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Author's Notes: I don't know when and where exactly in the history of the Yu Yu Hakusho series that Kuronue died in or how long before Kurama dies afterwards, so I'm saying that he died in the Makai world, in the exact same way that it was shown in the movie, instead of the human world so it's not like he's been dead for centuries before he came back to life, with Kurama dying a few years later, so they can both be the same age when they meet up again. lol

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Important Note for everyone: Depending on how this story goes, here's a special vote for everyone. Instead of just Kuronue being teamed up with Kurama in his past life as a bandit, I'm going to make it so that he knew Yomi too, which is mentioned in a paragraph in the prologue chapter, and will make more appearances in later chapters, though it would strictly be Kurama and Kuronue. You've seen what Kurama and Yomi are capable of in the anime and manga. So seeing how I depict Kuronue in this story when it comes to power, between the three of them who would you think would come in first, second and last when it comes to power in their old gang? lol I want him to be almost at the same level as the other two when it comes to power, because what would the point of them being a team if he couldn't carry his own weight when it comes to power the way Yomi and Kurama could? Especially since he now has his original demonic powers combined with the witch powers of his new body? lol

Word Count: 13,315

Summary: -(Yu Yu Hakusho crossover)- Unknown to the magical world, the night Voldemort attacked the Potters and their daughter, Melody Rose Potter died with her parents that night. What happens when her abandoned body is taken over by the spirit of a former demon bat thief? -(Independent!Powerful!Grey!Kuronue!Female Harry!Kurama pairing) -(slight Manipulative Dumbledore bashing, extreme Ron, Molly, Ginny Weasley bashing)-

'Hi' - Thinking
"§§Hi§§" – Parseltongue

Night Guardian
Prologue: Death and Rebirth
Written By: Sakura Lisel

~-Godric's Hollow, October 31, 1991~-

Kuronue Koumori's spirit wondered aimlessly around the human world with no set destination in sight. He was a former bat demon with long black hair and violet eyes, and was dressed completely in black clothes while his transparent long black hair flew behind him in the wind.

When he was alive he considered himself to be one of the greatest thieves in the Makai world next to his partner and best friend, Yoko Kurama. But after his death he had become a wandering spirit on the run from any Shinigami that might try and bring him if they ran into him.

Since his death he had runaway from the Makai and was attempting to remain in hiding in the human realm from any Shinigami who might make attempts at trying to collect his soul and be processed by the system, because he already had an good idea of where he might wind up if he was caught, and wasn't ready to spend the rest of eternity there because of his past crimes.

'I wonder how Kurama's doing after all this time?' Kuronue thought silently to himself as he sat on the rooftop of a building and looked up at the night sky, as he thought about the silver kitsune who had been his friend and companion for the last three hundred and twenty-nine years, up until the bat demons untimely death eight years ago.

The two demons were the best of friends and had been together as partners in crime in both the human world for over two hundred years watching each other's backs and getting each other out of jam while on heists, before they were banished with the rest of the demons to the Makai where the duo had continued their profession for another hundred and twenty-nine years. Working as a team as they pulled off heists stealing from wealthy demon lords and the like, and had been the most wanted criminals in the Makai world. When they were together nobody could stop them, but then one day a mistake on Kuronue's part broke up their team forever.

It had been nearly eight years since his untimely death during one of their heists. What had happened to cause his death had been nobody's fault except his own, though he still regretted it even now.


The two of them had just robbed a lord's house and were running for their lives from the angry guards chasing them, when an arrow that one of the guards had fired at them had managed to slice through the rope holding his precious pendant, causing it to fall away from him as they ran.

Feeling the rope come loose and his necklace fall before he could stop its fall, he had stopped running and turned around and had gone back for it, while ignoring Kurama's yelled comment about just leaving it behind and that they'd come back for it later. But just as he quickly snatched it off of the ground and spun around to run after Kurama without breaking his stride, when his left foot accidentally triggered a hidden trap set on the ground, causing him to scream in agony as hidden sharpened bamboo poles suddenly shot out of the ground and pierced his body in different places, effectively leaving him pinned in place by the poles and unable to move as he gripped his pendant tightly in his left hand.

Despite the agonizing pain he felt from the spears going through his body, through blurry eyes he could see Kurama turn around at the sound of his agonized cry, and heard Kurama shout his name as the fox demon started to hurry to come back and help him, but Kuronue's sensitive ears could also hear the guards coming their way, and knew that Kurama wouldn't have any time to free him without getting caught himself, so he yelled at Kurama and ordered the kitsune to keep going, because he didn't want him to be caught and killed alongside with him.

Kurama had hesitated for a moment before the sounds of the approaching guards voices sent him running off to hide in the trees just as the guards finally reached him, as a small smile crept to Kuronue's face, as he was happy that at least Kurama was safe as he turned his blurry gaze towards the guards that were now surrounding him.

There had been six of them, each one brandishing swords already held in their hands, and even now he could still hear their taunts and laughter as they brought their swords down on him and ended his life right there in the forest clearing.

His death had come quickly and he had just barely felt a thing when the swords pierced his body, and he remembered floating up and out of his body and looking down as the guards cheered over catching and killing at least one of the thieves.

He felt anger fill him as the guards started making plans on putting his body up on display and using it as an example to other thieves to what would happen to them, when all of a sudden vines appeared from the trees and grabbed at the guards, catching them before they had a chance to react and lifting them high up in the air.

As Kuronue watched, the guards just barely had time to scream before the vines tore them apart, and scattered their remains all over the clearing. A few seconds later, Kurama appeared from where he had been hiding, a furious look on his face as he glared angrily at what was left of the guards as he angrily kicked aside some nearby bloodied limbs, before his angry expression was immediately replaced by a saddened one as he made his way to where Kuronue's corpse lay, and started yanking out all of the swords and bamboo poles that were still in Kuronue's body, and tossed them aside piece by piece.

Once the bamboo poles had been removed from the body, Kurama bent down and picked up Kuronue's fallen pendant and put it in a pouch that he kept around his waist, before bending over Kuronue's corpse and closing it's now unseeing eyes, before gathering it up in his arms and cradling it close to his own body before sprinting away with it without giving the massacre in the clearing a backward glance as he ran.

Kuronue followed Kurama through the forest until the kitsune reached a clearing, and buried Kuronue's body underneath the shade of a tree, and used his powers to surround the grave with dangerous meat eating plants that would keep both demons and wild animals away from the body, and making a promise to come back again to visit before taking off, unknowingly with Kuronue's ghost still tagging along to keep him company.

For the first few months since his death, Kuronue followed Kurama around, keeping an eye out for the kitsune to make sure he was okay even though Kurama couldn't see or hear him anymore, he didn't care as long as he was still able to hang with Kurama for as long as possible.

