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Cold eyes and Burning Will

By M6l99 the second

Based on Forsaken with permission, from Elemental balance.

The 3rd Ninja war-

A week after the Heaven and earth bridge in the Land of grass had been destroyed by the Yellow flash and his team forcing Iwa to halt there drive towards the land of fire at the cost of one of there own.

The hidden village of Iwa the land of earth primary ninja village and military command center for the regular army was normally garrison with many ninjas and heavily guarded by Samurai along levy Solders if it hadn't been for a sudden major push by land of Fire Army with elements from the Land of wind and the remains of Land of grass army, attacking at wide front this had mobilized the army and 3/4ths of Iwa able body ninjas.

One young Samurai noble from the small minor clan of Oba had argued that they should leave few units behind to bolster the remain Ninja in case Iwa is attack. He was laugh at by both the Tsuchikage and army commander stating even if Iwa was near the battle lines and after there major defeat in Kusa there enemies weren't foolish to attack Iwa as its walls were made from the very stone from the mountains the village takes its name from.

The Young officer tried to make them see this was a unwise move but gotten remanded and order to withdraw his solders and cowered like a woman there wasn't a need for weaklings who fear danger coming from every shadow.

Even as a young Oda Nobunaga rode away he vowed to change this land even as word came that Iwa is under attack.

"Mark my words land of earth I will bring back your former glory even if I am as unyielding as the mountains as hard as the stone and as cold as the earth this I vow before Sun goddess her self " said Nobunaga clenching his fist to the sun like he was trying to take the sun in to his hand.

Nobunaga just didn't bother heading back even if he did he would most likely be blamed as the fall guy for the whole attack being aloud to happen, he liked his head attach to his body, he served those fools long enough it had became clear that the Land of earth had become corrupted even thrown away the old code, this wasn't land of his forefathers carved from the very stone and earth.

Back to Iwa-

The combined forces of Konoha Suna and revitalizes Kusa, hit Iwa hard using surprise newly developed siege engines that can be assembled and transported using storage scroll and lighting speed

the main target of the this raid is Iwa STONE cells to free many captive ninjas, leading the charge is the 4th Hokage slashing his way though any Iwa ninja in there path, with him was Zhang Fei, one the three brothers of Kusa.

"Going on Xiahou information the entrance to the STONE cells should be in that building but Minato Xiahou can't be sure your friend is still alive its been months now" said Zhang Fei, checking a scroll as Minato take care of a straggler.

"I am not going to lose another love one" said Minato as he ducks under a wild swing and rams a kunai though the mans throat, Minato had taken Obito death hard and being unable to save his friend when new of the mission had been a trap had ate him up in side.

"Aright lets get to it the other teams should be there by now if every thing goes to plan" said Zhang Fei just as he and Minato run though the deserter streets but a number of Stone Anbu spotted them.

"Little brother I'll handle this bunch of dog's you go get your friend" said Zhang Fai even as he runs though a Iwa nin with his viper spear.

"I can't leave you here" shouted Minato.

"You ain't Leaving me here I'm just taking a breather" shouted Zhang Fei, as he hold's one STONE Anbu in a one armed head lock and throws the viper spear at another impaling the Anbu with such force sent him flying back.

Zhang Fei, had held off over 100 enemies on the steps of a temlpe once not a single one got past him when it was over.

"Get going" shouted Zhang Fei, before tugging hard on the Anbu he was holding making the man's body spin as his is neck was impossibly twisted around.

Minato nodded and throws a tri pointed kunai at a building and dis appeared in a blinding flash then reappeared on the roof.

"Heh nice tick" mused Zhang Fei, then spotted a white haired Iwa Jounin with evil looking yellow eyes who riased both bare arms that were in engulfed in fire.

"I'm going to in joy burning you to ash" said the Iwa ninja.

"better men have tried" remarked Zhang Fei noted the man was very arrogant and would likely boast,

"Well I Tri-aaagghhh" started The Iwa nin but was unable to say anything more as Zhang Fei rammed in to him sent them both in to a wall that collapsed from there combined weight and fell from a steep drop the wall had marked the boundary to.

Zhang Fei liked boast to with some drinking companions out side of battle, good thing his blood bond brothers kept him from getting too arrogant.

45min later

Namikaze Minato ran full speed carrying a bundled past Iwa's walls before being enveloped in a blinding yellow flash,

Standing before several med nins Minato carried the bundled to the med nin's but a whimper and a frail hand grip his flak vest "ssh its all right Aerlla-chan your safe your child will be born free and with your family" said Minato.

"I….I…" Aerlla voice was weak and meek nothing like the friendly tone of his long time friend and former team mate,

"Rest now my shadowy friend your nightmare is over" whispered Minato, as he handed the frail woman to the mednin.

"Lord Hokage she..." a mednin trailed off seeing a baby bump when Aerlla was laid on a cot.

"I know" said Minato they destroyed a once brave woman he fought along side but never broke her but he can still see the spark of life in her dull glassy eyes due to the new life growing in side her.

"its to late to abort now she'll have to go though the full term before she can get rid of the little teme" remarked someone this cause a reaction from Aerlla.

"NO your not taking my baby you temes I'll kill you " yelled Aerlle who show surprising strength clawed at the med nins who had to hold her down.

Minato had his hands around the offending man's neck and tossed the man out ofthe tent.

"What the hell your problem" snapped Minato who noted the man was from the Uzumaki main branch.

"unbelievable right in a middle of a war you still carry on that senselessly old feud she a fellow Konoha nin a comrade in arm" stated Minato he can't believed at times like this that his wife was related to this man .

"I was only state the fact" said man "A bitch like her must spread her leg willingly".

Minato was about to shove a Rasengan in to the Uzumaki's head when a large burst of chakra heralded the arrival of Summons and every ninja look up to see the massive form of Doganki between the Mountains around Iwa along with the small members of his kind.

