Chapter 1: New Home

My name is Lucas. I have a family of four, and we used to live at a small country town of Tazmilly. We had all moved to a bigger town for my dad to be near his new, high paying job. All of my friends were left at our hometown. I only had my twin brother, Claus, and our pet dog, Boney, joining our mom, Hinawa, and our dad, Flint, into a new town.

Claus and I looked at the back window of the car once again, only to find the road behind us that led to Tazmilly. We didn't see any part of the town again in our view. We were already long gone.

Boney could feel my sadness as he nudged his whimpering self against my leg. He looked at me in innocent puppy eyes. I think he was telling me, "Don't feel bad, Lucas."

Claus turned around and saw Boney trying to cheer me up. Then, he pet his head with a heartily chuckle.

My mom turned around, worried about our feelings. "Are you both okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, we're fine," replied Claus.

She gave us a smile. "You both miss Tazmilly, don't you?"

We both nodded, and Boney whimpered to try to say "yes" too. Dad, still keeping his eyes on the road, spoke to us.

"Well, maybe someday we could move back. But right now, we got to be focused on our new life."

"Where are we going again?" asked Claus.

Dad sighed. "For the third time, it's called Onett, son."

"Ohh, right, right."

Our mom and dad told us Onett was a lively and large town, with much more different and a bigger amount of people. The air, of course, was going to be a new feeling than the old country smell of Tazmilly. There were also some pretty sights, like flower fields. And, from what I've heard, we'd actually get a larger neighborhood unlike six or eight houses a street.

A long amount of time passed as we were on the long road from Tazmilly following a truck of our household items. I looked out the window, finding green fields before starting to meet one large building, then two, and more. I eventually fell half-asleep, but I was awakening by my brother.

"Oh, oh!" Claus exclaimed. He looked out the window, and I did too. We saw houses neatly adjacent to each other. We were already on a neighborhood street. "Are we almost there?"

"Pretty close," responded mom. "Aaand…" the car started to slow down behind the moving truck. "We're here!"

Claus and I looked out my window, and we saw a perfect, untouched white-walled house with a dark gray roof. It was larger than our old house for sure.

"You bought this?" exclaimed Claus.

"Yes, I did. We're going to be living better now."

"Wahoo!" Claus took off his seatbelt and opened the car door, leaving it open so Boney jumped out as well. I looked at the back window, and then to my window, watching Claus and Boney jump in excitement of the big house.

"He's certainly happy," commented mom.

"Well, time to go unload the stuff." I saw dad give mom a key. "This is the house key. Go on and take the kids inside."

"Okay then. Come on, Lucas." I took off my seatbelt and exited the car with my mom. She and I walked towards the front door, with my twin brother following. She slipped the key into the lock, and twisted left with ease, and slipped the key out to open the door. Inside, we saw beige carpet leading to every room. Up ahead from the front door were stairs attached to the white wall, leading to the left and then cut off. Claus and I went upstairs first. We were in a hallway of five doors, two probably the bedrooms, one bathroom, and two we don't know. On the other side of the hall was another set of stairs, and we followed it down that led to a spot near the kitchen and dining area with smooth, brown tiled floors. On one side of the square was more beige carpet of nothing, which was probably for leisure and from where we stood in front of us was a glass door, leading to a backyard. Outside there was plenty of cut grass that was like it was never touched. There was even a mediocre sized swimming pool.

We both couldn't believe our dad bought this kind of house.

"Awesome!" Claus shouted. I could tell he was too over excited.

"Boys, come upstairs," called our mom. We went back up and she had three doors opened already. They were already filled with beds, one with a double, the other two with single beds apart from each other. We both stopped in front of her as she looked at the doors and spoke to us.

"We have three bedrooms, so I'm going to let you decide if you two want to sleep in the same room or sleep in separate rooms."

Claus thought for a moment before replying. "I think I'll sleep separately."

"Aw, Claus, you don't want to sleep with me anymore?" I responded.

