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Chapter 1: Fantasies

The crowd screamed in cheers just for us. It felt amazing having the entire spotlight shining vividly on me.

"LETS GO TIGERS" I shouted as I was barraged in a cradle from my high pyramid.

It was Friday night, and it was the last football game before homecoming.

The entire routine ended up flawless with only one exception; someone had made several mistakes during the performance. TANYA. I didn't even acknowledge how she ever became a cheerleader.

She was already on the team before I became captain, so I felt it would be unkind and unnecessary of me to just kick her out as if she were trash. At first I felt pity for her, but now I truly realized just how much of a pester she was to me. Obviously she was well known to be the school's slut and the most imperfect member here. Yet, honestly, I shouldn't even concern myself with her; she was just a lame follower within this crowd.

As I approached the ground even more cheers were applauded, making me grin egotistically. I gave my friends in the crowd a small wave and then turned around.

To my surprise, our football team scored another touchdown and right at that moment, Edward looked over to me and winked. I lightly smiled and gushed my way in another direction, already feeling my cheeks burn.

Did I just blush? It wasn't exactly normal for me to feel this way, however, lately it seemed as if I've been drooling over Edward. This was scaring me a bit as it was not ordinary or accustomed for me. I shouldn't be feeling all witty and excited like a middle school girl over a boy I've known most of my life. Edward and I were somewhat friends now, nonetheless, still enemies. I was entirely confused with our relationship status.

Since I could remember, Edward and I have always grown up hating each other. I didn't understand why in the world we attended the same schools throughout our childhood perpetually. Of course, our parents were the best of friends and that always brought more complications towards us.

It all began back in the first grade. Apparently from the stories I've been told, I was not in a very good mood on that Monday during school. All the children were supposed to be playing outside for recess, and that include Edward and I. The memory is blurred to me so I did not even remember how everything happened exactly. What I do remember is that I did not want to waste all of my time during recess to wait in line to borrow a basketball to play with. As if it were a coincidence, Edward was playing with the last basketball and he refused to let anyone else have it. Me, being the determined and snobby little child that I was, simply took the ball out of his arms. That one little action ended up starting a chain reaction and soon, Edward and I grew up despising each other.

Elementary school approached to an end and then there was 8th grade during middle school.

That was a very important year to me as it was the first time I ever received my first kiss. What also made it very important and unforgettable was that I shared my first kiss with none other than, Edward Cullen. With the new emotions I've been feeling towards him lately, I often looked back at that memory of our first kiss. We were both at his house alone while our parents went out to dinner. I hated being with him, especially because he was in an upper level math class and refused to help me out with my math homework.


"Edward come' on just help me out with this problem, I have a test tomorrow and I need to learn how to solve it" I pleaded with him.

"Hmm…maybe I can help you, maybe I can't. You know it's awfully rude of you to ask for my help with homework after what you said to me in class today" he responded devilishly. Like every other day, Edward and I had had a brief argument during science class today.

"What are you taking about, I simply just said you were an ignorant moron who should have learned how to do the lab by now, and then YOU had to go and spray your dirty water from the lab on my shirt." I said while folding my arms across my chest.

He stood up from the coach and walked over to sit next to me on the other side of the room, by the kitchen counter. He looked me directly in the eyes with a mischievously look and said "Look how about I help you with homework, and then you do something in return for me?"

Talking in the same tone as he was, I replied, "Do something in return for you huh, well what may that something be?"

He turned his head from left to right as if he were looking to make sure no one was around even though we were clearly home alone. He suddenly seemed a bit nervous and this quickly made me feel the awkward tension building in the room. "Okay look, middle school is almost over and I do not want to walk into high school and be the only freshman there who hasn't had their first kiss yet."

I sat straight up and smirked at his confession, "Well, well, well Cullen, I figured you were going to want ten dollars for helping me out with homework or something but what? Are you implying you want a kiss?" I said while laughing.

"Haha very funny but seriously, I know we may act like we 'dislike' each other at school, but come on Bella, you know deep, deep, deep, down inside, you might, just a tad, like me. We've known each other all our lives and we practically live together considering our parents act like their married to one another. I just want a quick, little kiss just so I can enter high school knowing I've had the experience," spoke Edward with a serious face.

Was he joking? Well he might be serious…no, no, no.

There's just no way Edward is asking me this. He's got to be messing with me.

