AN: Well, it has been a long time since I've done some serious fan fiction writing. This time it's a rewrite of my very first story, on which if you would like to attempt reading.. I have left it in its original state. This time with the remake, I may reference events that did happen in all the books, but overall it will still take place after the events of Veelox and right before Eelong, just like when I had first written this. Although some events in the original story will still happen, there will be some extra scenarios and *gasp* an actual ending! Other than that, let's begin.. :)

P - O - W - L - F - I - E - L - D

Hey Mark and Courtney. I'm hoping that this journal has reached the both of your hands again. I'm on another territory now. Like the other ones, this is different, past the weird-kind-of-different.. and that's the only way I can describe this territory.. At least with all the territories we've been through, they had loosely resembled a certain place and time from Second Earth, even though there's more than just Second Earth out there.. Anyway, to give you a major clue on how different it is, let's start with the color of the sky.. It's purple. Yes, purple. Not the indigo-that-almost-looks-like-dark-blue-colored-pu rple, but a bright and violet purple.. Yeah, no kidding. It struck me as odd as well, seeing as purple isn't one of my favorite colors.

If you dare to stare at the sun, it's as small as a ball-point dot in the sky, only it's bright green. It was like someone took a green glow in the dark marker and put a random dot in the sky. The grass wasn't your average green either, nope, it was white, and I mean really white. You know how when you paint your room walls white, that always invites marks to be shown as bright as a light bulb? Well, the only difference here is that this white colored grass was permanent, like no mark could ever make it change.. and that's not even the most odd about this territory. Guess where the flume is... give up? In the sky. Yes, the sky. How did I know? Well, after the initial shock of arriving from the flume I thought something was odd about how small the buildings looked below my feet.. Until I realized just exactly where I really was at.

At least the flume had the familiar star-cross shape to signal the door nearby, only it's a lighter shade purple color than the sky. Far away, you could never tell it was here, but when you get closer you start to see it. Right now, however, I am confused on how I am suppose to get down from here without falling. I was surprised the gravity didn't kick in already for me. I feared some little kid with his mom would walk by before asking her "Mommy, what's that boy doing in the sky?" I sure as heck hoped that no one would see me. I already needed to wait a while as my fellow traveler friends said that they would meet up with me here shortly.. But right now, I felt like an idiot sitting up in the sky floating. So after some thought, I decided to jump down hoping I didn't go splat..

Thankfully, I didn't. But strangely, after jumping I only moved down what felt like a step lower.. Hey, was this an invisible staircase? It sure felt like it. That was good to know, now that saved my next trouble on how I would be able to fly back up to the sky flume after everything's taken care of. Just when I finally touched the springy white grass at the bottom, I could hear the familiar musical chimes of the flume activating. My traveler friends were arriving.

When it was silent again, I looked up to see Aja and Spader. They both must have been shocked, just as I had felt up there earlier. I decided to let them know that I was still here.

"How's the weather up there?" I waved at them so they could see me.

"Hobey-" Spader said. This must have brought him memories of that plane ride on First Earth with Jinx, only without the safety of being in a plane. Poor guy.

"Bobby! How do we get down?!" Aja demanded. Her fiery temper was still there, she didn't like having no control.

"Just walk down like it's a staircase, don't worry, you won't fall!" I called back.

"How long you been down there?" Spader asked.

"Since the flume activated for you two." I replied. They both later walked down the invisible steps reaching me.

"Now what?" Aja asked adjusting her glasses taking in her surroundings.

"BOO!" someone yelled making us all jump, thankfully it was not Saint Dane. Instead, it was a little girl. She had wavy pink mid-neck length hair, bright blue eyes and she was short too, slightly shorter than Aja. Her outfit was interesting, to say it as nice as possible. She wore these red-colored dangerous looking punk boots that covered her bright blue leggings. She also wore a bright green sleeveless denim vest. She giggled at us. "Hello Travelers, I'm Tifanee Peters, but you can call me Tippe. I'm the traveler of PowlField."

And that's where we were.. Powlfield. What an odd name. "You wear funny clothes." She taunted our attire. "Look who's talking." Aja remarked though Tippe continued to giggle in delight. That reminded me, I hadn't seen any clothes for us to wear for this territory.

"Don't worry, you can sneak by my friend's house and he'll let you borrow some clothes," She then looked at both Spader and me. "And we need to do something about that hair of yours, see they burn people with hair like that." We get burned with having a certain hair here? Odd... She walked or rather ran off and motioned us to follow. I wanted to keep my brown hair, but I had to follow the rules. It was either that or burn.. I really hoped she was kidding.

Tippe reached in her pocket and withdrew a chalk or what looked like a chalk. "I got this when I became a traveler, this is a chalk, but it draws stuff to make it real andit's lines are invisible. I drew the invisible stairway there because the other travelers kept complainingabout having broken arms and legs arriving here."

She the drew a circle an Invisible Circle in mid air and motioned writing something right next to it. "Go on in. It'll take us to my friend's house, and we can't risk you guys looking like that around here since it's a long walk there." She jumped in the invisible circle first and seconds later she disintegrated away.

"Should we?" Aja asked clearly annoyed by Tippe.

"Hobey-ho, let's go!" Spader walked into the circle after Aja. I shrugged and stepped in the circle before feeling dizzy. I briefly had a last look of the open white grass field before seeing it disappear and unexpectedly was soon sliding down a sort of mini-flume slide, nothing to do except close my eyes and enjoy the ride.