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Had he done something wrong?

Percy's mind raced as he noticed a boy leaning in, the boy's lips almost touching Annabeth's.

Percy was angry.

Nope, that was an understatement.

He was furious.

He ran and yanked the boy back before his lips could touch Annabeth. "What's your name?" Percy growled.

"Quinton Schumaker, son of Apollo and descendant of Hermes," the boy replied smugly, sticking his hand in Percy's face, telling him to stop.

"I just got a quest, so move it, loser, so I can kiss this pretty lady," Quentin continued, stepping away from Percy and toward Annabeth.

He winked and Annabeth froze, looking up at Percy. Percy didn't look at her; his eyes were trained on the dumbass in front of him.

He fist struck out, landing squarely on the boy's face. Percy continued his assault until the boy lay on the ground, blood pouring from his presumably broken nose.

"What the fuck?" the boy questioned from the ground, holding his nose gingerly.

"That 'pretty lady' is my girlfriend, bastard," Percy replied, holding his fist above Quentin's face.

"Surprised you could get someone that pretty; you're not good-looking at all."

Before Percy could lash out again, someone's hand caught his fist. Looking down a bit, he saw Annabeth through the red in his vision.

"Stop, Percy, you're going to kill him. That's not going to sit well with Hermes and Apollo," she reprimanded.

Percy grimaced and stared at her. "You're going to defend the damn guy?" he asked angrily.

Annabeth nodded meekly. "He wanted me on his quest; I can't just say no, Percy-"

She wasn't finished and was cut off by Percy smacking her hand down.

"Save it. I get what's going on here."

He walked away.


The next few weeks were hell.

He was waiting for Annabeth to come back all the time. He loved her, he really did. Even if he had gotten mad at her for defending the son of Apollo.

She didn't come back.

He had wanted to apologize, and had even gotten a small promise ring, for after college.

Everyone said she was dead, and he blamed everyone. He sat alone in his cabin most nights, wondering if she would come back or if she really was in the Underworld with Hades.

Nico wouldn't tell him, saying his dad forbade it. Thalia was no help because Zeus had banned her from talking to the son of Poseidon, plus she was always gone with her Hunters.

So Percy was miserable everyday, every night.

Tyson came once or twice every month, trying to cheer up his older brother, but it was no use. Percy had snapped in half, one half going away with Annabeth, the other staying but nothing like the half he usually showed.

One damn quest changed it all.

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