Chapter 3

Vanishing Act

After the fight between Ron, and Du, it didn't take long for the Global Justice agent to fall into step, he began looking at Ron, and his guardians in a different light, knowing that somehow, they would be the ones to take Jason out, and save the camp.

"What makes you believe that?" Brick asked, "We're supposed to be amateurs, remember?"

"Well . . . I kind of changed my tune yesterday, whoever can do that kind of damage in less than ten minutes without even breaking a sweat, they got my vote of confidence." Du replied, smiling sincerely.

"Finally listened to your boss, huh?" Monique asked.

"Nah," Du replied, shrugging his shoulders, "I had to experience it first-hand."

"Some listen to others, while still more have to see, and experience it." Ron stated sagely.

"And my guess is that there's going to be more eye opening stuff in store." Du replied.

"If my hunch is correct, we're going to be flying into a hornet's nest in the not too distant future." Brick added.

"Do you guys have a plan on how to even stop him yet?" Du asked.

"We're still working on that part." Kim replied.

"Your nightly patrols are good, but if what I've heard about this Voorhees character is true, you're going to need some kind of concrete plan to take him down for the count." Will stated.

"I don't plan on just taking him down for the count, Will . . . I plan on taking him out of this world." Ron replied.

"If anyone can do it, Stoppable, you can." Du replied.

"We can, Will." Jessica replied.

"True," Will replied, nodding to the beautiful blonde, "you guys are unassuming, Voorhees isn't going to know what hit him."

"That's the general idea, Will." Tara replied.

"Surprise attack, huh?" Will asked.

"Yeah." Brick replied, then, thinking, he added, "Who would think that a bunch of kids, barely out of high school would be able to pull something like this off?"

"I didn't think it at first, but you all have a freakish kind of link with each other, I'm not going to ask how that came about, because I'm not sure I want to know, but I am guessing it has something to do with Miss King's little fit at the old camp a week back." Will stated.

"And you'd be right." Ron replied.

"I thought so . . . so; I am guessing that an ancient problem would have something to do with this." Will stated.

"Not just ancient. Ancient Romanian." Ron replied, causing Will to cock his head in a questioning glance.

"Ancient Romanian?" Du asked.

"Vampires." Kim replied, not even meeting the Global Justice agent's gaze.

"Vampires?" Du asked, he then quickly added, "I never thought such a thing existed."

"You and the rest of the world, Will." Marcella replied, now pulling the scarf on her neck down, revealing the bite marks on her neck.

"Well . . . the evidence is right in front of me." Will commented, looking at the marks, then, he added, "Do you . . . uhh . . . well . . . you know."

"Need blood to survive?" Bonnie asked.

"Yeah, for lack of a better term." Will replied, shrugging in an embarrassed sort of way.

"We do, but not as much as pure bloods do." Hope replied.

"What do you mean?" Will asked.

"Pure bloods have to feed every day," Kim stated, "but we only have to feed once a month, as long as we don't go into a burnout, or overload, like Tara did a week ago."

"Yeah, but what caused it?" Will asked.

"The only thing that would cause an overload is proximity to a severe output of dark energy," Tara explained, "burnout occurs when we have had our power at peak for prolonged periods of time."

"Anything else I need to know?" Will asked.

"Just be careful and not get too close to any one of us if it draws near to a month." Marcella added, winking at Ron.

"Marcella." Ron stated, in a mildly irritated tone.

"Actually, there is one thing you need to watch out for . . . a blood rage." Kim stated.

"How bad is that?" Will asked.

"It can alter our personalities, so far, the only one that's ever gone into one, is Kim." Hope replied.

"How bad of an alteration are we talking about, Stoppable?" Will asked, now looking at Ron.

"Bad enough . . . believe me, you don't want to see one if you don't want to be scared out of your wits." Ron replied.

"Point taken . . . I'll keep that locked into my mind." Will replied, as they arrived at the mess hall, and lunch.

"I'll take the . . . let me see . . ." Ron commented, rubbing his chin, and looking at the daily menu posted above the ala carte line, "Give me the fish taco, an order of nachos, and a large Pepsi, please."

