Too Late Ch.5

The moment my words came out, I could not believe my ears. I had just given up on the love of my life. Again. I was exhilarated because this time, I wasn't upset in the slightest.

Tony's face brightens immediately and he lets out a sigh of relief. "Thank you, thank you so much." He stands up from his seat and reaches over the table to envelop me in his arms. The warmth of his body causes me to smile.

I wrap my own arms around my ex, tightening the hug. "It's nothing. I'm glad to help." My words are utterly sincere for just about the first time in my life.

"Am I interrupting something?" A familiar voice asks. Tony and I break apart to meet the eyes of Miss Ziva David herself. Her eyes shine, trying to avert her eyes from the scene between Tony and I.

I gasp, realizing the situation at hand. "Oh, gosh. No. Not at all." I take a glance at Tony's bewildered face. Unbelieving face. "This is not at all what it looks like."

The woman smiles. "Oh, I don't mind at all. It's good to see you two have made out." She dropped a wallet onto the vinyl table top. I thought Tony might need it." She turns, and I swear to myself I spot a tear fall from her figure as she quickly strides away from us.

"Damn," Tony mutters.

My thoughts exactly. Was there a possibility we messed this up for him? No, not we- I. I royally messed up his love life.

. . .

I walk slowly back to my hotel. Everything about this trip had diverted from the original plan. Never would I have thought I would agreed to help the past love of my life to find his own love. And in a matter of minutes, I ruined his chances. With a single hug.

"Can you be more stupid?" I mutter to myself. Apparently not. I am going to have to work miracles to get this to work. And maybe some jewelry shopping with Tony to make it up to Ziva.

I stop in front of a small vintage boutique selling a variety of clothes and glittery baubles. Knowing I can't do anymore damage than I already have with my life, I step inside.

Awestruck, I let out a small gasp. Racks upon racks of beautiful clothes attack my vision and trays are stacked high with shining beauty. A woman could certainly lose herself here. At this point I have every intention of doing just this.

"He was hugging her, Sara. I thought he was over her," I hear from across the store. I freeze. That's the umpteenth time I've heard that voice. Ziva. Peeking over a clothing rack I find my suspicion is true. Not only is it the girl of Tony's dreams-but she's practically balling. Angry rivers stream down her face and I shudder. I caused this.

The old saleslady nods sympathetically from behind the register. "All men are the same, sweetie. The only thing you can do is move on. And participate in what I like to call Retail Therapy." Sara's intentions are sweet, but if I learned one thing after I left Tony, is all the money in the world will not allow the pain to be numbed.

Ziva's body shudders. "You know, I would. But I only want one thing here." Her eyes glance to an item behind the counter. But there are so many, I have no idea which one it could be. But I know I can solve this. Retail Therapy, my ass. Nothing's better than a present from you loved one.

Sara frowns. "You should get going back to work then, honey. Be back later. We'll have that tea you like."

The foreigner nods and turns toward me. Crap. I duck behind a display and pretend to try on a pair of sunglasses and a bright pink fedora. Bless my lucky stars, she doesn't notice me as she runs out of the shop.

I never expected Ziva to frequent a place like this, but I was lucky I found it just in time. I now know how to fix the sprouting relationship.

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