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"I refuse."

Koushiro's arms where crossed in an extremely cliched manner as he refused to look at either Taichi or Mimi who were in his living room with him. Mimi was sitting right beside him, something he didn't acknowledge, and Taichi was sitting on the couch opposite of them. There was a coffee table between them, and that was what Koushiro decided to stare at. He couldn't believe that Mimi was actually considering what he was asking.

"I don't see what the problem is."

It was times like this where he couldn't believe that people thought that she actually gave better advice than he did. Maybe it was the universe trying to give him a sign or something. Maybe it was the universe flipping him off?

"Are you insane? The problem is obvious!"

"He says he needs our help, so I think we should help him."

She ended her statement with a scoff. Mimi couldn't understand why Koushiro was being such a baby about it. It was just a little kiss. Nothing to be scared about.

"What if he asked you and Sora to help him out instead of you and myself?"

"Well, then I'd think he was being perverted."

"He is being perverted," Koushiro sighed not knowing why Mimi was being so naïve. Taichi was up to something up, any sane person could have seen it, and for the first time since his friend asked the awkward question, he looked at him. Koushiro was glaring, "what in the world is wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me is that I've never kissed a girl before," Taichi did his best to look sullen, something that Mimi immediately fell for, and he knew he had her in the bag when he gave his puppy dog eyes, "you guys are the only ones I can go to, the only ones I trust, to see an example of what it looks like."

Please, Taichi had bragged to him so many times before about his girl kissing escapades. He was tempted to reveal this fact to Mimi, but couldn't on account of the Bro Code. As Article 14 of the Bro Code states: 'If a chick inquires about another Bro's dating history, a Bro shall honor the Brode of Silence and play dumb. Better to have women think all men are stupid than to tell the truth'. Instead, Koushiro just narrowed his eyes at his friend and decided to go a different route.

"What about Yamato and Sora? You've always been more buddy buddy with those two anyways."

This caused Mimi to ponder for a second. Looking at the situation, Yamato and Sora did seem to be better suited to help Taichi figure out how to kiss girls.

"Koushiro's right, I think they might be the better choice."

Taichi instantly forced up a laugh. Koushiro stared at him in a deadpan manner, but Mimi fell for it. As to be expected.

"That's crazy talk. Who better to go than the two biggest geniuses I know?"


"True? Are you kidding me? He's lying through his teeth!"

"You have to admit that he makes a good point."

"No he doesn't, and you're not a genius! That should have been your first clue that he's full of it."

Oops. Koushiro immediately paled since he realized the mistake that he just made. He fully turned towards Mimi, and saw that look of rage deep within her eyes. He peed his pants a wee bit. Lame pun completely intended.

"What did you say?"

"I said I'll gladly help out."

He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that look of rage leave Mimi's eyes. When she returned to her usual happy self he knew that he was safe for the moment, but he ended up glaring at Taichi again when he heard his friend begin to speak.

"Thanks, Koushiro old pal. You don't know how much this means to me."

Everything was silent for moment, the world stood still, and Koushiro turned and stared at Mimi's lips. He was going to kiss her. Sure, Taichi was watching and everything, but still he was about to kiss the hottest chick in Japan. He leaned forward, as did she, but stopped when he realized that Taichi was holding something in his hands.

"Can you at least put the camera away?"

"I need it."


"To study later."

Mimi put her hands on Koushiro's shoulders to get his attention again. If they didn't go through with this, then how on Earth would dear poor Taichi get the help he so desperately needed?

"See, it's okay. You always are saying that Taichi needs to study more."

"This isn't what I meant."

"Hey, it's a start right buddy? These videos are really going to help me out."


Koushiro blinked since he never knew that he would be on camera; at least not multiple times anyways. Kissing Mimi while being watched was embarrassing enough, but having to do it on film? He wasn't sure if he liked the sound of that.

"I need more than one example to look at. Science experiments never stop at a single sample."

"Fine, but if I find out you're doing anything weird with these videos, I'm going to kill you."

"That sounds a bit out of character don't you think?"

"I will murder you, and I'm smart enough to make it look like an accident."

Taichi just grinned, and put his camera to record as soon as Mimi and Koushiro began to actually kiss.

"Don't worry guys, you can trust me."

It later turned out that no, they couldn't trust him at all. Taichi ended up using computer skills that Koushiro had showed him years earlier to start one of those websites for people with strange interests, interests that can't be mentioned in a rated K+ story, and he started charging money to these weirdos for monthly subscriptions. Videos on the site included: Koushiro and Mimi kissing, Yamato brushing his own hair while unknowingly being filmed, for a little extra cash one could order locks of said hair (somebody with the user name Jun_Jun ordering up Taichi's full stock on the first day of the sale), Sora tending flowers, Koushiro typing at his computer, Koushiro sleeping, Koushiro eating food, Mimi singing in her underwear(he told her it was part of his studying), Koushiro using the bathroom, and other random more 'traditional' weirdo videos that he downloaded from other sites.

It was a cash cow business, one that exploded into Taichi being rich enough so that he could retire and live a peaceful life without having to stress over money by his mid-twenties. Though he avoided that, and instead Taichi just bought his way to the top of Japanese politics. It would take Koushiro fifty-seven years to find out about what his friend did, and he immediately considered assassination. Taichi would become the most celebrated Prime Minister in Japanese history, having three different days of the year become holidays celebrating him posthumously, his face being printed on new banknotes of Japanese currency, and the name Taichi becoming the most popular one for women to name their babies (even girls) for three decades straight. What a harmless lovable rascal.

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