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This is going to be a collection of drabbly-things, based on a silly picture I drew.

Warning: Well, it's rated T for a reason. (this disclaimer goes for all the chapters.)

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Inopportune Moments

Chapter 1: The Unexpected Trip.

"Sweetie, please. It's our wedding night!" said River, raising her eyebrow. "What do you think we should be doing?"

The Doctor looked at her, unsure. "Um, well, I...have!" he said, getting it. "That. Well, River, dear...that's, well...I-"

He was cut off by River planting her lips on his.

At first, he wasn't really sure if society's accepted behaviour for wedding nights was going to work out for him, being 1103 and all. However, as River ripped off his jacket and threw it aside, he decided that perhaps society had the right idea, after all.

"River?" he mumbled through their mouths. "Shouldn't, you know, go somewhere that's not, you know, the console room?"

She smiled. "Oh, stop being such a wuss, Doctor. Now shut up and kiss me like a real Time Lord."

Pushing him against the console, she proceeded to pull off his suspenders and, one hand in his hair, began to unbutton his shirt. Not entirely sure how to play the situation, the Doctor awkwardly grabbed her waist and pulled her closer, kissing her neck.

The two of them were far too interested in each other to notice that the TARDIS itself was actually (accidentally) in flight. Neither did they notice when it landed, even though the brakes had been left on.

Amy, lying next to Rory on their lounge, sat up.

"What? What is it?" said Rory.

Amy looked at him excitedly. "TARDIS!" she said with a childish grin on her face, getting up to grab her coat and run outside.

Out in their garden, the TARDIS had parked itself half on a flowerbed, half on the lawn.

"Bit of a dodgy landing. And where's the Doctor?" said Rory, trying to zip up his parka. "This zipper…"

Amy went to knock on the door, but stopped. "It's open!" she said, turning to Rory and giving him a 'do-you-think-I-should?' look. Rory shrugged and nodded.

Amy pulled open the door like a child opening a Christmas present.

The 'present' inside was definitely not what she had expected.


"That's my daughter you're canoodling with, sir!" Rory added, appearing at Amy's side, although looking far more disturbed.

The Doctor, suspenders off, shirt unbuttoned and hair dishevelled, looked up, realised what was going on, looked at River and stepped back, blushing a deep red. Well, he tried to step back. River had handcuffed him to the console, so he stood awkwardly, River's leg wrapped around his.

Rory ran over and covered the Doctor's eyes with his hand.

"River, darling. Put your clothes on." said the Doctor. "Your parents are here."

Rory scowled at him (not that he could see).

Amy forced River, who was minimally clothed, into her jacket. "There, dear. Now, explain yourselves."

River, now blushing as well, said indignantly, "Mother! We're grown adults, more grown than you! Please! Don't tell me off! Daddy, take your hand off the Doctor's eyes. Go back inside. We' a minute."

Rory looked embarrassedly at the floor. "I'll just, go...make some tea."

After looking sternly into the Doctor's eyes and shaking her head, Amy left.

River and the Doctor were left in the TARDIS.

"Hey, you know what? We could just leave, and that would save us from having to go inside, right!" the Doctor said as he buttoned up his shirt with one hand. After unlocking his handcuffs, River stepped closer to him and started to tie his bowtie.

"You know, my love, we'll still have to face them, someday. You're just scared of your mother in law." she taunted.

"Am not!" said the Doctor as River left the TARDIS, smiling coyly at him. "Well, can we finish this later?" he said, jangling the handcuffs.