"Ah come on Lucas, we're grown up now. I don't need you and you don't need me!"

Our mom chuckled at us. "Okay then. But you don't have to make it official now. You can keep deciding." She walked off down to the other staircase.

"So what are we going to do about school?" Claus asked.

"Oh, I think we go to school tomorrow," I answered.

"Aww, can't we have like, one day of just trying to get used to our house?"

"We can get used to our house after school, Claus. Now come on, we've got to help dad."

As we walked down the stairs back to the front, I had my mind on something. How would school be like? Claus and I were going to be newcomers, and we would stick out since we're twins. I shook my head and pushed the thought away for now.

It was already nearing night as Claus, dad, and I sat at the dinner table, waiting for mom to finish making dinner. We were all beat from moving boxes and other furniture inside the house. Boney lied down next to my chair, who was also joining in on our first dinner in Onett.

"Okay, dinner's ready!" exclaimed mom. "It's everyone's favorite, omelets!"

'"Woo hoo!" Claus responded . He was the first to get a plate, and immediately started chowing down. I got my plate next.

"Here's yours, honey," said mom to dad.

"Thank you," he said. He began eating as the same pace as I was, savoring our bites.

"And I can't forget you, Boney." Boney was handed a bowl of two stacked omelets. He began biting it down. Mom sat down with her plate and cleared her weariness in one sigh.

"So, you boys ready for school tomorrow?"

Claus said no, while I said yes at the same time. He gave me a sour look as Dad chuckled.

"Claus, you take care of Lucas at school," Mom told. "But don't be like all the other times and beating up other kids to do so."

"Well I had to beat them up or they would beat Lucas up!" he retorted.

I remembered I was often picked on back at Tazmilly's school. Claus would always protect me or beat up the bullies and then get scolded by Mom or Dad. What if I get bullied here too? It'd just be my school life all over again. Somehow, I just had to find a way to stick up for myself.

"Well, that's true I guess—but you have to make a good first impression to everyone, okay? That means no fighting."

"Okaaay," replied Claus in an annoyed tone.

"What time do we go to school?" I asked.

"Same as usual," answered dad. "School begins at eight thirty. But you can't walk because it's too far. And I can't take you because I have work, and your mom can't either because we don't have a second car. So, you guys will be taking a bus."

"Aww, a bus?" reacted Claus. "Buses are so…cramped." Claus was right. Back in Tazmllly, we had only few buses, and for the couple of times we rode them, they were especially overcrowded. It was thankful that where we lived we could walk about ten minutes to school.

Dad swallowed his last bite and used his fork at us in his body language. "There are plenty of buses that go around the neighborhoods, so you shouldn't be too cramped in this one. Just get to the end of the street on your right when you leave the house and be there by eight o' clock."

Mom continued for him. "So you both will have to wake up at seven to shower and get dressed, and everything else."

"Aww, we have to wake up earlier now? I hate school here already," said Claus. He pushed away his clean plate.

"What do you think school will be like, Lucas?" asked Mom.

"Mm…I think…it'll just be new to me for now."

"I see." She smiled at us and took our plates to the sink. She then looked at us. "Well, you boys can relax until nine, then it's lights out at ten, okay?"

"Okay," we both said. Claus and I got out of our chairs and we both went to go do something. I was on a red bean bag seat watching a cartoon on TV, while Claus was next to me in a light blue bean bag playing his handheld game console. He was an avid gamer for sure, while I was the more laid back one, unless it was on a video game I really liked.

As Mom had instructed, we shut our leisure at nine and washed up for sleep. Claus took the bedroom next door to mine, while our parents were just across from the both of us.

It was a new feeling sleeping alone. There were two windows to meet the sun, and two beds split by a wooden drawer. I took the bed farther from the door, putting myself under the white sheets.

All that I could think about as I drifted away was how my new school life would be like. New teachers. New friends? I was rather worried whether or not I was going to do well tomorrow and the many days after. But my worry lessened as I relaxed and fell asleep.