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Massacre at Crystal Lake


The Black Tigers

Kim, Ron, Brick, and the remaining Black Tigers volunteer as Camp Counselors at Camp Crystal Lake for the summer, after being conned by Kim for the job, only to run into legendary killing machine Jason Voorhees. When counselors start turning up dead it falls to Ron, and his legendary guardians to bring down the monster of Crystal Lake. Can they do it? Read, and find out.


Kim had sent in the forms a week ago, and had received the confirmation letter this morning. After calling the group into the living room of the massive mansion complex they call home, she made her intentions known.

"Ladies, and gentlemen, I have some good news," she began, "are you ready for this?"

"Come on, K," Bonnie Rockwaller replied, "cut the suspense, and tell us, already."

"I volunteered us as camp counselors this summer." Kim stated to the group at large.

"Camp counselors?" Ron asked.

"Yeah . . . we've all been complaining about getting out of the mansion for the summer, this is the perfect opportunity." Kim replied.

"Yeah, but you forget something, Kim," Hope Frasier began, "there's ten of us that have . . . 'special needs'."

"I think we can cover that, Hope." Kim replied.

"We have enough stores in the cooler in the basement, but still . . . counselors . . . I have two questions." Brick Flagg quickly commented.

"What questions are those, Brick?" Kim asked.

"Where are we going, and how long are we going to be there?" Brick asked.

"A month this summer. And a place in upstate New York . . . Camp Crystal Lake." Kim replied.

"Camp Crystal Lake?" Ron asked, getting a sudden white pallor to his face.

"Yeah . . . what's the matter?" Kim asked.

"Do you know anything about that place?" Ron asked.

"Uh . . . no." Kim replied, suddenly getting a feeling of foreboding that seemed to radiate from Ron's thoughts.

"Allow me to enlighten you then," Ron began, "the camp up there has been a place of slaughter for decades, dating all the way back to 1958, KP."

"Slaughter? What are you getting at, master?" Shego asked, feeling that she really didn't want to know.

"The woods up there are supposed to be home to some kind of immortal psycho named Voorhees." Ron explained.

"An immortal psycho? Oh, great." Brick replied, throwing up his hands in a gesture of surrender.

"Yeah," Ron replied, "the guy's a real whack job. That's why the camp up there can't keep any counselors; they're usually killed off before the end of the summer."

"First vampires, now, immortal whackos? Thanks, Kimmie." Shego replied sarcastically, shaking her head.

"Out of the frying pan and into the fire." Zita Flores commented.

"Girlfriend, what are you trying to do to us?" Monique asked, looking daggers at Kim.

"We just got home from a mission in western Texas a week ago, Kim . . . can't we get in a little rest first?" Liz Baker asked, before letting out a long sigh.

"We got a month before the camp opens for the summer, guys . . . enough time to rest, and relax." Kim replied.

"Before we have to take care of a bunch of eight year old kids." Brick replied, shivering as though a cold breeze entered the room.

"And old musty-dusty." Crystal Donavon replied, shaking her head.

"Who all did you sign up, Possible?" Steven Barkin asked.

"Me, Ron, the girls, and Brick." Kim replied.

"So, in other words, all but me, and Wade." Barkin replied.

"In simpler language." Kim replied.

"Oh, you're too kind, Kim." Wade replied, chuckling sarcastically.

"Thanks for the break, Possible." Barkin added.

"I get to spend a month with the mean Marine." Wade replied, jerking a thumb in Barkin's direction.

"Watch it, Lode." Barkin replied, glaring at the rotund African-American.

"Wait a minute," Ron stated, getting a sudden glint in his eye, "this might be a good opportunity to rid that area of a thorn in the side."

"What are you saying, Ron?" Brick asked.

"Think about it, Brick . . . we'd be the perfect counselors, as well as being undercover for the summer to wait for this kook." Ron replied that glint still in place.

"If he doesn't kill us first in the process." Brick replied quickly.

"Doubt it'll happen." Ron replied.

"Speak for yourself, bud . . . you and the girls might be immortal . . . but I'm not." Brick replied.

"That can be settled." Marcella Hernandez replied, smiling sweetly.

"No thanks, Marcella." Brick replied, shaking his head with a 'how did I get roped into this' look on his face.

"Just stick close to one of us, Brick . . . you'll be fine." Ron replied, nodding to the other girls.

"Do I have much of a choice?" Brick asked.

"Uh . . . not really," Bonnie commented, "if we're gonna do it, so are you."

"Here we go again . . . I'm getting roped into something I don't really want to do." Brick commented, rolling his eyes at the ceiling.

"Don't be such a baby, Brick," Tara King replied, smiling, "what's the worst that could happen? You get bored by a bunch of kids?"

"Oh, that's the least of my worries, Tara." Brick replied, now feeling like he had the word "sucker" stamped in his forehead.

"Let's do this by the numbers, ladies . . ." Ron stated, "Tara, make sure you have your med kit handy, and we all pack our mission gear, and weapons . . . we take no chances, understood?"

"Got it." Rang out twelve voices, as Brick simply nodded his understanding.

Everyone in the house knew what Kim's simple act had just done . . . they had been assigned a date with destiny, the only question now was a simple one. Who would survive this encounter with a legend? All had their doubts, but none had any idea what was about to await them.