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This is primarily a VXB fic during the three years before the androids, but a little different. Bulma and Krillin both stumble across some things that could stop the whole android thing from ever happening; so it's pretty much an AU, especially since in this fic, Trunks is going to tell them what the androids look like ahead of time. At the same time, Vegeta (who will be very OOC) will be struggling with his hidden emotions and adjusting to the new, safe world around him. In my opinion, his whole arrogant "I hate everyone" attitude is just a front to defend himself. So enjoy this randomly thought up story. And if you don't like, you don't have to read. :3 *innocent smiles*

"Three years from now the world will be attacked by two androids created by Dr. Gero," Trunks explained to Goku. "All the Z-warriors will die, including my father. I'm the only one left to fight."

Trunks told Goku everything about his time, who his parents were (which shocked Goku and Piccolo greatly), and gave him the antidote for the heart virus that would eventually attack his system.

Then Goku asked Trunks something he didn't expect. "Trunks, I don't know how much you can tell me, but will you tell me what the androids look like?"

Trunks thought about the things his mother said he could and couldn't do or say and that topic never once came up, so Trunks didn't see the harm in telling him. Who knew; maybe they would be able to find a way to stop Dr. Gero from ruining the lives of innocent humans and turning them into ruthless killing machines. Then their timeline would be safe.

"They're twins," Trunks replied, "a girl with long, blonde hair and a boy with long, black hair not too much older than you or Krillin I think."

Bulma thought about what Goku and Piccolo had told them. She wasn't exactly happy about the situation. In fact she was angry, angry at the fact that Goku and Vegeta would rather let the androids come around just so they could fight. She sighed thinking she needed to hang out with other women more often. There was too much testosterone in her one group of friends and, truth be told, she found it annoying at times.

It also irritated her that both Goku and Vegeta weren't thinking about one thing: they were Saiyans who could fight and defend themselves while the rest of the world was filled with humans who couldn't. Even if they were to fight and destroy the androids, how many people would have to die in order for them to get their fight? Sure, they could always wish people back with the Dragon Balls, but now that she was older, she realized there were limitations and they shouldn't depend on them for absolutely everything.

But what could she do? She was a scientist and where she could prove her points in conferences and debates, she would never be able to convince the most stubborn group of men she had ever met to yield. Why did they insist on fighting a losing battle? Yeah, Bulma had a lot of faith in Goku, but so much could go wrong with this whole thing. And Vegeta? Well, no one, save Goku and Gohan, trusted him and even that was saying something. Her mother didn't count though because for some reason, she thought Vegeta could do no wrong. Bulma scoffed at that.

Speaking of Vegeta, didn't the mysterious youth say he would die too? And yet he still wanted to fight. How did he feel about what the boy had said? She knew he had died once before on Namek, killed by his former master, but even when he had stayed at the compound with her family before, he kept himself scarce. He trained pretty much twenty-four hours a day. Bulma wondered if he ever ate or slept.

"Hey, Bulma, would you mind going to get that delightful young man for lunch?" her mother asked. "Come to think of it, I've barely seen him around here much at all this month. The leftovers are always there and he never comes for mealtimes. I hope he's eating something. Maybe I should go make more food."

Bulma rolled her eyes at her mother's antics and went to go haul Vegeta in, though she knew that probably wouldn't ever happen. She would never admit this to anyone, especially her parents, but she was worried about the fallen prince. Back when the Namekians were staying there, she could only describe him as being depressed. He would barely eat and he never conversed with anyone except about training equipment. He would sometimes sit outside on the roof alone looking into the sky. Whenever he ate, it would be food he got from the fridge himself and if anyone came into the kitchen while he was eating, he would watch them cautiously before he continued eating. Vegeta was always on edge, but then Bulma tried to talk to him. It never went over well, but after lecturing him too many times, to shut her up, he would eat one meal a week with the Briefs, but he would always watch whoever prepared his food. Bulma never really understood why, and shrugged it off then. Then he went out into space for a while to find Goku and, when he came back, he was acting the same way he did when he first stayed with her family and that was NOT a good thing.

