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1 year later…

It had been three years of a time difference for the world the purple-haired youth from the future had visited what to him seemed like days ago. He was shocked to see that no one, not even the androids, were on the appointed battle field.

Where the heck is everybody? he asked himself as he flew off to the only place he could think to go, Capsule Corp.

When he touched down in front of his future home, he couldn't help but feel sadness, seeing the peace he'd never know.

Vegeta felt the boy touch down and nodded over to the others. Goku decided to go out to greet the boy.

"Hey, long time, no see, Trunks," Goku greeted in a cheery voice.

Trunks panicked at the sound of his name. He was supposed to remain anonymous or else the timeline would change drastically, which he felt it already had.

"G-Goku, what about the androids?" Trunks asked hesitantly. "What happened?"

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that here, although, you should be careful when you go back. There's going to be some weird android that absorbs Androids 17 and 18 in your time who's going to try to go after you for your time machine."

"What are you talking about?" Trunks responded in confusion. How did they know this information?

"Oh, I'll get the others," Goku replied. "They can probably explain it much better than I can."


"Hey, guys, come out here," Goku called into the compound.

Krillin, followed by Juu and Jay, hurried outside to meet Trunks and Trunks immediately went on the defensive. "What are the androids doing here? We need to destroy them before they destroy the-" He was cut off by the four in front of him laughing. "W-why are you laughing? This is serious!"

"We were never turned into androids," Jay replied after he finally stopped laughing. "Dr. Gero never even had the chance."

"He didn't?" Trunks asked in surprise. "How?"

"Well, because of your description, I noticed Juu and I found out how Dr. Gero got to them. Then Bulma helped the whole situation get avoided," Krillin explained. "Dr. Gero still tried to turn Juu into an android, and Bulma, but we stopped him…well, more like Vegeta stopped him. Then we destroyed his lab and some other android he was working on."

"That same android appeared from the future in search of what my brother and I would have been as androids to absorb us," Juu continued on with the explanation. "Boy was he surprised when there were no androids to be found here. He was easily destroyed by the Z fighters after he explained to that green guy who he was and where he came from."

"Which is why I told you to be careful," Goku said. "He apparently came in your time machine from the future after he killed you. Just so you know what to expect when you go back."

Trunks was in awe. He had been concerned about telling them a detailed description thinking it would cause more harm than good, but it actually bypassed everything that had happened.

"What about my da…I mean, Vegeta? Is he still here?"

Goku smiled at the teen and stepped out of his way, motioning to the door. "Why don't you go see for yourself?"

Trunks was hesitant, but he took Goku's cue and walked into the compound ignoring the confused expressions of Kriliin, Juu, and Jay. When he got into the compound, he was stunned into silence as he saw a scene that warmed his heart.

There in the living room, his mother was sitting with his younger self, feeding the nearly sleeping child a small bottle and, much to his surprise, Vegeta, his father, was sitting next to her on the couch with his arm around her. He was staring down at the little baby boy thoughtfully before nuzzling against his mother. She smiled up at him and took his hand that was around her shoulder and started rubbing it before placing a kiss on his cheek.

Trunks smiled and was about to leave when Vegeta's eyes met his. Bulma must have sensed something was up because she looked over to him too.

"Oh, we have company, I see," she said calmly before getting up to put baby Trunks into the bassinette. "Let me go see if there's still any food in the kitchen."

Bulma walked out of the room and Vegeta got up and walked over to the teenaged boy.

"Um," Trunks said nervously, not knowing what to expect from his father.

"You're hair gives you away, boy," Vegeta said gruffly, but with a hint of amusement in his voice. "Such a disgraceful color for a Saiyan prince to have. You'll have to make up for it with your fighting skills."

Vegeta started heading to the backyard when Trunks asked, "What do you mean?"

Vegeta stopped and turned to face him. He was wearing his trademark smirk. "If you want to have any chance of defeating those machines in your time, your training under me starts now."

He continued outside to the GR leaving his very confused, future son standing in the middle of the living room. Seriously, what happened?

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