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Timeframe: Story takes place thirteen years before the start of Yu Yu Hakusho, so all of the YYH gang (minus Hiei since there's no telling how old he really is when he first met the others lol) is one year old, including Kuronue/Melody, and will probably be around 15-16 years old when they all meet up with Melody. I've also updated this story, to make Melody, and everyone else she would have known in Hogwarts as well as the YYH gang, all be born in the 1990's instead of the 1980's.

Author's Notes: I don't know when and where exactly in the history of the Yu Yu Hakusho series that Kuronue died in or how long before Kurama dies afterwards, so I'm saying that he died in the Makai world, in the exact same way that it was shown in the movie, instead of the human world so it's not like he's been dead for centuries before he came back to life, with Kurama dying a few years later, so they can both be the same age when they meet up again. lol

Important Note for everyone: Depending on how this story goes, here's a special vote for everyone. Instead of just Kuronue being teamed up with Kurama in his past life as a bandit, I'm going to make it so that he knew Yomi too, which is mentioned in a paragraph in the prologue chapter, and will make more appearances in later chapters, though it would strictly be Kurama and Kuronue. You've seen what Kurama and Yomi are capable of in the anime and manga. So seeing how I depict Kuronue in this story when it comes to power, between the three of them who would you think would come in first, second and last when it comes to power in their old gang? lol I want him to be almost at the same level as the other two when it comes to power, because what would the point of them being a team if he couldn't carry his own weight when it comes to power the way Yomi and Kurama could? Especially since he now has his original demonic powers combined with the witch powers of his new body? lol

Word Count: 8,666

Summary: -(Yu Yu Hakusho crossover)- Unknown to the magical world, the night Voldemort attacked the Potters and their daughter, Melody Rose Potter died with her parents that night. What happens when her abandoned body is taken over by the spirit of a former demon bat thief? -(Independent!Powerful!Grey!Kuronue!Female Harry!Kurama pairing) -(slight Manipulative Dumbledore bashing, extreme Ron, Molly, Ginny Weasley bashing)-

'Hi' - Thinking
"§§Hi§§" - Parseltongue
"Hi" - Beast speaking

Night Guardian
Chapter 4: Meeting Up With Old Friends
Written By: Sakura Lisel

~-Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – Headmasters Office, July 31, 2006~-

"Never again, Albus! I'm going nowhere near that brat, even if you paid me vast amounts of galleons to me to do so! She's worse than her blasted father! Not only," Severus exclaimed loudly, less than an hour later, a soaking wet and completely infuriated Severus Snape came storming back into Dumbledore's office, as he slammed the door behind him as he entered and glowered angrily at the headmaster for a moment, "She is just as bratty and stuck up as James Potter, if not worse, but she also dared to do this to me, and that oversized fleabag that she has the nerve to call a bloody housecat is a menace to society as well!"

The 'this' that Severus was referring to was his formerly black robes were now a myriad of colors and was now in tatters in some places with traces of blood leaking through where a certain Savannah Cat had shredded him with its claws. The color change on his robes seemed to only to get worse if he tried to cancel whatever 'accidental' magic spell Melody had used on him. Not only that, but his hair was now sticking straight up in a outlandish color changing Mohawk, that seemed to change colors depending on what mood he was currently in, with the current color being a dark red/purple color that matched his growing temper at the moment.

"Severus there's no need for that kind of language," Albus said, coughing a bit as he hid a chuckle at his potion masters new appearance behind his hand, as he ignored the dark look Severus was now giving her, as he scanned over the mess that had been done to Severus' body "I'm sure that what happened to your hair and clothes was nothing more than a bit of accidental magic since she doesn't even have a wand yet, though about her cats actions..."

"Don't patronize me, headmaster! Everything that spoiled brat did to me was fully intentional! She was in full control of her magic, and deliberately did all this to me wandlessly, after I told her she had to come with me," Severus shouted, as his face turned red in anger as his face darkened some more, as his hair turned a dark red color to match his mood, as he scowled darkly at the headmaster, as he saw the older man's blatant attempts to stop himself from laughing at Severus predicament, "I was there and saw and heard her. She also deliberately ordered her cat to attack me, and it obeyed her immediately. She might look like Lily, but she's worse than her father ever was."

