Maywither Boarding School

Summary: What happens when all the Resident Evil characters attend a boarding school? Well, lots of things can happen, just wait and see. AU.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of Resident Evil nor do I own the game. This story is just for some fun. I just love Resident Evil so much.

Author's Notes: I hope you will like it. Please review or don't… Whatever you want to do! But I'd prefer that you'd review… This uses some OC's from my still ongoing story, The Maywither Virus. Oh and all the ages are out of whack so don't be logical. This story might not be the best story ever but at least I am improving. In The Maywither Virus, some people are related, but most of the relations don't apply here.

A sea of worried, anxious and proud parents filled the parking lot. Many started to drive away, while others wouldn't let go of their children. Tears started to form in the eyes of the students but many denied showing a little bit of fear in front of their friends.

Then, the final bell rang and signalled for all the parents to say their last goodbyes.

Only staff cars remained when a giant, pink limousine emerged from behind the central fountain. When the doors opened, a leg shot out. You could have told from the distinct pink pumps that it was Gwendolyn Maywither but just to make sure, you had to see her hair. It was always in two perfect braids draping down her body.

Gwendolyn took off her glasses in what seemed to be slow motion. Half the guys' jaws dropped while the others gagged in disgust. Gwendolyn's dad, Broderick, was one of the world's most powerful men, and one of the richest. With ties to the principal, Gwendolyn got everything she wanted and was top of the academic ladder.

As soon as Gwendolyn's dramatic entry finished, all the students piled into the main hall, waiting for the opening parade.

After hearing several welcoming messages and school policies, the principal finished off with a, "okay, now is the time you have been anticipating. Go pick your dorms; Boys in the right wing and girls in the left wing."

In the blink of an eye, all the students were out of the main hall, cat fighting their way to pick to the best dorm.

The right wing was calm and controlled. The new kids stuck together and waited for all the other students to pick first. This meant that all the boys that attended last year got the same dorm.

Leon, Billy and Chris all settled in their cabins; they lived together for 4 years in this place and planned to make the fifth one the most memorable. The three were famous on campus for their awesome parties but also for their hard-core studying when it came to the serious side of things.

Down the hall from them, lived three of the other 5th year veterans of the school; Jeidyn, Steve and Kai. Jeidyn was elected school captain because of his outstanding leadership – and he did gain a few fans when he decided to play rugby without a shirt on last year. Kai was almost every girls dream guy – the looks, body, money and a great personality to match. Steve, well, everyone in the school knew who Steve was – you just couldn't ignore his outgoing, ignorant, sarcastic yet persistent and loving personality.

On the left wing though, chaos was brewing. All the girls were bitching over which dorm to get, and somewhere in between all this chaos, three girls gathered in the corner of the hallway.

Shrieking in joy, a red haired girl, fairly tall, ran up and hugged a short brown haired girl who was only a few centimetres shorter than her.

"Rebecca, you haven't changed a bit!"

"Neither have you Claire!"

Then a young girl sporting an anxious look on her face approached the two, who look like, best friends. "My name is Jazele. This is my first year, do you mind if I bunk with you two?"

Rebecca and Claire both grew a welcoming smile, "this is both our second year, and we'll be glad to bunk with you. Anything to not be bunked with Queen Bitch again. You seem pretty legit anyway."

Jazele's face turned red, she was flushed with embarrassment and a sense of relief.

It was 10:00, and everyone had a while to settle in. But it was time for the students to go to their first class of the new school year.

Jazele made her way down the corridor, as far as she was concerned, she was the most lost out of all the students. Searching desperately for the J-11 room, Jazele tripped over her untied shoelace, scattering her books across the floor. Other students walked past her, ignoring her presence and stepping on her books.

In a hopeless but steady attempt to collect her books, a long leg stood right in front of her vision, and blocked her from reaching her dropped pencil case. Jazele looked up to meet the gaze of the girl standing in front of her, she wasn't 100 per cent sure if it was a girl but the giant pink pumps kind of gave it away.

"Wimp," the girl muttered. This had to be the one and only Gwendolyn Maywither. Clair and Rebecca told Jazele all about her and without having one glance at the girl, Jazele already hated her.

With one kick, her book went flying to the end of the corridor.

Gwendolyn, with a smirk on her face, walked away, off to her own classes, or whatever she was going to do.

Jazele got up, brushed herself off, and let out a large sigh. She looked to her right and saw the large, locally renowned football field, home of the Maywither Jets. A coach was giving all the players a talk. Jazele seemed to be observing them for hours when she snapped back into reality.

She went to go and pick up her books, when a large running noise came closer and closer. Jazele just picked up her books when someone ran into her, someone big and strong.

Jazele let out a wimpy cry as she fell to the floor for a second time. This time though, she looked up to see a handsome man, not and evil bitch.

"Sorry," he stuck out his muscular arm, "I'm Chris."

"Jazele." She accepted his gesture, pulling her up to her feet.

Chris had overwhelmingly large biceps and a fairly handsome face. Jazele found herself lost in his presence, he was, beautiful.

Chris threw on a smile and sighed, "Well, I know you want to keep staring at me but I got gym to get to. Anyway kid, shouldn't you be in class?"

Jazele flushed bright crimson, "I am not a kid; I am 13. Got that. And yes, I have science but I can't find J-11."

"Right-o kid," Chris emphasized the word kid, "Down the hall, third class to the left." And on that note, Chris ran past her, leaving behind a scent of expensive cologne.

Jazele headed down to class, entered what she was told to be J-11. Though, when she entered the classroom, all she saw was 30 blank stares. Blank stares of 16 year old boys. Jazele looked at the interactive whiteboard and started to scan the words.

Welcome to class boys. This is the first lesson of the year. I will be your teacher, Mr. X. To start off the lesson I was introduce the parts of a human body. Let's start off with something all of you must be familiar with, the male genit…

Jazele's eyes flicked wide open in disgust and she darted her eyes to read the title on the top of the page. Male Sexual Education. After those words she quickly left the room and shuttered. Right then and there, she looked up to see the room across the hall was labelled with J-11.

"The bastard sent me to the wrong room." Jazele smiled at the thought of the handsome face.

Then she entered the classroom, "Miss Hart, you're late."