But the look on his face said other wise. Was he really serious? Obviously, I hadn't had my first kiss either, not that I would let him know that.

And now that I thought of it, I probably would believe him too about never having his first kiss either. It seemed a bit silly, considering he disgusted me and I had never once thought of him as good looking or that I might have 'like, liked' him, but now I actually got his point. I didn't want to seem inexperienced for the high school crowd, and I knew very well that every girl on the middle school cheer team had already kissed someone before and it was quite obvious they all had boyfriends as well, except for me.

"Okay here's the deal Edward," I responded, "I am in desperate need of help on my homework. And since I'm stuck here with you, you're my only option for help. Luckily for you, I'm in a very happy and generous mood today so even though it's a horrific thought, yes, I'll kiss you. But only on the conditions that you never tell anyone about this soon to be, awful and tragic event. Oh yeah, and in addition, you must do my next math homework assignment. Are we clear?"

Edward looked at me and seemed to be in thought for a while. "Fine, fine. Your math class is ridiculously easy anyways. And you do not have to worry about anyone finding out, trust me on that," he said while slightly laughing at the end.

We agreed to kiss each other already but now we just sat there staring at each other; awkwardly. I didn't know whether he meant we should kiss at this moment, or if we should kiss before our parents arrived, or even if he wanted us to kiss before the school year ended. Edward just gazed at me and for a brief moment his eyes went to my lips, then back to me.

"Well, um… when exactly do you suppose we'll be doing this Cullen?" I said in order to break the silence in the room.

Edward didn't respond to me right away and instead started to slowly lean forward in my direction. I guess I should have taken that as a hint but I was surprised by his action that I just stayed there, completely still.

His lips were only a few short millimeters from mine and Edward was practically on top of me. I could feel his breath on my skin, and I immediately sensed my heart beat speed up. He changed the direction of his lips until they reached my ears and he whispered, "I think now is the perfect time. Don't you?"

I simply nodded and watched him carefully as he lowered his face so it was directly in front of mine.

He began to very slowly lower his lips to mine and all I was trying to do was to remember every detail about this experience. A first kiss was very important and I wanted to remember exactly what I was feeling, even if it meant I had to kiss Edward.

But now, I didn't really mind kissing him. It was almost amazing how my emotions (and teenage hormones) changed in seconds as now; I wanted him to kiss me.

After what seemed like eternity, our lips finally touched.

I was only 14 and knew all about that lovely-love nonsense some crazy teenagers nowadays in our generation thought, but contrary to my belief, I was pretty positive I felt a spark between Edward and I in that moment, and it overwhelmed me. It was supposed to be a small peck, like Edward said, but instead, it seemed to last a lot longer than that.

Considering both of us had not had any experience with kissing, our lips just touched and stayed in that position for a few seconds. Then it clicked and somehow, we were moving our lips together, in perfect rhythm. After about five seconds, Edward started to pull away, however, I gave him and myself a big surprise by letting my tongue slip in his mouth. This shocked us both completely but obviously Edward did not seem to mind at all. He went along with it untill I decided it was enough and I was the one, this time, to pull away.

We sat there staring at each other, attempting to slow down our breaths. A minute later Edward had a big grin on his face and spoke with the same mischievous tone he always used, "Well, well, well Swan. Looks like someone enjoyed that little kiss. A lot."

Of course he would tease me, even though it was he who wanted to kiss me to begin with. I wouldn't be myself if I hadn't responded to his comment. "Really? I just kissed you like I would have if I were kissing Jacob, Mike, or Dean. And that little tongue action, means I expect an A+ on my next homework assignment which you are going to do," I replied with a smirk on my face.

He got up from his seat and stood over me, "Swan, I was expecting a little better than that. But I will admit you do have some potential. You know what, since I'm in a very generous mood, I'll make sure you get a B- on that assignment." With that he laughed once at my astonished and irritated face and went over to sit on the couch in the living room once again.

-End of Memory-

I shook my head back and forward as I tired to clear that memory of Edward and me from my head. While lost in thought, I didn't notice the game had already ended, with our team winning 42 to 7. I then headed out to the field to greet Emmett and Jasper, two of my best friends, as they were on the football team.

I had met both of them, sufficiently, at a party, two years ago. Emmett was the good-looking idiot who spilled soda on me while dancing and Jasper was, unsurprisingly, the handsome and flirtatious guy with the napkins. We had talked and before I knew it, we became friends. I loved Emmett and Jasper so much now and they were the two people in my life who I knew would never disappoint me. Both ran my way on the field once they saw me and I ran up to them as well. I first hugged Emmett tightly as he spun me in the air.

