Maywither Boarding School

Summary: What happens when all the Resident Evil characters attend a boarding school? Well, lots of things can happen, just wait and see. AU.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of Resident Evil nor do I own the game. This story is just for some fun. I just love Resident Evil so much.

Author's Notes: I hope you will like this chapter. And yes FatgirlXD, the character you're anticipating will come soon, just wait. I am having fun writing this story and I hope you all like it. I am eager for reviews and am glad to hear any ideas.

Her steel blue eyes wandered down the rows of people, people who were oblivious to this school. She just realised, she was not the only year 8 kid in the school, and there were plenty of them. Plenty of scared and worried people.

She sat down, third row, behind a chubby, curly haired blond boy showered in freckles. He reached a hand out behind him. There was a note sticking out of his hand, on the outside was the words, in thick, black writing, PASS ON.

Jazele opened up the letter. It had several paragraphs, each paragraph had different handwriting, as if they were all written by a different person, which they probably were.

Illia Cameron, 12. Hetherington. Orange. Likes pumpkin, hates mushroom.

Alyssa Ashcroft, 13. Hetherington. Red. Likes potato, hates celery.

Fong Ling, 12. Beijing. White. Likes noodles, hates burgers.

Cindy Lennox. Greenvale. Grey. Likes broccoli, hates raspberries.

Jazele scanned the room, she never realised how many more girls were in her class than boys. She continued reading the note. When she reached what probably belonged to the boy who passed her the note, she wrote down her details.

Jazele Hart, 13. Hetherington. Black. Likes milkshakes, hates smoothies.

She was passing the note to the girl behind her when the teacher cleared her throat, "Miss Hart, care to read that note out loud to the class."

"No need, Miss Shark-Poo. It is just self-introductions," Jazele dead-panned. She didn't want to get in trouble on the first day of boarding school.

"It is pronounced Jha-qwa-fu. And I actually find it good that you are doing self-introductions. Instead of passing notes and getting into a bad habit, why don't we just do it in front of the whole class?"

Then and there, everybody stood up, one by one introducing themselves.

It was fun for a while, until they had to get back to class, just a normal boring Social Studies class.

He was running down the hall, smirking. This wasn't the first time he was late for gym. For the past five years, Chris Redfield, showed up on time for gym every once in a blue moon. His picked up his pace when he reached the stairs, jumping 15 steps and landing in a dramatic, spy-like crouched position.

Standing up and dusting his legs off, Chris got up and ran onto the field. Ruffling his hair hoping his coach would forgive him for the 100th time in 5 years.

She flopped down on her bed, arms spread wide open. She closed her radiant blue eyes and giggled.

"Claire, what's wrong. Or should I say, what boy are you giggling like a school girl about?" Rebecca chimed.

Claire opened her eyes to see a friendly face hanging upside down, "The usual."

Rebecca shook her head, "What do you see in Steve?" Rebecca jumped off her bed and sat next to Claire. "Spill the beans."

The door swung open and Jazele peeped her ecstatic face into the room, "bad timing?"

The two girls looked at each other, and then turned their heads to Jazele, "you're just in time."

They all sat in a circle on Claire's bed. "Steve LOOKED AT ME!" Claire screamed. All three girls were screaming in joy when they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Gulping, Claire stood up and fixed her hair. She walked towards the door, took a deep breath and turned the door knob.

There stood an ever-smiling Steve, holding a rose in his mouth. His orange hair was flopping to the side, as he was leaning against the wall. He was about to open his mouth to talk when Claire slammed the door in his face.

She was hyperventilating by now. Claire's face went a very rosy pink when she put her back against the door. Her eyes shot towards Jazele and Rebecca, whose eyes were wide open. They gave the cheekiest grin when they yelled for Claire to open the door.

When Claire opened the door, there was no Steve.

She looked down to see Steve cradled on the floor, viciously holding his nose.

"Steve, STEVE?"

Then, the two walked hand-in-hand to the medical room.

The three girls were gathered on the bed again, forming a lame excuse for a gossip group.

"So, after me and Steve HELD HANDS, he invited me to a party. Some sort of welcome back to boarding school party or something. He said I can invite my roomies if I wanted… but youse don't look interested in going to a party full of senior boys." Claire teased.