Minato grab the Uzumaki vest and hauled him up.

"Hay what are you doing" the Uzumaki.

"There are ninja injured out there I'm just getting help to them" said Minato with a dark glee in his eyes.

"what! no" shouted the Uzumaki med nin but both he and Minato were gone in a flash.

later the Uzumaki med nin was killed when one of the Iwa's summons stepped on him as Minato on top of Gamabuta fended off Doganki but the Fire toad boss got a new scar running down one eye in the exchange.

Iwa had been dealt another blow major one more time Iwa and there few remaining allies were done for.

9 months since the end of the 3rd ninja War-

Iwa had sue for peace after Ame pulled out of the war, following the 4th Hokage and the combined forces of Konoha Suna and Kusa demolished them at the battle of the grass plains with the 4th having over 300 kills alone, that battle had cost Iwa more then there failed sneak attack on Konoha at the start of war it would be years before the Land of Earth to rebuild there forces to the point were they would be a major treat.

Aerlla had fully recover from her ordeal in Iwa thought questions on the father of her new born twin girls manly from the Uzumaki but that was normal with the Uzumaki, always tries to one up or smear the names there old rivals the Hyuuga and Roth this normally got the Hokage and the military police involved when the mud throwing became more then the odd insult back and fore come to blows, Kunai being drawn,and jutsus at the ready had both parties pay for any damage caused by a Uzumaki/Uzuki vs Roth/Hyuuga loud argument (Fight), was normal for Konoha day.

Konoha had gotten word of the legendary Kitsune King Kyuubi had reappear years after the 1st Hokage battled him and Uchiha Madara at the valley of the end .

1st Hokage tired to seal the legendary Kitsune King in to a host but Kyuubi was smarter then he appeared trick the 1st Hokage and slip away.

Over time Kyuubi was briefly sited from time to time along with others of his kind, in the land of fire Kyuubi normally ignored any human village he happen to past at the time and even then Kyuubi only did battle to get rid of a would be hero or ninjas trying to seal him in to something or one of his subjects.

Seeing Kyuubi wasn't as hostile as the stories told so it was ruled that no action would be taken unless Kyuubi attacks first.

but now something had in-rage Kyuubi to a point of cutting a path of devastation right towards Konoha and nothing that they tried to stop it hadn't worked, Now Kyuubi was mere miles away from from the Hidden village.

sounds of the Fire army cannons boomed though the night in a vain attempt to stall the Kitsune King.

In side Konoha hospital-

"Minato-koi, there must be another way!" a young woman with fiery red hair cried from her hospital bed. Her striking blue eyes gazed at the blond haired man standing next to her. Those crystal eyes were filled with anguish, stabbing at the man who called himself her husband.

"Kushina-chan, we have no choice," Namikaze Minato, the Konoha Yellow Flash and secretly the 4th Hokage replied, "Kyuubi is simply too powerful to destroy! Even with Gamabunta aiding me, even some how I did the cost would be too great, at best I could only hope to wound it for a short while every other opinion has failed; The Shiki Fuin is the only hope Konoha has!".

"But why our son?" she cried, holding the crying form of their newborn child to her chest, "Please, at least tell me why him?, after all the hell we went thought my clans opposing our marriage, the damn war even the attempt on Kanna's life".

"He carries the will of fire in him, Kushina! Both the blood of the Uzumaki clan and the Namikaze clan rests in his veins!, he can handle its power " Minato replied,

"He'll become a truly splendid ninja once he grows up, I know this already. As for why; I am the Hokage. How can I ask another family to sacrifice their own child if I am not willing to do the same?" The tall blond man gazed at his wife. "Please, my love…Hime …understands this."

Namikaze -Uzumaki Kushina bowed her head, her Red bangs touching the blond tresses of her newborn son. It still amazed her how much like her husband her child already looked; he was certain to be a heart breaker when he was grown. Still, his eyes were her's…the same crystal blue shared by the majority of the Uzumaki clan, but more cloud grey in the center around the pupil.

The same shared by his four year old sister, Kanna, who is safely in side the shelter in the Hokage Mountain.

"I've already left instructions with Jiraiya-sensei and Sarutobi-sensei, and you friends Rei Arella and Mikoto agreed to help" Minato was saying, "The people will know my will. Our son will be a hero my love."

"But what about you?" she whispered, her voice carried a broken tone, Minato cup his wife's face, rubbing her cheek with his thumb.

"A kage's greatest gift to their village is their life," he replied, "At least Naruto will have you and the clan to watch and raise him."

"Naruto…you named him after your favorite ramen topping?" she asked, incredulous at his choice, even with impending doom heading there way.

"Actually, I was thinking the 'spiral' version," the young kage replied with his trademark grin. All too quickly it faded, replaced by a sombre expression.

"Its time, Kushina -chan." Kushina broke down, and held Naruto's a little tighter.

The Door open, letting Kushina see her old rival and friend Roth Arella, there were still traces of stress from her imprisonment a few grey hairs and light scars the worst scars were on her back Iwa had a very brutal way in dealing with POW using red hot iron bars had left it's mark.

Clad in midnight blue Ninja plate armour, having the same sombre expression as Minato, tucked in her arm, the Scroll for Shiki Fuin,

"Every one is ready Minato….. Are you sure that you want to use your son and your self…" Asked Arella, seeing a happy moment of life turned in to heart breaking, tragedy.

Minato look in to her eyes and nodded, Arella lowered her head, in under standing, before turning to the window.

In the distant beyond the village wall the orange glow of fire burning the giant trees that surrounded Konoha as the giant fox that slowly made its way to Konoha, it's 9 tails waved about in an hypnotic pattern.

Kushina nodded, placing a sad kiss on the newly christened Naruto's forehead. "Be strong, my little one," she whispered. Reluctantly, she handed her child to her husband. Somehow, she knew things would never be the way her lover thought.

