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She had never meant to hurt him that she knew without a doubt. When she saw the inklings of its beginnings to when she realized how it would end, her intention was never to cause him pain.

Yes, amid all the confusion in her head the only clear thing to Caroline Forbes was that she never meant to hurt him.

It all began after Stefan came back from Klaus who agreed to leave everyone alone as long as Elena gave him her blood every month. She agreed so everything was back to normal in Mystic Falls... or so it seemed

Stefan and Elena were annoyingly lovesick again; Damon was annoyingly pathetic with his longing looks at Elena. But once again Caroline knew, she had always been better at seeing the underlying truth behind the façade, and she wondered why people could never believe she was deep... maybe it was the blonde hair and doll face. But she knew alright that nothing was well and one day it was all going to break down into epic proportions.

She and Bonnie exchanged meaningfully looks one night at dinner with the trio, they knew it was all going to fall apart at any second and they would have to be the ones to pick up the pieces. Without discussion they knew Caroline would get Stefan, Bonnie would get Elena and Damon would be shuffled between them depending on whom he threatened less... probably Caroline.

It happened a month after that dinner night, Elena recognizing the lack of attention from Damon decided to take it up one notch. In Caroline's words but not in Bonnie coz Bonnie is so nice and never a bitch, Elena practically threw herself at Damon which did not sit well with the younger Salvatore.

Stefan realized the frail situation between him, his brother and the doppelganger. He dumped her knowing it was the best thing, she never wanted to be a vampire and she wasn't even sure which brother she wanted.

It took Elena all of 5 minutes to jump into Damon's bed but he only entertained her for a few weeks until he realized that Elena was with him only coz she couldn't have Stefan. He politely asked her to leave and told her they were over.

Surprisingly it was Bonnie who had told him that he deserved much more.

Caroline became Stefan's life support system in the months after his breakup. He wanted to leave the town for good and when he asked her to go with him she replied 'yes' in an instant and he smiled at how much she trusted him.

"Why can't we go now Care?" he asked grumblingly as he lay on her bed while she threw clothes after clothes next to him, apparently color coding her wardrobe. He believed there were only two stacks necessary 1. Good and 2. Too sexy to wear

"I want to leave now" he added firmly as he picked up a red dress that was supposed to cover her until her knees somehow he highly doubted it so he threw in the too sexy to wear pile which was too damn large in his opinion.

"But I want to finish high school Stefan" she said as she threw another pile and placed a weird look on the sorting he had done. He grumbled again, they had had this conversation thrice before and every time he understood why she had to finish high school and he agreed, didn't stop him from asking every second week though.

"But if you want to leave without me..." she said airily and he shook his head and she smiled, she really wanted to go with him.

"But I'm done with high school Care, I'm not going back" he said firmly.

She nodded slowly trying not to show the sadness, but he saw it. He could read her like the back of him palm. He titled his head and smiled at her a little devilishly and he even realized that this was the first time he had smiled so widely since his breakup a month back.

"Will you come and live at the Boarding house Care?" she squealed in delight and floored him onto her bed with her hug.

Damon was surprised when he woke up one morning to find Caroline shaking her booty in his kitchen while flipping pancakes and blasting Katy Perry on her I-pod. He only smirked when she positively blushed noticing him behind her and went to retrieve his blood bag.

He was moderately surprised when he would come back from his drinking endeavors every day to find Caroline and Stefan on the couch watching TV or playing something or simply drinking and being silly. It still never occurred to him that she lived here.

He was only a little surprised when she changed the pillows of the parlor couch as they were much more comfortable to pass out on, so he didn't threaten to kill her for changing his style. He was starting to wonder why she was here so often

He was less than surprised when one day due to lack of black tee's he had to venture into the arena of laundry and found pink, blue, purple, green and every headache giving color Bras and panties lying in the laundry basket. That was when he knew she was now living with them; the hints had finally gotten to him.

