Too Late

A/N: I decided to do this one because it was the only one name dropped. I could have done the one with dying one, but this one I can have more fun with and expand on. I'm afraid this is only a trial chapter. I'll explain in the next note at the end of the chapter.

. . .

During my life time, there have been two things I am ashamed of. The first was believing my father was all-knowing and perfect. The second, is the worst of the two, is framing Anthony DiNozzo for the murder of my father. I never forgave myself for that, and I don't think Tony has either. I know I have to apologize, but I haven't had the time. I've been jam-packed with work and sending my apologies over e-mail just isn't personal enough. This week though, I have a week off and I know what I must do, I have to apologize and say goodbye…to my one true love.

. . .

I had twelve hours to think about my apology. It was a twelve very stressful hours, but I figures that I would hope to see him on the streets, but if all else fails, I would go to his apartment and hope he was still living alone.

After I was situated in my hotel, I take a deep breath and hope that I see him today so I can enjoy my last stay in D.C. I wander the familiar streets for what seems like hours. Finally, I spot bright yellow caution tape surrounding a very large crime scene. When I spot the NCIS van sitting outside the tape, I merge into the mob surrounding the tape.

"NCIS federal agent coming through," I hear a voice say. When I look up, I see it's Tony. He was the only one to duck under the tape. I can feel my pulse race because he looks just like he did four years ago…maybe even hotter.

"Tony! Wait up!" I hear a female voice call. My heart when I see a beautiful foreign-looking woman come up to the tape. I really hoped he would end up still being single, for he mentioned his in-ability to long-termed relationships when we were together.

When the woman also ducks under the tap, I realize she's only a coworker. As I take a closer look, I can recognize her form the last time I was in D.C. I continue to watch how they interact and they seem to act like a normal pair of coworkers, so I breathe out a sigh of relief. If he had been dating someone, my confession might have been very awkward. At least that's what I keep on telling myself.

I realize there was no way to get him alone tonight and turn away from the crowd. Cases must take a while, so I know I would have to use my alternative plan. I would have to go to his apartment and pray he didn't bring a woman home. As I started to walk there, I stop in my tracks. I had just realized I had just fallen back in love with Tony DiNozzo. And I had to leave later this week.

. . .

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