Chains of the Eclipse

Author: Amenson

Pre-Story Warning: This story is rated 'M' for good reason. It will contain torture, demonic possession, death, bouts of insanity, and sexual situations. Not lemons, later chapters will contain rape and other, so there will be no pleasure or meaning to it. I'm feeling dark and by Amenson, this will reflect that. Warning given and received.

Chapter I: Bad Dreams

(Set almost 4 years after the events of 'The End')

"My Lord! The time is fast approaching and your brilliant plan is nearly complete. I would know if my actions please you, master." Two pairs of blood-red eyes suspended in the air gazed from above at the old man before him and deep rumbling laughter was heard that shook the entire cavern.

Raven awoke in a cold sweat and a terrified look in her eyes. After having a moment to regain her senses, she tried to shake the nightmare that she had been experiencing for the last week. For as long as she could remember, dreams had been fleeting at best and instantly forgotten once aware of her surroundings. It had been very unnerving for the girl to experience the same dream more than once, let alone for several nights. The fact that she couldn't remember the most important details was the worst part, though one the one thing that was constant and vivid throughout the dream was pure and unhindered terror.

She slowly rose and made her daily pilgrimage to the common room for breakfast and was greeted be the equally grim faces of her teammates gathered by the couch in the middle of the room. She decided to forgo her tea and join her friends, who were all staring intently at her, hoping to hear some kind of answer for what had been happening for the last week.

Robin stood up to greet her. "Have you been having nightmares for a while, Raven?" She nodded and she saw her friends lowering their heads in disbelief and fear. "Then it's everyone. We are all having the same dream and have been for a while. Do you have any idea what it is?"

Raven nodded once more. "From what little I remember of the dream, Trigon had something planned to happen soon. The only conclusion I can draw is that he has found a way back into our world."

The response was met with horrified faces and for good reason. The first time that Trigon entered their world, the end of all things came to pass. It was only through hard work and luck that Armageddon was averted. "But we kicked his ass! I thought he was gone for good!"

"We may have kicked his ass, Beastboy, but my father is a being of pure evil. We sent him back to Hell and there shouldn't be any way back, but the barrier between worlds is thinning. Something has changed over the last two weeks that is making this happen and I can't explain it. Has anyone noticed something new?"

The Titans furrowed their brows in deep thought. Robin was the first to speak up. "Brother Blood broke out of prison last month, but the supernatural isn't really his style." Brother Blood wasn't the only villain that he had been tracking the movements on, but the former headmaster was the only one who completely dropped off the grid; something that never bodes well.

Cyborg spoke next. "Some former members of the Hive Academy have gone missing for three days now and Jinx and Bumblebee are among them. I just thought I should mention it." Two of his love interests had completely dropped off the grid and he had spent the last two days looking at files and following up leads. Unfortunately, they all left without a struggle or any sign of where they went.

"During my return from my homeplanet Tamaran in the last week, I was warned of a dark rock that was traveling into this system. I investigated it myself, but there was no threat. The rock will not come close enough to this planet to cause any problems. Other than that, my rear is perished." The confident redhead had recently traveled back to her planet to witness the joining of her K'norfka and one of the more distinguished female warriors of their species. Since he was still the Supreme Ruler of Tamaran, his marriage was a truly magnificent event that took the better part of a week to celebrate completely.

Beastboy scratched his head, clearly thinking hard. "I was out at the arcade yesterday, and um… the power went out."

Raven shot a menacing glare at the green hero and he immediately flinched. "If you don't have anything useful, don't open your mouth."

"Actually, BB may have a point." Cyborg cut in. "I know the place he's talking about and they're right next to a generator. If the arcade lost power, than something nearby could be draining electricity."

Just as Raven prepared an appropriate comeback, Robin interjected "We need to find out if any of this is connected and how to stop it." They all separated to find out any more about the dream they were all having.

(Scene Break)

Brother Blood was going over the final schematics for his latest device. He had been stewing over this for years and it took just as long to break out of prison. Maybe breaking out of prison was irrelevant because there was no breaking involved, the prison guards let him out voluntarily; to use the term loosely. His cybernetic implants may have been shattered, but his latent psychic abilities didn't need any computer programs to conduct basic hypnotic suggestions. It just took a very long time for one of the newer guards to slip up and afford him an opportunity.

Sebastian Blood the 9th gained his title by slaying his own father, who was the leader of an ancient demon-worshiping cult. The latest Blood had strayed from his family's' destiny to lead this cult and spent his time and resources building up a network of young and impressionable super powered followers. This particular direction had been fairly productive and beneficial right up until the introduction of Cyborg, the only person who had been able to stand up to his powers. He had been humiliated and defeated by the same man over and over, and by the last fight atop Titans East Tower, Brother Blood gave up entirely. He was truly lost and spent his time in prison with no light in his eyes.

