Hello all! I have not written anything in what, more than a year? That is because I have been busy, and the wonders of anime and manga have left me. Although this has happened, I will not allow for it to take away Miyazaki's work from me. I have been having a Howl's Moving Castle urge lately and it has inspired me to write once more! (I am seriously excited about this!) So comments are appreciated and I hope you enjoy this! :) PS- I apologize with updating; however I hope to update once a week!

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Dear Journal,

How would I be able to describe the experience placed before me? Here I am, living in a castle, one of the last places I could ever imagine being in. I am with the man of my dreams and have the privilege of living with the sweetest child, a clever demon, a not-so-sweet ex-witch, and a family dog. These past few months have blown my mind, but now that the war is over, these times should be smoother, correct? After all, Howl and I are planning on marrying each other soon and starting a family. Why do I get the feeling that something terrible is going to happen though? I am hoping that all of the doubt in my mind is from that cursed war, but the back of mind keeps telling me that it something bad is coming. I have no idea what that is, but I hope that it is not too bad.

Yours truly,


Sophie Hatter closed the journal on her lap and sighed as she put it in the brown nightstand next to her bed. The young woman felt her mind clutter with the doubts of the future as she felt herself fall into sadness. Life has been better since she has started living with Howl and her new-found family, but it has started causing her stress, worrying about Howl. The Witch of the Waste told her it was the consequence of being in love. Sophie did not believe it at first, but after she thought about it, she could see how love could cause her to worry about everything in front of her. Furthermore, she could only hope that it would all diminish in due time, but she knew that that would not happen.

Sophie glanced up as she noticed her bedroom door open softly.

"Sophie? Are you alright?" Howl walked in Sophie's room and closed the door behind him as he made his way over to the silver-haired girl's bed. "You look as though you have been crying. You can tell me anything, love."

Sophie looked at Howl and shook her head. "I feel as if I am doubting the future, Howl. Not us, but I feel as if something bad is bound to happen."

Howl frowned slightly and sat on the blue quilt on Sophie's bed. "When have you started feeling this way?"

"Since I came here. It has been pestering me for a while, but I have been able to ignore it. After the war, it has grown stronger and makes me fear of the future. Howl, I know that I shouldn't be worried or afraid since the war is finally over, and you are safe. I am thankful for that." Howl wiped a tear from Sophie's eye and held her hand. Sophie showed a small smile before continuing. "Why do I feel like this, Howl? I don't want to leave here or leave you."

Howl took Sophie in his arms and looked into her eyes. "Sophie, if you do not want to leave, you do not have to. If you want to stay here, then you will. You have to trust me, Sophie. And I know that the future looks bright for us." Howl kissed Sophie's forehead and smiled at her. "You will always be here, Sophie. I love you, and always will."

"Howl, I love you too, and never want to leave." Sophie felt her eyes flood with tears as Howl held her close. All she wanted was to live this moment with her and Howl forever and not worry about it ending. According to Howl, it would never end, but Sophie kept crying over the fact that she felt as though it would end.

"Sophie, look at me, please." Sophie looked up at Howl who kissed her lips gently. "I will never let anything happen to us and our family. Please take that to heart. It's my promise to you."

Sophie nodded as she dried up her tears. "Thank you, Howl."

Howl nodded his head and kissed Sophie's forehead. "You are precious to me, always remember that."

Howl got up and held his hand out for Sophie. "I want you to come with me, Sophie. I have something to show you."

Sophie felt herself smile as she saw Howl's contagious smile. Maybe there was nothing to worry about. After all, she was very lucky to have Howl in her life. The girl grasped Howl's hand and felt herself get whisked away from her room to the living room where Calcifer was the only light besides the few candles in the room. "Howl, why are the lights off? What's going on?" Sophie glimpsed at Calcifer who was smiling at the couple.

"Sophie…" Howl got down on one knee and held Sophie's hand. "I know that we have been thinking about it, but I want it to be known to everyone. I want everyone to know that I love Sophie Hatter. That she is the only beautiful girl for me and I would not have it any other way. Sophie, I love you and always will." Howl reached over to Calcifer to grab a dark box. When he opened the box Sophie gasped and felt tears coming to her eyes. "So, Sophie Hatter, will you be with me for the rest of our lives? Will you be my wife?"

Sophie smiled and nodded furiously. "Yes. Yes! I will! Sophie jumped on Howl to embrace him as tears flew from her eyes. Howl laughed heartedly and took Sophie's left hand and placed the ring on it.

"This ring," Howl explained to Sophie, "was made by magic and will never break nor fall apart. It will always lead you back to me if you are ever lost or uncertain. I have made this for you Sophie, in thanks for your support and love you have shown me."

Sophie looked at the gold ring with love. The ring had a diamond in the center surrounded by a heart made of rubies. "It is beautiful, Howl!" Sophie squealed as she hugged Howl again.

Howl laughed full-heartedly and twirled Sophie around in the air as he celebrated. When Sophie landed, she gazed at Howl and felt her face moving closer to his. Their lips touched and the kiss deepened, showing their passion for one another. As Howl moved his tongue between Sophie's lips, a door slammed, and the two jumped in unison.

"Did she say yes, Master Howl?"

The couple watched as the little boy led an old witch and his dog from outside of the house into the living room. Markl jumped by Sophie and looked at her with pleading eyes. "Please tell me you said yes, Sophie! Please!"

Sophie laughed as she watched Markl being pulled back by the Witch of the Waste. "Let them talk," the witch stated as she rolled her eyes.

Howl roared with laughter as he grabbed Sophie by the waist and pulled her into him. "Yes, Markl, she did say yes."

Markl smiled a wide tooth smiled as he hugged Sophie and Howl. "We are going to be a bigger family soon? Right?"

The whole room laughed as they glanced at Sophie and Howl. "We will have to work on that then," Howl laughed.

Sophie looked at Howl and rolled her eyes but continued to laugh. Everything was starting to fit into place, and Sophie felt as if nothing was going to go wrong anymore. For the first time in a while, Sophie did not have doubts about the future. She was finally happy.

Calcifer spoke up, "Well, it's about time you two are getting married. I've been waiting for this for the longest time!"

The Witch of the Waste shook her head and said, "I think everyone has."

"We are going to become a bigger family!" Markl yelled as he was running around. "Sophie and Master Howl are getting married!"

Howl laughed louder and held Sophie closer. "We have a lot of work ahead of us, Sophie. Sophie?"

Sophie felt her world grow darker as she grew dizzy. Voices were filling her head from everyone in the room and before she knew it, her vision gave way to darkness in which she felt herself falling into.

Deeper and deeper she fell until darkness was all she could see. When she hit the ground, Sophie started walking, trying to find her way out. There were neither walls nor ceilings within reaching distance. All around her, she could hear the calls of her name from the various people she had grown to love.

"Sophie! Sophie!"

Sophie quickly turned around to face a figure lighting up the darkness. It was a woman with raven black hair and cream colored skin with purple eyes.

"Do I know you?" Sophie asked cautiously.

The figure smiled evilly and shook her head. "Not yet. But you will, Sophie Hatter. I will be the one who will visit your dreams and cause doubt in your mind. I am the one who will slowly take over your body. After all, I was Howl's first fiancé, and if I may add, his only fiancé."

Sophie gasped and glared at the woman. "Who are you?"

The woman laughed and disappeared as the surroundings around Sophie became brighter. The next thing she knew, Sophie was in her bed groaning from the weight that settled in the pit of her stomach. Why do I feel like this? And who was that? How did she enter through my mind? And why does she want to take over my body?