He was deliriously happy when he woke up one morning to Caroline's screams. The screams led him to her bathroom and a very wet soapy naked Caroline who was jumping around in the shower because of a big bad cockroach. He laughed as he picked it up and threw it out the window but made sure to look her down in a way that actually made her blush and left a parting gift after his heroic save

"You do know you're a vampire right?"

Uncomfortable... yes that's the word. Uncomfortable is what Damon was for some reason when he noticed Stefan's need to keep touching Caroline some way or another. It had started by holding her hand whenever Elena came to visit Caroline, or when he suddenly smelled human blood. It changed to his hand on the small of her back pretty much all the time, then it changed to putting both his hands on her shoulders and if you gave him enough time he would convert it to a small neck shoulder massage. Close to two months after his break up with Elena Stefan had taken to keeping his hands just above Caroline's hip, always standing behind her and talking into her ear. All this made Damon very uncomfortable... and knowing that it made him uncomfortable made him even more uncomfortable. Does that make any sense?

Stefan truly thought he would never get over Elena, but he did and how. All thanks to the little Blonde vampire sitting in the car next to him. There were times with her when he was truly blissfully happy without a single sad streak in his cold heart. He hadn't felt that way in decades, not even Elena did that... only his Caroline. Yes Stefan liked to refer to her as his, she practically was.

He smiled as he remembered the events that took place less than 10 minutes back and he was glad he decided to go grocery shopping with her

He was standing taping his foot impatiently in the frozen section as she scrunched up her face seriously contemplating the life altering decision of having to choose between mint chocolate chip and caramel toffee. Holding them both in front of her chest like a saleswoman she turned to Stefan with a pout and demanded that he choose.

He couldn't help it; she was the most adorable thing he had ever seen. He closed the gap between them and bought his hot mouth to her's. His hands were already on her waist so he didn't have to put any efforts to that context. She was taken aback for a second but immediately kissed back practically throwing the ice-cream tubs on the floor as she wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him closer. He invaded her small mouth with his tongue and she moaned. He didn't know how long they were kissing must have been long looking at the swollen state of her lips when she smiled brightly at him. They practically used their vampire speed to run back to the car, he could feel the lust and heat radiating out of her and it had taken all his strength to not fuck her against the frozen section.

The ice-cream lay forgotten.

Damon and Alaric stood stunned as they watched the scene unfold in front of their eyes. Stefan and Caroline came barreling through the door kissing like there was no tomorrow or the day after or the one after etc... He watched with increasing discomfort as Stefan mauled the poor girl with his mouth though the sounds she was making weren't concurrent with Damon's theory but he refused to change it. She ripped open Stefan's shirt as he pulled her dress off in one go, both oblivious to their audience. Alaric turned away instantly not wanting to see his student half naked, thankfully he didn't have to blush anymore as Stefan picked her up bridal style and zooped her upstairs. He put a reassuring hand on Damon's shoulder coz he looked like he was going to massacre the town. And yet Damon had no clue why.

Caroline screamed... loudly she knew... a little too loudly she knew that too. She blamed Stefan and if anyone complained to her she would ask them to blame Stefan too. He was teasing her slit mercilessly with his tongue. He enjoyed this, a little too much. She hated it and she loved it, she thought the weeks she had spent with Damon had been the most sexually liberating of her life but the sweet and sensitive Stefan turned out to be an animal in bed... hence the screaming. He would literally lick her to the edge and watch in amusement as she begged and pleaded and writhed below him telling him to quit the tease and just stick himself into her already. He always obliged eventually, whenever the pain in his own erection was too much to bear. Eventually she had learned to tease him back, and he wondered where she learnt to suck a cock like that... he hoped anyway other than Damon.

