Too Late Ch.4

By the time I reached the hole-in-the-wall, I am out of breath. I curse myself for the stupidity of wasting twenty-five freaking minutes looking at a wedding dress of all things. I'm not even in a relationship, but I am obviously still enthralled by the fact of one. Even though I still find myself pulled to Tony, I'm not his. I never will be.

I instantly spot Tony's brown head from across the dimly lit restaurant. The decor around me has it's own cheesy faux-Italian glow and I cringe. It's things like this that remind me to how somethings here are just not meant to be. If it were up to me, this place would have been shut down for the mere cause of bad decor. The food was amazing. The atmosphere? Not so much.

"Jeanne," he greets, standing from his plastic lined chair. I smile in spite of myself. He's not yours, is the mantra floating through my head. It's intimidating, but it works.

I match his warm smile with a fake one of my own and walk to the table. "Tony," I say, "Glad I wasn't the first one here." I mentally hit myself for the lack of something better to say. It's true I despise having to sit alone, but it's a stupid comment nonetheless.

As if he totally ignored what I said, he pulls out a chair for me and motions for me to sit. Seated, he pushes the chair closer to the table adorned in a red and white checked tablecloth. I take note of the candles and the slight heat radiating from them as I try to avoid his green eyes. Damn his green eyes. They are hypnotizing, I tell you.

I open my mouth, about to thank him for inviting me, but I'm cut off.

"I need your help, Jeanne." His voice is urgent and his eyes pleading.

I look at him, taken aback. "You need my help?" I ask nervously. Without my noticing, I began to pick at my fingernails. This is an uncanny turn of events. I swear I was just about to ask myself to give up on this man. To give myself strength. And now he needs my help. I'm just about one of the weakest people out in the world. For Pete's sake! I ran away from the man I loved for the mere fact of his work. but that was understandable to other. He lied to me. But in all reality, I was okay with it. Push comes to shove. I would have it no other way.

Tony nods, his eyes sparkling. "Please tell me you'll help!"

All my willpower to say now disappears at that exact waking moment. "Just tell me what's wrong. I'll help you however you need."

My words surprise myself. They don't sound like the women who cried herself to sleep for a year either over this same man or the feeling of solitude she felt. All alone. And now, there's someone. I feel needed and it's as if a new person took over my body. I am no longer weak, but strong. It was just those four words. I need your help.

And my whole world changed.

Tony clears his throat, oblivious to my revolutionary thoughts. "I need your help with Ziva. To get her. To tell her I love her."

And in a moment's notice, my new world came tumbling to the sticky restaurant floor.

But I caught it.

I'm not in love with Tony. He's not in love with me.

And that's okay.

"Yes, I'll help," I reply, my voice strong.

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