"I'm sorry that you have been put out by the chit, Severus, but I'll find a way to try and make it up to you," Albus said shaking his a bit in amusement, as he glanced at his potions master from behind his twinkling crescent moon glasses for a moment, "Why don't you go to Poppy to see if she knows of a way to reverse what young Melody did to you. If anything, Poppy can at least treat the claw marks from Melody's cat for you."

"Fine, but I assure you this isn't over, headmaster. The girl is a menace, and if she wasn't already not attending school right now I'd be demanding she be expelled and have her cat put down," Severus snarled as he shot the headmaster one last parting glare before spinning on his heal with a flutter of his robes and made his way back out the office door, as a hidden smirk appeared on Severus' face as he disappeared through the door.

Not seeing the smirk on his potions masters face as the younger man left his office, Albus Dumbledore kept his kindly grandfather mask firmly in place until the office door shut behind Severus, before his expression changed to pure anger within seconds as he started mentally cursing to himself.

'Why won't that blasted girl cooperate?! It's for the greater good of everyone involved that she come to Hogwarts for proper training, but she's being so damn stubborn. I'm doing this for the greater good of everyone,' Albus thought angrily to himself as he subconsciously rubbed the area on his chest that had the claw marks on it, when it started to ache once more, as he flinched a bit as they seemed to flare up for a moment as he rubbed at it, 'Why can't she be more obedient and biddable like other children her age are when it comes to what I want them to do? I've never had this much trouble with anyone since Tom Riddle was in school.'

It had taken a year after his first meeting with Melody Potter, before Albus finally was able to track down the elusive young teen at her new school, and every attempt to get her to obey him and come to Hogwarts had been thwarted at every turn. He had tried everything from talking to the headmaster of the blasted school and trying to influence him into letting him remove her from the school to expelling Melody, but the blasted man had refused saying that he had no grounds for it, since Melody was already at the top of her class at the school.

When he told the other headmaster that he was the girls legal guardian and had every right to have her removed, the blasted man told him off and informed him that he had received word from Melody's real guardians, the Dursleys, that anyone matching Dumbledore's name and description was not her guardian or even related to her, and has no legal right to take her out of school without their express permission, and that the Dursleys had friends in high places who would help them sue the school if they let Melody be removed without their consent.

They had even called in Melody herself from class to speak to her in person to ask her opinion on the matter, and the way the girl had looked at him, just as soon as she entered the office spoke volumes, just as an agonizing pain shot through his body from the curse scar Melody had given him the previous year as she stepped forward into the room and took a seat in a chair as far away from him as she could in the small office, as she proceeded to tell the other headmaster how Albus was a stalker who had been harassing her and her family about attending his school. It didn't take long before Albus soon found himself forcibly tossed outside the gates of the academy by security with a threat of them calling the muggle aurors if he stepped foot on their property again.

Every year since Melody had turned down attending her first year at Hogwarts, Albus had continued to send invitation to Melody every new school term to see if the Potter girl had changed her mind about attending school, but every year she always sent back replies declining her attendance, with some of the replies being downright rude and demeaning. Even the few Portkeys that he had managed to sneak into the letters had been returned with Howlers attached telling him exactly what he could do with his portkeys.

He still wondered where she learned some of the more 'colorful' words she had used in her most recent response letter to the letter he sent requesting a meeting with her. What she used to describe him and where he could stick his wand wasn't worth repeating to anyone as far as he was concerned, though he still thought it had to be humanly impossible to accomplish even with the use of magic helping.

He had even tried sending a few Order members like Alistair Moody, and Kingsley Shacklebolt, to both her home with the Dursleys and to the school itself to try and liberate the girl, and bring her straight to Hogwarts, only for the Order members to disappear completely for one or two weeks only to be found wandering in places like Diagon Alley or Knockturn alley, in some kind of a daze with no memories of what they had been doing in the time they were gone except for a few receipts for magical and muggle products they had supposedly bought but didn't have on them that showed they'd been on some kind of vacation. The most troubling about it was that they had been sent after Melody Potter, though for some reason when the girls name was brought up to them, they would break out in sweat and shaking in terror even though they claimed to not know the reason why they were reacting like that about the girl. The symptoms each Order member exhibited after their return was similar to being Obliviated or having the Imperio spell cast on them, but medical scans showed that none of them had been exposed to either spell at any point in the two weeks they were gone, or that they were even still under the spells effects.