"If I tried harder maybe" started Arella but Kushina gave her a sad smile, Arella bows her head, Minato place his hand on her shoulder, Arella's body shutters as tear drops hit the spot between her feet.

"Nothing lasts for ever no matter how much we try" said a bitter Arella.

She was right, as she watched her Koi her child and friend leave, later Kushina saw black clad people, enter her room and be fore she can call out, they grab her next something was pushed in to her arm, making her feel light headed.

"You have crossed the clan for the last time Kushina, now you and your children will served the clan for its own gain now that you're Husband, will died and he will no long interfere with the Uzumaki like the Senju and there pets the Hyuuga and Roth, have but don't worry they will be joining your Husband in all do time".

"Damn you Kosuke Damn you Kosuke all the way to hell" thought Kushina, as darkness over powered her.

Out side the Wall-

The forest in front of Konoha stand the 4th Hokage watch groups of Konoha ninja dashed in to the tree line, as loud explosions echoed out in to the night.

Signing he want to be there with his family his baachan left a week ago after healing Kushina when she started to have problems, watch his boy grow in to a man and have kids of his own but that can't happen, fate can be too cruel at times,

Minato bit his thumb.

"BUTA, INU, TORI, SARU, HITSUJI!" Minato shouted his chakra surging as he slammed his hand to the ground. -Ninpo-Summon no Jutsu!-

A web of seals flowed out from beneath his bloody palm, and smoke billowed around him, then shot upwards.

A strong breeze blew the smoke away, leaving the towering form of a giant brown toad with a blue and white haori, with a pink scar over his left eye seemly still healing, lastly it had a long pipe in its massive mouth making the Toad look like Yakuza complete with a huge dosu tucked in his belt.

"Oi, Gamabunta, long time no see, big guy" yelled Minato from a top Gamabunta head,

"What's the problem Runt you need some thing…nani… why's Kyuubi no Youko, The Kitsune King, looking more pissed off then horde of females crying out for Jiraiya blood, after catching him peeping".

"Hell if I know but that can wait 'Arella'" called out Minato, and his shadow darken and 2 forms emerged,

Arella and an black and blue clad Roth keels, before Minato.

"I set up needed supplies Hokage-Sama, all that's needed is your blood and to draw the seals" stated Arella not looking in to Minato's face her emotions controlled.

"Arella" said Minato.

"Yes….mmmff" started Arella but Minato grabs her chin and gave her a kiss, on the lips shocking the other Roth,

"Mi-Minato" sputtered Arella red staining her cheeks, unable to form words at this sudden act of affection but Minato gave her his trademark smile.

"I'm very much in love with Kushina, my daughter and my son is our greatest expression of this love is but I know you were in love with me and when I confess my love to Kushina you didn't drift from our lives you been there for us in the good and bad times, as we have been for your good and bad times, this is my last gift to one of my most precious persons in my life".

"I will help your daughter, son and Kushina, as you and Kushina helped me and my children be free from Iwa and helping me thought my darkest hours, I vow this on my life" spoke Arella her eyes watered has she tried to hold back the overflowing amount of emotions .

Aerlla hugs her team-mate friend love of he life,

"You need to go its 4 point seal and a 6 point seal lastly you're still a baka"

Minato nodded "of course I'm the Hokaga after all" he grins and turned to speak with Gamabunta "I need time to complete Shiki Fuin, bunta, Arella will Summon SteelNight along with Konoha's ninja forces to stall Kyuubi no Youko, to give me the needed time can you do this bunta".

"You got guts to summon him and you know his price Runt, I'm sad that I'll lose one of my best subordinates, but if you boy is anything like you I will be glad to have Sake with the brat"Said Gamabunta after hearing Shiki Fuin he knows Minato wasn't coming back,

"Thanks Bunta" yelled Minato.

"Well get going Runt I'm itching for a good brawl too bad it's not Doganki-baka".

"Stay alive that's the order of the Hokage," ordered Minato and left in a yellow flash.

"Relay this to all units stall no fool hardy heroics if any one feels that there in danger fall back to the next line until you reach the wall and dig in this isn't a battle it's buying time" ordered Arella to her clan kinsmen, who left the same way, they came.

After pulling up her hood Arella bit her thumb swearing blood on her open plam.

"BUTA, INU, TORI, SARU, HITSUJI!" shouted Arella her chakra surging as she slammed her hand on to. "Ninpo -Summon no Jutsu!"

A web of seals flowed out from beneath her bloody palm, and smoke billowed around her then went upwards, Arella used Chakra to keep a grip on the Crows bosses head.

the sound of a large bird cried out from the cloud as a large Crow shoots up in to the sky, and lands near Gamabuta.

"Mistress Arella, what SteelNight needed for? KAW! why Kitsune King be doing here?" asked Steelnight as he hop's back a bit in surprise seeing Kyuubi.

"Looking for a fight and going to get one you with me" said Gamabuta.

"We' are going to make that damn fox wish it never set foot out of its hole" said Arella pointing to Kyuubi no Youko, who was swiping the area with its tails or sending blue flames at anything that moves.

Kitsune King, wouldn't take this, laying down, but SteelNight will be very very bad to The Kitsune King, for my mistress" said SteelNight, flapping his wings.

"Lets get going, Steel I'm going hack it tails off for pay back for costing me my best subordinate" growled

"Kaw if Boss toad not too full of sake to fight" Steelcrow muttered.

"I heard that crow go dust something and leave the fighting to the real summons"Gamabunta retorted as he, jumped in to the fray.