"I want the California Cobb salad, and a large blue raspberry Powerade." Will stated, also looking at the menu.

After ordering, and walking to their seats, they began talking about what's next in the hunt for Jason.

"If you know where he is, why not just go in there, and take him out?" Will asked.

"It's not that easy, Will . . . Jason is a dark entity, you just can't go in, and take him out without knowing what you're dealing with." Ron replied.

"Unfortunately, the old camp is nothing but kindling now." Will stated.

"Ah, but I still have a picture of the place." Ron replied, smiling.

"What? You didn't have a camera." Will replied.

"No, I had a Shego." Ron replied, still smiling.

"You . . . what?" Will asked.

"Shego," Ron replied, "she has one of the most photographic memories I have ever seen."

"You think she can remember everything?" Will asked.

"I don't think she can, I know she can." Ron replied.

"Anything else you need?" Will asked.

"Not at the moment." Ron replied.

"I'll go through the Global Justice database, and see what I can come up with on Voorhees, once I get something, I'll let you know." Du stated.

"Then we can pool our information, and go after the scumbag." Brick stated, smacking his fist into an open hand, and rubbing his knuckles.

"Amp down, Brick," Ron replied, placing a hand on Brick's shoulder, "remember, you said it best, 'me and the girls might be immortal, but you're not'."

"Isn't there something you can do about that, Stoppable?" Du asked.

"There is, but I won't do it . . . I will not curse another person into that existence." Ron stated.

"Well, it's up to you, Stoppable, but I would strongly suggest you think about it." Will replied.

"Hey, I just noticed something." Brick stated looking around at the table they were sitting at.

"What?" Ron asked.

"Where's Shego?" Brick asked.

"I think she's at your dorm, Flagg . . . I overheard her say something about not feeling well." Will replied.

"A stomachache?" Ron asked, his eyebrows rising, "That's odd . . . Shego rarely gets sick."

"She may rarely get sick, Stoppable, but that doesn't mean she is completely immune." Will replied.

"True that, I once saw her catch cold, hell . . . she ended up giving it to me." Ron replied on a slight chuckle.

"And there's proof positive, Stoppable, Shego can catch a virus, or some kind of bacteria . . . my guess is a mild form of food poisoning, watching what she packed down at dinner last night." Will stated.

"And what was that?" Brick asked.

"A large Sirloin steak, medium, lightly spiced." Will stated.

"One of Shego's favorite vices." Ron replied, shaking his head, and chuckling slightly.

"What are the others?" Will asked.

"An occasional drink, usually scotch and water, and about half a pack of Marlboro's a day." Ron replied.

"Those things will kill you." Du replied, shaking his head.

"True, if we were talking about a normal human being." Ron replied.

"But Shego's not normal, is that what you were about to say?" Du asked.

"Yep, sure was." Ron replied, nodding.

"Let me guess . . . she's a vampire too?" Du asked.

"Not this time . . . not all of my ladies have that problem . . . there's two that don't." Ron replied, smiling.

"Then what's her problem?" Will asked.

"Ever wonder why Shego has a greenish tint to her skin?" Ron asked.

"I did wonder about it on occasion, and why she and that thick head Drakken walked out on each other." Will stated.

"To answer part two of your question, Drakken is dead, as for part one, a comet." Ron stated.

"I'd like to meet the person that bumped Lipsky off." Will replied.

"Unfortunately, that can't be arranged, as he's dead too." Ron replied.

"Now, in reference to part one . . . a comet?" Will asked.

"A comet, unknown origin, rainbow colored, gave Shego and her brothers the powers they have." Ron replied.

"It also gave Shego the greenish tint to her skin." Brick added.

"You learn something new everyday . . . I often thought it was the gloves." Will stated.

"Nope. She and her brothers once formed the nucleus of Team Go." Ron stated.

"The superhero group in Go City?" Will asked.

"That's the one." Ron replied.

"Okay." Will stated, nodding his head.

"Still doesn't explain why she's sick." Brick stated, as he noticed that several of the other girls were missing as well.