During what should have been Melody's first year at Hogwarts in 2001, his plans for her had gone downhill almost immediately. He had borrowed the Sorcerors's stone from the vault of his good friend Nicholas Flamel to use it as bait to lure out Voldemort, in the hopes that Melody would prove her bravery in stopping the dark lord if Voldemort showed up in the school, but without her there, that particular plan had gone downhill very fast. By the end of the year a group of first years consisting of young Neville Longbottom, who was the second child listed in the prophecy, Ronald Weasley and a young muggleborn witch named Hermione Granger. The trio had snuck into the third floor room only to be confronted by Professor Quirinus Quirrell who had been possessed by Voldemort. The trio would have met their end if Albus hadn't arrived in time when the ward alarms on the chamber had gone off in his office. Quirinus Quirrell had been captured, but before they could do anything, Voldemort's spirit had managed to flee from the back of Professor's Quirrell's head, leaving the man a brain damaged vegetable who now resides in St. Mungos mental ward.

The next school year, what happened at the school in 2002 was nearly catastrophic, when Salazar Slytherin's legendary Chamber of Secrets was opened up for the second time in over sixty years, this time by a first year Gryfindor named Ginny Weasley who had somehow gotten her hands on Tom Riddle's diary and was being controlled by it. Two students and one ghost had been found petrified, with their frozen bodies spending a month in the school infirmary as the cure was made. The school would be closed down even now, if it wasn't for young Ginny's brothers confronting her about her strange behavior early in the school year and finding out about the diary and bringing it in, things might have gone worse than it was, as the diary was immediately destroyed, the entranceway to the Chamber of Secrets locked up again stopping all further attacks, and Ginny's involvement in what happened swept under the rug, though she had to spend a few summer months at St. Mungo's mental ward to recover from her ordeals and make sure there were no side effects from her time under the diary's influence, and was now back in school attending classes with the rest of the students.

In what should have been Melody's third year, in 2003 it was a quiet year, and barely anything worth noticing or remembering happened that particular school year, with no real casualties happening unlike previous years.

Then in the year 2004, things were the same as the previous year, with a former student by the name of Remus Lupin joining the Hogwarts staff as the new DADA teacher, and everything had been going just fine, until a few months shortly after Christmas break in of 2005 that saw the sudden release of Sirius Black from Azkaban in February of 2005, when the new DADA teacher, Remus Lupin brought Fred and George Weasley into his office, with Ronald Weasleys pet rat, Scabbers, in tow after discovering that the rat was Peter Pettigrew. The seems that the prankster twins had found the Marauders Map, a map of the school created by Melody Potters father and his friends that listed the names of everyone in school, and they had happened to be using it earlier that day and happened to spot Peter Pettigrew's name on the map next to Ron in the dormitories, where the twins had proceeded to rush upstairs to search and finding the only thing next to Ron was Scabbers, they had quickly stunned the rat, much to Ron's irritation and brought it to the headmaster immediately.

On the way to the headmasters office, the trio had run into the schools new DADA teacher, Remus Lupin, who had been on his way to his rooms when he heard the commotion being caused by the Weasley siblings, as Ron vehemently refused to believe his pet wasn't really a rat as he tried to get the twins to give Scabbers back, and Remus had quickly broken up the fight and demanded to know what was going on. When Fred had explained what had happened, Remus had taken one look at the unconscious rodent for himself, and instantly recognized it Peter Pettigrew's animagus form, and that it was missing a toe on one of its front paws, and told Ron to head back to the dormitories as he lead the twins to the headmasters office, while keeping a tight grip on the rat himself, as he glared angrily down at it.

After it was confirmed that the rat really was indeed the previously presumed dead Peter Pettigrew, it hadn't taken long for a trial to be made for both Sirius Black and the truth of what happened thirteen years ago came out to the public, and Sirius was cleared of all charges while Peter Pettigrew was given the Dementor's Kiss for conspiring with Voldemort to get the Potter family killed, as well as framing Sirius Black and the murder of twelve innocent people even though the people in question were merely muggles.

After Sirius' name was cleared of all charges, the Ministry had awarded the ex-convict over five hundred thousand galleons in compensation for his unjustly thirteen year incarceration at Azkaban, as well as the return of his family titles and access to his family vaults. After the trial, Sirius was sent to St. Mungo's for four a full psychiatric evaluation to make sure he wasn't still suffering from any ill effects from his time in Azkaban amongst the Dementors, with Remus and other old friends of his visiting him everyday at the hospital.