SteelNight went low just above the tree tops catching the Kitsune King's attention, "huh summons haven't fought any of them in awhile" blue Foxfire pooled in the fox's mouth flames lashed out from openings between the fox's fang's "Kitsune Flame" before Kyuubi's head reeled back and then forward blasting out a stream of blue fire ranking the trees in front of SteelNight flight path, shooting up a wall fire, Kyuubi made a fox leer at the fire storm very pleased with it, unlit SteelNight appeared above the fire wall "Fuuton-Drilling Air Bullet" SteelNight cried out before shooting a large ball of compressed air and chakra at Kyuubi, hitting him in the face causing an enormous conflagration of air presser, throwing the 9 tailed fox back,

"RRRAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR" roared Kyuubi, getting to his feet and started shaking his head but noted a growing over cast shadow growing bigger, and a loud noise of something falling, "Huh ?"

"Make way for the Toad Boss" yelled Gamabunta, dropping down from the sky "Toad Sword Beheading" his huge dosu held over his head, for a over head chop –Klaaagg- 4 fox tails blocked "This is not good"thought Gamabunta as Kyuubi glared at the Fire Toad Boss as a tail swats the giant toad aside like he was nothing, "WWWWWWWWaaaaaaaaaaagggggggg look out below" cried Gamabunta to any one in his crash zone, -BBBBBbooooooooommmmmmmmmmm- "Damn it",

"Heeheeheehee"chuckled Kyuubi before looking up, to see SteelNight, flying over head.

"Fuuton- Feather Kunai-"8 black Feathers drop from the sky and impaled them selves in to his hide.

"RRrraaaaaaaaaaaggggggg"roared Kyuubi, as he rips a black Feather from his shoulder throwing the feather aside the fox willed his tails twisted in to a spiral before shoot out at SteelNight, stretching out in to impossible lengths homing in on the Shadow Crow Boss,

The Shadow Crow Boss evaded the first 2 tails as he shoots up in to the sky "Fuuton- Rapid Drilling Air Bullets"cried out SteelNight, as he shoots out smaller air bullets, at the tails exploding 4 tails away but the last 3 tails shot though the smoke 2 hitting SteelNight in the gut, the last swatted him a side sending SteelNight across the forest though many trees, some how Arella managed to stay on SteelNight head, "Uuuugggg, I'm….. getting…. too old …for this shit" moaned Arella flat on her stomach and sprawled out on SteelNight head "Wwwaaaggge Mommy SteelNight don't want to go to school" moan out SteelNight his tongue was hanging out of his beak, and his eyes had swirls,

"Alright let tired this again" yelled Gamabunta getting his second wind, taking a look around and spotted Kyuubi smashing though the lines not even felting Jutsus and attacks unleashed on him swatting groups of ninja aside like toys with his 9 tails.

"Huh? Runt what's he doing?" muttered Gamabunta, as he spotted a yellow flash, some distant away.

Kyuubi eye spotted movement and in a flash his claws tore in to the ground killing all the ninja leaving only a Genin alive who stared a the form of Kyuubi, regards less of his wounds like the 1 long cuts on his face, "Hhhhhmmmmmmm I miss one"mused Kyuubi as he was staring at the Genin below him, "Heh not worth my time" stated the The Kitsune King as he move past the Genin who was in shock at the sight of his dead parents and seeing Kyuubi up close "We can't stop it nothing can stop that demon" said the Genin before he fated from blood loss.

Kyuubi stormed though the forest destroying any and all in his way,

"OI, Fox-Teme down here" yelled Minato who held a bundle, before the Kitsune King "Huu Now who is this another fool"said Kyuubi, staring down a the blond, nomally they ran way or died fighting him for that matter why was he attacking Kyuubi shake his head they did some thing and had to pay.

"A fool now that's not nice but before you mash me in to a pulp aloud me to show a never before seen tick" said Minato with a cheesy grin as the bundle giggled,

Kyuubi right eyebrow rose and lowered his head to the ground in order see, "Now watch the little glowing ball" said Minato his out stretch hand formed a spinning a ball of blue chakra "See the pretty little glowing ball move" said Minato "Still can't see it, How about NOW Rasengan" yelled Minato as he thrusts the chakra ball in to Kyuubi nose,

"RRAAAAAAAAAA"howled Kyuubi holding his nose that now sported a third nostril with his hand paws as he rolled on the ground crushing trees with his body fallowed getting dragged by the tail when SteelNight grabs one of his nine tails.

Minato flashed on to Gamabunta head looking at his son who he held "My son please for give me that I wouldn't be there for you and to see you grow up" spoke Minato wangling his finger at his son who try to grab at his finger with his small hands, giggling Naruto blue grey eye looking up at him with a happy smile on his face.

SteelNight landed next Gamabunta in a second Arella leaps over landing in a crouch next to Minato, "The Traps are sent its now or never".

"Let's get started" said Minato as he passes Naruto to Arella who started cooed at him when Naruto started crying "He has Kushina lungs" smile Arella tears running down her face,

"What…." Roared Kyuubi, when the traps were tripped,

As trap seals formed chakra chains that shot up and wrap around Kyuubi legs and neck, began to shock Kyuubi, and held Kyuubi still long enough to aloud the Jutsu to be used,

"Yea" said Minato as he flashed hand seals "Snake, Boar, Sheep, Rabbit, Dog, Rat, Bird, Horse, Snake", Minato finished by clapping his hands like he was praying "-Shiki Fūjin- Summon Kami Lord Shinigami-dono God of Death and Shadows"

Kyuubi roared at the 2 bosses before every thing became lost in a blinding flash of light.

Watching from afar

"OHH no fair that's ageist the rules and Tobi was having fun to" wined a orange masked man standing next to a Red haired woman.

"Even if Konoha wasn't destroy the 4th is gone a pity our master would have enjoy a battle with him" said the Woman " but seeing Kyuubi seal up hmm".

"So what now Tobi thinks we should go get pie" said Tobi.

"We'll get pie later I have a plan that can restore our master's to his true might " said the woman with a evil smile.

"You scare Tobi with those evil faces I know how to make it all better" declared Tobi and got behind the Woman hugging her at the same time grope her chest.