For the first few months since his death, everything was going fine until near the end of the second month of his death when they encountered a soul Shinigami who was collecting the soul of another dead demon and spotted him with Kurama, as they were passing by, and the Shinigami had stopped him from following Kurama to their next destination so the two of them could talk.

The two of them had gotten into a huge argument about him needing to move on and he refused saying he wasn't ready to leave the world yet, and that he already had an idea of where he would wind up heading if he went with her to be judged like all dead spirits are, before quickly making his escape.

After that day he had many encounters with other Shinigami, and had almost been captured in order to be forced to come with them so he could be judged, and he finally abandoned Kurama in order to save his own transparent hide, and soon wound up in the human realm as a wandering spirit where he had remained for the next five years.

~-End Flashback~-

Since leaving the Makai world in spirit form, Kuronue spent the next five years wondering around the world, taking in the sights that the human realm had to offer and was impressed to say the least. So far he had already been to every single part of the world, and had seen how far humans and come since the last time he had on Earth before demons had been banished to the Makai.

He was currently in a country that the humans called England, which he remembered living in at one time over seven hundred years ago, before settling in Japan where he met Kurama.

That particular night, he was wondering the streets late, when he noticed a small group of humans dressed in black robes and with skeleton mask appear in the streets and head for a nearby house, while wielding a bunch of sticks that he recognized as wizard wands from previous encounters he'd had with them in the past when he was still alive and living in England.

'This could be interesting. A bunch of human wizards causing trouble in the dead of night,' Kuronue thought silently to himself as he floated over to the group of humans and listened into the conversation, catching small snippets of what they were saying, as they spoke about someone named Potter living in the house, 'I wonder what are they going to do? This doesn't sound very good.'

As he watched the leader of the group took out a wooden wand and said something in Latin and a beam of light shot out of the wand and blasted the door down, and the group charged into the house, and Kuronue could hear shouting and more flashes of light coming from inside the home.

Curious over what was going on, Kuronue entered the house himself in time to see the group attacking a single man on the first floor who was blasting at them with his own wand, and looked like he was winning when he managed to take down a few members of the group, but then the leader cast a spell that proceeded to release a bright green light at the other man, and as soon as it hit him the second man fell over dead.

He watched as the human's soul departed from his body and left this world all together, while the leader told his followers to leave because he would handle the rest himself and the other robed figures disappeared with loud pops, while the leader headed upstairs with Kuronue right behind him.

As he watched, the human started blasting down closed doors in search of something, until he finally came upon a room where a young woman with bright red hair and green eyes was hiding with a little girl who looked like she could be no older than one year old who was dressed in pink pajamas who had short black hair with natural red highlights and startling green eyes that matched her mothers.

As Kuronue continued to watch, the human demanded that the woman hand over the kid and she wouldn't be killed but she still refused to give her baby up to him.

"Move aside you silly little girl, and I may just spare your life." Voldemort demanded coldly as he pointed his wand threateningly at Lily, as he advanced on the woman and her child, "Simply step away from the brat, and you can live. The brat is the only thing standing between me and control of the wizarding world!"

"No! Not my Melody! Take me instead. Please, I beg you. Kill me instead." Lily exclaimed as she stood over her daughter protectively, as tears ran down her face, as she shot one last look at her daughter who was watching everything that was going on, "She's just a harmless little girl! She's done nothing to you, Voldemort!"

Getting frustrated at Lily's stubbornness to get out of the way, Voldemort used his wand and killed her with the same green light that had killed her husband downstairs, and within seconds Lily Potter's dead body fell lifelessly to the floor in front of her daughters crib as the toddler watched on with scared eyes.

Voldemort stepped over the woman's body and approached the child the woman had been trying to protect and pointed his wand at the girl and cast the same spell that had killed the girls parents.

Already knowing what was going to happen when the light hit the girl, Kuronue was starting to feel sorry for the kid, that is until some kind of barrier seemed to appear around the girl, just as the attack hit the barrier with enough force to send the girl flying backwards, while sending the green light flying straight back at it's caster who didn't have time to dodge before it hit him head on, turned his body into a pile of ash, while leaving his clothes behind.

'Well that went well, I think,' Kuronue thought silently to himself sarcastically, while smirking a bit as he watched Voldemort's soul leave what was left of his body before it disappeared into the night with an angry shriek, before he turned his attention to where Melody had fallen when the Killing Curse had hit her, 'Good riddance, now let's see how the kid is holding up after all this.'

As he approached where Melody's body lay, his eyes widen in shock as he saw Melody's body lying on the floor, staring sightlessly up at the ceiling as a bloody gash on the top of her head dripped blood onto the carpet into a growing small pool of blood that soaked her clothes, and he could also see another cut in the shape of a lightning bolt bleeding on the center of her forehead where he could sense dark power radiating from it. Looking around for the source of what caused the gash, he spots a medium sized wooden block on the floor that had blood covering one side of it, and identified it as the cause of the second head wound.

'Great, after all that the kid still dies. What a waste,' Kuronue thought as he shook his head regretfully, a slight frown appearing on his face as he looked down at the broken body for a moment, and was about to turn away to continue on his way before any shinigami showed up and caught him, when he noticed the body's chest seemed to still be rising up and down, 'Or is it?'

As he floated there, he expanded what was left of his demonic powers to scan the body, and could detect a faint trace of life still inside of the body, but it was fading fast, but he couldn't find any sign of the child's soul anywhere within, though he could detect faint traces of something out of the ordinary coming out of the lightning bolt scar.

After hesitating for a moment, he moved closer to the body and knelt down on floor next to it as he carefully reached out and pushed his transparent hand through the toddlers chest and moved it around for something for a few seconds, before letting out a loud cheer as he found what he was looking for and withdrew his hand, as a glowing chain came out the body. The chain was supposedly a souls connection to their body, and as long as the soul was still attached, it could have returned at anytime, but as he inspected the end of the chain he was holding, he didn't see any sign of the soul of the little girl that was supposed to be attached at the end.

The fact that the soul chain itself was still attached to the body without the soul still attached to it, showed that it was still alive though it was starting to flicker a bit as the body's system seemed to shut down since it didn't have a soul anymore to help fight to keep it alive before help came. As Kuronue inspected the chain he saw that the chain seemed to be broken, and the young soul it belonged to was nowhere to be found.

'I guess the kid's soul was displaced when she got hit or something. Brat's soul was too weak and fragile if a simple blow like that could break her connection to her soul chain that easily. Now it leaves this body up for grabs for anyone since it's still alive for the time being,' Kuronue thought silently to himself, as a slight frown appeared on his features as he glanced around the room for a moment as he held onto the chain, before a smile quickly replaced the frown as an idea came to him, and he smirked a bit, 'Then again, this could have some advantages. With no soul in place, the body's up for grabs for any wandering spirit like me to take over...'