She screamed again a little shakily as she felt herself approach her climax, he smiled up at her from between her legs and she shook violently as she gave her most enthralling moan of the night as she came in his hands. That was of course until a few minutes later and he was nipping at her neck, sucking on her pulse point and she felt the tingles spread up her legs again. She grabbed his head harshly and flipped him over straddling him grinding against him slightly causing him to groan. She placed a few chaste kissed down his chest and abs

"Time for you to beg" she said seductively and he smiled at her with lust and passion in his eyes, as she trailed lower down his body and took him into her mouth with expert execution, and he began his process of screaming, begging and coming.

Alaric sighed sadly and put a reassuring hand on Damon's back as his friend placed two whiskey bottles on his ears to drown out the moaning marathon from upstairs. Damon still refused to see it; though Alaric knew it, Damon really really liked Caroline. He wouldn't go as far as to say love, it was Damon after all. He had been noticing it for months; at first he thought it was just a sire vampire thing. When they were sitting at the grill and Damon was going on and on about brutally ripping apart Jules piece by piece. Damon was always murderous but was much more passionate in this case so he asked him why he wanted to kill Jules so bad

"Because she hurt" Damon started angrily but shifted mid-way "Vampires... so I kill her." he ended though Ric thought he was going to say 'coz she hurt Caroline'

Then he was ready to spoil their plan to save Caroline from being used as the vampire sacrifice. He had been positively livid when he saw how badly her father had tortured Caroline, and he seemed more annoyed at how desperately she clinged to Stefan's body when they rescued her.

Alaric wondered when Damon would realize his feelings... one thing Ric knew was that when he did all hell was going to break loose.

Stefan was sorting Caroline's wardrobe. They had been dating for two months now, and she had moved from her bedroom to his bedroom. When she wasn't with him, she was at school or with Bonnie and Elena, and when he wasn't with her he very badly wanted to be with her, or he tried arguing with Damon it took up some time and entertained him from thinking about all the planes of his sexy girlfriend. He hadn't thought about Elena in months, he was just sorry for effectively ruining her life but he felt absolutely nothing for her. She had never done the things to him that Caroline did, whether sexually or emotionally... Caroline was his heaven and he couldn't believe he had rejected her so long back. She had pouted about that one say and he showed her how sorry he was with his mouth and she happily accepted his apology.

Caroline crossed her arms over her chest and stared at the three piles of clothes Stefan had made in front of her. He had ordered her to remove all her clothes... from her wardrobe that is, but had told her if she wished to be naked while he sorted her stuff he didn't mind. She stuck her tongue out at him and just sat down and watched him frown at regular intervals and mumble under his breath. He finally picked up a sleeveless white and red top and threw in a pile which was the smallest

"Talk now" she demanded stomping her foot

"This" he said pointing at the first smallest pile "You can definitely wear. This though" he turned to point at the second slightly larger pile "You can wear only with a jacket, or some very covering thing on the legs or something"

"This" he said grimly pointing at the third and largest pile "You can never wear outside, only with me privately" he concluded simply

"Are you saying I dress like a slut" she asked angrily and he shook his head

"No... But you're ridiculously hot and these make you look hotter than I care for other men to notice" he said eyeing at the third pile.

Stefan was very aware of the way people especially men looked at his girlfriend and he hated it. Only he was allowed to see how sexy she was, no other man especially not Damon. Stefan hated the way Damon looked at Caroline, he would think about another day. That was a completely different story.

"So what do you suggest I wear?" she asked him trying to seem angry, but inside she was fluttering like a bird that he was so possessive of her.

"Turtle necks" he shrugged as he moved closer to her and wrapped her around him

She snorted "Dream on Salvatore" as she kissed his neck and he growled and pulled her to the bed. He had to buy her a whole new wardrobe coz they completely ruined the ones on the bed. This time he paid close attention to the clothes she bought and made sure he approved each and every one of them.