"Tobi you better let go before the count of 10"stated the woman she warn him many times in the past and end results of him doing it.

"but there so soft and the nubs are fun to play with" said Tobi giving both boobs a -honk-.

"1,2 10" shouted the Woman and man handled Tobi to the ground.

"Tobi is in pain and you skip to 10 again" cried Tobi and the woman dug her heel in to his back and tried to pull his arm off and beat him with it.

Four years later

"This is becoming a nightmare!" one of the elders shouted in the council chamber. "That…thing…is ruining this clan!"

"Five times we've had to request ANBU protection for that gaki in the last month alone," another replied. "We're losing face with the people of Konoha while the Uchiha Hyuuga and Rothcontinue to gain strength in the council on top of that the villagers are starting to act like they are better than we are as well!"

The loose friendship between the Uzumaki and Roth fell apart after several heated clashes of words, and a attempted break in the fall out from this caused Uzumakito lose much support with in the Konoha council,

"The boy shows little talent in any of the clan techniques," another voice spoke, "Takashi-kun has given up teaching him the Uzumak Ryuu styles. He may have an affinity for wind, but given his lack of aptitude with basic ninja techniques it's unlikely he'll ever be able to adapt that into something useful."

"We should distance the clan from him," the second voice, "With the new contract offered to us by the Fire Lord himself, as his honour guard; the boy's presence would only be a hindrance. Even now, he disrupts the training of his sister, who is turning out to be a genuine prodigy for the clan. Kanna-chan may not be in the direct line for clan succession, but she's certainly going to be a prize jewel for us in a few years."

The trio of elders nodded, and then turned to stare at the Red haired woman kneeling before themthis woman was the prize of the Uzumaki clan. A jounin of remarkable skill in this age, second only to the Densetsu no Sannin, 3rd and Hatake Sakumo, Roth Arella The 3 Heavenly steel, Dragons Brothers Sanshouuo no Hanzou and Namikaze Minato,

Uzumaki Kushina had in recent years slowly turned cold and almost unfeeling; the fire in her heart had burned out and replaced with a wall of ice this caused a rift between friends.

She rarely spoke to the council, or to any other clan members, unless it was absolutely necessary. Even her two children, the aforementioned Kanna and the boy –Naruto– received little attention from her.

"Kushina -dono," Kosuke spoke, "You know that the Fire Lord has requested our entire clan move to the capital city of Hinokakugin (Fire Pavilion). This move gives the clan a great opportunity to reclaim some of the honor your son has cost us…perhaps even gain greater renown as his highness's' body guards. However…".

"You needn't ask me what you are about to, Kosuke-sama," the cold woman replied, "You wish me to leave my son here in the village while the rest of us travel to the city."

"Yes, that is correct," the old man replied, "Do you have a problem with it?"

Kushina felt a tug at her soul, even as she voiced her answer. She looked at the elders with eyes of cold blue ice.

"No," she replied, "I will do what is best for the clan."

Kosuke and the others grinned after Kushina left.

"Good how our plan with the Hyuuga going" ask Kosuke smirking,

The news of the Uzumaki, move to Hinokakugin caused an up roar in Konoha, many thought Uzumaki clan, was doing it to gain more prestige, over them and showing there disdained for Konoha.

One of the more violence reactions is when Arella heard that little Naruto was not going with the Uzumaki clan, this made the normally clam and soft spoken Arella go in to a rage and ranted right at Kushina failings as mother and wife to abandon her own son because of the clans told her to do it, Arella vowed that any and all Uzumaki baring Naruto is now a enemy in the eyes of all Roth.

"Minato would" started Aerlla trying to make Kushina stay because there was no way she leaving Naruto protection entirety

Kushina cut her off "He isn't now I'm doing what's is needed" shock everyone.

"leaving your son behind" stated Aerlla looking at Naruto's sister Kanna who only stared at the ground Aerlla didn't blame her to a young child seeing your mother leave your only brother behind and be a bit afraid to speak up.

"if Minato's mother was still here in Konoha the Uzumaki wouldn't dare do this in fear of her punching them all in to the ground" thought Aerlla glareing at Kushina.

"Okaa-sama?" a small voice whispered, even it's owner watched the taller woman escort his sister to a covered wagon. The small child stood next to a man in bright white robes withred trim, and a triangular pointed hat stood proudly on his head. The man was old, but several times he had visited the small boy with a friendly smile, so the child knew he could trust him, beside the old man was a Grey skinned toned lady wearing black and blue robe's, she been keeping tabs and visited him a few times but she and Okaa-sama don't like each other but he can trust her as well.

"She doing this right in frout of the boy good kami" thought Aerlla she don't take note that Naruto was off to the side away from Kushina

"Kushina -san, I beg you once again to stay this madness!" the man with the robes spoke, his voice carrying a hint of anger evident even to the small blond boy next to him, "This is your son, by the Kami! To abandon him this way…"

"It is the will of the clan, Sandaime-sama," she replied, "I will do what is in the best interests of my clan."

"Don't even try to change her mind Sandaime-sama, that cold heated witch is just shell and a mouth piece, for the Uzumaki" spat Arella her purple eyes burned in to Kushina, own ice cold blue eyes.

"Okaa-sama?" the small boy whimpered again, even as his big sister gave him a look of pity mixed with longing, "Was…was I bad? Did…did I…do something wrong?"

Kushina ignored the boy's questions, though she again felt the strange pull at her heart she had felt a week prior when the decision had been made. "We are the last one's here aside from Ebisu-kun," she replied, "He'll stand proxy for the Uzumaki clan on all civilian and shinobi matters. Kanna and I must depart now."

"Kushina …"

"Goodbye, Sandaime-sama," the woman finished, before walking away. She climbed into the wagon with her daughter, and the driver lashed the horses, getting them moving.