"Hey shortie" said Emmett.

Emmett was so unnaturally tall that anyone who stood next to him would be considered short. I then turned to greet Jasper and went up on my tipy-toes to give him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled and placed his arm around my shoulder as we walked towards the exit of the football field.

"Congrats guys. Another game won, it seems as if it's turning into a streak now. No surprise there with my two best friends on the team" I said as I clapped and smiled. They looked over at each other and high-fived as the rest of the team followed behind them. I quickly noticed that Edward was right behind me as well, following all the other team members. He grinned and high-fived another player who was next to him. I knew they were all very proud.

"Ya cuz we got some fucking hot cheerleaders man" Mike Newton shouted from behind. I rolled my eyes, as always, Mike would never get a shot with one of the cheerleaders, especially me. Mike had, what seemed, as an obsessive and perverted crush towards any living being who gave him any affectionate attention. With men like him, they always tried to get as many opportunities to be with girls as possible. He was a player and I would definitely never give him the slightest chance with me.

"You really need a life Newton," I shouted as he came across my way.

"Come 'on girl, what happened to cheering me on… " He said while leaning over and suddenly placing his hand under my skirt. Before I could react, Mike wasn't grabbing my ass anymore but was being held against a pole that was nearby, and what really surprised me most was that he was being held by Edward's hands."

"Mike you better not touch her again or I swear I will rip your hands off" Edward spoke violently. " I already had enough of you in the locker room before the game and I do not need you to be harassing Bella right in front of everyone. You better listen to me this time." Edward spoke his words in a matter of depth and seriousness. He then removed his hands and let Mike fall to the ground.

Emmett then came up, grabbed me and hung me over his shoulder as if I were a rag doll. He then went over to tap Mike on the back. "Dude not cool, Bella is off limits and I do not want anybody, especially you, touching her like that," he almost shouted. Emmett was exceptionally protective and I knew he would have a more serious talk with Mike later on. Jasper came up also and stood beside me only he was staring in another direction, towards Edward. They were having a silent discussion and I didn't want to look over and have them catching me trying to read their lips.

"Damn you guys act like you don't know anything about getting girls," Mike said angrily as he waved his hand and left off.

This hadn't been the first time something like this happened. Honestly at first it felt like it was complement if some guy happened to yell out my name while walking down the halls. But lately, it just feels like those compliments have turned a little bit dirtier and more possessive as this year was apparently the year to have spontaneous amounts of sex according to the male gender. Nonetheless, as long as they kept their distance, I couldn't complain. If having the entire student body stalk my every move be the only negative outcome of being the most popular girl at school, then it was completely worth it.

After walking across the field, we made our way past the stands, which were filled with girls who whispered into each other's ear, obviously gossiping. I even received a few whistles from a group of sophmores in the stands. I kept on looking and also saw some group of people who were taking pictures, probably for the school year book. It was the last game before homecoming so the stands were completely filled. I felt hundreds of eyes on me as I walked with the rest of the football players. Sometimes I loved it and at other times, like now, it made me uncomfortable. I felt as if I still didn't understand my true place in high school.

We finally reached the very end of the field and only a few feet away were the rest of the cheer squad. I waved goodbye to Emmett and Jasper and began to walk toward the rest of the cheerleaders. Right when I approached them, they all came running towards me in a rush. I was selected as captain this year, and I was only a junior. This achievement made me the first in the schools history. Winning the captain spot made the rest of the cheerleaders emulate me in every way.

When I reached them out on the field, they all talked nonsense to me simultaneously, which caused me to shush them and turn around. I could hear thier gossiping in the back of my mind as I tried to focus on something else.

The game was already over and the crowds were all racing to leave.

The football team was crowded in a bunch surrounding the coach and the only person who didn't seem to be interested in the conversation, was none other than Edward. It seemed as if the star quarterback didn't feel the need to listen to the coach at this particular time.

I gazed at him for a moment and as if he sensed my eyes on him, Edward turned around in my direction.