By the time doctors finally had deemed him fit enough to be released back out into the world, Sirius was nearly halfway back to looking the way he did before he was sent to prison. He had managed to put on some weight with the help of the potions and food the nurses fed him, and the nearly insane look in his eyes that had been there when he was first brought out of Azkaban was completely gone, and looked completely normal, and the former convict had immediately rushed to Hogwarts demanding to know where his goddaughter was so he could get her.

When Sirius had been informed that Melody had never attended Hogwarts in all these years, Sirius had immediately hit the roof, demanding to know what Albus was doing letting Melody neglect her magical education while Remus tried to calm his friend down while Albus explained exactly what had happened between him and Melody Potter the summer before her first year, while editing out a few things that he had done to her that day, and her reasoning behind why she had refused to come to school.

Albus even showed the duo his curse scar, that still pained him even now, that he Melody had given him, and told them that Melody had done it to him in a bout of accidental magic the day he had gone to collect her, and that the girl had still refused to come to Hogwarts so 'accidents' like that one wouldn't happen again, but that she had still refused, and he had to go get a court order from the Wizengot to try and force her to come, but that because he had been in so much pain from the curse scar on his body, he had been stuck in St. Mungo's being treated for it for hours, and by the time he finally received the court order and returned to Melody's residence the girl was already gone off to her chosen school, and that now both Sirius and Remus were back that he wanted their help in reigning in Melody and bring her back into their world where she belonged, since he believed that Sirius' status as her godfather and legal guardian would give Sirius all the power Albus needed in order to gain control of the wayward girl.

Both men had reacted extremely badly to the news, as they verbally cursed him out, saying that they didn't believe what he said had happened between him and Melody, until they got to speak to her themselves to find out what really happened, with Sirius being the most vocal in his objections, as he and Remus both renounced his membership with the Order of the Phoenix, and stated that they wouldn't have anything to do with him and the Order anymore, if this was how Albus wax going to treat Melody, before the former Marauders stormed out of the office to go look for her.

He hadn't heard much from the duo since then, except for a letter from Molly Weasley informing him that Sirius had rewarded Fred, George and Ron a hundred galleon each, as well as a lifetime membership with the magical menagerie in Diagon Alley, where he had taken the trio to get new pets as well for what they had done for him, that allowed the trio to buy food for their pets anytime they wanted with the tab being sent straight to Sirius' account thanks to a card the boys had to show the store clerk.

Both George and Fred picked out a pair of identical golden eyed twin Eagle Owls that were pure black in color except that one owl had a white stripe pattern on its wings who went to Fred who he named Loki, while the second owl had a more jagged white striped pattern on both of its wings who went to George who named his own owl Puck, while Ron got a cute little Elf owl who he named Pigwidgeon for his own reward to replace the loss of Scabbers.

It wasn't until early this morning that he realized just how bad things had gotten with the Melody Potter situation, as he had recently received a letter from Gringott's informing him that Melody Potter had made a visit to the goblin run bank, and had been given full control of her family's vaults and possessions as well as been fully emancipated, and that he was being fined over five million galleon's for theft from the Potter vaults and for illegally drafting a marriage contract for Melody Potter and Ronald Weasley which was canceled upon its discovery by Melody Potter herself, with the help of some document that was drafted by her parents before their deaths that made the marriage contract invalid before it was even signed by Molly Weasley and himself, and that his vault along with any side vaults that he owned that had potter money deposited into it had been all emptied out in order to pay off the huge debt he owed Melody Potter, except for a measly five galleons that Melody had told the goblins to leave him so he wouldn't be completely broke, and that any and all copies made of her vault keys will be made inactive and destroyed where ever they are.

For the next twelve hours since he had gotten the notice from Gringotts, he had been getting letters and Howlers from the few Order members who he had loaned money to from the Potter vaults, all demanding to know why some of them had either had their vaults cleaned out completely or even half the contents from their vaults removed, depending on exactly how much money some of them had received from the Potter vaults, to pay off the money that had been taken from the Potter vaults. The loudest Howler he had received came from Molly Weasley herself, as she wrote to him telling him of the contents of the letter she had received, telling her about the cancellation of the marriage contract to her youngest son and Melody Potter, and demanding that he fixed it so she could get her money back and get the contract reinstated.