The blond boy stared at the wagon as it moved away from his home. "Okaa-sama…why? Why don't you want me? What did I do?"

The wagon continued to move forward, even as he began to shout his pleas. "OKAA-SAMA . .. . . .. . I PROMISE NOT TO BE BAD ANYMORE . .. . . . PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!"

But the wagon vanished from his field of vision, as the dam that held back Naruto's misery broke loose as the young boy sobbed,

Arella keeled down and hugged Naruto as he cried for Okaa-sama, she picked him up as hot tears of the boy's misery to flow down the dark color shirt they wore, Sandaime takes the small boy from Arella, who been holding back her own tears.

Sandaime held Naruto in a tight embrace, as he cried

"Oji-chan Oba-chan. . .. . . why did Okaa-sama and Onee-sama leave me? Why am I so bad?" the boy whispered.

"You are not bad Naruto-kun," Sarutobi Hiruzen replied, patting the boy's back in an effort soothe his fractured heart, "You are truly special. Your okaa-san and onee-san will see that someday." The boy continued to cry his soul out into the white robes of the old man.

"If…if I…if I become a good ninja," the boy sobbed, "Will…will that…make them love me?"

Sarutobi and Arella shared a frown,

Sarutobi began to make plans for the boy. For him to think he needs to be a shinobi to get what should come freely from his clan, the 'Professor' thought, before he buried his darker feelings. "I think…many will come to love you if you become a good shinobi, Naruto-kun."

Arella wanted to impart on what he was getting in to "Naruto-chan a shinobi life is long road with many ups and downs but I believed you will be a great shinobi, My clan will help you" said Arella smiled, her own children would make good friends with Naruto, he needed all the help and friends he can get.

The old man stood, taking the boy's hand in his own. "Come with me, my boy. I'll treat you to some ramen. Your father loved the stuff."

"Ano…what's ramen?" the boy asked, wiping his nose with the sleeve of his orange jacket.

"Hohohoho you going to make another bottle less ramen eating boy "chuckled Arella, she just imagine a blond mop of hair, just behind stacks of empty ramen bowls, like his father

"Huh what's so funny"

"You'll see, Naruto-kun. You'll see."

And Arella wallet was crying at the amount it lost,

Four years later-

When Yuugao first returned to the village, she expected the general apathy she experienced. She was a former member of the Uzumaki Clan branch, the Uzuki clan that had left Konoha to serve the Daimyo they had been gone for so long, it made the people think that the clan saw it's self as too good for the village.

While she had expected that, what she saw her cousin endure was far worse.

Before the departure, she knew that the village hated Naruto. That hatred had been a major reason behind going to serve the Daimyo. However, the cruelty she saw now was far, far worse.

Naruto no longer had the protection of the UzumakiClan, and hate that had built up for four years was finally allowed to express itself. Her loathing of her clan built increased with every sneer, every insult, and every blow landed on his young body, a number of Jounin Anbu, and nearly every ninja from the Roth clan, did there best to protect Naruto, from much of the abused, but it was too much for them to warned away.

She had expected to simply avoid him, but after witnessing his life, she was unable to stand by.

She had practically begged the Hokage to let her join ANBU, and he reluctantly agreed, making her one of the youngest members to join ANBU. Since there was no war, and Sandaime had no desire to expose a young woman to the darker aspects of ANBU so soon, she was almost constantly assigned as one of Naruto's guardians.

She couldn't have hoped for more.

Unlike many of the other protectors, savea handful of ninja and the entire Roth clan, she wasn't content to watch from the Shadows until a killing blow was about to hit. She made sure the villagers KNEW she was protecting him. Unsurprisingly, this led to Naruto being fairly attached to her, even calling her "ANBU-chan."

Unfortunately, the time of contentment passed, when on of the newer recruits taunted her about her ousting from the Uzumaki clan in front of Naruto.

Almost instantly the happy little boy vanished, replaced by one with distrusting eyes. While it stung to realize how much this child had been hurt by their family, Yuugao continued to protect him, seeing it as penance for her family's sins.

Months passed. Yuugao had grown used to Naruto's silence around her, and no longer let it worry her. Naruto no longer flinched when he saw her.

She finally allowed herself to develop a social life, meeting a sweet but sickly man named Hayateand made friends witha Male member of mostly female Roth clan, Heero, an tall and quite but powerful man, who got the other recruits, to lay off her, thought he didn't let up on the hand to hand training matches her many lumps are a testament to that.

At first every thing she was told about the shadow monsters that are the Roth, at first made her falter, in taking orders from Heero, unit Anko hit and yelled at her for making Heero sempai, job harder then it should have, her actions made Heero look unfit to command if he can't get newbesto fallow his orders, that made Yuugaovery ashamed on how she disregard any one from Roth or Hyuuga, unlit Heero had a talk with her stating are you Uzumaki Uzuki or Yuugao, if you can't answer you can leave right now.

She gave her answer She is Yuugao, Soon, she had made friends with members of the unit and out side Like the the bit insane Anko, the lesbine couple Haruka and Michiru the baka duo Kotetsu and Izumo, the lazy Kakashi the laid back Asuma, even the ever clam Hero and many others.

As for Hayate quickly swept her of her feet, and they began dating. It was that action that stimulated the change.

Naruto was amazingly skilled at hiding and sneaking. The villager's hate towards him made it a necessity. So it was no surprise that Yuugaonever noticed him silently following her when she was off duty, he was nearly a good as a Roth, much like her unit commander.

Yuugao believed the Roth had given him a few tips in that department and her young age, she lacked the paranoia that marked most competent ninja.

Over time, he grew to realize that she bore him no ill will, and wanted to make amends for what had happened to him. Still, the hate he felt for his clan made it impossible for him to express this to her.

Hayate changed that.

The sickly jounin had never overtly tried to harm or insult Naruto. He barely had any interaction withthe boy at all. Knowing this gave Naruto the courage to talk to him face to face. After watching him for several days, Naruto confronted him.