I didn't want to give him the impression that I was embarrassed by the fact that he caught me staring at him so I continued to stare. He gazed at me back and had an unreadable expression on his face. I felt that the continuous stare down was getting a bit creepy so I turned my attention to something else. My curiosity got the best of me and I brought my gaze back to Edward. Edwards's eyes wouldn't stop staring at me. I attempted to look away again yet; I could still feel the burning sensation I was getting from his gazes.

Edward Cullen was quite possibly the hardest person to understand. He was now practically a guy version of myself. Most girls were desperately after him; pretty pathetic is what I would say. Yet, through his charming smile and great sport reputation, Edward most certainly ruled the school. Most guys would attempt to hang out with him just for the title of being 'Edward Cullen's friend.' Of course, being the most popular guy in a private school like ours meant he acted like any other typical guy would.

He was so predictable that it didn't take long for anyone to catch on to his so-called "codes." Well, it also helped that one of my best friend's was his sister; named Alice. Alice let me in on all of the dirty secrets her brother had. It amused me to know his secret code names only known to the males at our school. Truly all they meant was "Which girl will I be fucking today." I guess he had his secrets and little schemes like I did. In all sense Edward and I were very alike, except I wasn't such a whore.

Most days he is such an ass that it makes me wonder if he plans all his mockery comments the day before or if he just speaks what's on his mind at the precise moment of our arguments. Everyone who attends St. Joseph Academy knows the hatred we feel about one another. At first, everyone who didn't know us was betting to see how long it would take for Edward and I to get together. It only made sense for them for the most popular girl and most popular boy in school to date. But in the last 3 years of high school, that dream was quickly shattered for them.

I stopped thinking about Edward and quickly came back to where I was. I noticed most of the audience in the stands had left already as well as the football players.

"Hey Bella, is practice still on for tomorrow?" shouted one of the cheer members, Angela.

"Yes Angela. Girls, practice is still on for tomorrow. You all did amazingly well tonight, of course with the exception of a few," and with that statement I looked directly at Tanya, "but I do know you all want to prepare for homecoming so we might get a few days off during this homecoming week." I smiled at my team as they jumped at the news of having a break from cheer. They thanked me and soon gathered their belongings and headed towards their cars to leave.

I picked up my bags as well and headed towards the parking lot to leave. I talked to some friends for half an hour until they had to leave.

That's when the realization hit me. Great, I forgot Alice had dropped me off today at the game. I reached into my bag and pulled out my cell phone. I had an unread message and instantly opened it. As if by chance, there's a message from Alice telling me she had left early from the game.

I looked around me and noticed that the parking lot already seemed completely empty. A breeze blew by and the tempeture suddenly dropped, as if my luck couldn't get any worse, a loud thunder could be heard in the sky. It would probably start to rain tonight and I mentally screeched inside my head. I focused back on my phone and tried to call Alice again, only to realize there wasn't any service connection at the moment.

I sighed in frustration, "Now how am I going to get home?" I lightly mumbled.

"I can help" someone's voice came behind me.

I was startled and turned around only to find Mike leaning against his car, ginning. "Mike leave me the hell alone, as if I could ever except a ride from you." I snorted in disgust, as I already knew what he wanted to do in his car with me. After tonight's incident, I would rather walk home in the rain than get a ride from Mike.

"Bella why not, I'm being nice. It's not like I would try something with you while were alone in my car" he responded, with obvious sarcasm in his voice.

"Yes, you see the problem is that I would rather be caught dead then to be seen alone with you perv" I replied back.

He made an irritated noise as I turned my direction to my phone while I made it seem as if I were texting someone. I stayed there, 'texting someone' for a few minutes. I didn't even hear Mike leave but I did not want to turn around to make sure he did. All of a sudden, I started to hear Mike's footsteps as he walked behind me in my direction. Usually men would walk away once they were told I didn't want to be near them, but Mike wasn't listening to any of it today. Once he reached me, he placed his dirty and sweat-filled hands on my arms, startling me, which caused me to drop my phone.

"Mike you better let go of me now" I hissed. He chuckled and got closer to me.

"What if I don't want to," he responded automatically.

"When are you ever going to get a clue Mike that I do not want you? Stop with the games and let me go!" I shouted in his face. I attempted to get loose, though, it seemed as if his hold on me got stronger.

Without warning, I felt some slimy lips come crashing down on my mouth. In mere seconds I went into panic mood and tried to get away using all my strength but that seemed useless. I then somehow loosened my right hand from his grip and slapped Mike across the face vigorously.

