style. "This better not be giving you any ideas," I say harshly, demanding that his brain doesn't wander anywhere I don't want it to.

"Well aren't you in a great mood tonight?" he says in a cocky tone. At my demand, he laughs, his chest raising and lowering with each breath he takes, "Promise I'll keep my thoughts to myself, Jinxie."

Before I can comment, he is already running as fast as he can. As if it wasn't hard enough to see already, my vision goes completely. All I can see are shapes passing us by.

About a minute later, he sets me down, and I almost fall flat on my face. Catching me, he chuckles, "I always forget the effect my running has on people other than me."

"If I could see straight, I would hex you into next year," I reply, steadying myself against the wall.

"Lucky for me, then," he replies, opening a door I hadn't even noticed as I tried to not puke.

He leads me in, hitting a switch near the door to illuminate the small apartment. It may just be the dizziness talking, but it looks nice enough. He leads me to the couch, and without me even realizing it, he grabs some pills and a glass of water. All before I even turn my head.

"This should help," he says, and I take the pills and water thankfully.

"So, this is where you go when you're not pissing me off substantially," I say, eyeing the room thoughtfully as the dizziness begins to subdue.

"Yep. Here she is," he says, and I can't help but get the vibe that he is a bit nervous about it.

"It's...um... nice?" I comment awkwardly, standing up.

"Thanks," he says, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Well, before this gets anymore awkward, show me where you were keeping it," I order, crossing my arms.

"Okay then," he replies, leading me into his bedroom. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to know that he lived there alone. Apparently being the fastest boy alive doesn't contribute to picking up dirty clothes.

Opening a drawer, he pushes a button inside. A reasonably large compartment opens on the wall that I never would have guessed was there, revealing a safe.

"It was inside the safe... it needs my fingerprints, a code, and an eye scan," he explains, not making a move to open it.

"Easy enough. Probably found a glove of yours or something in all the clothes you have on the ground, and eye scans are easy to bypass" I comment, my brain going over possible suspects.

He visibly deflates, playing with a glove as he replies, "I guess I'm not the best with safes."

"Honestly? This safe is pretty pathetic. All it has going for it is the secret button you open it with. After that, it's pretty standard," I say, eyeing the safe in the light of the room.

"I know... but obviously, since I thought no one knew my secret identity, I didn't think I needed much more than this."

"Well, obviously you thought wrong."

With that, I begin to search the room for clues; anything that might lead us to the perpetrator... because goddammit, I want my iron box!

...Did I just think 'us?'

Sorry for the short chapter, I'm just building up to the real action that will happen within the next few chapters. Thanks again for all the reviews and all my readers! See you next time :D