He didn't want to admit it yet, but over the past eight years since his death he had started becoming weary of always being on the run from any Shinigamis he might come across, and he missed having a solid physical body to call his own. Now seeing the still living abandoned body of the human child in front of him, he was now willing to do whatever it took to get what he wanted, even if it meant having to start over from scratch in a human shell.

'The kids gone, so there's nothing to prevent me from having full control of that body. So what if I have to grow up all over again as a girl? It'll be worth it, even if it means having to become a girl to do it, as long as I can live again,' Kuronue thought as he came to a decision as he approached the body, as he came up with plans for the future, as a low chuckle escaped from his lips, 'I'll just stay around for a couple of years then take off and try and start over elsewhere. Looks like the world hasn't seen the last of Kuronue the bat thief yet!'

Concentrating a bit as he held tightly onto the flickering chain, he infused some of his demonic energy into the chain to sustain it just long enough, as his astral form seemed to shrink down into a glowing white ball as the chain attached itself to the ball, and the ball floated over to Melody's prone body and touched the child's forehead, before it seemed to melt into the body's skin, and disappeared completely from sight along with the chain as it sunk back into her body, as a strange red glow spread throughout the body.

The cut on the side of her head where Melody had hit it when the infant had fallen healed within seconds, leaving only bloody hair plastered to one side of her face, while the lightning bolt cut on her forehead glowed a bright shade of red as the dark magic in it was forcefully expelled in the form of black smoke that poured out of the scar, before it was sealed up completely and only left a faint outline of the scar behind.

As Kuronue entered his new host body, he could feel his mind and soul completely merging with it and became one with it, as little Melody's memories of the last fifteen months of her life filled his mind. Though it felt like hours, the merge only took a few seconds before it was completed, and Kuronue soon opened her new mouth and took in her first breath of fresh air in eight years, as her eyes flashing a dark violet color for a moment before they returned to a bright shade of green.

'Finally. It feels great to be alive again and to breathe once more. Though I'm still helpless in this body.' Kuronue thought as she blinked her eyes up at the ceiling, as she forced her new body's limbs to move and rolled over onto her stomach, and pushed herself up as she sat up, and looked over at her hosts dead mother and let out a small sigh, 'I guess I'll just have to wait around to see if anyone comes along and finds us, and hope it's not the killers followers looking for her.'

As she sat there and waited, memories from the her hosts life started to fill her mind, flashing through her mind as faces and names filtered through her mind, before they finally came to a stop as it led up to her getting hit by the killing curse.

Just then her ears picked up the sound of a mans voice calling out Lily's name, just before the sound of footsteps rushing upstairs as the voice called for Lily and Melody.

Taking no chances, Kuronue ducked underneath the nearby crib that was behind her, and was half hidden behind a blanket that was draped over the side of the crib, as she lay down flat on her stomach, just as the nursery door was flung open to reveal a young man standing there as he scanned the room frantically.

As Kuronue peeked out through the transparent sheets she could see that the mad had long black greasy looking hair and a hooked nose as he scanned the room for a moment, before laying eyes on the fallen body of his hosts mother, before tears seemed to well up in his eyes as he came over to the corpse and cradled it in his arms as he begged the woman for forgiveness, as he rocked back and forth with her still clutched tightly in his arms.

Just then the man looked up to search the room for Lily potter's daughter, but didn't see the girl anywhere in sight, but froze in shock when he saw what looked like a small pool of blood that was on the floor that seemed to lead underneath the crib, and started to reach out for the crib to pull up the sheets so he could take a look underneath, causing Kurenou to cringe a bit in fear, when the two of them heard a commotion coming from downstairs as they heard another voice calling for Lily's and Melody's name, and the first man quickly gently laid the body down back on the floor as he shot the crib another suspicious look, before disappearing from the room with a loud pop, just moments before another young man with long black hair and dressed in dark robes, appeared standing in the doorway with a pained look on his face as he looked around the nursery and saw Lily's dead body lying on the floor where the first man had left her.

"Oh Lily, I'm so sorry! I never meant for this to happen to you guys. Damn that blasted Peter! How can he betray us like this?! If I hadn't insisted that we switched places..." Sirius said as he walked over to Lily's body, and bent down in front of her and closed her eyes, "I promise you guys that I will make Wormtail pay for what he's done to you."

After a few seconds, he finally stood back up, and reluctantly started searching the room for Melody's body, afraid of what he might see, but when he didn't immediately spot the toddler anywhere in the room and started to panic, but at the same time hope filled her as he started calling out for her, "Melody? Melody? Where are you, Prongsling? It's me, Padfoot."

As Sirius attended to Lily Potters dead body and called out for her, Kuronue watched the second man for a moment from under the safety of the crib. When she saw his face and heard him calling her hosts name, she immediately recognized him from her hosts memories as someone who was a friend, and decided to put on a 'helpless little baby act', as she made tears start running down her eyes as she crawled out from under the blanket as she called out to him, "Pa'foo?"

-~Sirius' P.O.V.~-

Sirius Black had just arrive at Grimmauld Place seven minutes ago, after rushing over to check on the Potter family after discovering one of his other friends, Peter Pettigrew was missing. Getting suspicious, Sirius apparated to the Potter home to find it destroyed, and the dark mark floating above the house.

Upon seeing the destruction, he quickly pulled out his wand as he made his way inside calling James Potters names, only to find the first floor empty except for James' Potter's dead body lying on the floor staring blankly at the ceiling, before reluctantly stepping over James Potters corpse, knowing full well that there was nothing more he could do for his best friend, as he quickly hurried upstairs calling for Lily and Melody, hoping that they were still okay.

Just as he reached the top floor he heard the familiar popping sound of someone apparating, and hurried the rest of the way into the nursery room through the open door, only to find Lily also dead, and Melody's body was missing from the scene, and was searching the room for his goddaughter and calling her name, only for panic to fully hit him as he spotted what looked like a small pool of blood on the floor near the crib, when he heard Melody's voice call out to him.

"Melody?!" Upon hearing his goddaughters' voice calling to him, Sirius spun around in time to see a small hand pushing aside a blanket that had been hiding her from view from her hiding spot underneath the crib, and he quickly rushed over and knocked the crib over as he bent down to gently pick her up and cuddled her close to his body, "I can't believe it. You're really still alive!"

As he held Melody in his arms, the toddler only snuggled deeper into the older mans grip, burying his face in his robes, and Sirius could feel the tears soak through his robes.