He instantly lost balance and placed his own hand over the visible red mark now forming on his face.

"God damn it Mike you better run home to your daddy now and hope he saves your ass in court when I sue you for harassment. You are so done with football once the school board hears about this. Never touch me again because I will make sure you're taken care of. Understand?" I shouted furiously at him.

He looked over to me in disbelief and nodded his head. "You don't know what your missing honey," he shouted as he opened the door to his car and slammed it shut. He turned on the engine and instantaneously drove off.

I wiped my mouth and spit on the ground; trying to get rid of Mike's taste off my mouth. As if I would ever want to kiss Mike. I was disgusted with him and I knew once my father heard about this, Mike would be destroyed. Now once Emmett and Jasper hear about this, he really will be dead meat. I picked up my phone from the ground and repeatedly tried to call someone but there was still no service available. It was getting incredibly late and there were only a few cars left in the parking lot, but no one was in sight. After being forced to kiss Mike's filthy mouth, all I wanted now was a hot and comforting bath.

I stayed in the same place for another 5 minutes and that's when I heard a loud noise coming from the school behind me. What the hell is that? I thought. I heard even more noises and I soon turned my direction towards the school. I reluctantly began to slightly walk in the direction of where the noise was coming from. In that moment, I spotted three shadows heading my way from the back door of the locker room. The night made it impossible for me to acknowledge whom the three shadows were.

"Hello" I mumbled out quietly, "Is anybody there?" I spoke louder, thinking they didn't hear me at first.

One of the shadow's faces turned to my direction once I spoke and then the two others followed as well. The three shadows began to approach me and once they were close enough, I could then easily tell they were three boys.

"Hey" they shouted coming towards me.

"What's your name beautiful?" one spoke and that's when I realized who they were.

It was Edward and two of his other friends, Andrew, and Dean. It seemed as if they then realized who I was as soon as I realized who they were.

"Beautiful huh Edward? Well its about time you admit it" I spoke with a smirk; he lightly smiled in what seemed embarrassment, yet, rolled his eyes.

Dean shook his head in confusion and then faced me "Yeah um anyways what are you doing here alone Bella?" he asked.

I was already stuck all alone without a ride home so I might as well tell them the truth I thought.

"Alice dropped me off here before the game so now I don't have a ride home," I replied.

Both Andrew and Dean turned to look at each other and seemed to have a silent argument with one another as they both turned back to face me. Andrew had a frown on his face while Dean was grinning.

"Well don't worry Bella, I always take the opportunity to help a damsel in distress. I can give you a ride" Dean said in the most polite and overly acted voice. I didn't have much of an option so I was quickly going to accept the offer until Edward cut me off.

"Actually I'll take you home Bella" Edward said suddenly, "Besides I live in the same country club as you so I'll be more than glad to drop you off on my way home."

His offer completely astonished me. When I meant Edward and I were somewhat friends now, it was because he didn't seem to want to strangle me at all times anymore. Edward, however, was never the generous kind of person and the fact that he wanted to take me home, instead of having Dean do it left me completely shocked. I figured Andrew and Dean thought the same thing as they stared at each other with amused and confused expressions.

"Okay…" I lightly responded to him, still very suspicious.

What was Edward possibly up to?

The thought was still in my mind as we walked towards Edwards's car on the other side of the parking lot. Edward had said his quick goodbyes to his two friends and then turned around to face me once they were gone.

He walked over to where I was standing, took the bags I was holding from my hands and carried them over to the back seat. He then walked around to open the passenger door, implying for me to get it. I gave him a confused yet thankful look as I got in the car. I put on my seat belt while I watched him get in. Now that I notice, I've never been inside his car. It was a brand new BMW, which his parents gave to him for his 16th birthday last year.

Edward took out his keys and we were soon leaving the school. We drove in silence for a few minutes untill I decided to talk. "So Cullen, what's up with your consideration today?" I asked sarcastically.

"What, am I not allowed to be kind every once in while," he responded with the same tone.

"Sure you can, only when you want something… perhaps like you're so called friend Mike." I replied. Edward made a frown when I mentioned Mike.

"You know Swan, all football players aren't like that" he spoke, "I'm actually smooth with the ladies if you haven't noticed," he added with a childish grin.

"Oh ha ha Edward, you are quite the comedian, thinking of yourself as a ladies man. Now tell me does 'candy corn' and 'green apples' know about your current relationship status with them? Because I'm sure you wouldn't be getting any action anymore if they were to find out…" I teased back at him. I mischievously grinned at his reaction.

