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Kurt Hummel was, for the first time in a month, happy. He made his way to the choir room ready to lay a shocker of an announcement on everybody.

He opened the room door, looked in and sighed. Nothing changed. Ignoring him as usual.

Kurt looked over to his boyfriend who was in a conversation with his new friends. Kurt thought that with having Blaine here it would be a good idea. And that having him here would be more time spent with each other, but he was wrong.

Kurt looked to the front when Mr. Schue entered. Wicked was the assignments this week, you would think Kurt would be excited, but he's not.

Before Mr. Schue could start the lesson, Kurt raised his hand and asked if he could make an announcement. When he got the okay from Schue he went to the front to tell his news.

"For the past weeks, you all have been ignoring me. Nobody wanted to be around me, or asked me to hang out," Kurt began, "and I just wanted to know, if I did something wrong or if I offended you in anyway?" he asked the class.

"Kurt," Blaine started, "you didn't do anything wrong, love, it's just we were all busy." getting nods of agreement from around the room.

"Oh really, if you were so busy, why did you guys have a party and not invite me?" he asked, the guilty looking teens.

When no one spoke up, Kurt continued," Yeah, I found out. Thanks to all of you, saying stuff like, 'Oh, that was great fun,' or 'Too bad Kurt couldn't make it, his boyfriend throws great parties!'

Everybody got even more guilty with that. But the one who was most guilty was Blaine.

"I didn't invite you Kurt," Blaine started, " Because it was my opportunity to get to know everybody better. I hang out with you all the time, Kurt. I need time for myself too." Blaine finished trying to defend himself.

When Blaine finished his explanation, he got angered looks from the class, with some 'Oh hell no's' and 'oh no he didn't's. But no one was more angry then Kurt.

"What? If getting to know everyone better," Kurt sneered at Blaine, "then why didn't you just tell me? It would have been a lot better coming from you, then hearing about all the fun, behind my back!" Kurt yelled.

"I'm sorry, Kurt" Blaine said, "I didn't mean to hurt you. How can I make it up to you?" he asked.

"Sorrys isn't going to work anymore Blaine," Kurt said. He turned and faced the room, taking in all the guilty teens."It's not just the party, it's about me asking for help with bullies. And no one seemed to care. I asked everyone in this room for help and you all ignored me like I was a disease." Kurt said angrily.

"We're sorry Kurt!" he heard Mercedes say with tears rolling down her face. "We really didn't mean to, we'll help you now, just let us help you."

Oh now they want to help, Kurt though to himself. Where were they when when he got locked in a port a potty. Or when he got locker slammed so hard he had to go to the hospital.

He shook his head. And looked back to the group with a glare. "Its kind of too late now isn't?" Kurt said angrily. " Plus, you can't help someone who's not apart of this group anymore, can you?" he asked with a smirk.

"As of 3:00 today, I am no longer apart of this school," he said ignoring the gasps and the looks of shock. "I'm transferring...for good!" he finished, grabbing his belongings and making his way to the door, ignoring there protests.

Kurt was almost out the door when he heard someone calling him back. He turned around and was met with the sight of his crying boyfriend.

"Where does this leave us, Kurt?" Blaine asked brokenly. "Can we work it out and talk?"

"Blaine," Kurt said patting Blaine's cheek, "Why don't you call that boy who you keep ditching me for?" Blaine was about to protest when Kurt cut him off. " Don' think you can lie Blaine, I saw you two making out at the movies, so save your breath."

He looked back at the class who now was shooting glares at Blaine. " Don't be mad at Blaine guys, he doesn't need me. You all don't need me. Just think I'm going somewhere, where I'm wanted and needed." he said turning back around, wanting to get out and leave this old life behind.

"Kurt!" Rachel yelled to him, "Are we gonna see you again?" she asked getting nods and nervous looks from the others.

Kurt just smirked and called over his shoulder,"Oh, don't you guys worry, we'll be seeing each other real soon." he said leaving the choir room one last time.

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