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Summary:What is Life after Death...? On the day of Naruto Uzumaki's birth, a terrible catastrophy struck that brought forth the very Essence of Death itself. Now with the help of a Watchful Cat, watch as young Naruto learns to grow with the Powers and Responsibilities entrusted to him, becoming the Elemental Nation's first ever Shinigami Shinobi.

Pairings: NarutoXYoruichiX(Undecided) ?

Naruto: "The Shinigami Maelstrom"

Capitulo Cero

"The Boy Touched by Death"

Konohagakure (Village Hidden in the Leaf)

October 10, 1999 SE (Shinobi Era)



... Silence...

The deafening roar that came from the mighty Natural Disaster known as the Kyuubi no Yoko was quelled. Silenced by its sealing, the surviving Ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village known as Konohagakure, stood in quiet unease at the sheer rampage that had been stopped by their great Yondaime (Fourth) Hokage.

It was just an ordinary day in Konoha this morning, but that all changed during the setting sun as the mighty Ninth Biju of the world appeared and started its rampaging destruction of their fair village. Countless lives had been taken by the beast, and as all hope seemed lost, their Yondaime Hokage – Konoha's Yellow Flash, made his appearance on the Battle Hardened Massive Toad Chief, Gamabunta.

The battle between massive creatures ensued, but it seemed Gamabunta was fighting a losing battle. Every soul that was witnessing this clash of giants froze, as Kyuubi struck across the Toad Boss's eye, surely leaving behind a scar. But he did not dispel from the strike, and continued fighting the nine-tailed fox demon.

The minutes that the two fought against one another, seemed like hours to the people. Not a single person could do anything to help, as their interference would only hinder and get in the way of the Chief Toad. That kind of thing may ultimately result in the Toad's death... something in which nobody wanted at this moment...

The clashing continued, until something strange happened... Gamabunta looked behind him... and actually shed a tear. This was the last thing anyone saw before the great toad dispelled in a puff of smoke. The people's panic didn't even get time to set in, as a massive force of dread, gloom and despair seemingly appeared throughout the village.

This force was definitely real, as even the demonic fox itself stopped in its track... and for a brief second, people could have sworn that it showed fear.

And with a final roar of defiance, the Kyuubi's entire body seemed to dissolve into a red mist before shooting off into the direction Gamabunta was looking at. And then silence...

-X-X-X Naruto/Shinigami/Bleach X-X-X-

The crying of a baby...

That was the noise as Hiruzen Sarutobi – Retired Sandaime (Third) Hokage of Konoha, came upon when entering the field with a platoon of Anbu behind him. The field itself looked to have been shredded and destroyed by some unknown weapon. The ground scorched black like the very flames of hell had touched the earth. The trees surrounding them, drained dry, as if their very life had been sucked out.

But as the Ninjas that had followed their Sandaime Leader, the elderly man himself did not take his gaze off what he was looking at. For at the centre of the field lay what his poor heart dreaded to find.

Walking forward, ignoring his subordinates warning and plea for them to check the area first, the man dubbed 'Shinobi no Kami' (God of Shinobi) and the 'Professor' marched onwards towards the figures that lay on the ground ahead. As he approached, his heart felt as if something gripped it... For once he noticed the long red silk like hair, and the spiky blonde... he knew

He knew that his successor had done the unthinkable. He had used a Forbidden Jutsu that summoned the very essence of death itself. The very being that would greet us at the end of our days. And he had paid the price for it.

He paused as he looked down at them. Their bodies were cuddled together, hugging one another side by side with a smile on their faces. But the smile... it showed that even though they had moved on to the afterlife... that they had left with regret, yet love. That was when he remembered the crying, and with his mind cleared, heard its wailing once more. Looking in between the couple that lay on the ground before him, he saw what they were holding safely in their arms. A small blonde haired baby... with three whisker marks... and a seal on the stomach...

Bowing his helmet to cover his eyes, a tear rolled down the Sandaime's cheek, "You fool... you foolish boy, why did you not seek me..." looking up at the solemn face of his successor, "I know the Jutsu... I am old... I could have taken your place. So why did you not seek me out?" Seemingly asking at no-one, as there was no way the dead could respond. Sighing sadly, he reached in-between them and took the baby in his arms. Hearing a clack, he looked down to notice a sheathed Wakizashi blade. Its handle as black as night, while a golden cloth-band encircled the handle grip. The sheath however, was a majestic white that seemed to vibrate and contrast itself with the black handle.

