Finding One Another

In a dark empty room sat a lonely jewelry box. The old oak wood collected dust, waiting patently for someone to come along and open it. Next to it, a little pale faced girl sat staring at the box, wondering what was inside. She reached out her hand to touch the jewelry box, but she could not reach it. She pulled her hand back, upset that the one thing she wanted was right in front of her, out of reach. A small tear fell from her beautiful blue eyes as she once again began to watch the box, waiting for the day she could open it.

A young black haired girl sat on a train, watching the scenery fly by. She listened to the conversations around her, not taking in one word of them. She had been riding this train for some time now, and the longer she rode in the silent compartment, the more she died to see the world that flew past her. She was on her way to a small town that was not on any map. The first time she had even heard of it was when a boy named Harvey had mentioned it to her before he left. He had said that there something he needed to do, and that he promised to meet her at this town in exactly one month. Now a month later, she is one her way there.

"Do you think he will be there?" asked a static voice. Hanging from the window was an old beat up radio that was playing soft music.

"He said he would." She whispered not looking up from the window. "He promised."

"This wouldn't be his first time breaking a promise." The radio mumbled before once again going silent. Kieli ignored him, not wanting to think about it. He had promised to be there, and she knew he would.

"Kieli" Harvey said, grabbing the attention of the girl. She looked up into his copper colored eyes which held no emotion. "There is something that I need to do and you can't come with me."

"Why not?" Kieli asked.

"Because it is dangerous." Harvey said. "You have to understand, Julius is going to have guards all over the place looking for you. It would be best if you lie low for now."

"And what about you?" She asked worriedly. She did not like where this conversation was going.

"Don't worry about me." He said.

The girl stepped down from the train and looked around the platform. They had just arrived at the station moments ago. The girl looked around before making her way towards the gate where she would begin to look for the place that Harvey would meet her. The town itself was not very big but it was very unfamiliar to her, causing her to get lost quite a few times. It wasn't until she was too tired to continue that she regretted not asking someone for directions. As she walked down the street, the radio around her neck remained silent, knowing he would not be able to sway her.

Above her, she could see the sun slowing starting to set, telling her it was becoming late. This made her worry. Not only was the train an hour late, but she was now lost and could not find her way. Horrible thoughts began to flood her mind. What if Harvey had gotten to the bar first and saw she wasn't there yet? What if he was sitting there by himself, complaining about how late she was? What if he got tired of waiting and got up and left?

Kieli tried to calm herself down, telling herself that Harvey would never do those things. Though deep down inside, she knew those are the exact things he would do, and that made her worry even more. Behind her, Kieli heard a noise, making her stop. She turned around to fine two men walking down the street behind her. They were talking happily to each other as they turned the corner and disappear behind a building. Kieli had to admit that she was disappointed. Somewhere deep down, she had hoped it was Harvey.

She turned around and continued to walk when she ran into something. Kieli felt two large hands grab her stopping her from falling. She looked up to find a tall man standing there. He wore a dirty work jacket and pants. His large, rough hands held onto Kieli's shoulder, holding her up with some support. His copper colored hair rested on his head, growing messy from the wind. The bangs that hung down covered his copper colored eyes.

"H-Harvey?" Kieli asked the man. He looked down at her with his copper color eyes.

"Where have you been?" He asked hasher than he meant "I told you to meet me there at twelve. It's already past two!"

"The train ran late." The train ran late. That's all she could think to say to him after they have been separated for some time.

"Well whatever." Harvey said releasing her. "Let's just go." He walked past her and down the road.

"He still hasn't change has he?" asked the radio from under her chin. Kieli ignored his comment before running after Harvey. When she caught up to him, she stared up at his profile, trying to guess what he was thinking. His copper colored eyes were staring ahead, not once showing any sign of looking down at her.

Kieli dropped her gaze to the ground where she watched the rocks and the cracks in the road disappear behind her as she walked forward. Next to her, Harvey made no effort to speak to her. Even Corporal was silent for once. She was beginning to feel lonely. Yes she was with Harvey, but he seemed to be distracted by other things.

"Where did you come from?" Harvey asked suddenly. Kieli looked up to find that he was still watching ahead of him. Harvey began to feel her eyes on him, so he looked down to see her staring at him confused. "What town did you just come from?"

"Oh." Kieli said when she realized what he was talking about. "I was just in Easterbury town."

"Why were you there?" Harvey asked suspiciously.

"No reason." Kieli said looking away. There was something she wanted to ask him but she was afraid he would become upset with her, so she decided to keep her mouth shut.

"Where are we going?" Kieli heard Corporal ask. Harvey clicked his tongue as he answered. "Hell if I know." Harvey said it harshly, making Kieli flinch unconsciously. She had been away from him for a while, that she forgot about how heartless he could be sometimes.

Out of the corner of his eye, Harvey watched as Kieli flinched at his harsh tone. He began to feel a little guilty for snapping like that, even if it wasn't directed at her. He sighed to himself, before watching the road ahead. Ahead of him, he could see the main street that stretched across in from of them, it filled with busy people. As Harvey reached the main street, he turned left and began to walk down the road where he saw an old shack that sold cigarettes. He reached in his pocket and pulled out his last cigarette before placing it into his mouth and lighting it with his silver lighter.

"Harvey?" He heard a small voice ask behind him. He stopped and turned around to find Kieli standing there in the middle of the street looking up at him. "What happened to your hand?"

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