The pale Jounin was surprised when Naruto approached him. Yuugao had spoke of him and their relation before, so he had some understanding, but was surprised that Naruto would come forward. From what Yuugao had said, the boy ignored her once he learned who she was. Curiosity filled Hayate's mind, and he invited the boy in.

Despite the relaxed environment of Hayate's home, he noticed Narutowas still twitchy. Judging from his experiences, it wasn't that surprising. He filled a glass withmilk, and gave it to the nervous boy.

"Cough Don't worry kid. No one's going to attack you here." The statement seemed to settle him somewhat, though he still occasionally glanced around. Hayate gave him a moment to drink, before speaking up, "So… what brings you here?"

"…Yuugao-san…" the boy murmured.

"Ah… she mentioned you a few times… I guess I should have expected this…" Hayate replied, observing his reactions. Despite his age, Naruto managed to hide his shock fairly well. It would be an asset when he was older.

"What did she say?" Despite Naruto's tone, you could sense his curiosity.

"Cough Well, she says you're a sweet boy, except when you're playing pranks on people. You're also very determined to reach your goals." Hayate watched Naruto's reactions, "She also said that she was sorry for what happened to you." Naruto's head shot up, shock evident in his eyes.

"You know, for most people in the Uzumaki clan, you weren't that important. You were just another kid in the family. Yuugao barely even knew you when they left."


"You shouldn't judge her too harshly. That's all. If she hated you like you seem to think, she wouldn't have been so gun-ho about protecting you. I'm not saying you should forgive her right away, but I think she deserves an opportunity to prove herself, don't you?"

Hayate grabbed the empty glass to refill it, giving Naruto the chance to think about their conversation. When he returned, the chair was empty, and the door ajar. He sighed; he might not have helped, but at least he tried.

Naruto ran to the place he was most comfortable, the top of the Hokage Monument.

His conversation with Hayate had made him reconsider his feeling towards the people who abandoned him. For once, his convictions were shaken. His hate for his family wavered, and he questioned whether he was any better. For hours, he sat there, thinking about what to do.

Days later, Yuugao was on guard duty once again. As always, she remained silent, and Naruto did the same. It wasn't until lunchtime that something changed.

"Do you want some?" Naruto asked cautiously, as if he was afraid of her response.

"Huh?" Yuugao responded, surprised that he was talking to her again.

"I asked if you wanted some food ANBU-chan." Naruto kicked some dirt "If you don't want any…".

"No! I'd be glad to eat with you, Naruto-kun…" She quickly replied, joining him for some ramen "It wasn't much, but it was a start but…"

Yuugao removed her mask "I'm Uzuki Yuugao it nice to meet you"

Four and a half years later-

Uzumaki Naruto stared at the grey haired glasses wearing genin kneeling on the ground before him, even as the older boy began relating his information about the different candidates taking the exam, use chakra cards He wasn't really paying attention. His mind was focused on passing this exam and taking the next step in his goal of becoming Hokage.

"There's also a special team from the Leaf in this exam as well," the boy, Kabuto said, "A trio of Genin from the Fire Lord's personal body guards, the Uzumaki Clan."

Naruto's head whipped around so fast the Rookie Nine thought his head would pop off. "What…clan…did you say?" he asked, growling out his words as his hands clenched tight.

"The Uzumaki clan," he replied, looking into the azure eyes of the short genin, "Yeah, oh your –that- Uzumaki Naruto didn't mean to cause you to get angry but I can see how you'd have an…issue…about that." Said Kabuto, as he picked out three cards with there stats, and showed there pictures.

-Uzumaki Taro-

-Uzumaki Kenosuke-

-Uzuki Reika-

"Naruto-kun is part of that Uzumaki clan" thought Hinata, she honestly didn't think he was a blood related Uzumaki he never had famliy growing up she thought it was just chance he pick that name.

"Naruto, I thought you were an orphan!" Sakura hissed, angry that the loudmouthed member of her team would withhold something like this. His gaze snapped to her, and she almost flinched at the anger burning within them.

"I am an orphan," he replied, his voice taking a hard edge that caused nearly everyone to flinch. "I share the same surname with that clan. Nothing else." He noticed Hinata giving him a concerned look. "I'd really rather not talk about it right now." His face broke into his usual cocksure grin. "C'mon, we got a test to pass! Dattebayo!"

3 Genin heard that, statement, having just entering the room

"Dattebayo?" repeated 2 girls, both turned there head to spot a painfully bight orange jump suit and blond hair

"Yo blonde, don't think they hear you in Iwa" called out a female voice, as a trio of blue black clad Ninja, heads towards them.

"Huh wh…? This is great Raven –chan Maria-chan" yelled Naruto,he day had just got better recognising, the faces, of the pair of look alike Teens, when it dawned on the others that thay are Twins in fact.

"Its good see you Naruto-kun" smiled Raven, and hugged Naruto, fallow by Maria, "Its nearly a half a year when I last saw you guys" said Naruto,

"We been training and doing mission our sensei had us moved to the outer areas around the village we only re-entered Konoha a week ago" said Raven .

"Ha your still midget Naruto-kun, it's all that ramen" Maria, patted Naruto head, who happen to be a head taller then him,

"Hummp" pouted Naruto but smiled,

Hinata, spoke up "Ano Naruto-kun who are they" Hinata felt a little mad that some hussy's were hugging her Naruto-kun, "oh now I remember them from the wedding party my father got invited to she thought staring there face tattoos Raven had a red and black diamond tattoo on her forehead, Maria has red and black slash shape tattoos but were a lot thinner then Kiba,s and Kagegetsu tattoos were hooked like just under his eyes,

Hinata blushed a bit there tattoos were cute on the twins just like Naruto's marks

"Oh she cute "thought both twins "but Naruto is cute too but there both cute" the male of the trio raised a eye brow at seeing both twins blush a little when they ogled both Naruto and the Hyuuga girl but didn't make a comment.