Reaching to pick it up, being careful of not dropping or waking the now sleeping baby, he merely touched the sheath ever so slightly before freezing. His body went rigid as his eyes seemed to glaze over. That however, only lasted a second, before he gripped the blade and brought it up. "So that's what happened... And to think, that traitor is still alive" Looking down at the blade, he couldn't help but give a nod of thanks to it.

For a split second, he had communed with the blade itself. No words were spoken, only visions. Visions of what transpired within the day... The birthing of young Naruto... The Killing of his wife... The madman that held the boy's life in his hand... The ripping of Kyuubi from Kushina's very body... Those accursed eyes controlling the mighty beast to destroy Konoha... The fight between the Yondaime and the Traitor... Kushina's final attempt at stopping the beast... And ultimately, the Forbidden Jutsu being used, and summoning the very Lord of Death itself...

... Then nothing...

He held the now known Naruto in his arms tighter, afraid that if he let go, something would come and take the boy away. His hand still gripping the Wakizashi also in his other hand, the blade itself seemed to vibrate slightly and if he was seeing this correctly... pulling itself towards Naruto. His heart ached with knowing his beloved was gone. Yet when the blade had shown him this vision... it felt as if it was comforting him, telling him he will see her again. He pushed that thought away for the time being... It was time he took charge once more, knowing that Konoha would need a leader now more than ever.

"ANBU!" He called out, getting immediate responses from Four Squad Leaders and their Captain. The four – Bear/Hawk/Tiger/Cat, and the one – Dragon, knelt at attention infront of the old Sarutobi. All five glancing over at their Yondaime's fallen form, each one praying silently for their dead hero. They looked to the woman by his side, the ring on each other's hand showed that she must have been the Yondaime's wife, yet none of them knew he was married. But if that were true, then their prayers went to her as well. It only took a second to realise that it was Konoha's own 'Red Death' Kushina Uzumaki. "Anbu, please seal away the Yondaime's body, as well as his wife's, and take them back to Konoha. They deserve a proper burial... not be left out here to rot away"

"Hai!" was the immediate response, before all five prepared the sealing scrolls for the transport. The rest of the Anbu platoon however, followed behind Hiruzen as he walked back towards Konoha. From time to time they glanced towards the sleeping baby nestled in his arms and the blade that was held in his grip. They couldn't help but think what was in store for them in the future.

As the field started clearing of its visitors, no one took notice of a cat sitting on a nearby branch. Its golden-coloured slitted eyes staring in the direction of where it felt the child had gone. And as the wind blew, tossing dead leaves into the wind and covering the cat's eyes, it vanished with the very element itself.

-X-X-X Naruto/Shinigami/Bleach X-X-X-


February 10, 2007 SE – Shinobi Academy

"Now Naruto, I expect you to pay attention to your teachers and to try your best to excel. Alright...?" The reinstated Sandaime Hokage spoke, as if talking to his grandson, to a now 7 year old Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto simple nodded to the Hokage of his village. He was a silent child, never speaking unless spoken to. It did not help either that no-one besides the Hokage himself, and two chefs at a local Raman Bar, chose to speak with the boy.

The boy was wearing an outfit that consisted with a black sleeveless undershirt, an orange over-shirt with two white straps on each shoulder, a large beige sash around the waist, and black stretch pants with a pair of lightweight brown colored shoes. He's also wearing a beige neck warmer, which he can pull up to cover his face to hide his whiskers. The final touch, were the long beige wrist and leg warmers, secured by bands, which he wore as training weights.

The Hokage didn't know where Naruto had gotten these clothes from, as he had never seen Konoha even selling such clothing before. But he was not one to judge when it certainly provided a good look to the boy, as well as being comfortable and loose for combat use. It was also very durable, as he had yet to see it get ripped yet. The warmers and over-shirt yes, but the pants and undershirt no

"What happens if I come across some people that mistreat me Hokage-jiji?" speaking softly for only the old man to hear.

Hiruzen Sarutobi could only sigh sadly at being reminded about that. Since his re-instatement after the death of the Yondaime Hokage, he had lost alot of power over his village to the council... To be more specific, the Civilian Councilmen and his Advisors... Since then, young Naruto had lived a life of hell that he could not help with as much as he wanted to.

