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After looking at the last sentence that he had just typed, Koushiro sighed and deleted it. This was happening more and more often, and it frustrated him to no end; especially since he already knew what was to blame. Mimi.

He looked over from his laptop and saw that she was sitting on his couch enthusiastically watching some cooking show that was exhibiting some disgusting looking foods. She and her family had moved back to Japan just a few months prior, and while he enjoyed it, it confused Koushiro to why Mimi spent so much time at his apartment; most of the time she would just show at random intervals, and sit on his couch to watch some equally random show. She would always invite him to watch television with her, but Koushiro was always distracted by some tech thing that needed his attention. At times he wondered why she wasn't hanging around with Sora instead of just wasting time at his home; it just wasn't logical.

Deciding to just quit what he was working on, Koushiro closed the document and shut down his laptop. After that was all done, he put his laptop and all the wires he used for it in his room, and then he went over to the couch that Mimi was sitting on, and he sat on the other end of it. Just as he was starting to relax the doorbell rang, and Koushiro sighed. He couldn't concentrate on his work, Mimi usually invading his thoughts as of late, and now as soon as he tried to take some leisure time someone had to be at his door. In short, Koushiro was becoming very frustrated.

He stood up, and when he answered the door he was surprised to see a nervous looking Hikari there. His eyes peered down the hallway of his apartment to see if she was there with Taichi, or if she was accompanying Miyako, but when he saw nothing he thought it was odd. He was never really all that buddy buddy with Hikari, so seeing her at his door was something very unexpected.

"Can I help you Hikari-chan?"

Koushiro figured that the young girl's computer was probably broken, or that she had some general question about digimon or some random thing to ask. Either way he was glad to help her. It was a secret pride of his to be the go to person for whenever any of the Chosen needed help with something.

"I was wondering if I could speak with Mimi-san?"

Ah, so it wasn't only his imagination that Mimi was spending a large amount of time at his place. He was glad that someone else spoke up that they noticed it, and now that he knew that it wasn't all in his head, Koushiro decided that he would be able to come up with a theory later as to why Mimi was spending all her free time in his vicinity. After a moment he shook himself out of his thoughts, and made room so that the younger girl could enter his apartment. He watched as she made her way to the couch to sit beside Mimi, and he, at the same time, watched as Mimi shut off the TV to give Hikari her full attention. Even though he wasn't, something inside him told him that he should be annoyed that these two girls where using his home to talk or something. Koushiro assumed it was best to make himself scarce.

"I'll just grab a snack, and if you need me I'll be in my room."

Mimi just flashed him a smile before returning to Hikari, and Koushiro felt his face flush before he just quickly went to the kitchen. He was glad that Mimi was too preoccupied with Hikari to see how he had reacted to her simple act of smiling, and Koushiro busied himself just looking for some junk food to get his mind off of his hormones. He knew the reason to why he had reacted the way he did to Mimi, but Koushiro honestly wished that it wasn't so. He viewed Mimi as being way out of his league, and Koushiro thought it best if someone like him didn't even try to go after her.

After of few minutes of looking for some snacks and trying to avoid the conversation that was going on in his living room, Koushiro finally felt as if he was ready to go to his room, and he began to walk in said direction. As he was walking past the girls he snuck a glance at Mimi, and he stopped when he saw that she looked like she was swooning. He frowned for a moment hoping that she wasn't telling the younger girl a story about some boy from America.

"So that just confused me even more, and now I don't know which one of them I should go for."

Even though he just caught the tail end of the conversation, it wasn't that hard for Koushiro to discern who Hikari had been talking about. Obviously she had come to Mimi for boy advice concerning Takeru and Daisuke, and Koushiro had a thought that maybe he could help out a little. Though, he regretted his next words almost as soon as he had said them.

"Statistically speaking, most relationships don't work out, so who knows, you'll probably get a chance with both of them."

He had delivered the fact with a smile, but that smiled disappeared as soon as he saw the horrified look on Hikari's face. What made the situation even worse was the way that Mimi turned to Koushiro and glared at him as he just stood there awkwardly holding onto a bunch of junk food. Mimi was a nice person, especially one to spend time with, but when she was angry she could be fierce.

In an awkward, but very smart move, Koushiro simply walked out of the living room and rushed to his room. Putting the snacks on his desk, he sighed as he flopped on his bed. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, and when he looked at it he saw that it was a text from Mimi telling him that they were going to have a serious conversation later. Koushiro was terrified, and regretted the knowledge he had shed on a young Hikari. Some genius he was.

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