Rileythenub presents: Who am I? The villain saviour!

Chapter 1: The villain saviour

Bang! That was the only sound that mattered. That same sound reverberated off the stone walls of the dark chamber. It echoed for a while, longer than it should ever have. But why did it seem so normal here? What exactly was the cause? After a few moments however, the sound died off to be replaced by the deathly silence. It wasn't tranquil. No, it was something more. All of a sudden, laughter boomed out from the depths of the chamber, ripping away the silence like a hot knife through butter. This surreal laughter, why was it so mocking? "P-p-please! Don't kill me! I'm sorry, please just stop! Please!" a voice whimpered with outright fear. In a flash, it was drowned out by another bang...

"Video games. How frightfully boring." Demi thought to himself as he sat back in his chair. The protagonist of this story was finally done with his work. "Sometimes I wonder why I even do all this."

Demi, the protagonist of the story, was sitting in his "office" working on hacking a game called 'Final Fantasy'. Demi was built like the other teenagers of his age, perhaps a bit smaller but still considered pretty average for his size. What separated him from the majority however, was his incredible intellect. Demi was born a genius. He mastered the concept of algebra in an hour, even utilising it to solve problem questions that would stump even a high school student, all of it remarkably being done at the age of four. He could remember all the lines from an episode of a cartoon on television all in one viewing. He was also the head of the chess and mathematics clubs in school.

Demi yawned, stretching himself as he did so. He reached with his left hand to push the large amount of dark bluish hair covering his left eye away. Demi had always insisted that his hair colour was natural. No one believed him of course. He was well-liked, if only for his skills with hacking computers and winning prizes for the school. His peers were jealous of his achievements, often mocking him in the school hallways. Usually, Demi would stop to smugly correct the grammatical error the mockers made while they tried pitifully to insult and provoke him.

The teachers were no different. They were disgusted with Demi's complacency and arrogance. They suggested that," He was too arrogant for his own good. Let's see what happens to him when he fails one day." Demi paid no attention to all these, being accustomed to it over many years. Everybody regarded him and his talents as separate things. Whatever Demi did was credited instead to his talents, never to his own sincerity.

Demi came from a poor family. His parents were never at home, ever working hard to feed themselves. As such, he had learnt to be independent from a young age. He earned everything himself. His money was earned by offering game hacking services to his peers. He wasn't paid much but he had no choice. He did everything and almost anything his peers wanted him to do to the game. He was so good at hacking, he could take a sprite from the game, modify and edit its features and looks, and run it in the game without the game crashing. Half of the cheat codes in the game were created by him solely and he always thought it not to be so much of a deal. He thought of himself as a greater being, so much so it went to the extent of finding even video games to be boring.

Demi packed up his laptop and his other gadgets as he prepared to leave the principal's office. It was almost midnight and the school was closed. Thanks to his hacking abilities, he got past the digitized security of the school gates and main entrance with barely any effort. He also had control over all the surveillance cameras in the school with his laptop.

"What a bore." Demi said, yawning again as though what he did was typical of him and was done frequently. It was. Demi was constantly badgered by his peers to hack their games. Not just games, he was even told to use the principal's computer to steal the answers for upcoming tests. And that was part of his purpose for being in school at such a time.

Demi tucked his hands deeper into the pockets of his jacket as he made for his house in the snow of the town of St. Ivalice. His intellect could not help him here. There was darkness, safe for a few street lamps in the distance, their lights the only beacons for Demi. Those did little to increase visibility however, what with all the snow constantly falling. It was Demi's experience in the snow which actually led him through the gates of the school and to the lamp-filled street. The skies in St. Ivalice always seemed to be snowing. The only times it did not was during summer and late spring.

Demi felt strangely relaxed amidst the soft, cool wind blowing in his face and the pure, white snow. These elements though dull and mundane, expressed his feelings and desires. How he wanted to be pure and free, just like the snow. All his thirteen years of life, he'd been treated as a tool, uncared for and unloved, sometimes even hated. "How could they possibly be jealous of me? They have good lives, they have lovers, what do I have? I've been ridiculed and used, not even once appreciated, all for what? For survival? I want to be like them, free and leading a normal life. I'm the one that should be jealous!" he thought to himself while he walked.

After fifteen minutes of walking, Demi arrived in front of a small house. Everything about the house suggested that its inhabitants were extremely poor. From the cracked roof tiles to the moth-eaten curtains, all the way down to the overgrown weeds in the yard. Demi sighed deeply and walked up to the oaken door. The knob was coming out again and he made a mental note to replace it. He wasn't leaving the place anytime soon anyways. He slung his back over the nearest chair, cursing as its fragile back rest snapped off after the 'impact' between sling and wood. "Great, just great." He rolled his eyes, stepping carefully over the splintered wood. A few steps later took him to his bed (a mattress laid on the floor). The familiarity did little to put his troubled mind to rest. After brushing his teeth in the bathroom, he immediately collapsed on the bed and fell into the warm embrace of sleep.


The internal clock in Demi's head told him it was time to wake up. "What? I just fell asleep!" his mind screamed in outrage. He lay there for a few more seconds before groaning and pushing himself up. He felt as though he had not slept at all and his body ached in several places. "Sigh... I guess this is what you get for sleeping on such a thin mattress and staying up late for some measly amount of money." he thought as well. He checked his bedside clock and found that he woke up at the exact time that he had wanted himself to wake. "Sometimes, I amaze even myself." He then prepared for school in five minutes and left the house.

The sweater Demi wore whipped around him viciously with the wind, signalling the beginnings of a snowstorm. It seemed nothing good could ever happen in his life. One after another, everything was falling apart before him. The events of the past night had made sure of that. He fired off a curse as the wind intensified and he had to look down and pull his hood over his head. It was strange, the weather. It wasn't the time of the year for snowstorms considering winter had supposedly ended.


"Checkmate."Demi said nonchalantly to his opponent. He had won fifteen times in a row without even raising his eyes from a library book he had borrowed even once.

"H-how? How'd you do all that without looking up even once?" the other members of the chess club asked in unison.

"Simple," Demi smirked. "It's called skill, something you idiots don't have and will probably never get."

All the members stiffened at this and stared at each other with a look that said "Can I kill him?" Demi enjoyed taunting the other teenagers. It was a means for him to vent all his frustrations. It felt so good for him, dominating his opponents. Having done that, he was about to stand up and leave the chess club room when disaster struck.

A bright flash of light erupted from behind the wall, enveloping everyone and everything. "How the heck!" he yelled as the light washed over him with astonishing speed. Ironically, the light turned out to be darkness. Demi was immobilised, his body locked in place by the oppressive darkness. Was it the power of this, what was that term...ah, magic? Could it be something else? Could it be fear?

None of that mattered as a small light appeared in the distance. Demi tried to squint, but found he couldn't. Images leapt forth in a burst of colour from the light and what he saw blew his mind. They were everything about him. The images showed all his memories, what he had done, up till the part where the light engulfed him. Demi's mind screamed in agony as the images streamed, rampant through it, colliding with the ends and sending explosions of pain through him. He was sure of it... he was going to burst open with the pain. But as quickly as it started, it stopped. The screaming and screeching ended before Demi felt his body lurch forward, sending him tumbling through a tunnel of darkness which had materialised out of the sea of images. It drew out quickly and sent him sprawling forward onto...sand. What will happen next? Find out more in the next story.


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