At the age of 1, he had to relinquish Naruto to the orphanage, after having kept the boy at his home compound to care for him. During that time, the Council had taken much of the Hokage's Power for their greed, and if he had stayed in his office as he should, he could have prevented it. But if he did, then Naruto would be left at the hands of his bodyguards... most in which don't do their jobs properly. Some do, but even then they are limited due to mission needs to bring money into Konoha in their time of need.

As the years passed, it wasn't long before he had found a young Naruto of 4, leaning against an alleyway nearby the Hokage Tower. His Wakizashi against him, with his hand holding the handle... He later found out that the boy had been kicked out of the orphanage two weeks prior. It didn't explain the rags that Naruto wore... but it was answered when the trusted Anbu he actually liked, came back to him after investigating the Matrons of the Orphanage. It seems that all the stipends he had been sending for the boy's use, had all been spent and used by the Matrons for themselves and the other children. All the hand-me-downs that the children had worn before had all been given to Naruto to wear... most too big, while others too small...

He was also told how many an attempts were made in stealing the boy's blade. But they all ended up with the culprit's hand being burned. What scared the old man however, was that the person's hand had been scorched black from where they were burned... almost like the area he had been found at.

Since then, he had given Naruto an apartment building. And EXPLICITELY told the Landlord that the boy's rent shall be paid BY HIM, so that he shouldn't ever demand the boy for pay. The Landlord was left with glaring at the boy for his entertainment, now that he couldn't get money out of it. The owner was also told that Naruto would get a stipend each fortnight for his use, and if so much as a single Ryu was taken from him... he would get a one-way trip in meeting the T&I Trio. Ibiki Morino, Inoichi Yamanaka, and Anko Mitarashi

But... even with the help he could give, it did not stop the hatred towards the boy. Many a mobs were stopped before they went too far... Many a raiding was done at his apartment when he was gone, which led to the boy having almost no material possessions of value... And many a times, had the boy been discriminated while out in the village, denied the simple service of shopping or eating at local establishments, and glared simple for walking down the street...

The old Hokage had prayed that he could find companionship amongst the children, but even with the law he had created to prevent Naruto's status from being told to the younger generation... 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' as they say. The children followed their parents' example, and excluded Naruto from the playgrounds, leaving the boy alone in life.

Yet, the boy never once seemed to care, almost as if he did have someone. But that couldn't be true... it saddened him to admit it, but he knew Naruto really didn't have any friends besides himself, Teuchi Ichiraku and his daughter Ayame (The Ramen Bar Owners). So who could this mysterious person be if he or she did in fact exist...?

-X-X-X Naruto/Shinigami/Bleach X-X-X-

Somewhere, in the forests of Konoha, a lazy black cat with a red ribbon tied to its ear laid on a branch of the tree it was sleeping on. When suddenly, it sneezed... rubbing its nose, it was about to fall back asleep when...

"AH! There she is! HEY GUYS, I FOUND TORA...!"

Face-pawing herself, the cat 'Tora' jumped off the branch and raced through the forests to escape the new Genin Team assigned to capture her for her 'Owner'

-X-X-X Naruto/Shinigami/Bleach X-X-X-

"If there are some of those... people... then please let me know, and I'll handle it" answering the blonde, as the boy's eyes seemed to show his thanks. Hiruzen was glad he could understand a person through their eyes, because of how little the boy spoke, he could never tell otherwise.

The academy bell rang, signalling the start of class. Padding the boy forwards, he watched like a grandfather as Naruto walked off into class. That grandfatherly smile however was wiped away when he could overhear the talks some parents were saying towards Naruto. Seeing the boy entering the building, he left to return back to his office to fight off the greatest threat he has yet to ever defeat...

... Paperwork...

-X-X-X Naruto/Shinigami/Bleach X-X-X-

Naruto sat within the classroom. He had chosen to seat at the furthest corner to avoid being picked out, but knew it wouldn't help much once he's spotted. Sitting there, he couldn't help but hold his Wakizashi close to his body... he had yet to find a proper name for the blade, as he knew many a swordsman had done so, to make them feel more... connected, he guessed would be the correct term, with their blades.