It had been because of Molly's letter that had caused him to send Severus Snape, who also happened to be the only Order member who he hadn't sent after the troublesome girl yet so far, after Melody Potter in hopes that Severus would actually succeed where the others members had failed. Severus was also one of the very few remaining Order members who hadn't been fully scared off the idea of confronting Melody Potter yet even after witnessing what happened to the other Order members he had sent after Melody Potter, so he could try and convince her to return the money he had 'borrowed' from the Potter vaults that she had the goblins confiscate from the his vaults as well as the money from the vaults of Order members that had Potter money deposited into, as well as talk to her about Sirius Black who he knew would be trying to contact her in person himself soon, only for the younger man to return less than an hour in a raging fury over his encounter with Melody Potter, and he realized that he wouldn't get any further help from the irate potions master concerning young Melody.

Even going to Gringotts himself to try and confront the goblins and try and get them to reverse what Melody had done had resulted in failure as he was given a lecture from the account manager of the Potter vaults, who dared to say that since the release of Sirius Black from Azkaban any and all false claims of being Melody's magical guardian had been revoked that full guardianship had also been removed from Sirius Blacks hands, and been given over to a third party on Melody's orders, and that they weren't at liberty disclose the name of Melody's new magical guardian to him, even if he was the Supreme Mugwart.

Albus had also been informed that was lucky to still have a vault in Gringotts at all if it wasn't for Ms. Potter's instructions, and that he still owed a substantial amount in debts to pay off all off what he owed the Potter family, his vaults would continue to be emptied out every pay period for the next five to ten years until everything was paid back, with only five galleons left out of each of his pay check left behind, so that he wouldn't be completely without funds, and that Melody Potter had been fully emancipated over two weeks ago and given her family rings upon her emancipation so there was nothing Dumbledore could do against her to get the property back unless Melody agreed to it.

After hearing the news, things seemed to blur for Albus as he saw red, as he was then forcefully escorted out of the bank at spear and sword point when he threw a major fit over the news.

'Those blasted goblins can't do this to me! I only took that money for the greater good for everyone, since it was just wasting away in the vaults. The girl didn't need it all when it could be put to much better use.' Albus thought frantically as he reread the parchment, as he glanced down at the bank statements to his vaults that had been sent along with the letter, that showed that his vaults had indeed been emptied, for five galleons that had been left behind in each vault, as he snarled angrily at the injustice of it all, 'I need that money for the war effort, to fund the Order of the Phoenix's future endeavors when the time comes, and what document are the goblins talking about that made the marriage contract invalid? The way I drafted the marriage contract, nothing should have been able to cancel that contract no matter what Melody did, unless James and Lily. Unless they used the Laws of Arcadia law without my knowing...'

Just then there was a loud pop and sizzling sound that drew Albus attention, as he turned his gaze towards his desk drawer, and his eyes widen in shock and horror when he sees a black plume of smoke rise from one of the locked drawers, as he quickly pulled out a key and unlocked the drawer, pulling it open as he shot an Augumenti spell inside it to put out the fire.

As the smoke cleared up, he soon the source of the fire, as he pulled out a small box and flipped it open to find the copies he had made of the Potter family vault keys that he kept inside the box had been melted into gold and silver scrap metal, as well as a pile of ashes that was all that remained of the marriage contract he had made for Melody Potter and Ronald Weasley years ago.

Seconds after the destruction of the vault keys and marriage contract, there were more pops sounding throughout his office as Potter family items that he had 'liberated' from the Potter vaults over the years and claimed as his own started disappearing from the shelves and bookcases that he had stored them in. Cursing a bit loudly as he watched as everything he had coveted since the death of Lily and James Potter's vaults disappeared with loud cracks as they were summoned back to Gringotts, as he suddenly found himself hitting the floor with a loud thud as the chair he was sitting in, that was one of the pieces of furniture he had removed from the Potter vaults was also taken back.

Grumbling over the injustice of the situation he was now in, as he pulled himself off the floor and created a new chair for himself to sit in, he groaned a bit as his fireplace flared up as he received a frantic floo call from the school librarian, Mrs. Finch, who was having a panic attack as she informed him that a lot of books were disappearing from the library shelves in both the normal library and in the restricted section, and as she listed the names of the books that were disappearing, he recognized all of them as being books he had also taken from the Potter vaults and had placed in the school library in the restricted section for safe keeping for his own personal use.

'I can't believe this is happening! Just how can things have seriously gone to pot like this,' Dumbledore thought furiously to himself a few minutes later after reassuring the irate librarian about what was happening and reluctantly telling her that there was nothing he could do to stop what was happening, he cut off the floo connection, as he growled angrily to himself as he watched more of his private Potter collection disappear from where he had them, 'because of one mere slip of a little girl? All of my well laid out plans for her are going downhill and fast. I should have kept better tabs on her over the years. If I had I might have had a better control over the situation.'

