AN: You know what this is for! (Please see the Ultimate Disclaimer)

Eight years ago on this very date,
You changed all our lives; I'm sure it was fate!
It's thanks to you that we've inspiration,
So listen, please, to our declaration:

Every year, we celebrate this day.
(Though not always in the Glinda Way.)
We get out our t-shirts, wands, playbills, and hats,
Then we turn on our soundtracks and sing to our cats.

We read and write stories, a lot more than usual!
And as we do all of this for the world's best ever musical,
We always remember and keep in our hearts
That you were the first to bring life to the parts.

It was you on that stage, you speaking those lines!
You wearing the wigs, the costumes, the make-up,
And you singing the songs that we all hold so dear;
The songs that are now our most favorite to hear!

The scenes and the songs, the loathing and love,
It all moves us to laughter, it all moves us to tears.
I don't think I've laughed quite so hard in years!
And even though right now, I'm surrounded by zeroes,
Thanks to you, I know one day, I'll have my OWN Hero.

Yes, YOU are the reason we are who we are,
And YOU are the reason we look to the stars
And dream of true love, of friendship, and green,
And YOU are the reason we simply must cause a scene
Each time someone tells us that (gasp!) it's not real.

YOU are the reason "witch" is a compliment!
YOU are the reason "scarecrow" makes us smile!
YOU are the reason we'd go west for miles!
YOU are the reason we find emeralds so cool!
YOU are the reason we work hard in school!
YOU are the reason we're so high off the ground!
And of COURSE you are the reason
That they'll NEVER bring us down!

YOU are the reason we use "Galindafied" words
And phrases that make us sound totally absurd!
YOU are the reason we think monkeys should have wings,
And YOU are the reason for countless other things!

While it's true we may be trapped in a world of delusion,
We really don't care as long as we can "toss toss!" our hair!
And so in conclusion, we'd just like to say:

Idina and Norbert and Kristin, of course,
Michelle, Carol, Christopher,
Mantello and Schwartz;
Joel, Manuel, William,
Winnie and Gregory,
Susan and Lee,
And last but not least,
Those whose names we don't see-

We thank you for all of the things that you've done,
For each little prop, every last one;
But above all else, we thank you for your hard work and your dedication
To bringing us Wicked, and with it, inspiration.