Sitting back, he watched as the students filed in... All civilian children, with only a few exceptions, Clan Heirs...

There was Hinata Hyuga, the eldest daughter and current Heiress of the Hyuga Clan of Konoha. The Hyuga Clan, holder of the Doujutsu Bloodline – The Byakugan. The Byakugan, an eye mutation that allows the user to see in 360 degrees (some say that is false by some degrees), able to see through objects and be able to view a person's chakra network. They are also the users of the fighting style, the Gentle-Fist... though there is nothing gentle about being able to shut off a person's very life support by a mere touch... painfully, he might add.

Next was the Trio Clan, as he likes to call them. Shikamaru Nara, a lazy genius from the Nara Clan. Their clan are users of Shadow Manipulation, and the current Clan Head is Konoha's Jonin Commander. They are also deer herders, which is something many over-look. Choji Akimichi, a tub-eh... Large big boned boy from the Akimichi Clan, their clan are specialist in converting calories into chakra which can be used with their hidden techniques, Multi-size techniques, and varies related body-enlarging jutsu techniques. The Clan Head is current owner of a large amount of eating establishments around Konoha. Last of the trio is Ino Yamanaka, heiress to the Yamanaka Clan. That clan are one of the strangest. Their techniques revolves around projection of their soul (or mind) into other people's bodies to gather information, interrogate, or simple to use the enemy's own body to infiltrate, assassinate or destroy, the enemy's forces from within. The current clan head is a leading member of the T&I (Torture and Interrogation) Department, with Ibiki and Anko at the top with him.

Next were two boys Naruto had a very hard time either ignoring or simply wishing they'd leave him alone. Kiba Inuzuka, Heir of the Inuzuka Clan. Their clan are known for their use of ninken as fighting companions. The Clan Head is the current leader of Konoha's Hunter Squad, a squad specially made for hunting down their missing-nins before their secrets are told or extracted. It wasn't that Naruto hated the clan per-say... he loved Tsume and Hana, as the two of them were always kind to him... Kiba on the other-hand was arrogant, always thinking he was top dog, and that he believed women belonged to him... pervert. It also didn't help that Naruto didn't like dog's much... they were okay, like Tsume's partner Kuromaru, or Hana's Haimaru Brothers. It was just Naruto was more of a cat-lover.

Then there was Sasuke Uchiha. Last 'Loyal' Uchiha of Konoha, after the Uchiha Massacre done by Itachi Uchiha, a man known as a prodigy of the Uchiha Clan. Their Clan were constant rivals of the Senju Clan, before the Senju numbers dwindled to just one left, and then their rivalry went towards the Hyuga's. He couldn't understand that clan's attitude, especially towards proving they were the best – which unfortunately Sasuke picked up the habit of believing – And their Doujutsu didn't help either. The Sharingan Eye, a basic copy-cat eye that allows the Uchiha to see and copy the enemy's move against them. Some believed they could predict the future, but such claims are hugely mislead. Since the Uchiha Massacre, Sasuke has become the embodiment of Emo-awareness. He broods all day, trains all night, dismissing the constant skirts he receives from the female populace (damn fan-girls), accept praises in which he never deserves them, never shows his appreciation towards others... heck, the guy never even compliments or praises anyone, yet his fan-girls all believe and say he is the perfect gentleman. It also didn't help Naruto's look of the guy, as Sasuke believes that since he is an Uchiha, he is above others.

There was also a boy he got along very well with, Shino Aburame, Heir to the Aburame Clan, and son of Shibi Aburame, partner of Tsume in the Hunter Squad. The Aburame Clan is similar to the Inuzuka, as they use Techniques and Ninjutsu that utilises bugs similar to how Inuzuka's uses ninken partners for theirs. Shino is a very quiet boy who uses logic in all the sense of life. He doesn't speak much, but is more open to others who are open to him – Meaning that they don't mind his bugs in the least. He and Naruto met when they were young, and since then, have always been acquaintances. Not true friends, but closer to allies and such. It wasn't that Shino didn't want to be friends with Naruto; it was that Naruto didn't want to cause problems for their Clan if they associated with him. Shino seeing the logic behind that when he witnessed Naruto's mistreatment, reluctantly accepted it, but till a later date when they truly can become friends without consequences.