"Everything's going to be okay, Melody. I'm here now," Sirius said as he hugged the girl closer to his body, as he gently rubbed the child's back comfortingly for a moment, then let out a startled gasp when he noticed his hand becoming wet and sticky, and quickly pulled his hand away and looked down to see what it was only to see that the palm of his hand was now covered in fresh blood, which caused him to remember the pool of blood he had seen before.

Glancing back at the pool of blood once more, he quickly pulled Melody away from his body so he could get a better look at her, turning her around and sucked in a breath of shock and disbelief when he saw that most of the back of Melody's pajama top seemed to be covered in blood. Being careful not to aggravate any possible injuries, he gently ran his hand over Melody's back underneath her shirt, but didn't feel any open cuts anywhere, so he moved his hand up to Melody's head and found one side of it was completely covered in blood in the back, just as Melody's hands reached up to try and push his hands away.

"Pa'foo, quit it. 'ickles." Melody whined as she stared up at her godfather, with an annoyed look on her young face that made Sirius chuckle a bit.

"I'm sorry if it tickles, Prongsling, but I need to check on something," Sirius said, as he ignored his goddaughters protests and used both hands to try and part Melody's black and red hair to find the source of the blood, but all he could find was an already healed scar forming in her skin on the back of her head as he carefully ran a finger over it and came away with still fresh blood, as his earlier panic filled him as he remembered the pool of blood he had seen on the floor before he had found Melody, "Melody, does your head hurt?"

"No 'urt," Melody said, as she looked back up at her godfather, confusion on her face as she tried to push Sirius' hands away once more, "'Ickles."

"Okay, okay no more 'ickles. Lets get you and your parents out of here, and take you to Poppy for a checkup," Sirius said, worry filling him as he looked down at his goddaughter for a moment, as he took out his wand, and cast a quick medical scan like he was taught in the Auror corps on her to see the full state of her injuries, but couldn't find anything wrong with her other than having two fully healed scars on her head. Shaking his head for a moment in confusion, he then proceeded to cast a quick Tergeo spell to get rid of the blood covering Melody's skin and hair, and a Scourgify for her clothes and on the floor, until there was no was sign that she had ever been covered in blood in the first place.

Smiling at his handiwork while carefully balancing Melody's body in one arm, Sirius was about to cast a Mobilicorpus spell on Lily's body so he could bring it downstairs, when he noticed Melody starting to yawn, and quickly transfigured Melody's broken crib into a basket, complete with a warm blanket and soft pillow for Melody to lie on, and placed Melody into the basket, and picked it up as he headed out the nursery room door with Lily's floating body right behind them.

-~End Sirius' P.O.V.~-

-~Kuronue's POV-~

'This is so embarrassing, having to act like a toddler around this mortal,' Kuronue thought unhappily as she lay in the basket and watched as the man she only knew as 'Padfoot' from her host bodies memories, as Padfoot carried her out of the room with her 'mothers' body floating along right behind them, 'I absolutely hate being small and helpless, and getting used to being a girl now will be hard.'

Taking over her current body had left her more exhausted than she'd like to admit, and was now only glad that the human who had found her was someone who didn't want her new body dead, and now that she felt that she was safe she could feel the need to sleep settling in.

'Dang, I've almost forgotten what it's like to feel tired,' Kuronue thought silently herself as she tried to stay awake so that she could see what was going on around her, but her eyes kept closing as she started dozing off, as a small smile appeared on her features, as she started to focus some of her weakened demonic powers on healing her new body recoup from the from the blood loss from the head injury, 'it's annoying, but it's nice to know I can feel again. Some sleep would help me heal better...'

She didn't know how long she must have dozed off, before the sound of arguing voices woke her up, and she woke up to find that she was back outside in the cold morning air, and she could see Padfoot arguing with a giant of a man about her.

Kuronue half listened to what was going on, as Hagrid told Sirius that he was supposed to take Melody to go live with her mother's relatives as ordered by somebody named Dumbledore. When it looked like Sirius was going to give in and hand her over, Kuronue came fully awake, and reached out with both hands to grab hold of Sirius' robes, causing both men to stare down at her in shock.

"Pa'foo no go." Kuronue said, as she tighten her grip on Sirius' robes once more, as she glanced over at Hagrid for a moment and tugged a bit on the piece of cloth, as she stared up at him with pleading big green eyes, "No go please?"

"Melody it'll be okay. You just go with Hagrid here, and I'll come back for you later, okay?" Sirius said, as he gently pried the tiny hands from his robes, as he reluctantly handed the toddler over to Hagrid, as he forced himself to relunctantly ignore the pleading look in his goddaughters' eyes as he tried to get her to let go of his robes, "You'll be safe for now where you're going until I come back for you. So, just go back to sleep for now, okay?"

"Okay," Kurenou said, as she reluctantly let him go, feeling too tired to put up much of a fight anyway, as another yawn escaped from her lips at the mention of sleep, as Hagrid and Sirius spoke for a few more minutes, before Sirius ran off to go find someone named Pettigrew, and Hagrid gently loaded her into the sidecar of the Sirius' motorcycle and they quickly took off into the air.

'Hmm... I've missed the feel of the air on my skin...' Kuronue thought happily to herself, a few seconds later she let herself drift off to sleep, and she slept through the whole ride to her destination until she was rudely awoken several hours later by a ear shattering shriek by her new aunt, Petunia Dursley who had just discovered her on her front doorstep.

Blinking open green eyes she stared up at the screaming horse faced woman in surprise as her basket was roughly yanked up off of the front step and she was brought inside the house.

'Oh great, what now?' Kurenou thought silently to himself as she had a feeling that things weren't going to be as easy for her as she had thought it would be as she was introduced to her new family.

-~End Kuronue's POV-~

~-#4 Privet Drive, August 19, 1997~-

Its been over six years after that night, and young Kuronue or Melody as her new 'relatives' called her, was now living a semi peaceful life with her new family, as she impatiently waited for the day when she could finally leave her new human life behind. Though at times she wished she had let herself stay in spirit form rather than have to put up with her new guardians, though these days the Dursley's weren't as bad as they used to be back when she first arrived at their home six years ago.

At first life with the Dursleys had been miserable during the first two weeks after her arrival on their doorstep, but it didn't take Melody long to realize how much her new family hated anything that they considered 'abnormal', as they tried to 'stamp it out of her' from the moment she entered their home, so she made it a point to not show any of her powers around them in hopes that they would stop their current treatment of her and it soon had worked after awhile. Vernon and Petunia had even taken the time to take her to the nearest hospital to have her lightning bolt scar permanently covered up with surgery, so now she had completely unblemished skin on her forehead, saying that it was unsightly for a young girl to have such an ugly scar visible on her face.

