Too Late Ch.3

. . .

The night after my much anticipated apology, all I want to do is sleep. But I refuse to give into my urges for I know if I don't get out of bed now, I won't move all day. As I swing my legs out of the fluffy white hotel bed, I rub at my eyes. I cannot believe it's happened again, it's just not natural. Fall for the same person twice? That's insane! I try to ponder what I'll manage to achieve in the day, but every scenario I come up with involves Tony. I can't wrap my head around why, but I know I'll see him today. I just know. His maybe will turn affirmative. My new-found redundancy of love is all that is in my mind, even though I try to push it out. I switch my sweats and tee–shirt for a more city practical jeans and blouse. As I walk down to the lobby, I ignore the growling of my stomach and promise myself a bagel.

As my feet hit the concrete of the sidewalk, they take over with the familiarity of it all. I allow my mind to wander as I watch the blurred colors of the city. I know exactly where I am, but I don't know where I'm going. The vibrant colors leave me in awe and I revel in the city I used to love so much. I couple blocks later and I am literally bumped back into reality. Actually, it's more I walk straight into reality.

When I recuperate, I realize reality is two people. The two people I least expected to run into as I wandered the city mindlessly. Anthony DiNozzo and his beautiful partner stand in front of me and I angle my face level to the ground. "I'm sorry," I murmur quietly. I have already embarrassed myself, and I didn't want to further it by saying something extremely stupid. It is seriously as if I am in high school all over again, I'm in love with the guy I cannot have. The only difference is how I've already dated him. "I'll be going now," I say awkwardly before turning away and starting to walk again.

"Jeanne, wait," I hear Tony call after me. I stop and turn curiously. The first thing that catches my vision is how his partner smile with satisfaction. My gaze turns to Tony. "W-Well, Z-Ziva and I," He gestures to the woman, "This is Ziva, by the way." She smiles and gives me a small wave. Tony continues. "Ziva and I will be done w-with our work soon, and we—no, I wanted to know…" He trails off, looking over to Ziva for support.

She rolls her brown eyes and shakes her head at his timid-ness. "He wants to know if you would accompany him to lunch when we are finished." She elbows his ribs and her smile broadens. "He's just too turkey to ask himself."

"Chicken," I automatically correct, smiling in spite of myself.

She looks at me, confused. "Aren't turkey the birds that run away from everything?"

"Well actually, I think they just—" One look at her annoyed face, and I stop. She's an intimidating person. If I had to spend the day with her, I think I would go insane.

With the conversation still on turkey, I remember the lunch offer. "And about lunch, Tony, I would love to do lunch." My stomach jumps with glee as I agree. I turn to Ziva. "Will you be joining us?" I actually hope she will. She intrigues me—and maybe I'll figure out why Tony likes her so much.

Ziva looks at Tony in time to catch his look pleading her to come with us and she laughs. Her adverts her attention to me, still bearing a smile. "No, I think you two should catch up in private. You guys don't need a third wheel."

Tony snorts and she turns back to him, arching her brow. "Did I get that one wrong?" He shakes his head and she winks at him. "I didn't think so."

She turns back in the direction they must have been heading. "Tony will meet you in thirty minutes." Without another word, she walks off, leaving Tony with me. He looks back at her, gives me a small wave and takes off.

I watch the receding duo and my false smile disappears from my face. This woman, Ziva, he speaks so greatly of her. I sigh, knowing I will never compare to her natural beauty. I watch them until they disappear into the distance.

. . .

On my free days, I never understood the concept of walking around the city shops. Yes, the window displays are breathtaking, but I never like to spend my time moping. Seeing the items I wish I could buy, but can't always depresses me. Today is no different.

Looking into different shops with glittering windows, after ten minutes I stop at a small bridal shop. The front display showcases a snow white ball gown with a thick lace ribbon taking in the waist. The tulle practically shimmers and my jaw drops. I stare with my mouth gaping in front of the display.

Staring, I feel a slight pain in my heart. When Anthony DiNozzo was Tony DiNardo, I thought he was the one. I thought I was his only one as well. And now, I'll have to fight for even a friendship considering his love is constantly with him.

An irritating brings me out of my thoughts and I realize it's my phone. Caller ID identifies it as Tony, my heart races. "H-Hello?"

"Jeanne, I forgot to tell you where to meet me. Is 'A Piece of America' okay?" He asks, sounding distracted. I can hear Ziva thanking another man for his time in the background.

I nod in agreement, only to realize he can't see my facial movement. "Sounds great," I say, my voice squeaking slightly.

"I'll see you in five then," He hands up and a sense of dread falls over me. How much time had passed as I stared at the gown? I look at my watch. Twenty five minutes. "Damn," I mutter to myself, heading west and booking it to the small restaurant.

. . .

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