Damon cursed internally as the petite blonde below him moaned loudly, he had chosen her coz she was small and annoying and blonde, and he desperately wanted a small annoying blonde underneath him but just not his one. He wanted to tell her to shut up, she didn't sound anything like Caroline, and that's when he realized he wanted her to sound like Caroline. He wanted Caroline below him screaming, moaning, writhing and begging like he had heard her begging Stefan over and over again. The current blonde moaned harder as Damon thrust into her again barely paying attention to what he was doing. He looked down at the girl and wanted to see Caroline, he wanted it to be her voice, he wanted to make her scream out loud, hear her moan his name into his ear, he wanted to fuck and kiss and love her till he could claim every inch of her body, he wanted to stop feeling the pain clenched in his chest. He suddenly felt dirty and disgusted and stopped what he was doing and looked at the confused girl

"Get your stuff and leave; this never happened you don't remember anything" he compelled and collapsed onto the bed as she scrambled out of his room.

He had never felt bad about sleeping with someone when he was supposedly in love with Elena... he knew he was supposed to love her but he didn't even particularly like Elena. Elena has been the last thing on his mind for months; it had been that infuriating blonde who was shacking up with his brother. She was mine, since she was human... yet it was Stefan who had her. Damon was tired of Stefan always getting what he wanted. He was tired of finding out what he wanted too late, he wanted Caroline... her hot body, her annoying mind and her sweet soul. He wanted all of it... he hated how much he wanted her, he had always assumed Caroline would just be there for him, hadn't he claimed her the second he walked into mystic falls. She wasn't his anymore and it burned him... he had never felt any of the guys were any competition so he barely batted an eyelash when Matt and Tyler tried to grab his territory. But Stefan, the lady charmer that he was always got the girl exactly where Damon wanted them. And it was exactly where Damon wanted Caroline, in his heart and soul and veins and she was all Stefan's. Damon wanted to not be so royally screwed, but how could he not be... he was in love. Damon Salvatore and love was a screw up waiting to happen.

A week later Damon walked in on the happy couple going at it on the couch. A hot passionate make out session would have made him feel less bad, but they had decided to be all lovey dovey at this moment. Stefan was kissing her so lovingly that Damon wanted to rearrange his face; he hated it when she moaned into Stefan's mouth. He didn't want to know that Stefan was making her wet, he hoped that the sex was terrible though her screams said otherwise. Damon walked to the bar and grabbed the bottle in his hand to stop himself from ripping Stefan's head off. He was sure Stefan knew he was here, Caroline was still a new vampire, her senses not as sharp as Stefan's

"Is a good fuck all that matters in your relationship" Damon asked mockingly, pain dripping from every word.

Caroline jumped slightly when she realized he was in the room and tried to push Stefan off but he wouldn't budge from his position over her only smirked at Damon's question

"Whatever do you mean Damon?" Stefan asked while smiling at a slightly embarrassed Caroline

"I mean is good sex the only reason you two are together?" Damon asked pointedly

Stefan gave a bark laugh as he lowered his head started sucking and snipping at Caroline's neck and she shuddered in delight as he said

"No... I love her" Stefan declared proudly from her neck "Though the sex is fucking amazing" she couldn't help but giggle but picked his head up with her hands and looked at him questioningly

"Do you mean that?"

"Yes Care... I love you" he said softly

"I love you too Stefan" she replied shyly and buried her head in his chest and he chuckled.

Damon eyes grew wider and pain and disgust as he whacked the bottle in his hands across the room and zooped upstairs before he painted the room red with Stefan's blood.

"What wrong with him?" Caroline asked worried and Stefan shrugged and silenced her with a smoldering kiss

"I never thought you would love me" Caroline said honestly after the return from a romantic dinner that same night, and she was still reveling in his declaration

"You're hard not to love Caroline" he whispered in her ear as he wrapped her hands around her waist. She turned around to look at him and he saw the lust building in her eyes and he couldn't be happier, he had wanted to ravish her since he said the words but he had to be a gentleman sometime

"No I'm not" she laughed "I think you're the only person who's actually truly loved me" she said truthfully, Elena wasn't an issue for her; she knew Stefan loved her way more than he had loved Elena.