Bulma knocked on the door to the Gravity Room and was met with no reply.

Vegeta had worked himself to near death, as always. He smirked at the fact that not only had he survived close to a month with no food and little water, but he spent the entire time at 300 G's; however, he was so physically drained that as soon as he shut the GR down, he hit the floor. The injuries that he attained from his own blasts hadn't healed at all since all of his energy went to his survival under the continuous high G effects.

Vegeta closed his eyes to rest for a while before he heard a knock on the door. He sensed that it was the blue-haired woman who was best friends with his rival. Ignoring the knock was the best solution in his mind.

Vegeta didn't trust her or anyone else on the planet for that matter. Whether or not they needed him to help fight the androids wouldn't keep him safe. He had attacked their planet, killed their people, and he had enjoyed every minute of it. But who could blame him? It's what he was bred to do since he was a child. It was his life: purge planets of their inhabitants; report to Frieza; and then he would either be sent on another mission with no rest or time to eat, get punished with starvation for taking too long to complete an assignment, or get beaten for no reason and told that he did something wrong when he knew he didn't. That was his life in space. What made Earth any different?

Vegeta didn't trust the Briefs family even though he was staying there. Both the doctor and the blue-haired women were scientists. They could be plotting against him and try to hurt him with their technology. It was one of the reasons he avoided scientists on Frieza's ship. And then the blonde woman…no one could be THAT cheery all the time. And she prepared all the meals. There were few poisons that could work on Saiyans, but seeing as they had known one for years, they could have figured out which ones. That was one of the reasons he would eat anything they gave him. As for the leftovers, why would they poison food that they would try to eat in the future?

"Vegeta," the blue-haired woman called. "Come out of there. You need to eat something."

Vegeta grimaced. Who was she to tell him, the Prince of All Saiyans, what to do? She didn't know him or what his limits were and she never would. She was too naïve to understand. He thought he made that clear to her before he took off into space when she tried to get closer to him.

"Vegeta," Bulma called louder. "I'm not leaving until you come out of there."

Vegeta rolled his eyes and reluctantly got up to open the door. When he did, Bulma stared at him wide-eyed.

"Oh my God, Vegeta! What the hell did you do to yourself?" she screamed making him cringe.

"Shut up, woman," he said covering his ears. "I'm right here. And what does it look like? I'm training."

"Not anymore," she replied. "First you're going to let me treat those wounds and then you're going to eat something."

Vegeta glared at her. "I will do no such thing," he said darkly while narrowing his eyes at her in suspicion. Bulma could tell he wasn't being arrogant, but that he was guarding himself. It finally hit her that the reason he was always on edge was because of the way he lived his life before.

Some genius I am, she thought bitterly. That one only took me like, oh yeah, almost a year.

Vegeta stared at her waiting for her retort. When he got no response, he pushed past her. Bulma finally spoke up.

"Look, Vegeta, I'm not going to hurt you," she said. "I just want to help you."

"You? Hurt me?" Vegeta scoffed. "Nonsense." Bulma could hear the hidden uncertainty in his words, even though he would never admit it.

"Please, let me help you," Bulma pleaded to the bleeding Saiyan in front of her.

Something about her tone sounded genuinely concerned. He couldn't detect any hint of a lie.

Why? he thought. How could this woman be concerned about him? How could this kind, gentle, beautiful woman want to help a cold and cruel murderer? He sneered at his own thoughts remembering that this was all an act and that if he let his guard down, she might try something. Not that she could hurt him on her own, but he'd rather not deal with that third-class Saiyan that managed to humiliate him…three times. He then realized he called the woman beautiful and mentally scoffed at the thought.

Bulma backed down a little from the force of Vegeta's intense gaze. He still wasn't saying anything. Then he closed his eyes, inhaled, and reluctantly nodded. At this point, he was so tired from his training that, for the first time in his life, he didn't want to argue.

Bulma flashed him a smile and he nearly blushed cursing his body for betraying his stoic expression.