"How do you know about those codes Swan?" asked Edward. I could tell he was annoyed by the fact that I knew all about his secret codes as his hands griped the steering wheel.

"Lets just say my interest was grabbed when I found out about them. And when I want something, I always get it. So I just had to sneak my way into the minds of your so-called friends. I wear a reveling shirt, use my charming smile, and voila! Dean and Andrew just couldn't stop telling me every code you've invented" I responded, trying my best to annoy him as much as possible.

"I underestimated you Swan, now I'm definitely sure to keep my eyes out for your devilish ways. And if Jessica or Tanya every find out that I'm sleeping with both of them, I'm blaming you" replied Edward, "Although, I'm not sure if they'll even care." He looked over at me and added, "The things I can do in bed, keeps them coming back for more." He winked, and with that he turned back to look at the road and laughed to himself.

I rolled my eyes in disgust at the thought, and I'm pretty sure he caught that as he laughed even more.

"You have just traumatized me by the mere thought of…" I shivered, as I couldn't even finish the sentence.

Picturing Edward in bed was beyond uncomfortable and disturbing but with the new way he's been acting towards me, it didn't seem so odd.

"I think you just found a new thing to fantasize about tonight. You're welcome," said Edward with that same smirk on his face. I wanted nothing else other than to wipe that wild grin off his face. Edward made a turn into a street, and then we were soon entering the country club. The guard let us in and he was soon driving through the streets of the town's biggest houses. Edward's house and my house were included as well.

"Cullen, I think you have it reversed," I spoke promiscuously. He made one last turn before driving to a stop in front of my house. "I think, that you are the one with those types of fantasies, and I think…we both know very well, who you fantasize about," I added.

Edward turned off the engine and then faced me with a bewildered expression yet excitement at my previous comment. "And whom may I be fantasizing about Swan?" he asked.

I gave him a smile, and looked him directly in the eye. "You think you're such a bad boy Cullen. Sleeping with all these girls." I leaned closer to him and whispered naughtily, "Hmm… can you think of the one girl you haven't slept with yet? The one girl whom every other guy fantasized about yet, you can't have? Can you think of the one girl who just might have slipped her tongue into your mouth during your first kiss?"

At this point, I was getting closer and closer to him. I was practically sitting on his lap, and this position gave me full awareness of something getting harder and harder by the second in his pants. He didn't seem to protest at all by my new state of being.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, and slowly started to trail kisses on his neck until I got to his ears. I nibbled on it playfully and then whispered,

"Do you realize what you can do to a girl? All these years of us fighting, have you ever felt the strong sexual tension? Can't you just picture you and me, right now, in your sweat ass car having a little fun? Oh Edward, wouldn't it be one of your ultimate fantasizes to bang the most popular girl in school? You can't deny it, you're the star quarterback, and I'm the head cheerleader. We're simply meant to fuck."

This got him extremely excited, as I was wiggly slightly up and down on his lap, making sure to get friction between his lower area and mine. He didn't immediately respond, probably because he was too overwhelmed with my new gesture. But soon enough he grabbed my waist and started to move to the motion that I was moving to. By this point, I felt as if his hard on was going to burst through his pants. I sat up on his lap, and reached out to the backseat in order to grab my bags. This action, however, gave him a perfect view of my chest and I could see his frustration on whether or not to go for them. Once I got my bags, I sat back down in my seat and looked at Edward.

"Well look at that, were already here. What a disappointment, we could have had a little bit more fun if you took the longer way to get here. Oh well, I'm sure you'll have fun with Tanya or Jessica anyways." With that, I opened the door and got out.

"Bye Cullen" I said while grinning and shutting the door closed. I didn't give him an opportunity to say anything so I quickly walked towards the front door of the house.

"Wait Bella, come back," he shouted as he rolled down a window, "What was that about? Okay, okay, I admit I might have fantasized about us but don't just leave me here like this." He pleaded.

"Goodbye Cullen. Send 'candy corn' and 'green apples' my love," I shouted back while laughing.

He obviously wanted to say something else but seemed to not want to lose any more of his pride so he drove off. This was something I was definitely going to remember. And if I remembered correctly, tomorrow was Saturday, which meant my parents and I were going over for dinner to his house tomorrow. This new way of torturing him could be fun…

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