Now... the last person that Naruto takes notices off isn't a clan heir/heiress, but a civilian girl with long pink hair. Sakura Haruno, daughter of Sakuya Haruno, voice of the Civilian Side of the Council of Konoha and owner of a large portion of Konoha's Clothing Stores/Trades and Shippings. At first, Naruto had developed a crush for the girl when he complimented on her looks one day, years ago when he saw her crying in the park. But the next time he met her, she was head over heels for Sasuke Uchiha, and also she had screamed and literally knocked him flying several meters with a punch for distracting her from her 'Sasuke-kun'. Since then, his crush for her was gone with the wind, and he never once opened his heart again for anyone he didn't care for. His heart only had place for three people and one special cat.

-X-X-X Naruto/Shinigami/Bleach X-X-X-

Sneezing again, Tora looked around just in case she had been found by those Genins again. Seeing as she was alone, she dropped her head on her paws once more and fell asleep. Mildly wondering in her mind if someone was talking about her perhaps, perhaps not... but either way, she had a good seven to eight hours before the academy finishes, and then off to greet a certain blonde gaki at his home.

-X-X-X Naruto/Shinigami/Bleach X-X-X-

"Good Morning Class" The Teacher called out in greeting. The class didn't respond, or even heard him as they continued talking amongst themselves. The silver haired man's eye twitched angrily before he took a deep breathe before his head seemingly grew three times its size, "SHUT YOUR TRAPS AND PAY ATTENTION YOU LOUSY INGRATES!"

... Silence...

Ahem... "Now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce myself" taking a quick bow to his students, "My name is Mizuki Toji, I'll be your instructor for today until you graduate... that is if you do" he said with a smile on his face, the smile however never reaching his eyes. "Now... I know it's customary to have two senseis per class. My partner is Iruka Umino, but he won't be here until later to the start of next year due to his old position within the Ninja Ranks. Now... if we start off with roll call, we can begin today's lesson at 'Introduction to Ninjas 101'... Shino Aburame..."


"Ino Yamanaka..."

"Here Sensei"

"Alright and lastly..." he paused at the name, looking up, he scanned the rows of students before finding the one he was searching for. Glaring at him lightly, so no student would notice, "Naruto Uzumaki..." straining his voice in calling out the name, he was not expecting in having to teach this thing. Many students flinched, while others raised their brows at the name. Turning around to where their teacher was looking, they find Naruto sitting by the corner next to Shino, whom didn't seem bothered by him at all.

"Here, Mizuki-sensei... and shall I be aware from now on that you seem to already dislike me?" Naruto answered and spoke neutrally, yet with a hint of frustration in his voice.

Ignoring Naruto's question, Mizuki began class. Naruto dropped his head at already having a bad start to class. Shino brought some relief in support when he felt the bug user's hand on his shoulder. Thanking him, the two started to pay attention to class... Yep... life sucked for one Naruto Uzumaki.

-X-X-X Naruto/Shinigami/Bleach X-X-X-


Apartment Complex at the Red Light District (The Slums of Konoha)

Returning home after a long and agonising day of discrimination within the Academy, and barely learning a thing since they weren't properly teaching him, Naruto opened his lone apartment door of his empty complex (since no one wanted to leave near the 'demon-brat') and plopped down onto the coach...


... "Meow"

Looking up, he smiles at seeing a familiar black cat with a red ribbon on her ear, sitting by his opened window. "Hey, did you have a fun day playing with the Genins Tora-chan?" His answer was in the form of a low growl from the cat, as it narrow her golden eyes, "Sorry, sorry... Yoruichi-chan...?" the cat's anger disappeared, replaced by a fanged grin. She dropped to the floor and headed into the kitchen. Naruto laughed softly before following the cat. Life sucked for Naruto Uzumaki... but with a companion like this, it was better.

The Life of Naruto Uzumaki has started by a seemingly birth filled with death. Hiruzen Sarutobi has retaken his mantle of Sandaime Hokage. He has learned the truth behind the Kyuubi attack. And he has enrolled Naruto into the Ninja Academy. But what is the story behind this mysterious Wakizashi Blade? Or that of Tora... or is it Yoruichi?

Find out Next Time in Capitulo Uno: "The Cat's Watchful Eye" STAY TUNED AND FIND OUT!

Capitulo Cero End