A/N. First, I know I should be updating "Heart of the Storm". It's coming, I promise.

Just, I was watching Ironman2 the other day, and thought that Tony Stark would actually be a good influence on Loki -with his daddy issues and all, so this plot bunny was born and would not shut up.

For the sake of this fic, I am assuming that Thor takes place about concurrently with Ironman1, so Loki falls to Earth shortly after the end of that movie.

Alto, credit for Loki's cat form goes to MavericFlame's "Nine Lives".



Loki did not know how long he fell through the void, but he did know when he crashed into Midgard, and it took almost all his resources, magical and otherwise to survive the impact.

Ugh – it had to be Midgard of all places. Just as well, actually, Loki felt he would take great pleasure in subjugating Thor's favorite home-away-from-home. Perhaps even better, he'd get Thor's attention and manage to do away with him in the process.

But for his plan to work, Loki knew he'd have to remain unknown until he regained his full powers, and too drained to cloak himself from Heimdall's watchful eyes, he instead called upon his innate ability to shapeshift. Moments later a sleek black cat with emerald eyes trotted stiffly out of the crater.

Three days later, he found himself miserable hungry and wet on a beach in a place called Malibu California, looking for fish since the thought of eating the vermin that his cat form instinctively identified as a food source was unacceptable.

So when a dark haired man jogged up to him and stopped by his side, looking for a collar and asking where his home was, Loki fought back the impulse to scratch and hiss, and instead attempted to look as miserable as possible – not a hard task given his state.

As he hoped the Midgardian scooped him up, assuring him that he would be taken care of.

Loki could not hold back a surprised hiss when he was pulled inside the man's jacket and came face to face with a blue light shining from the man's chest, but it was warm and for the moment, Loki found the awkward situation to be an acceptable price.

Two days later, while dining on sashimi and steak, Loki decided that he had for once been lucky, and when in front of him, his Midgardian host – Tony Stark - opened the contents of his entire database, Loki felt more than lucky, since this knowledge would prove most useful in his conquest of Midgard. Yes, this was the perfect place to lay low till he could bring his plans of conquest and revenge to frutition.

Nonetheless, Loki was not inclined to let himself be petted as if he were some domesticated animal – especially not by mere mortals, and he enjoyed immensely hissing at and clawing anyone who tried.

Pepper Potts quickly got the hint and kept her hands off him. Tony Stark, on the other hand, would joke that he was in the "look but do not touch" category – and then try again not long after.