Cold eyes Burning Will

Naruto Ikkitōsen Samurai Dynasty and Orochi warriors' crossover

Based on Forsaken with permission from Elemental balance.

Jiraiya and Aerlla were heading to VIP seating and report there findings

Aerlla had been in deep thought; "I may have to kill her" as she rubs her forehead. Is Kushina under some kind of control; or taking part in the Uzumaki clan mad plan willing.

Out of the 4 only she and Kushina were left; well Mikoto was alive but dead to the world and Rei Kami bless her kind soul died from blood line sickness, a rare illness that attacks the unstable gen that grants ones blood line powers.

In there genin years they were called the 4-himes of Konoha each of them from great clans; rich with history and traditions.

Uzumaki Kushina being the black sheep in her clan much like Uzumaki Mito her great grand aunt she always looked pasted names ranks and bloodlines to see the person, and the fact she was mistaken for a boy on a number occasions but her drive to change the world, was unmatched, "Much like her son and now Kanna".

Hyuuga Rei was always quite and the peace maker; but watch out her fiery force of nature made her a force not to be messed with when conflict happen, "Her Girls have a mix of her best traits she would be proud on how they turn out".

Uchiha Mikoto she truly supported he friends and family when ever they needed it, and protected them from harm, "I'm glad he knows that she is alive along with his little nee-chan;

turning him away from the dark path he was walking".

Last her self; Roth Aerllawas the brains and the voice of logic, in there group and found reason to help Kushina, mission in life of ending the feud, "my girls regardless of there 'father'; may his bones turn to dust, both are worth the pain they are my world".

Flash back-

4 newly graduated Genin held there right hand in the middle of there circle as a 13 year old Kushina, draws smiley face useing an ink bush "Rei stop moving your hand" complained Kushina,

"Teehee, sorry but the bush its tickling me" replied Rei trying not to giggle, Mikoto looked ready to sneezed, but stop in med sneeze as the pointed end tip of Kushina brush was pointed at her neck "sneeze and died" stated Kushina, as Mikoto wisely held her sneeze,

"pinch you nose or something" said Aerlla, who had itch on her calf, and lifted her foot cause her to sway a little, "gees you to" muttered Kushina as Raven who replied by sticking out her tongue, as Kushina finished,

"All done," Kushina stated and every one breathe out in relief, it was hard to stand still for that long.

"This is a great idea Kushina-chan" smiled Mikoto looking at her hand,

"I may be loud but I got good ideas" grinned the red head, as all four girl got ready to speak the pledge," guys lets finish it" asked Kushina, getting nods from Aerlla, Rei, and Mikoto.

"A friendship mark", said Aerlla, who held her hand out,

"When ever we are apart" continued Rei, held her hand out, beside Aerlla,

"This mark binds us" spoke Mikoto as her hand is held besides Rei's,

"In light and in darkness" said Kushina moving he hand to join between Aerlla's and Mikoto's

"We are united as friends and sisters forever" all 4 spoke as one.

Flash back end-

"A lot of good that has done all that matters is my vow even if I have to kill Kushina in order to save her son ". Bitter thoughts floated in her mind.

"Friendships do they really last" muttered Aerlla catching Jiraiya attention and he knew why

"Aerlla-chan your over thinking it's stressing you out of shape I thought I got you to stop that", he asked his voice full of worried.

"How can I not be stressing" shouted Aerlla as she turns to Jiraiya.

"Clam down alright Aerlla, Kushina isn't blind not to see this as wrong" Jiraiya said

Taking a clamming breath Aerlla collected her thoughts "Its not the problem that Kushina knows right from wrong; the longer I think about whats happening the more I'm sure those elders running the Uzumaki clan did something to her".

Jiraiya rubbed his chin in thought,"That'ssomething those old farts would do, hell knowing themthey musthave done it at the time when Kyuubi was attacking 14 years ago" Jiraiya calmed "perfect timing Konoha had advanced waring from the war master. So Kosuke must have cooked some plan upwhile all eyes were on Kyuubi".

Aerlla was shocked at that she didn't think of that.That old teme Kosuke would stoop that low to do something to Kushina as she recovering from childbirth after having too give up her son, all the while the Kyuubi was attacking.

Jiraiya was lot smarter then he lets on, people only know or seen of him is when seeing himpeeping on the woman's hot spring or doing his intro dance make people think he's a stupid pervert.

"Oh I'm soo going to kill Kosuke when I see him" said Aerlla but remember what she have been upset. "But what about Kushina?".

"We cross that bridge when we get there" Jiraiya stated not looking at Aerlla.

Aerlla looks away in anger, Jiraiya wasn't sure on what to do.

"What's needed is some one who knows how the mind works" a voice spoke behind them; both sennin turned around to find Ibiki walking from the shadows.

"I would like to try some other way but if we are right your probably the only one who can de-progam Kushina, Kana and hopefullyNaruto will have there mother back thought the latter will be less inclined to reconnect" Aerlla stated. Naruto had abandonment issues, reminding her to explain that to Jiraiya on his training style after this mess is sorted.

"And if Kushina is acting on her own accord" spoke Ibiki.

Aerlla looked at Ibiki "Then I do what needs to be done" she stated moving pass Jiraiya pulling up her hood as she walk pass.

"But will you do it Aerlla?" thought Jiraiya as stare at his old student "stain your hands with the blood of a friend?" Aerlla was walking in to a darker path that makes ninjas in to monsters.

Both Ibiki share Jiraiya a look this was going to get messy fast.

The match between Neji and Kan'u devolved in to a taijutsu fight many thought Neji would dominant butKan'u seemly was still taking damage that would even make Lee double over in pain but fought like it was nothing.

"Itc at this rate will lose" thought Neji as he redirect Kan'u strike and press a point that would locked up her arm.

Naruto was in ah as Neji taken other blow to the face after landing another open palm strike to Kan'u chest only another dribble of blood from Kan'u mouth was the only indication that it did damage.

"How the hell is she still standing". Over the second half of the pass month Naruto had asked Hinata to have a spar, Hinata was a little afraid of hurting him but reminded her because of you know what and he is a fast healer anyway he'll be ok.

Naruto learned something very valuable that day one Hinata was a lot faster and can turn the ground in to dust with her fist, seeing that nearly made him wet him self and two getting poked or a open palm strike from a Hyuugahurts a lot more then normal punch.

After that day Naruto has a healthy respect for Gentle fist.

"Kan'u father was know to shake off wounds would leave most others on there backside, even breakingor dislocatingher bones wouldn't put her down" said Saji.

Neji did an surprisedmove by letting Kan'u to stab him with a Kunai fallowed by doing somethingun-Hyuuga like by man handing Kan'u using brute force taking Kan'u off guard and slamming her against arena wall.

"I was expect something more elegant then that" said Kan'u breathing hard.

"How about this Kaiten" yelled Neji as he expelled chakra from his body as he spins around forming a chakra dome, Kan'u was pushed in to the wall more causing spider crack to form before the wall gave out and collapse on top of Kan'u.

Neji stumbled out of the Kaiten and lands on his rear, he just sat there holding his wound.

the rubble shifted and fell away as Kan'u roses up much like a zombie. the outfit she wore was in ruins only thing that saved her modesty was the mesh armor she wore under her shirt and her hair blood drip from the friction burns she gained.

Neji nearly moaned out loud what dose it taketo put her down she taken the Kaitenat point blank range.

Kan'u felt her musclesburn as she tried to walk