Luckily for Melody, Petunia Dursley had also taken pity on her young niece after two weeks. Despite her hatred of magic, Petunia had never really liked the idea of taking it out on Melody, when the girl hadn't really done anything abnormal yet around them yet, and had always wanted a little girl to love and pamper.

Once it looked like she wasn't capable of doing freaky things and seemed to be a normal little girl, Petunia managed to talk Vernon into treating her like a real member of the family, even putting her in one of the spare bedrooms upstairs as soon as she was old enough to need one, and given everything she could want along with Dudley, and not long after Petunia had given, Vernon had reluctantly followed her lead and did the same.

As the years went by, the Dursley's started treating her more like a member of family, showing her the same love and affection that they gave their own son, Dudley, who acted like an overprotective older brother around her when they went out to play with their friends. Even Vernon's sister, Marge, had taken a liking to the little girl after awhile and always brought gifts for both children when she came over for a visit.

Melody grew up to be a tomboy, always dressing up in pants and shorts, and refusing to put on a dress or skirt unless she was forced to do so if they went somewhere or were entertaining important guests in their home that required her to dress up in fancy clothes, before they disappeared into the back of her bedroom closet, and when she wasn't home or in school, she was at a local martial arts dojo learning how to fight after a lot of begging and pleading to her relatives.

Petunia treated Melody like she would her own daughter if she one, always fussing over her and trying to get her interested in more feminine things, only to have her attempts be turned away every time by her niece, while Vernon was tolerant having her around, though he still kept an eye out for any signs of her abnormalities, though that stopped after awhile, as he became more used to her, and began treating her like his own child with Petunia's encouragement, and gave the little girl almost anything she wanted if she asked.

As she grew older, she discovered that her new body possessed magic, which worked in her favor as she was now able to channel her demon powers through her new body, though she only did it in the privacy of her own room, or when none of the Dursley's were around.

The one good side that she had recently found out about the Dursleys since her stay with them began, was that they could be easily manipulated into things, especially when it came to matters of making easy money, which probably saved her a few weeks ago from losing favor with them because of an completely innocent little incident at the house of one of Vernon's potential clients.

A week after her seventh birthday, the Dursley's had soon discovered that she had other hidden talents that they found more tolerable than the idea of her having magic, when the Dursley's took her with them to visit a family friend of theirs, and the adults had left her and Dudley alone to play with the other kids.

While there, Melody had wondered off into one of the rooms to explore, and discovered a music room filled with different types of instruments, and felt like she had hit the jackpot. Back in her past life she had always had a fondness for musical instruments and had been good at playing the guitar and flute as well as singing, which had always served as a way for her and Kurama to sneak into the places they were going to rob by posing as traveling performers, if there was a festival or party going on if they couldn't find another way to get into their targets home.

In fact, her music was one of things she cared about more than her magic or being a thief, and came in second after Kurama and a former partner of theirs named Yomi who was a dragon demon, both who always enjoyed her singing. She found that singing helped her relax more after a long hard, stressful day on the 'job' if simply resting didn't help, but it also helped Kurama and any hangers on that they had helping them on jobs relax as well.

Not only had he been a great singer back in those days, but he also also had another hidden talent that he used whenever he sang, that helped on their jobs. Because he was a bat demon, whenever he sang he could pitch his voice to have an almost hypnotic tone in it that would put the listeners into a trance, so it made it easier to rob them without a fight because he could make them simply hand their valuables without any trouble because of the trance they were in. There was one good side effect of the trances was that by the time it wore off, the two would already be long gone, and everyone who had been there to hear him sing wouldn't remember the two of them ever being there so it made it harder for their pursuers to hunt them down once they realize they'd been robbed.

As she searched the room, looking at the different instruments that were on display, her eyes widened a bit when her eyes caught sight of a black and red guitar that was resting the corner next to a grand piano.

Seeing the guitar reminded her of the old days with Kurama, and she walked over to it and picked it up, running her hands lightly over the strings as she played a few musical notes, and winced a bit at the off key notes coming off of it before she fixed it to the way she liked it, before she started running her hands over the strings as she automatically started playing one of her old songs that she remembered, as the music from the guitar seemed to echo throughout the household with it's haunting melody as she started to sing along.

Melody had her back facing the entranceway that led into the room, and was so caught up with her playing that she didn't notice that she had drawn a crowd as everyone in the household came to see who was playing the guitar and singing, until she finally came to the end of the song, and was startled by the sound of clapping and cheering, causing her to spin around to find the room packed by everyone.

But what really caught her attention was the incensed look on her Uncle Vernon's face as he made his way through the crowd towards her. One look at his angry face made her take a few steps back away in fear, as the older man started advancing on her as his face started turning an interesting shade of red she'd never seen on him before.


"MELODY ROSE POTTER! EXACTLY WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, YOUNG LADY?!" Vernon bellowed, as he strode into the room as the rest of the adults parted to let him and Petunia through, as he hurried towards Melody and grabbed her roughly by the arm, as he glared at the girl as he yanked her to her feet, "Who told you that you could come in here and start using our hosts musical instruments without their permission?!"

"No one told me I could do it, Uncle Vernon," Melody said, flinching a bit in pain from the rough handling on her arm, as she shot an unrepentant look at her uncle for a moment, as she tightened her grip on the guitar to make sure it didn't get damaged, "I got bored and was just exploring and found this room. I wasn't hurting anything."

"Don't give me that! You could have broken one of these instruments and gotten us all into trouble!" Vernon snapped as he gave her a slight shake, as his anger built, as he bent low so he could whisper in her ear, as he released his grip on her arm, "If you've messed this up for us, girl, you'll pay for it when we get home."

'Oh great, I haven't seen that look on his face since I was two,' Melody thought silently to herself, rubbing her arm to get the feeling back into it, as soon as Vernon finally let go of her arm, and hurried over to their hosts to make excuses for what she had done, 'Why do I have a feeling that I've just started up the beatings again because I wanted to play an musical instrument?'

Sighing a bit, Melody turned to return the guitar to where she had found it before turning her attention back towards the adults, to see her guardians apologizing for what she had done, as she took a seat on the floor next to the guitar.

"I really don't know what's wrong with that girl, Mr. Mason, She's usually better behaved than this and should know better," Vernon was saying to the host, as he shot a withering look at his niece over his shoulder before turning his gaze back on the others once more, "than to touch other peoples things without permission. If she's damaged any of your instruments we'll be pleased to pay for it to be repaired."

"It's alright Dursley. The girl was just having a bit of fun, and it doesn't look like the guitar is damaged," Mr. Mason said as he walked over to where Melody was and picked up the guitar to examined it for a moment, as a thoughtful look appeared on his features as he gave Melody a reassuring smile to let her know he wasn't mad at her, "Besides it seems like she was pretty good on the guitar for someone her age."