"I'll wear my best dress."

The three girls rummaged through their luggage, barely unpacked.

Claire pulled out a red, velvet and lace dress, "perfect."

Rebecca pulled out a green, frilly dress and held it up against her body.

Jazele rummaged through all of her clothes, unable to find a decent dress. Then, she came across a flawless dress.

The three stood in a line. They all took in a big breath then sighed. Large music was blasting through the air and sent vibrations even the girls could feel – they haven't even entered the room yet.

Expecting a large blast of music in her face, Rebecca pushed the doors open, signing for Claire and Jazele to come through.

A mix of dance music and chatter filled the air. There were a lot of people in the room, almost one fifth of the entire student body.

"How did they convince the principle to hold a party like this," Jazele questioned, trailing her steel blue eyes across the horizon of people.

Then, a large warm hand landed on her shoulder. "You're forgetting about the Maywither clan aren't you?" A pair of friendly eyes gazed at Jazele. His orange hair covered his right eye and slightly parted to reveal his left. There was a giant Band-Aid going across his nose.

"Gwendolyn organised this?" Jazele blurted out in disbelief, giving out eye contact to the boy.

"Nah, Kai did. You don't know much about this school do you. You must be a year eighter," The orange haired boy chuckled. "Anyway," he turned to face Claire, "care for a dance Princess Redfield?" He stuck his hand out in front of him, gesturing Claire to grab it.

"I would be honoured Prince Burnside."

The two walked, her hand in his, to the dance floor. Coincidentally, a slow song came on, and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Who is Kai Maywither?" Jazele was amazed, the sight of Claire and Steve dancing made her feel warm inside.

"Kai, he is like every girl's dream guy," Rebecca traced every face in the room. "I can't see him but he has silky brown hair to the shoulders. Beautiful eyes."

"Someone has a crush."

"Nah, I've got my eyes on someone else…" Rebecca murmured, her face turning to a tall guy, standing in the corner. This guy had bulging arms, almost as big as the arms belonging to the guy Jazele had run into previously.

"Nice, what his name?"

"Billy Coen, he is perfect… or what I call perfect at least," Rebecca's eyes went all dreamy and she laughed at the thought. "It's never going to happen though; he doesn't even know I exist."

"Don't worry, so far during the time I've attended this school, I realised that you are one of the nicest and prettiest people in Hetherington."

"Well I am going to get us some punch," Rebecca yelled, what she said sounded like a whisper compared to the volume of the music.

"No let me," And on that note, Jazele flicked her hair and headed towards the punch bowl.

Her hands touched the icy cold glass cups, caressing the smooth surface of every one of them. She seemed to get lost in the feeling until she walked into a familiar face.

"Sorry. I am so sor… Wait, your Chris right?"

Chris threw on a cheeky smile, "And you're the girl always falls over."

"Yeah! And you are the bastard that sent me to the wrong room."

"Huh, sorry about that. It was an accident," Chris winked. "You're Jeidyn's sister right? And my sister Claire is your roommate?"

Jazele nodded her head and poured pink punch into two glass cups.

"I guess I'll see you around. Hopefully next time you won't run into me." Then Chris walked into the sea of people, disappearing into the crowd.

Jazele turned around, trying to find her friend. "Rebecca?" She didn't see any sign of Rebecca anywhere. Suddenly, she heard feint screams coming from the distance.

Walking down a secluded hallway, she found a door labelled JANITOR. Jazele opened the door with her mouth, as both her hands were holding punch cups. There was a young man huddled in the corner, his brown hair draping over his face. "DON'T CLOSE THE DOOR!"

But it was too late; Jazele let the door close behind her. "NO!"


"No, I am sorry. I didn't know." Jazele started to blurt out. Tears started forming in her eyes. "You don't have to yell."

The boy was rubbing his chin, which was lightly covered in facial hair.

Jazele started to pour out crying. She covered her face, "I am sorry."

The boy ran his fingers through his hair to reveal his chestnut coloured eyes.

He put an arm around Jazele shoulders, "Please don't cry. I don't like it when people cry."

Jazele looked up to see beautiful eyes staring right at her.