The twisted man had truly hit rock bottom when he was contacted by the subject of his own father's devotions. The lord of terror reached out to his forsaken minion in his moment of despair and instilled the seed of purpose. Without any other reason to live, Sebastian grabbed and embraced the new lifestyle that was being offered to him, and now the plans that took years to conceive and implement were about to be culminated.

He gazed on the massive building below him and marveled at the scenery that came with it. He had set up a large summoning chamber in the main section of Jump City. The best thing about the highly populated location was that nobody asked questions when big burly men carried equipment into a building. It was the best of both worlds, too. The spot that was chosen to be His resurrection was very close to a power generator, which was needed for an extra boost. Traditional spiritual and supernatural artifacts and rituals did have their uses, and a massive summoning on this scale was going to be risky, but scientific advances had definitely put a different spin on the older ceremonies.

Brother Blood walked into the summoning chamber which was now undergoing the final preparations. He looked at the people working hard to put everything in place and smiled. His former students were hard at work patching the place together; Jinx was placing wires into the appropriate slots; Reaper wielded a protective mask and used his pyrotechnical powers to weld a structure in the center of the room shut; Kyd Wykkyd was using his powers to move a large power converter into position; Lazarus was repainting the lines of the summoning circle filling the chamber; and Bumblebee was furiously typing at a terminal; all of whom wore subservient red eyes. Brother Blood found it incredibly easy to convince his students to join his cause, previous recipients of his hypnosis were always vulnerable to brain-washing and this instance was no exception. He felt very pleased that the plan was advancing according to schedule, but there was one more ingredient to obtain.

His master had commanded him to kidnap a girl whose 16th birthday was to be on the day of the resurrection. This girl would be his vessel upon his re-entry into this world, and her age would allow Trigon to easily overwhelm and corrupt the girl a sufficient amount for her to become a new portal. The only other requirement was that she had to be a virgin. Brother Blood was disappointed when he heard this; he would have taken great pleasure in deflowering her. He would just have to settle for either Jinx or Bumblebee to satiate his urges; his hypnotized subjects were very useful in that aspect.

(Scene Break)

It had been a day since the Titans had begun to investigate the strange disappearances and spatial objects and they were much closer to connecting all of the dots. Cyborg used the Titan mainframe in co-operation with a network of telescopes to estimate and plot the trajectory of the rogue meteor. Upon further inspection of the asteroid, he discovered that it was no natural phenomenon.

Cyborg placed a picture of the meteor on the table in front of him and the sight of it made the Titans gasp. It was a perfect sphere and the aura it gave off was disturbing to say the least. Thermal images showed that it radiated an unnatural amount of heat even though it was hurtling through the dead of space. "The trajectory shows that it originated from Earth, approximately 4 years ago and has been traveling in a wide circle ever since."

"I remember Trigon being a dude with a really big ego. He thought he could never be defeated and thought of us as insects. He doesn't seem the type to make a back-up plan."

"It may not have fucking crossed your mind Beastboy, but there are people smarter than you." Raven snapped. "Trigon's mind is devious and all-encompassing and obviously he considered the possibility of defeat."

Robin slammed his hand on the table. "Raven! You aren't helping anyone like this, so shut it! Now Cyborg, if this path is correct…" He closely examined the sheet. "Will it will hit us?"

Cyborg shook his head. "The closest planet it will pass is Venus and that holds no threat for us. If Trigon wanted to come back, why would he send out a meteor only to miss by thousands of miles?"

"What is the exact path that it will take through our system?" Raven asked. She took a moment to scan the red line crossing through a graphical representation of our solar system and pointed to the exact point between Earth and the Sun. "He's going to make an eclipse. He will use the meteor to cast a shadow on a location on our planet and it's entirely possible to use that to break into our world."

Beastboy lifted his finger to raise a point, but stopped half-way through when he lost the thought. "How exactly does that work again?"

Raven rolled her eyes and clenched her fists uttering a silent curse. "Demonic powers thrive in darkness. It takes energy to create shadows that can envelope and engulf objects. In the darkness, Demons need only to manipulate the shadows already present, freeing up more energy to create more forceful attacks. The meteor will cast a total eclipse over a location for a short time, allowing Trigon's essence to seep through into our world, If only partially."

Cyborg leaned forward a bit. "Doesn't that mean it works at night too?"

"I don't know if you've noticed, but the moon and stars come out at night, shedding light on the dark side of Earth. Anyways, Trigon imbued this meteor with his malice and rage, amplifying the darkness it casts. For what it's worth, it's a brilliant plan."

"No matter how elaborate a villain's scheme is, we just need to focus on how to stop it." Robin stood up in a commanding manner and pointed to Jump City. "We have an obligation to save our city once again from Trigon's evil. We will have a higher chance of survival if we prevent the seed from ever being planted in the first place, so I need everyone to find out where and when this is going down. Titans! Move out!" Robin and Cyborg quickly left to find out more about what was happening, leaving Beastboy, Raven, and Starfire sitting down.