"Ho there my best friends since I was 8 this is Roth Raven" who smiled bowed "and her twin sister Maria-chan" jester Naruto.

"I'm the cuter one" Maria joke and got a light slap to her shoulder, from her sister, "And this is….? This is?.. ahh who are you?" asked Naruto, seeing the male Roth, who happen to stay quite till now, and being a little shorter then Naruto and he was over looked.

"I'm Kagegetsu, Heero's little bother, I' heard a lot about you from these 2" Kagegetsu, bowed, and smirked "I may be short but don't underestimate me or you will regretted"

"Heero nii-san Heh I guess we short guys like us should stick to getter, put hera there" said Naruto, who rubs his noise and shakes Kagegetsu hand.

"Never under rate the little guys" said Kagegetsu, griming.

"dattebayo" shouted Naruto "Hell yea" shouted Kagegetsu, and both pumped there fists in to the air.

"uuggednow there 2 loud mouth Dopes" said Sasuke, "just like Lee and Guy"

"Yosh" yelled Lee, caused the Roth twin and Kagegetsu to look around.

"Hay up your Teme" shouted both Naruto and Kagegetsu at the same time.

"See I made my point" said Sasuke, and smirked.

"They act the same but Kagegetsu at lest knows you don't bright colors" remarked Sakura,

"Tell us about" said both twin, they been trying to get Naruto to wear some darker colors for years, Naruto retorted loudly at that.

Across the room a trio of genin with the same azure eyes glanced over at the rookie group.

"So," the leader of the trio said, running a hand through his short black hair, "That's Kanna-nee-san's little brother."

"He looks ridiculous with that orange jumpsuit," a girl with purple hair in a page-boy cut muttered, "No wonder the clan cast him out. I bet he's nothing compared to you, Taro-kun, but those Roth are going to tough to beat, I believed the twins are Arella Teme born Twin daughters, and that runt is the younger brother of Roth Heero the Iron fist that Neji."

"Ninja rule #5; Never underestimate an opponent," the tallest of the trio said, his white hair bound in a simple 'samurai' style queue. The effect was enhanced by the daisho he kept tucked into his obi. "The outcast is here for a reason. Do not forget what we were told about, Reika-chan, we must take him Hyuuga and the Roth in to account."

"Pardon me" ask a Kusa girl with sliver hair, Kenosuke moved to aloud her to past, will her green hair team used her female assets to distract a Ami ninja as she steal some of his gear and a answer sheet he some how got a hold of.

"Oh relax, Kenosuke-kun," she replied, "He's no threat. Didn't you hear that stupid proclamation he made earlier? I bet he doesn't even pass this first part the those freaks are the real threat,"

Another Kusa ninja got a slap to the face for having groped her butt from suna girl from the another teams

"Kenosuke is right, Reika," Taro replied. "Don't underestimate him. Remember, he's supposedly been trained by your sister, remember?"

"I have no sister," Reika replied, "Yuugao cut her ties with the Uzuki and broke fellowship with the Uzumaki. She's dead to us."

"But she still Jounin and is ANBU level," Kenosuke replied, "If she has been teaching him, he could be a real challenge and those Shadow users were teaching him as well, and there not a lot of info on there known skills …and don't forget what Kosuke-sama said Uzumaki Naruto is a monster I recommend avoiding him until we learn know more."

"Agreed, but if we do come across him in the test don't hold back" Taro replied, "Besides, even if we can't beat him, she can!"

After the Sound Genin team who didn't like Kabuto, off handed remarks about there village being weak, along with Morino Ibiki, speech, everyone split up in the assigned seats.

Naruto sat next to Hinata, his mind going back to the day he'd been left behind.

"Has it really been eight years since that day?" he thought as the test papers began being handed out. "I had all but forgotten about them. Has it really been that long…since I started hating them?"

His hand tightened around his pencil in anger, before he heard the voice of the shy girl next to him.

"Ano, Naruto-kun…" Hinata spoke up, getting his attention, "Let's…do our best!" She smiled at him.

"Yeah!" he replied, smiling back at her. "The Uzumaki clan can wait", he thought.

"Like they thought about me…they're unimportant, but if they think I'm going to be pushed around they have made a big mistake".


-kun: Honorific for a friend who is male or a younger boy.

-chan: Honorific for a friend who is female or a younger girl; the only time I know this is used for a boy is when used by his girlfriend.

-san: formal. Honorific

-sensei: Honorific for your teacher.

-sempai: very formal Honorific for your teacher or leader

-sama: I'm actually not 100 sure about this one, but from context I've seen, this appears to be an formal honorific.

-baachan: old lady or grandma Naruto seems to love using this when referring to Tsunade!

-teme: This is Naruto's personal nickname for Sasuke, and it means bastard!

-niisan: an honorific for someone who you basically consider to be a big brother so-to-speak.

-neechan: an honorific for someone who you basically consider to be a big sister

-odasan- an honorific for aunty!

-domo arigato gozaimasu: That's the extremely formal form of "thank-you" in Japanese

-sennin: sage/Ninja Sage

-okaa-sama: an honorific for Mother

-onee-san: an honorific for big sister

-onii-san: an honorific for big brother

- dattebayo: believed it

-baka: idiot

Hand Seals Guide-

(Ne, Rat)

(Ushi, Ox)

(Tora, Tiger)

(U, Rabbit)

(Tatsu, Dragon)

(Mi, Snake)

(Uma, Horse)

(Hitsuji, Ram)

(Saru, Monkey)

(Tori, Rooster)

(Inu, Dog)

(I, Boar)

Besides the twelve basic hand seals, there are unique hand seals used for certain techniques. These hand seals are rarely seen, and can be considered unique to specific jutsu.

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