Back at the dorm:

Shego was lying on her cot, looking up at the ceiling, with Tara next to her.

"Do you plan on telling master anytime soon, Shego?" Tara asked.

"I don't want to get his hopes up, Tara. It's one thing to actually be, but for me, it's nearly impossible." Shego replied, shaking her head.

"Maybe, but still, I think you should tell him." Tara commented.

"Once I'm sure. It might just be a case of indigestion, nothing more." Shego stated, now standing up. She sat back down quickly.

"It might be, but for it to be going on this long, I don't think so." Tara replied.

"Just let me get my thoughts together, I'll take the test, if it's positive, I'll tell him, I promise." Shego replied, now standing up without any problems.

"I hope so, because if you are, and you don't tell him, he's going to wonder why." Marcella responded in kind.

"Okay, I get the hint. But I want to be absolutely sure; I've had false signals before." Shego commented.

"Let's get to the mess hall before we end up missing dinner." Kim stated, standing up, and walking for the door.

Later that evening:

Ron was jarred out of his sleep by an uneasy feeling; as though something were gnawing at his very soul, he thought on this, before he heard something from a long distance off, Ron guessed it had to be coming from the area of the lake.

"Brick, get up." Ron stated sternly, tossing his pillow in the direction of Brick's sleeping form.

"Wassamatter? Wasgoinon?" Brick asked sleepily.

"Get out of your rack, buddy . . . I think I heard something." Ron stated.

"Sounds like wolves." Brick replied, now opening up the window from a sitting position in his cot, and listening to the sounds, until the unmistakable sounds of screaming caught his ears.

"Oh, shit." Brick said, jumping out of his cot, grabbing a discarded t-shirt from the floor, and his letterman's jacket off the hook.

"That was not a howl." Ron stated, following suit.

"OH REALLY, YA THINK?" Brick shouted.

"Sarcasm later . . . move now. Gimme a second, and let me get in contact with the girls on patrol." Ron stated, he closed his eyes, and sat back on the bed. Brick replied by giving Ron a gimlet –eyed stare as he pulled on a pair of sweat pants.

"Kim, Hope, Tara, Marcella . . . can you hear me?" Ron called out mentally, getting confirmations from the four girls quickly.

"Someone let out a scream . . . Brick and I are going to check the other dorm, head for the children's cabins, and check them over good." Ron replied once he had gotten confirmations. The girls quickly replied in the positive, as Brick and Ron headed for the second Counselor's dorm.

"You think he's snuck through?" Brick asked.

"He might very well have." Ron replied, running out of the door, and into the night, right for the other counselor's dorm, close to the mess hall at the center of the camp.

Counselor's Dorm 2:

Once Brick and Ron arrived at the other dorm, they quickly found Du, who had been awakened by the screaming.

"Whaddaya got, Will?" Ron asked as he stopped in front of the GJ agent.

"One missing, her name is Andrea Rodriguez." Will replied.

"Do you know which way she went?" Ron asked.

"Yeah . . . toward the lake." Will replied.

"Do you know why she walked out of her room in the first place?" Brick asked.

"I do." Andy Richardson replied, catching both Ron's and Brick's attention.

"Alright, you have my attention . . . let's hear it." Ron stated.

"She had an argument with her bunkmate, something about finding some good looking guys around here. Andrea stated that wasn't why they were here. It was a bit of a shouting match . . . finally, Andrea walked out of the room, and out of the dorm." Andy replied.

"Alright, keep everyone in the dorm; do not let them out, whatever you do." Ron stated.

"Got it." Will replied, now chivvying everyone back into the dorm.

The lake, thirty seconds later:

Ron and Brick arrived at the lake quickly, and what Ron saw didn't settle well with him, he could see a struggle had taken place, something heavy had fallen, and there were blood stains in the grass, and drag marks through the sand.

"Oh, boy . . . this does not good." Brick stated, looking the scene over carefully.

"No, it doesn't," Ron replied, himself taking in the surroundings, "looks like Jason has made the first move."