"Forgive me friends, but why did we all have the same dream? No one else I have spoken to knows anything about it."Starfire had a distressed look in her eyes as she clearly didn't know what to expect.

Raven folded her arms. "Since we were the only survivors of the last Armageddon, we still have a psychic connection with Trigon. When we defeated him, he lost a considerable amount of his power and it has taken a very long time to regain his strength, which is why we never noticed his powers before. Now that we are close to the eve of his return, we have been able to see a small portion of what's been happening. Now don't disturb me. I'm going to meditate"

As Raven left the room, Starfire put a reassuring hand on Beastboy. "Do not worry friend. I am sure that Raven meant no harm."

"Oh, she meant it. She always means it." Beastboy moped. His ears drooped because the last week had been tough on everyone.

(Scene Break)

Lily left school that day in a very good mood. She had gotten 93% in her midterms and was asked out by the captain of the soccer team in the same day. The one thing that would top everything was her sweet 16 that everyone in her grade was invited to. Tomorrow was going to mark the first day of the rest of her life.

She took the route from school that she had walked down a hundred times before with a slight skip in her step when she accidentally bumped into an old man. She picked herself up and dusted off her skirt. "Sorry, sir. I didn't see you there!" She reached down to help the man off the ground and after a brief flash of red where his eye should have been, she was knocked unconscious and placed into the back of a van that just pulled up beside her. Brother Blood smirked; he missed a good old-fashioned kidnapping.

(Scene Break)

Raven and Cyborg were working in the situation room in the basement of Titan Tower trying to rig up an updated version of Jump City onto the holo-simulator installed in a table. They finished hooking up the last of the wires when Robin walked in. "Raven, we need to speak in private. Now." They both walked towards the corner and stopped.

"What's going on?" She asked in her familiar monotone.

"You know the answer to that! Beastboy didn't deserve any of that, so why did you snap at him?"

"Oh, so you're fighting his battles for him. How very noble of you"

"Damn it Raven! Someone needs to tell you that you're out of line and Beastboy is never going to say anything against you. The last thing he needs is a battle where he can't fight back so calm down and keep your emotions in check!" Robin yelled. He panted heavily, clearly exhausted by the tirade and noticed the subtle looks that Cyborg was giving the both of them.

Raven had a shocked look in her eyes as it was a very rare occurrance to get such a heated argument from their cool and collected leader. She pulled her cloak over her shoulders and spoke. "I haven't been able to meditate without seeing the face of my father, and Rage has been straining to get free." Robin raised an eyebrow. "Not important. I've been on edge and I'm sorry."

Robin gritted his teeth. "I'm not the one you should be apologizing to."

Cyborg interrupted the both of them and called Starfire and Beastboy to the room. Raven looked over to Beastboy, only to find that he was intent on avoiding her gaze. Once they were all present, Cyborg laid out a diagram.

"I've determined that the eclipse will take place tomorrow at about noon and the shadow will be cast along this section of the city." The holographic representation of Jump City had a horizontal black line streak across it. A circular section of the city flashed red twice and grew in size to accommodate the entire projector. "Now I've narrowed the location to a 25-block radius, but I can't get any more specific than that. It could be any one of these buildings."

"How are we to search all of these buildings by tomorrow? There are too many!" Starfire protested.

"What if we don't have to?" Everyone in the room stared at Beastboy. "If this thing is happening tomorrow, won't it use lots of power to start things up?"

Cyborg wiped a fake tear away from his human eye. "My little boy is all grown up!" He ruffled Beastboy's hair with his big hands. "We can wait until they start up whatever they have in there, track it, and then swoop down to save the world at the last minute. It's perfect!" Beastboy clearly looked pleased with himself and it was at this point that his eyes were locked with Raven's. The smile on his face remained, but the humor in his eyes rapidly departed.

"Then we wait until tomorrow and stop this before it starts!" Robin declared and the Titans left to make some final preparations.

Just as Beastboy got up to leave the room, Raven called out to him. "Beastboy, I..." He didn't stop to hear her plea and the door closed behind him, leaving Raven standing with her arm slightly raised and a storm cloud over her head so large it could be mistaken for a monsoon.

The next day, the sun rose over the glimmering ocean next to Jump City and its citizens went about their business completely unaware of the hell that was about to be unleashed upon them. The trees in the park were completely devoid of birds and dog-owners discovered that their dogs were being particularly uncooperative. Beastboy woke up that day feeling extremely anxious, though he didn't know exactly why. The dream had returned and this time, a sense of helplessness was instilled in him. Beastboy had never been comfortable with being prey to others. Trigon, it seemed, wanted to hunt him down personally for his involvement in the demon's banishment. He also felt a morsel of regret for walking out when Raven wanted to talk to him, but a small voice told him it was what she deserved.

To Be Continued

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