"Alright, tough guy," Bulma innocently flirted. "Let's get you patched up."

"Hn," Vegeta replied.

Bulma led Vegeta to the medical room her father had built. Having so many friends who were fighters, you never knew when you'd need to treat one of them.

She motioned for Vegeta to sit on the table while she got the first aid supplies. He watched her gathering supplies across the room. Then she went over to him and started cleaning his wounds out with some liquid that stung, but he didn't let it show. If humans could handle it, he could too.

Vegeta was mesmerized by how gentle her touch was. For someone who was out to get him, she was certainly a good actress.

"You know, Vegeta," Bulma started breaking him from his thoughts, "I'm supposed to be a genius and it took me this long to realize you didn't trust me."

Vegeta smirked and laughed darkly. "Well, you are a genius," he teased in a low tone.

Bulma laughed and shook her head. Then she looked up at Vegeta. "Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you're safe here. That creep, Frieza, is gone and none of us want to hurt you." Vegeta scoffed. "It's true," she chided. "So just don't do this to yourself anymore, okay? You don't have to worry about eating with us. You can get the food yourself. You can go to sleep. There's no one here that wants to attack you. I mean really, do you honestly think my mother and father could do anything? Or me? I'm not a fighter."

Vegeta eyed her again. "No, no you're not," he settled.

"So, will you trust me?" Bulma asked holding out her hand.

Vegeta was expecting something to happen when she held out her hand in front of him. He had no idea what this odd gesture meant.

"It's a handshake," Bulma told him. "It can be used as a greeting, a way to say goodbye, sealing a deal, or introducing oneself to new people to make friends."

"Hn. Pathetic," Vegeta said turning away from her gesture.

Bulma gave a sad smile. If Vegeta didn't trust her enough to shake her hand, it probably wouldn't happen. It was too bad really, as he had no one except another Saiyan whom he hated and then any of that Saiyan's friends, and most of them hated him or didn't trust him.

Bulma felt bad for the prideful Saiyan. He was alone, no family or friends. She couldn't imagine going through life without her parents or her friends. They had been through so much together. The only "friends" Vegeta ever had were dead and he killed one of them out of anger.

"Okay, then, we're all done," Bulma said as she finished bandaging him up. "Now we should get you something to eat. I'm sure you must be hungry."

Vegeta's stomach answered for him and he cursed under his breath. Bulma thought it was cute. He was acting like a stubborn little kid who was trying to act like an adult. She smiled and took his hand and he looked up at her like she was crazy and like she had committed some sort of horrible offense.

"I really meant what I said, Vegeta," Bulma said seriously. "I'm not out to get you and neither are my parents."

Vegeta's eyes narrowed at her. He honestly didn't care, but he decided to ask, "And your friends?" At least on Frieza's ship, he knew who his enemies were…everyone.

Bulma grinned. "Well, Goku wouldn't do anything to you as long as you don't decide to start blasting random buildings or harming people. Usually the others follow his lead. Piccolo won't do anything, again, unless you start harming others. He'll stay out of your way, though. He used to be our enemy too." Vegeta was surprised. Bulma continued. "Actually, pretty much everyone was. I met Goku and then he was training with that pervert Roshi with Krillin who was his biggest rival. Yamcha was a bandit trying to steal the Dragon Balls from us. Tien's master was Roshi's rival so Tien planned on killing Goku, but switched sides. We're a pretty interesting group of people."

"Heh, at least you're smart enough to know that much," Vegeta retorted.

"Come on. Let's go get something to eat. Then you can go back to training or whatever the hell you do," Bulma joked. Vegeta was slightly amused, but he didn't let it show, covering it up with a look of contempt. "Lighten up," she teased. "You need to learn how to relax."

Vegeta was partly thankful that he wouldn't have to keep his guard up at all times, at least around the woman. He realized that she really was naïve despite her adventures with Kakarot and the time on Namek. A part of him felt a slight protectiveness over her pure soul, but he shook it off as a weakness caused by exhaustion. Maybe he should be more careful while training.

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