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Dear Journal

I need to fight her off. She can't continue controlling me especially if it will break Howl's heart in the end. If that happens, I don't know what I will do… that is if I can do anything. One question keeps haunting me though. How long do I have until Melinda takes over my body and mind? I feel her gaining control every day, and I am trying my best to stop her. Please let Calcifer figure something out!

Yours Truly,


Sophie felt the dreaded voice laugh shrilly in her head as she hid her journal. What are you laughing about now?

Your hope. And also how I have a newer and better plan.

Sophie felt her eyes grow big. Do I want to know? Sophie could sense that Melinda was scheming something that would affect both herself and Howl, not to mention everyone else around the two.

I think that you should figure it out yourself. However, I will warn you to stay away from Markl, especially since I am starting to gain greater control over your body, Melinda laughed maliciously.

You wouldn't dare.

Try me.

"No!" Sophie felt Melinda's presence fade away into the back of her mind as she continued breathing heavily. There was no way that she was going to let that horrible bitch touch Markl. "I won't let her," breathed Sophie, shallowly. "Even if that means if I have to leave here for good…" Sophie felt herself shutter at the thought and tears started forming in her eyes. "I don't want to leave here though. This is my home," she whispered.

"And it always will be, Sophie." Howl wrapped his arms around Sophie and nuzzled her neck. "You do not have to ever leave."

"I've… I've been threatened."

Howl turned Sophie to face him. He bore a grim expression as he analyzed his fiancé. "This is getting too out of hand, Sophie." He grabbed Sophie's shoulders and looked through her, as though reading her mind. "I want you to come out now, and show yourself. You have no right to do this!"


Howl ignored Sophie and continued speaking to the force within her. "Melinda, I know that it is you doing this to Sophie. I want you to show yourself now!"

Sophie, a little louder, yelled to him again, "Howl!" As she noticed Howl moving his focus to her, Sophie felt herself falling into the black abyss of her mind. It felt as if someone was pulling her back, trying to get in front of her. After glancing once at the person, she knew it was Melinda. What... what are you doing?

I am being called to, aren't I? Melinda pushed back her raven black hair and smiled, showing a perfect set of white teeth. I always knew that I could get to him somehow. Now there is no return for you, Sophie.

Sophie analyzed Melinda's slender figure and gasped at the view. She was the type of girl Howl would want. A cream skinned young woman looked back at Sophie, smiling as she knew she was creating jealousy. Melinda stood at Sophie's height, a little taller, and the purple eyes contrasted her light skin, as if they were meant to draw in prey before killing it like a snake. Sophie, herself, felt drawn into Melinda's eyes as she continued to stare at the woman.

Howl could never resist these eyes, Melinda laughed. However, I don't see how he could love those boorish eyes of yours. As well as your style…

Say what you want, Sophie stated. Howl chose me in the end, and love always conquers all. We will find a way to end this curse once and for all!

Melinda laughed with her nose in the air. Love. That's all you think about isn't it? I remember when you were better than this- not believing in love. Only a dedicated worker. Melinda placed her hand on Sophie's cheek. You have no idea why I am trying to destroy your life with Howl, do you? Well, you probably do. I want Howl back, and I will stop at nothing.

The evil woman's hand grazed across Sophie's cheek , leaving behind an icy path on Sophie's face. I… I won't let you do that. I am stronger than you.

Not recently. You have not been eating a lot and you have me to thank for that. Also, once your strength has been depleted by yours truly, I will take control of your body and cast a spell which will erase you from everyone's minds, and you will be left all alone.

Not if I can stop it.

What are you going to do, my dear? Tell Howl? Like that will work. Too bad you can't say anything.

With that, Melinda pushed Sophie back into the black abyss of the girl's mind while laughing maliciously. Sophie's last thought hit her hard as she regained consciousness.


Sophie felt someone squeezing her hard as she came back into the world. With a few deep breaths, she realized that she was in her room, and Howl was holding her tight. Something wet was running down her cheek as well as she grabbed onto Howl.

"I'm fine," Sophie whispered. She found herself wiping her eyes before Howl had the chance to look at her. I have to stay strong.

Howl looked at Sophie and shook his head. "Are you sure you're ok? We can take you somewhere to remove this curse."

"I'm sorry, Howl, but I need to fight this myself."

Howl slightly nodded with a look of anxiety. "Do you need time alone or do you want me here with you?"

"I need some alone time. Just let me know when we are eating." Sophie felt tears gathering in her eyes as she started to realize what she needed to do.

"I love you, Sophie. Remember that." Howl kissed Sophie's forehead before leaving the room.

When the door closed behind Howl, Sophie felt herself fall on her bed in utter defeat. If you insist that I can't have him, you can't either. Melinda did not respond to this, so Sophie decided that she used the most of her power for the day.

With that pressure lifted off of her, Sophie thought of the options before her. She could stay and fight but risk hurting her family. She could also just give up. Maybe she could at least erase my memories if that were to happen and she uses her spell… then I would at least leave them alone.

There was one more option and that was to leave her home forever. It would leave Melinda confused and may actually make her leave my body. But… what about everyone else? Howl… Calcifer… Markl? I don't know what to do!

Sophie glanced at her left ring finger with the glistening diamond on it. I could make them angry at me. Tears fell onto Sophie's dress as she shook her head in disagreement. I can't.

The girl continued crying and analyzing her situation before her. Finally, she lifted her head and took a deep breath.

She had to leave tonight.