"Thank you sir," Melody said, smiling proudly at the praise she had received as she grinned up at Mr. Mason for a moment from her spot on the floor.

"I'll say. I'm a music teacher at the local high school, and I've never heard anyone who performs as well as your niece does," Mrs. Mason asked, as she stepped further into the room, and moved to her husband's side, "Where did she learn to play and sing like that from?"

"The girls never had a lesson in her life in either singing or guitar playing." Petunia said, as a confused look appeared on her features as she realized the truth in what the Masons were saying about Melody's performance, as she glanced at Melody suspiciously for a moment, "I don't know where she learned how to play, since we don't have any musical instruments at our house."

"So that means you've never had a lesson before is that right, Melody?" Mrs. Mason asked, turning her attention towards the child before her once more, her eyes widening a bit at the bit of information Petunia had just given her.

"Not really, miss Mason. I was just playing around on the guitar," Melody said with a shrug of her shoulders, clamming up a bit as she bit back the urge to tell her exactly how she knew how to play the guitar, as she shot a sideways glance at her relatives for a moment, "I didn't really think what I was doing was any good, so I just played with the strings and started singing."

"Well that won't do at all. A natural talent like yours need to be built up and encouraged," Mrs. Mason said, shaking her head a bit at the news that was just given to her, as she stared at the little girl in open awe for a moment, as she turned her gaze back to the Dursley's, "If you would permit me, I would love to teach her into perfecting her skills, Mister and Missus Dursley."

"What good would her perfecting her talents?" Vernon said, scoffing a bit at what Mrs. Mason had just said, though he had his own doubts after hearing the way Melody had played before, "It could be some kind of once and a lifetime fluke that Melody was able to play and sing like that."

"Be as it may, Vernon," Mrs. Mason said sternly as she places her hand on Melody's shoulder for a moment, and gave the younger girl a reassuring squeeze on her shoulders, "we should at least try and train her. Who knows, Melody just might have a gift for the performing arts, that should be trained and nurtured before it all goes to pot."

"I'd listen to her Dursley. Once Emily has her sights set on something, there's no talking her out of it," Mr. Mason said good naturedly as he smiled at his wife for a moment, before turning his gaze back on the Dursley's once more, "If she says the girl has talent, then you should believe her."

"So I ask again, will you allow me to train her?" Mrs. Mason asked, as she glanced down at Melody once more, "that is if Melody here is interested in learning."

"Yes, I'm interested! I like singing and playing the guitar and want to learn more." Melody exclaimed, as a huge smile spread across her face for a moment, as she glanced between the Mason's and the relatives for a moment, "Please, aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon. I'd love to be able to do this if you'll just let me."

"Well.. I don't know..." Petunia started to say, only to stop when she saw the pleading look on her nieces face, as Melody gave her aunt a teary wide eyed look. Petunia hated that look, it was a look that Melody usually got on her face when she was getting ready to beg for something she wanted, and usually Vernon and herself always caved after a few seconds, and a quick glance at Vernon confirmed it. "Vernon what do you think?"

"She can do it if that's what she really wants. You can have your lessons if that's what you really want, Melody." Vernon said reluctantly, as he caved under the pressure of the look Melody was giving him, as a light scowl appeared on his face as he nodded his head in agreement to the Mason, before turning to look back down at Melody with a stern look on his features now, "But you have to promise to keep at it no matter what, along with keeping up with your regular school studies. I don't want to have to pay who knows how much money for your music lessons only for you to suddenly one day say you don't want to do it anymore."

"Yay! You're the best, Uncle Vernon!" Melody exclaimed happily as she launched herself at her relatives and gives them both hugs and kisses of appreciation, "and yes I promise I'll keep up my studies for as long as possible if you let me learn music."

"Be sure that you do," Vernon said, grunting a bit at the impact Melody made against his body, as he gently patted her on the head and smiled down at her, before turning to the Masons to start discussing what would be happening in her training and how much it would cost his family.

'Maybe this is a good thing. Hopefully at least if she becomes focused on her music, she'll want to stay a normal girl and not be bothered by going to that freak school and learning magic in a few years.' Petunia thought sullenly to herself as she returned the hug, wrapping her arms around Melody's smaller body, as a bright smile appeared on her lips for a moment as she looked down at Melody, as she watched Vernon speak with the Mason's, as she gently rubbed Melody's black and red hair for a moment thoughtfully, 'Seeing how excited she is right now, there's still hope for the girl yet if she chooses her music over learning how to do freakish magic.'

~-End Flashback~-

Smirking a bit as she continued to lay on her bed, with her arms now folded behind her head to pillow it, she still couldn't believe her good luck that had come from the outcome of that night. Even back in her old life she had always liked to sing since it had drawn so much attention during one of their heists, and now she was given a chance to exploit her special talent in the human world.

Though one of other skills she had been more proud of in her past life was her talents in demon magical arts, which also helped in their heists, which pleased her when she discovered that she could still project her old powers in her new body, because it was adapted to using magic thanks to her birth parents, which only grew stronger as she got older.

As time went by and she practiced more on her powers, she started casting a few spells she knew from back when she was Kuronue, and found a few spells that had been cast on her at some point that were easy to very easy to break after awhile, since the spells on her couldn't stand against her stronger demonic powers.

One of the spells she found seemed to be blocks on her human magic that seemed to forcibly cut it in half, that was already on the verge of breaking thanks to the extra boost her demonic powers were giving her magic, and the block tore very easily like tissue paper when she focused her full power against it now that she knew where to look. Another spell she found seemed to be multiple tracking spells, which she easily removed from her own body and attached to a vase that was located in the downstairs next to the front door, as well as a few other objects around the house.

One other spell she found, really made her mad, as she recognized it as some kind of obedience or loyalty spell that would have made her loyal to whoever cast the spell, which she immediately wiped from existence. Then set up powerful invisible protection spells and runes on her own body that would protect her from any other magical attempts at controlling her by dispelling them as soon as they hit her, as well as an automatic repel spell that would send back any spell that was cast on her back to the caster at twice the power, especially if the spell used was meant to do harm to her.

One of the downsides to removing the sealed spells and charms that had been placed on her, was that the backlash that was caused by the release, left her bedridden in her room for a week with a high fever, that also left her throwing up anything she ate. When the Dursley's first discovered the condition she was in, they had rushed her to the hospital, where the doctors diagnosed her with a bad case of the flu after they had run all sorts of tests on her, and prescribed medicine for her along with plenty of bed rest.

