Hey people so this is my first Monochrome Factor story so please don't hurt me if there is a lot of OOCness but anyways I hope you enjoy… Mhm Akira please if you may

Akira: *groans* She does not own Monochrome Factor or any of the characters

Me: I wish I did

Akira: Never going to happen

Me: Hey! Shirogane if you please

Shirogane: My pleasure *grabs Akira and throws on shoulders and walks into bedroom*

Akira: BAKA! Put me down!

Shirogane: I'm going to punish you and teach you a lesson *sexy grin*

Me: Oh never expected that umm well yeah continue reading I'm going to. Going to, yeah umm… Shirogane what are you going to do! Let me watch!


It's been 5 long years since Shirogane left. 5 years! To long for Akira as he lay on his bed and thought about Shirogane once again. Akira was now 21 and Aya and Kengo had moved apparently each having a crush on each other and planning to start a family together.

"I'm so fucking bored!" Akira got up and put on a change of clothes wearing black super skinny jeans, and an opened checkered turquoise and black button shirt over a black t-shirt. He went out and walked around the neighborhood the usual route when he was bored.

"Sometimes I wish we haven't stopped Hamurabi." Akira huffed.

"If we didn't stop him we would both be dead right now." A familiar voice came from behind Akira.

Akira shot around only to see the tall Shadow King before him, smiling.

"Shirogane!" Akira shouted in awe and shock.

"Hello Akira-kun."

Akira was standing there in shock unable to move or talk for he had missed the Shadow King so much but he would never admit it. Akira closed his jaw shut and put his cool collected face back on.

"So what have you been doing all these years your majesty?" Shirogane smiled he missed when Akira would try and tease him.

Shirogane walked up to Akira and gave him a hug that almost sucked the life out of Akira.

"Sh-shiro g-gane can't br-breath!" Akira was struggling in the death grip hug.

Shirogane let Akira go but then Akira looked at Shirogane scanning him and was surprised on what he was wearing instead of his huge trench coat. Shirogane was wearing straight leg black jeans with a half black and half white t-shirt with a black and red cross on it.

"New fashion huh? Not bad." Akira was smirking with what Shirogane was wearing.

"Arigatao Akira so where is Aya-chan and Kengo-chan at?" Shirogane wanted to greet everyone.

"Hell should I know, they moved in with each other at some house in Hokkaido." Akira was sick of everyone asking him about Kengo and Aya.

"Mmmm? Hokkaido aye? Sounds romantic, want to try it Akira-kun?" Shirogane was grinning and it was one of the "I got a plan to devour you" plans.

"BAKA! DON'T SAY SUCH THINGS!" Akira was secretly happy inside because it was still the same old Shirogane.

"Then shall we go to your house?"

"I guess so." Akira started walking back with a very enthusiastic Shirogane behind him


"Make yourself at home since I guess you're going to be living here now." Akira was blushing thinking he had to share the room and bed with Shirogane because he got a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom house.

Damn it! Next time think about the freaking future!Akira was mentally scolding himself.

"Akira-kun don't blame yourself I'm glad we get to share a bed because then its extra warmth." Shirogane has plastered a smile on his face watching as Akira's blush on his face grew.

"Oi don't read my thoughts they're private!" Akira had totally forgotten on not thinking too much or Akira would be an open book for Shirogane saying "I really do love you!" Damn no matter what I think it's readable!

"Don't worry too much about me Akira-kun I'm fine" Shirogane was having fun teasing Akira.

"I was not think- OI DIDN'T I SAY NOT TO READ MY THOUGHTS!" Akira has been with Shirogane for 20 minutes and he already was on his nerves. Well it's good to have him back I have to admit.

Shirogane smiled about the confession Akira had secretly made to him but decided to keep it to himself.

"Akira-kun I know you have been thinking about me lately."


Shirogane was smiling again but for a whole other reason.

"Akira-kun I would think you would know that I watch over you to see you are safe."

Akira froze at that statement. Wait so he knows I think about him about 23 hours a day every day?

Akira fell face flat at the floor. I just want to crawl in a hole and die right now!

Shirogane walked over to Akira and lifted his face by the chin.

"Akira-kun I've been thinking about you a lot too, almost every second and minute of the day actually."

Akira stared into the sky blue eyes with his teal/grey eyes. (trust me with this I watched the show over again and looked at photos and they are teal with grey in it so it's mixed)

"Akira-kun you look cute when you are blushing."

"Eh? What ar-"

Akira didn't finish his sentence because Shirogane stopped him with a loving and passionate kiss.

"Sh-Shirogane?" Akira's face was redder than ever and turned into his shin form because Shirogane had kissed him (you would think that Shirogane wouldn't want to separate from him right now but be together with him forever but it's needed for the next chapter *wink*)

"Akira-kun you're bored right so then let's have some fun."


Me: Hehehehe so how was it? I liked it and the separate thing is when Shirogane becomes his shadow and his eyes really are a teal/grey

Akira: I think my eyes should just be red so you can keep me in my shin form

Me: But I like to stay as precise as possible


Me: Oh really *looks up with red eyes and flames in them* I guess we'll have to teach you to TOLERATE ME!

Akira: Fuck I set off the bomb T_T

Me: AKIRA I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! *chases after him*

Akira: OH SHIT! *takes off*

Shirogane: Ano I'm going to have to go get them but please continue reading her stories and review it always helps her! *smiles brightly*

Me (in a yelling voice in the background): Thank You Shirogane! And yes please continue reading!

Akira: Where is Kengo when you don't want to get killed!