~-Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts - Dormitories, August 1, 2006 – 4:59pm~-

Late one brisk hot summer afternoon in August, Melody sat in front of her dresser humming to herself, as she put up her hair into a braid that hung down her back to her waist, as she prepared for her next summer extracurricular class. She had been attending LIPA for the last five years since her eleventh birthday, and was already a big hit with all the teachers and students.

The Hexx Girls were still going strong after all these years, as they became the 'go to' band if there was some kind of party or festival happening on campus, but then the previous year the group had to break up, when Jade was forced to drop out of school when her parents decided to move to America and she had to go with them. Without Melody and Luna reluctantly had some try outs to try and find a replacement for her, before she left the country, but none of the girls who showed up for try outs were good enough to replace Jade as far as the remaining two girls could see, so the Hexx Girls officially disbanded a few months ago during a farewell concert for Jade, though Luna and Melody still did performances every once and awhile.

"Okay you two, off the bed now." Melody said as she stood up from her dresser and walked over to her bed, and sat down on the edge, as she used her special ability to make sure they definitely understood her and wouldn't try and pretend they couldn't, "You two have been hogging it long enough since I got back, and your both lying on my jacket."

"Aw... Kuri, do we have to?" Karma whined childishly as she reluctantly got up and stretched a bit, as she walked over to Melody and rubbed against the girls outstretched hands for a moment, "your bed is so comfortable."

"You guys both have your own beds, Karma," Melody scolded as she scooped the little kitten up and gently deposited her on a nearby cat bed that the kitten shared with Yoko, before the teen turned her attention on the larger cat who was still lying on the bed, though he was now looking at her with half hooded eyes, "You too Yoko. I don't want to have to make you. You know how well that turned out last time."

"I'm going I'm going," Yoko grumbled as he pushed himself to his feet and quickly jumped off the bed, as he gave Melody a baleful look on his feline features, before he turned on his tail and went to go lie down on the jumbo sized cat padded bed that Melody had ordered for him a year ago that was in a corner of the room, and curled up in it, "A guy can't get any rest around here..."

"Keep it up, Yoko, and I won't buy your favorite Fish and Mouse flavored Tasty Bits cat snacks the next time I go to Diagon Alley." Melody warned, chuckling a bit in mirth when the cat quickly apologized at the threat, as Melody grabbed hold of her jacket and shook off the cat hairs from it, as she waved a hand at it, and it was instantly clean within seconds, as she glanced at a nearby wall clock to check the time, "There that's better and just in time too. Sensei doesn't like it when we're late for class."

It was late in the day and all of her regular classes were over for the day, so right now she was getting ready to go off to two of her extracurricular classes that the school provided for the students if they were interested. Right now she was on her way to a martial arts class that was taking part in the academy auditorium, and would later be on her way to fencing class.

Just then her cell phone started ringing, and with a sigh, she sat down on her bed as she unplugged her phone from the charger and quickly answered it.

"Hello? Oh hi Yomi! I was wondering when I would be hearing from you again. What can I do for you tonight?" Melody said cheerfully as she balanced the phone on one shoulder as she slipped her feet into her shoes as she listened to whoever was on the end, "The rest of this summer? No I don't really have any immediate plans except spending it in the dorms. Why?"

"Something has come up, and I require your assistance in a certain matter, Kurenai. So I advise you to drop whatever plans you might have had this summer," Yomi voice said over the phone line as he started to explain exactly what the reason behind his phone call was for.

As she listened to Yomi's explanation, her eyes widen in shock for a moment.

"You want me to come compete in what this summer?! No way in hell! Are you trying to get me killed again? I'm not ready for demon world to discover I'm back yet, you know." Melody exclaimed loudly, causing her two cats to jump a bit at the sound of her voice as they both glanced over at her from their beds, as she waved them off, "Yes I've been training since my rebirth, but I doubt I'm... But... Yes I know that I owe you a favor but... but... Fine. I'll help you."

Waving off Yoko and Karma who were both s staring at their mistress in shock for a moment, as they listened to her speak to Yomi on the phone.

"You should stop springing stuff like this on me, you know Yomi. Look, I can't come right this minute. I have things planned already." Melody said as she talked with Yomi, "Have your men come pick me up before seven o'clock tonight, and I'll come over then."