The one good side about it all, was that Petunia had spent the whole week fretting over her feeding her chicken broth and any other food that she could keep down without it immediately coming back up, as they tried to bring down her fever, while Vernon would sometimes bring home ice cream that she shared with Dudley in her room, while playing video games in between homework and other things from school that Petunia picked up for her so she wouldn't be behind in her classes.

Another downside was that she discovered one days that thanks to the unsealing, every time she showed extreme emotions or her powers, her eyes seemed to flash back to her original violet eye color, which she discovered one day after looking at her reflection in the mirror after one of her practice sessions with her magic. If the Dursley's seemed to ignore if they noticed it.

By the time the fever finally broke at the end of the week, Melody was now both cranky and irritable, as she spent the whole week plotting ways to get back at whoever it was that had cast the spells on her in the first place once she discovered who it was.

'I swear, if I ever find out who cast all those spells on me, there's going to be hell to pay. Especially for those obedience and loyalty spells. Plus, I hate getting sick!' Melody snarled angrily to herself, as self righteous fury filled as the memory of her discovery filled her once more, 'Nobody controls me, and if they tried I'll rip them apart with my bare hands. If only I had my pendant back along with my scythe, getting revenge will make it so much sweeter...'

Forcing herself to calm down, she thought back on who could have done it and when, and couldn't come up with any leads, but she figured it must have happened back on the night she was 'orphaned', and whoever left her with the Dursley's had been the one who cast the spells on her, as a memory of the mysterious 'Pa'foo' she had met all those years ago came to her mind, as she remembered the spells he had cast on her that night.

"I still can't believe that 'Pa'foo' never did come back for me like he promised," seven year old Melody grumbled angrily to herself as she remembered what happened all those years ago, as she lay on her bed in her bedroom and sunlight shone through the curtained window and let out a small sigh, as she twirled a glowing ball of light in her hands for a moment, as she used her enhanced hearing to listen for any warning sound of her relatives coming upstairs, "I wonder whatever happened to him after that night?"

'Oh well. Who cares what happened to him? He's one less person I have to worry about, trying to stop me from disappearing when the time comes.' Melody thought silently to herself with a snicker, as she turned to lie on her side as she looked towards the closed window, as a dark scowl appeared on her face as the memory of the mysterious 'Padfoot' came to her mind the last time she had seen him, as an image of the guys face came to her mind before shaking her head ruefully, 'The jerk had his chance to stay with me, and lost it when he left me with the Dursleys, and he never came back to me like he promised. His loss, and what kind of lameass names are 'Padfoot' and 'Wormtail' for grown men to have anyways, whatever it's supposed to mean? Their parents must have been high on something when they named them.'

~-#4 Privet Drive, July 31, 2001~-

Over the next four years since that fateful day, things had improved a lot more in the Dursley household, once the Dursley's realized that they had a young musical prodigy living with them and were living up their newfound good fortune.

Over the following weeks after their visit to the Masons, they had moved her out of her old bedroom, and into the much larger guest room so she could be able to store her things in, and had her old room converted into the new guestroom, though she still had to sleep in there sometimes whenever Aunt Marge came to visit and they gave Marge the larger room.

Melody had been taken out of her old school that she used to go to with Dudley, and was enrolled into Cornwall's Academy of Performing Arts with the help of a scholarship given to her thanks to a recommendation by Mrs. Mason who helped sponsor her at the school, which she attended for the last three years.

The academy had regular every day classes that Melody took in stride along with her spot in the school choir and band, though in her free time she took up some of the schools other extracurricular activities like martial arts and other sports which she excelled at.

Today was Melody's eleventh birthday, and the Dursley's were throwing her a big birthday party to celebrate both her birth and her recent acceptance letter to a prestigious music academy that she had applied to over the summer with the Masons help.

This year she had applied to go to another academy that was located in Liverpool, which was also a year round boarding school, and was already set up in the dorms there with some friends who were also going to the academy.

Melody had also planned for the party to perform a song created by herself and two of her friends who were also going to be attending the music academy, and were calling their group the Hexx Girls, and already popular in the neighborhood.

Today's party was also supposed to be the Hexx Girls send off party, because once the party was over, the adults were going to take them to the train station to catch a train that would take them to the town where the academy was located, because the school year at the academy would be starting at the end of the week, so they needed to get there as soon as possible to get situated.

For an early birthday present, after a lot of begging and pleading before they finally gave in, a few weeks ago her aunt and uncle had taken her over to their next door neighbor aft Mrs. Arabella Figg, to get herself a pet when they saw a more recent ad on kittens that Mrs. Figg had put up in the newspaper, and let her have a choice in one of the kittens that had recently been born a few months earlier, and Melody had chosen a male silver furred golden eyed kitten that had black spots covering its body, who she named Yoko, because he reminded her a lot about Kurama by its playful antics who also seemed more intelligent than normal cats, who currently resting on her bed. Mrs. Figg told her that he was a rare breed of house cat called a Savannah cat which grew a bit bigger than average house cats, that a friend of hers was letting her breed into her into her growing pride of felines, and let Melody be the first one to have one as her own, and was taking with her to school since they allowed pets on campus.

Melody was currently busy in her bedroom getting dressed for the party and was currently wearing a pair of fancy red pants with jewel studs designs on it, while wearing a blue t-shirt, and around her neck was a silver chained necklace that had a gold and silver bat shaped pendant hanging down her chest. She was just pulling on a pair of white tennis shoes, and was just finishing up tying up her black and red hair into a ponytail, when she heard a loud tapping sound coming from her bedroom window, followed by Yoko's annoyed growl.

"Yoko, what is it?" Melody asked as she turned her gaze towards her cat for a second before turning towards the window, where she spotted a brown barn owl pecking at the window to get her attention, and she cautiously walked over to the window in confusion as she pulled it open and the owl quickly flew inside the bedroom to land on her desk.

"What are you doing here? It's way too early for your kind to be up and about now," Melody said scoldingly, as she approached the owl, who immediately stuck out a leg towards her, revealing the letter tied around its leg, causing her to arch an eyebrow in confusion, "Is that for me?"

The owl gave a small hoot and bobbed it's head in answer, as it shook its leg at her once more and waited patiently for her as she cautiously reached out and untied the string binding the letter and took it away from the owl, while pulling out a bottle water and pouring it into an empty bowl she had in her room, as well as some crackers that she offered the owl who eagerly gobbled up both before playfully nipping Melody's fingers in thanks, before digging back into the water and crackers.

Smiling a bit at the owl, Melody finally glanced back down at the letter in her hands, her eyes widen in shock as she read the address written in green ink on the letter.