"And I'm all you're ever need" he said forebodingly as she wondered if there was anything more to his suddenly possessive tone

He didn't wait for her to reply before he stuck his tongue down her throat with such urgency and desire than she gasped in wonder and shivered in anticipation. She had never seen Stefan like this before, his eyes had turned darker and so much more sinister and if she didn't trust him to death she would have been terrified of the way he was looking at her... like she was prey. He ripped her dress off and she didn't even have time to be surprised and he had her pinned on the side of the kitchen. He took of his clothes in a blur and pressed her harder against the cold wall and grabbed her hips and brought their cores together, they were only in their underwear now. She moaned at the feel of his erection against her and sucked on his earlobe as he multitasked teasing her neck and removing her remaining clothing. She wanted to be terribly shy about being so exposed to anyone who could walk in, but the only thing she felt was the hot fiery trail Stefan left everyplace he touched her bare thigh and moved straight to her throbbing centre. He groaned at how wet and slick she was all for him, as he entered two fingers into her and grew hard instantly at the tightness knowing he would feel it around him soon.

She screamed an embarrassing moan which she could have patented by now. She arched her back moving against his fingers instinctively, clawing into his back drawing blood and for the first time in her vampire life she felt her fangs come out, Stefan had satisfied her to every extent but she had never wanted to bite him, she tried to turn her face but forgot to do that when she felt another moan erupt as Stefan took one of her erect mounds into his mouth teasing mercilessly with his tongue while he used his free hand to twist her other nipple between his fingers. She arched herself more into his mouth and hands as she shook brutally, the fastest and most explosive orgasm she had ever had and by the sound of Stefan's growls among the many she would be having this night. She screamed his name like a prayer over and over again as she neared her climax and he smiled smugly. This is what he wanted; he wanted to hear her scream his name like never before... when he knew Damon was upstairs listening and suffering.

She limped onto him when she came unable to keep herself straight, and he wasted no time ripping his underwear off angrily and burying himself deep inside her and he lifted her legs to lock behind him, letting him slide in further. She jerked her head up from his neck and screamed in pleasure and he grunted along with her, she enveloped him so tightly, that and his name leaving her lips so beautifully almost made him come then and there. Then he saw her changed face and smiled getting what he wanted for so long and kissed her changing his own face and cutting each other with their fangs. He could hear the glass breaking from upstairs and was sure Caroline heard it too but she was so pre-occupied with him inside her that she didn't pay any attention. She pulled away from his mouth coz she couldn't suppress the screams and the moans and he chuckled, loving the effect he had on her.

"Caroline" he grunted as he thrust into her a little harder and earned a blood curling cry

"Ww-hhat?" she stuttered in between her moans

"Bite me" he commanded and groaned in pleasure when she bit into his shoulder hungrily. He licked the sensitive part of her neck and bit down himself careful to listen if she was hurt and wanted him to stop, but she gripped his hair tighter and bucked her hips harder against his. They both came screaming each other's names and drinking each other's blood. Stefan smirked as he patted her hair to calm her from her high, she looked like she was going to faint.

He knew Damon was in love with Caroline, and he wanted his brother to know that Caroline was his in every single way and it would always stay that way.

"I love you" she breathed into his ear, she had always wanted to say this after sex.

He looked at her with his green eyes and smiled softly "I love you too" he really did love her, like he thought he could never love anything. She allowed him to be the good nice guy and also the crazy animalistic guy who controlled her body with every movement of his. She was everything he could ever want, and he would be everything she would ever need. He just needed to keep showing that to Damon, this though had been for pure bragging pleasure the next morning.

Damon held his head in between his hands as he heard the sex-athon downstairs and he wondered if he ever made her scream like that, and he wanted to do so badly. He knew what Stefan was doing; Caroline's blood was the one thing that was Damon's now Stefan had claimed that too. He smirked despite wanting to cry. Two could play this game.