After talking for a few more minutes with Yomi before they finally hung up with each other, Melody glared angrily at her cell phone for a moment, before letting out another sigh of resignation, as she pushed herself off.

"Come on Yoko. Let's go take our walk around campus for a bit. I have to start canceling a bunch of stuff I had planned, then we have to come back and pack," Kurenai said as she walked over to where Yoko's leash and harness was, as the large cat ran over towards her and stood still as she fastened both to his collar, as he let out a worried meow as he looked up at her, as she led the way towards the dormitory door, and let themselves out, "Don't worry. We're just going on a little trip for the rest of the summer with Yomi..."

~-Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts – Outside the Dormitories, August 1, 2006 – 6:40pm~-

An hour and a half later there were two loud pops outside of the dormitories as two men wearing bathrobes appeared outside of the campus dormitories of LIPA.

One man had long black hair that hung down his back, and had a wild eyed look on his face as he glanced around at his surroundings for a moment, while his companion was a shorter man with short brown hair and golden eyes, who was also looking around the area for any sign that someone had seen their arrival.

The two men were Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, who had come to LIPA in search of their goddaughter, Melody Rose Potter. After Sirius had finally been released from St. Mungo's psychiatric ward with a clean bill of health after spending months there recovering from his time at Azkaban before the doctors declared him fit to be back in public again among people much to Sirius' irritation.

As soon as he had gotten out of St. Mungo's, both he and Moony had headed straight for Hogwarts to find out about Melody and offer her a place to stay with them, only to find out that Melody had never once set foot in Hogwarts in the past five years, and Dumbledore had tried to give them a huge spiel about Melody's supposed wrong doings, that neither Remus and Sirius believed in the least that caused the two men to cut off all ties with Dumbledore and storm out of the office with the plans to locate Melody and find out the truth themselves.

It had taken the two men about a week and a half to wrangle out a location from their ex-friends and fellow Order Members to find out where Melody's location was since they couldn't get any answers out of Dumbledore, and it had taken a stiff bribe to Mundungus Fletcher to finally get Melody's location at the school she had chosen over Hogwarts, as well as some pictures that Mundungus had managed to get of Melody for Dumbledore to show to Order members so they would know who to look for.

Though Remus had to hold Sirius back from hexing Mundungus into the next millennium when some of the pictures the thief had tried to hide from them showed Melody in what looked like her underwear, until Mundungus had frantically explained that the outfit wasn't her underwear, but some kind of swimsuit the muggles called a bikini, that some girls wore outside in public when they were going swimming, and made a lewd comment about how hot the girl was in the outfit and earned himself a punch in the face from both Sirius and Moony that broke both his nose and knocked out a few teeth. It didn't take long for the two Marauders to get their hands on all copies of the bikini pictures, along with the negatives and destroyed them all as well as obliviating the memory of the pictures from Mundungus' mind.

'Note to self, as soon as I see Melody, I'm going to ransack her wardrobe and burn every single one of those bloody 'bikini's' of hers,' Sirius thought furiously to himself as he remembered the lecherous look on Mundungus' face as the other man had stared at his private collection of Melody pictures, as he and Remus started making their way towards the dormitories that the info they had gotten from Mundungus said she was living in, 'Someone that young shouldn't be wearing so little clothes when they go swimming in public, especially when they have a body like that! What have the muggles been feeding her to make her body fill out like that at her age?!'

As his companion placed a restraining hand on his arm to keep him from charging off in search of their long lost goddaughter who they hadn't seen in years, as Remus perused over the handrawn map of the area they were in they had manage to get from Mundungus before they had obliviated him

"Moony are you sure this is the place?" Sirius whined as he glanced over at his companion impatiently for a moment before looking around at the darkening streets of the campus once more, "I'm dying to go see her as soon as possible, and are just wasting time standing around here, ya know."

"Yes, Padfoot I know. I'm just as eager to see her again as well, but its hard to pinpoint exactly where she might be thanks to Mundungus poor handwriting on this map," Remus said in a placating tone as he glanced over at Sirius once more in time to see his friend pout for a moment at his words, before turning his gaze away from Sirius to glance around at the surrounding buildings, before his eyes stopped on one building in particular as he saw the number on the door then glanced back down at the map for a brief second before face palming his forehead as he cursed for a moment.