Ms. M. Potter

The Second bedroom on the right

#4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging, Surrey

After reading the address, she immediately looked up and glanced around the empty bedroom to see if anyone was somehow spying on her in order to get that much information on the letter, but she didn't see anything out of the ordinary in the room other than the owl that was still waiting for her to finish the letter. Scowling a bit, she turned the letter over and broke the Hogwarts green wax seal and pulled out the letter to start reading.

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. Of Wizards)

Dear Ms. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find an enclosed list of necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl no later than August 15, to confirm that you will be attending our school.

Sincerely yours,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Frowning a bit as she read the letter, she immediately recognized one of the names written on it as belonging to the man who had sent Hagrid after her when she was a baby to bring to the Dursleys all those years ago and her frown deepened a bit as her eyes narrowed.

"So they now want me to come to their magic school, huh? I don't think so." Melody said thoughtfully as she scowled down at the letter in disgust for a moment, as she weighed the pros and cons of going to the school, before coming to a decision as she started tearing the letter and list of supplies into little pieces before tossing them into the nearby trash can, "I've got better things to do with my new life than waste it learning useless human magic. I already know enough magic to last me several lifetimes without having to go to a human school to learn more..."

'Hm... that reminds me, one of these days I have to go back there and head for Gringott's, and try and see if my old bank vaults in the human magical world are still active.' Melody thought silently to herself, as she looked thoughtfully down at the letter for a moment, as she quickly came to a decision, as she remembered her old high security bank vaults that she had opened in Gringott's during her time in England as Kuronue, where she stashed all of her money and stolen goods she had stored in the vaults before her move back to Japan, before demons were banished to the Makai world, 'After all these centuries, it must still be there for me, or an heir, to reclaim. That money would do well in this life of mine if I can get there.'

"The letter said that they await my reply by owl. You're the only owl around, so can you take my reply back for me?" Melody asked the owl as she turned her attention back on the bird, who hooted and nodded its head in confirmation, "Thanks! Just wait a few minutes and you can be on your way."

Reaching into her desk, she pulled open one of the drawers and pulled out a clean sheet of paper and ink pen, and quickly wrote down a quick reply to the school.

Dear Professor McGonagall,

Thanks for the offer of going to Hogwarts, but no thanks. I will have to decline the chance in going to your school. I'm already enrolled into an important school of my choice this fall and have no wish to change my plans to go learn something useless like magic when the school I'm attending will help me on the path I've chosen for my future. So please don't bother sending anymore acceptance letters.

Sincerely yours,

Melody Rose Potter

Finishing the letter, she sealed it inside of an envelope, and tied it to the waiting owls leg with a bit of string, before carrying the owl to her window and letting it out to go back to where it came from.

Looking out of her open window, she stood watching as the owl disappeared into the horizon, until she became distracted by a loud banging at her bedroom door, causing her to spin around, "Who is it? The doors unlocked."

"Melody, dear. Are you dressed yet? Your birthday guests are arriving, so you should come downstairs and greet them." Petunia called from the other side of the door, as the doorknob turned and the older woman stood in the entrance, as she smiled at her niece, "Oh and Luna and Jade are here too, so you should head down and help them finish setting up for your performance."

"I'll be down in a minute Aunt Petunia!" Melody called back, smiling a bit as Petunia nodded her head to what she had just said before closing the door behind her.

'Why do I suddenly have a feeling that things are about to change from what I originally planned for this life?' Melody thought silently to herself, as a small frown appeared on her features, as her eyes flashed a dark violet color, as she shot one last glance out the window in the direction the owl had flown off in, before turning on her heel and made her way towards the bedroom door, as an scary smirk appeared on her features, as her eyes returned to their original green color, 'Oh well, I'll just handle the situation like I always do. I swear that there will be hell to pay before I'll let anyone or anything mess up things for me if I can help it...'

"Come on, Yoko. Lets get this party started," Melody said, grinning a bit as she turned towards her cat with her arms open, as Yoko jumped into them and let himself be carried out of the room by his mistress.

To be continued...

Author's Notes:
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If anyone's wondering about me having the Dursley's remove Melody's infamous lightning scar, why not? It MIGHT be impossible if the scar was still a cursed scar, which might make it harder to remove or cover up, especially by muggle means, but PLEASE remember what happened in the scene where Kuronue took over Melody's body as a baby. I had his demonic powers practically purge Voldemort's horcrux from the scar as his powers healed up all injuries the infant had received that night. That's what the black smoke coming out of the scar was. So without the horcrux in the scar, its just a normal, curse free scar. lol

As for the description for what Kuronue's singing can do to whoever listens to it, I just happened to recently watch the musical episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold featuring Music Meister for the first time just a few days ago, and I think that Kuronue's special ability is a little like MM's, only minus the whole making everyone break out into song and dance thing and more into just hypnosis/mind control. lol Plus he can control the power so it won't affect the wrong people, namely Kurama and any minions they might have with them, so they won't go into trances when he's singing doesn't affect them along with everyone else. lol I decided to give him a special talent that could hopefully be passed on into his new body, and also give him a chance to try and use it to earn money in the human world if he ever decided to stay permanently once he finally leaves his new 'family' and sets off on his own, its not like he can just go back to demon world and resume a life of crime in a human body. Especially when it's a FEMALE human body. He'll be in double trouble if he got caught by the demons he tries to rob. lol

I brought in a little bit of Bleach, with the soul chain thing. I forgot what they called it in Bleach, but I hope I described what Kuronue had pulled out of Harry/Melody's body pretty well in this story. I figure it was the best way of showing that Melody definitely wasn't even in there anymore when Kuronue took over, and also show that he's completely all alone in that body and won't be fighting for control of it with the original owner as time goes by. lol

As for the gender switch, I wanted to make this a Kuronue and Kurama fanfic, and since a lot of you out there don't go for slash fics, I decided to change Harry's gender into a girls, since that seems to be the main fad in fanfiction these days. lol

I say to all the slash fanfiction haters out there that you can't really call this a slash fic, if one of them actually has a hundred percent female body of a girl despite the soul now in it once being male. Besides Kurenou has plenty of time to adjust to being a girl and how to act like one, though she'll be a bit of a tomboy. lol And as you all saw in the scene with the Dursley's at the Mason's party, Kuronue knows how to milk his new gender, the way he handled the Dursley's in getting what he wanted. lol

In fact, when I first started writing this story, it actually started out with Melody still as Harry, when the idea of changing Harry into a girl hit me, so I had to do a fast rewrite, and changed Harry's name to Melody, and hopefully changed all of the 'his', 'him', etc. terms into the proper ones in the lines involving Kuronue/Melody who will be referred to as Melody from now on, though she might start going by Kurenai later on. The rewrite wound up becoming longer than the unfinished original which I stopped after 9 pages.

Started On: October 15, 2011
Finished on: October 29, 2011
Updated on: August 7, 2019