Please Ignore the Previous "ALERT" about a new Chapter being placed. It was supposed to be this Author's Notice, yet it wasn't posted, and for some reason got auto-removed. So attempting to re-post it now, to see if it will finally go up.



This is Clonetrooper29 Reporting In!

Greetings and Salutations my many Fans, Young and Old, out there in the "Real World". I am currently writing to you all today, in regards to my many stories in which have been declared "DEAD" or are on "HIATUS" awaiting to be re-done and replaced. As you all may know, I have hit road-blocks on many of them, and thus have decided to re-write most of them anew.

Those stories include...

1. Naruto: The Shinigami Maelstrom - (A Naruto and Bleach Cross-over) - (HIATUS) - Currently working on new story

2. Naruto: Shinobi of the X-Antibody - (A Naruto and Digimon Cross-over) - (DEAD) - Currently writing third new chapter for new story version, will be posting soon (by end of this month, or earlier at the latest)

3. Naruto: Ninja Tamer - (A Naruto and Digimon Cross-over) - (HIATUS) - Currently on planning phase only

4. Naruto: Kanto Adventure - (A Naruto and Pokemon Cross-over) - (DEAD) - Has been replaced by new story, which is also currently on my Story List (Naruto: The Aura Shinobi)

5. Naruto: Jinchuuriki Meister - (A Naruto and Soul Eater Cross-over) - (HIATUS) - Currently working on new story, as been told in some emails and reviews that it is following the Anime too closely, and not enough creativity in originality.

The following stories, are ones that are currently "ON-GOING" as of this moment...

1. Naruto: The Aura Shinobi - (A Naruto and Pokemon Cross-over) - Replacement for Naruto: Kanto Adventure

2. Naruto: Shinobi of the X-Antibody - (A Naruto and Digimon Cross-over) - Replacement for Naruto: Shinobi of the X-Antibody (Old Version)

3. Naruto: Shinobi of the Force - (A Naruto and Star Wars Cross-over)

4. Naruto: Shinobi of Twilight - (A Naruto and Kingdom Hearts One-Shot) - COMPLETED

5. Naruto: A Hollow Rebirth - (A Naruto and Bleach One-Shot) - COMPLETED

As you can see, a number of my stories have officially been declared "DEAD", and as such will soon be removed from my story list. By the end of this month in the latest, those stories will be removed, and be placed somewhere else for viewing pleasure. Those that wish to "ADOPT" those stories - once they have been placed there - are more than welcomed to, given that they place credit where credit is due.

As for the stories that have been declared on "HIATUS", they are currently still being re-planned. As of this moment, nothing significant can be placed for people's viewing pleasure. Thus, those stories will be kept there until the new versions of them are ready to be posted.

I like to thank everyone for being patient with me, given how slow I write these new stories/chapters to be posted. With work, my aunt being sick, and having to take care of my home, it is nearly impossible to get any free time. Once again, thank you for your patience.



2. Naruto: Shinobi of the X-Antibody (WILL BE REPLACED BY NEW STORY, OF SAME TITLE)

Once again, thank you for your patience, and I hope you'll enjoy the coming new chapters of Naruto: The Aura Shinobi, Naruto: The Shinobi of the X-Antibody (new story), and Naruto: Shinobi of the Force

This is CT29, Signing Off!