"What? What's wrong?" Sirius asked as he stared at his friend in open concern.

"Our search is over, Paddy. If I'm not correct, Melody's going to be in that building over there." Remus said as he pointed at the building he had been staring at just moments before.

"That's great! Let's get going already." Sirius said excitedly as he starts making his way towards the building instantly, when Remus suddenly seized his arm to stop his forward momentum, causing Sirius to turn back to face his friend once more, "What's wrong now, Moony?!"

"There's someone coming this way. Lets wait and see where they are headed before we go inside," Remus said as he grabs Sirius and makes his friend come hide with him behind a bush as they watch as a young girl with long red and black hair came walking down the path towards the dormitories, while holding onto the leash of a very big cat.

"Wait isn't that her?" Sirius demanded in a low whisper to Remus as he glanced over at the werewolf to see Remus was now digging into his robes for a moment, before finally pulling out on of Mundungus pictures, and both men carefully examine the picture with the girl coming their way as they completely missed the warning snarl the cat made to its mistress, as Sirius gives a small nod as his smile returned once more, "It's her."

"Yep, Padfoot it's definitely her. The cat is even in the picture as well." Remus said reassuringly as he returned his friends grin as he puts away the picture back into his pocket once more as both he and Sirius stood up from their hiding place, and started making their way after Melody.

Melody was nearly to the double doors of the dormitories when the two men finally reached her, and Sirius excitedly reached out to grasp her shoulder to try and stop her, and the next thing he knew, Melody and her cat seemed to disappear, seconds before Sirius suddenly found himself in excruciating pain as he found a knee kicking him in the stomach, knocking the air out of his lungs, seconds before he suddenly finds both his arms grabbed and jerked back in a painful way as he was forced into a kneeling position on the ground.

As he struggled with his assailant, he wondered why Remus was helping him when he heard a loud snarling and hissing sound followed by Remus crying out in pain, seconds before his friends' body hit the concrete floor. Twisting his head a bit to see what was happening, his eyes widened a bit when he saw his goddaughters oversized cat now sitting on Remus' back, licking its front paws for a few seconds, while digging its remaining claws into Remus' back if the werewolf tried to move, and Sirius realized that there wasn't any help coming from Remus' side anytime soon.

"Okay, I'm getting sick and tired of deal with you magical nutjobs on a monthly basis. If your going to sneak up on someone you should be a lot quieter about it, because I heard you coming a long time ago because of your heavy footfalls on the concrete. I don't care who you are or why you're here because I'm on a tight schedule tonight," a girls voice snarled out behind Sirius, causing Sirius' breath to stop for a moment, as he realized that his attacker was the niece he had tried to contact, was since her cat was the one holding down Remus, as Melody quickly continued speaking as she gave Sirius' arm one last twist not releasing her grip on his limbs even in the slightest as her voice got colder as she spoke, "and I don't have time to deal with you like I did with the last group that showed up, but I advise you to go back and tell Dumbledore or whoever it was that sent you that I'm pressing charges the next time he sends his lackeys after me to try and kidnap me again..."

"OW! Melody wait! We're not here to kidnap you! I swear Dumbledore didn't send us to you. We came on our own!" Sirius cried out, as he tried to ignore the way pain was shooting up his arm from where she was twisting his wrist she was twisting yelled out, as he struggled to try and break free only to yelp again when her vice like grip tightened some more, "We're friends, and we just want to talk to you."

"Yeah that's what everybody who came before you said too, before they tried," Melody said dismissing Sirius words, as she chuckled a bit at what her unknown hostage had just said, "and force me to come with them when I refused to listen to them."

"Padfoot, this isn't going like we planned. Melody I assure you that we are not who you think we are. Whatever happened in the past we won't do," Remus said in a placating tone as he winced a bit when Yoko suddenly digged his claws into his skin once more.

Before the two men could say anything else, Melody suddenly let out a startled gasp at what Remus had just said as she suddenly let go of Sirius' arms like she had been badly burned, causing Sirius to let out a sigh of relief as the stress on his arms disappeared, as he slowly turned around to face his goddaughter while rubbing his arms, only to stop and stare at Melody in shock as he see's the angered look now directed directly at him now.

"Excuse me? Did he just call you Padfoot?!" Melody exclaimed, her voice filled with anger as stared down at Sirius, as he attitude towards him turned meaner, as she crossed her arms over her chest as she glowers at the two men, with a look that sends shivers through them.

To be continued...

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